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Warnings Out in LeRoy Township, 1820-1841

              Overseers of the Poor were assigned to determine which families were not able to support themselves in a manner preventing them from needing assistance from the township. Each township was responsible for the welfare of its residents. When people were likely to need welfare, it was costly. Therefore, the overseers reported these families to the trustees and the constable was requested to "Warn them out" or deliver the warrant to leave the township. This was most often for new residents who did not find work, and those who were causing problems. It appears this may actually have been a formality for newcomers to the township to prevent having to pay welfare or to prevent residency, a sort of probationary period of a year before they could attain residency. The names below are taken from the "Records of LeRoy Township Book No. 1," 1820-1841. A photocopy of it can be found at Morley Library in the Township box above Lake County Books. It is also on LDS microfilm 879721 and 879726. The handwriting is not always the best, and the ink appears as grey on grey paper. The items in [square brackets] are this editor's comments. This work was done in haste and was not proofread. It is possible that there are a few entries missing. Should anyone wish to proofread it with the original, please contact the webmaster.

Abstracted by Cynthia Turk. This is intended to direct you to the original record, as mistakes and omissions are possible.  

The following are records of the Overseers of the Poor. These expenses are what the warnings out are intended to prevent.

Page 110 Brout over at the last named annual meeting the following account was presented by the Overseers of the poor and admited by the Trustees
Doctor John W Goodrige for medicine $2.00
Henry Brakeman for services $2.00
Benjamin Bates for services $2.00
Ezra Bebor? for bed $1.00
Jonathan Hungerford for services $1.00
Luther Cole for shirt sheet and handkeshief $3.50
James Baker for Coffin $2.50
The above account is for Doctoring attendance and funeral charges of Manane Hubard dated July 1833.

Page 131 The following accounts were rendered by the Overseers of the Poor in the case Seth Spencer who they allowed temporary relief from the 17 August untill the time of his Death.
Dr. J. Adams for Medical Services rendered to Seth Spencer 12..00
Luther Heep Overseer of the Poor for Services and cash paid for medicine 00..75
Luther Cole Overseer of the Poor for services rendered 00..75
D.P. Spencer for services as a nurse to Seth Spencer 2..50
Luther Keep Overseer of the Poor for services in the Case of Caleb Agard 0..75

The following are the Warnings Out:
Date Name Page
6 Sep 1822 Nathan Sprague and family
Teal T. Sprague
16 Jan 1823 Jonathan Kellogg & Hannah Kellogg his wife Daniel Kellogg John Kellogg Harvey Kellogg Samuel Kellogg Silas Kellogg Eliza Kellogg Harriet Kellogg, minor heirs of the Jonathan Kellogg and Hannah Kellogg 12
9 Aug 1823 Jonathan Welch Chloe Welch and family
Hannah T John said to be the wife of Lewis A. John together with her family
16 Jan 1824 Jacob Bushkirk, wife and family 18
18 Feb 1824 Orin Pulsipher and family 18
24 Apr 1824 Horace Tubbs & family
Caleb Agard & family
John Leach and family
(Polly) Ketire Trask & family (Isaac Trask)
17 Jan 1825 Jacob van Buskirk & Family
Asa Call & family
3 Apr 1826 Caleb Agard Anna Agard
Jeremiah Martin & Family
3 Apr 1826 Abel Case & Family 31
30 Jan 1827 Caleb Agard Caleb Agard Jun. & family 34
3 July 1828 John Leach & family
Levi Leach & family
Ezel John Leach & family
Frederick Vrooman & family
Jonathan Button & family
3 Aug 1829 Almira French 60
25 Feb 1830 Jonathan Stockwell & family 69
23 Jun 1831 Caleb W Dickson & his family 86
8 Oct 1831 ___ Bowen non resident 87
19 Mar 1834 Nonresidents: Jonathan Button and family
John Hebexler and family
Leonard Blackburn
Anthony Blackburn
Andrew Cole
John Green
29 Apr 1835 William Vader
Thomas Stanfield
John Stocker
13 Oct 1835 Abiattur French
Polly Hickson
Freeman Taft
15 Nov 1835 James Taft 154
23 Mar 1836 Nancy wife of John Calow who has gained her residence in Concord by mariage to the said Calow who is likely to become chargeable to ..LeRoy. 161
12 Apr 1836 Nathan Balch and Family 167
12 Apr 1836 Robert McFarling and Family 168
9 May 1836 Wm Vador and family 171
9 May 1836 Eli Tary 172
9 May 1836 Joseph Novas
L. Rodgers & family
19 May 1836 Solomon Davis and family 175
19 May 1836 Lyman Woodworth and family 176
1 Feb 1837 Solomon Cole and family 180
1 Feb 1837 James Cole and family 181
1 Feb 1837 Henry B. Davis and family 182
1 Feb 1837 Samuel Dike and family 183
8 Apr 1837 Thomas Wall and family
Wm Peas and family
John Green and family
Ira T Cornish and family
Daniel McDaniels and family
David S Robins and family
Luther Robins and family
Simon Cary & Family
Thomas Parker and family
20 Aug 1837 Elisha Walker and family
Asaph Babcock and family
Ruben Wilson and family
Chancy Wilson
Lydia Rice
Kesiah Wood
13 Jan 1838 Frederick Richardson and family
John Winkler and family
Jabus Simons and family
Ezra Graham
Calvin Chapin and family
Clancy Martin
Wm Chapin and family
Benjamin Baom and family
Samuel Graham and family
20 Apr 1838 Thomas Manfield John Stocker Matthew French 224
2 May 1835 Asaph Babcock Truman Root Lyman Van Norman Ansel P. Goodrich 225
13 Dec 1838 Francis Norwood
Thomas M Broward
William Sumner
Emily Rice
John Aeberlie
Lydia Rice
William Palmer
Joseph Colwell
George Billington
Wm Vader
Eli Terry
Lyman Woodworth
William Thomson
Charles Patterson
David Henry? Hungerford
John Ivory
Cyprian Parish
Charles Pinswill
Richard H Smith
5 Nov 1839 Samuel Grayham's warning must be renewed or will gain a legal residence. 244

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