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The original Painesville Township included the current Painesville City. Borders have changed over the years, with much annexation to the city. A small part of Concord, which includes the Mentor Avenue/Blish/Nye Rd. Cemetery, was annexed to Painesville Township. The records for the township at their Nye Road Township Hall begin with the minutes of the Trustees beginning February 1918. This first book ends 24 December 1927. A packet of materials was recently donated back which covers the minutes from 6 January 1934 through 18 December 1935. These are the oldest records available. At one point it was mentioned that many old records were lost when a building's basement flooded. More searching for records is needed.

The City of Painesville does have some old records, although most of the records in the warehouse are 20th century era. The information from the cemetery collection is nearly all available at the cemetery office. These appear to be duplicate information for safe keeping.

The oldest of the records date back to 1859, being records of the Evergreen Cemetery. They have the following described books.

The oldest Minutes of Trustees Meetings is from Dec. 18, 1900 to Apr. 28, 1903. 8 x 9 black bound book 58 pages. No others seen.

Welfare Clearing House 3/14/1932-6/1/1932 includes indiviuals with address, religion and lists of foods given on dates. 8 x 14 Journal grey bound 152 pgs

Record of the Board of Health Painesville Lake County, Ohio June 29 1880. Board minutes, red spine, brown book 10 x 12, 192 pgs 18 pg used.

Record of Bonds for elected and other city officials 1880-1890 Brown 9 x 12 book 292 pg 35 pgs used.

Several other books such as index to Court record book, money amounts, Daily Cash Receipts, Water Department and Service Dept. records, Criminal Cashbooks, City Payroll records, Human Resourses files, City plans, resolutions,Police and Fire 1968-1993, PERS records, Attendance cards. These are all 20th century.

Court records include Civil Journals, Civil Dockets 1956-1990?, Transfer Journals, Small Claims Court, Traffic and Criminal month end reports and receipts.. These are all 20th century.

In Drawer D in office there is a Minutes book of Fire Department Apr. 22, 1871 - Sep. 3, 1877, 8 x 10 book green patterned 232 pgs, 110 used. Time Book of the Painesville Fire Department from Oct. 1, 1880 - Sept. 3, 1877.

Also in Drawer D there is a clipping file of comiled histories and news clippings and old reports on Painesville.

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