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Creek Name Changed Back to Honor Thomas Jordan

This offering comes directly from the USGS Geonames docket.

Jordan Creek: stream, 4.8 km (3 mi) long; heads in Concord Township 3.2 km (2 mi) S of the community of Concord at 41º38’48"N, 81º13’35"W, flows N to enter Big Creek 4.8 km (3 mi) S of Painesville; named for Thomas Jordan who settled in Concord Township in 1802; Lake County, Ohio; T10N,R8W,Connecticut Western Reserve; 41º40’56"N, 81º13’20"W; USGS map - Painesville 1:24,000; Not: Golden Creek, Gordon Creek. 3

Proposal: name change to recognize the spelling of a family name
Map: USGS Painesville 1:24,000
Proponent: Rose Moore; Concord, OH
Administrative area: None
Previous BGN Action: None
Names associated with feature:
GNIS: Gordon Creek (ID 39007197/FID 1040968)
Local Usage: Jordan Creek (Lake County Historical Society; long-time area residents)
Published Usage: Gordon Creek (USGS 1906/17/23/48,1960/85,1994; US Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program website; Ohio DNR Gazetteer of Ohio Streams, 1954; Ohio EPA Water Quality Study, 1997; Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District website; Lake County highway map 1954; Concord Township map, 1915), Jordan Creek (Lake County Historical Society sign, 1962; Lake County Historical Society book, 1964; History of Geauga and Lake Counties, 1878; Concord Township Bicentennial History, 1976)
Case Summary: This proposal was submitted by the Concord Township Administrator on behalf of a local resident, to change officially the name of Gordon Creek to Jordan Creek. Although the current name has appeared on Federal maps since 1906 and was on the 1954 Lake County highway map, the Township Administrator reports that following the recent posting of a new road sign over "Gordon Creek", a long-time resident of the area contacted his office to inform him that the stream had always been known locally as Jordan Creek. Her research determined that the stream was named for Thomas Jordan who had moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio in 1802 to become the first white settler in Concord Township. She stated that there is a historical marker near the new road sign that was erected by the Lake County Historical Society in 1962 and which reads "Named in commemoration of Thomas Jordan. There were a number of water-powered mills built on this stream which bears his name... including Jordan’s Saw Mill." The name Jordan Creek also appeared in a county history published in 1964 and in the township’s bicentennial history published in 1976. A History of Geauga and Lake Counties, published in 1878, also referred to the stream as Jordan Creek. The only early source that the proponent could locate that applied the name Gordon Creek was a 1915 map of the township produced by the county. The 32 Township Board of Trustees voted to recommend approval of the change from Gordon Creek to Jordan Creek.

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