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The Centennial of Painesville, Ohio, 1900

The Centennial of Painesville O.; Commemorative newspaper issued on July 4, 1900 “by the New Connecticut Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution in the hopes that its columns may present to the lover of Painesville something of historical value.” Contains many articles and advertisements. Originally indexed by Mrs. Howard Anthony of Perry Ohio in March 1972, the data from that index (which can be found at Morley Library in Painesville) is digitally presented in this database. an original of the publication was in a time capsule now at Lake County Historical Society. Reprinted copies of the original issue were made available in 2000 and can be found in several local repositories. This index was typed and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

NamePageColumn NamePageColumn NamePageColumn
Abells, Harcy84 Ackley house84 Adams, [?]34
Adams, Benjamin75 Adams, C. D.34 Adams, C. D.42
Adams, C. D.61 Adams, C. D.71 Adams, E. B.71
Adams, Grace41 Adams, Grace A.44 Adams, Sebastian84
Adams, Wade E.83 Adams, William D.52 Aiken, Daniel D.55
Alison, Agnes52 Alison, David52 Alison, David Jr.52
Alison, Matilda52 Alexander, J. W.47 Alexander, Laura44
Allen, C. B.13 Allen, David83 Allen, Susan52
Alvord, Geo. W.51 Alvord, Geo. W.66 Alvord, Helen Hine44
Ames, Bishop52 Amidon, Dr. H. M.37 Andrews, S.57
Anderson, Leonard21 Anginette, Susan56 Armstrong, Alden S.36
Armstrong, C. E.47 Armstrong, Charles Sr.36 Armstrong, Laura52
Armstrong, Milton84 Artman, Charles C.83 Ashley, Mr.33
Atwater, Mathew83 Aults, Henry83 Austin, Benjamin Rev.56
Austin, Calvin24 Austin, Seymour24 Avery, C. A.25
Avery, C. A.82 Avery, Mrs. C. A.25 Avery, Mrs. C. A.82
Avery, Charles A.72 Avery, Mrs. Elroy M.42 Avery, Mrs. Elroy M.45
Avery, Mrs. Elroy M.46 Avery, Evelyn41 Avery, Evelyn W.44
Avery, Frederick Burt Rev.62 Avery, Mrs. Frederick Burt41 Avery, Ione Lester44
Avery, Ione Lester45 Axtell, Laura K. 61 Axtell, Dr. S. B.37
Axtell, Mrs. S. B.82 Bacon, Horace66 Babcock, Henry F.83
Babcock, Mrs. J. A.13 Babcock, Mary52 Bailey, Agnes74
Bailey, Jacob55 Bailey, N. G.52 Bailey, Mrs. N. P.82
Bailey, Rev.82 Baird, Harriet56 Baird, Harriet23
Baird, Harriet N.52 Baird, Julia52 Baker vocalists13
Baker, Charles64 Baker, George32 Baker, Ione L.71
Baker, Mira13 Biker, W. L.15 Baker, W. L.21
Baker, Wallace64 Baldwin & Treat (Advertisement)81 Baldwin, [?]73
Baldwin, George13 Baldwin, Henry Leslie83 Baldwin, J. J.71
Baldwin, T. S.53 Baptiste, G. W. Rev.55 Barber, [Insurance]21
Barden, J. P.66 Barden, John P.74 Barden, John P.75
Barkalow, Leo P.57 Barker, F.71 Barker, Frank M.57
Barnes, the druggist21 Barnes, E. R.23 Barnes, Enos13
Barnes, Everett15 Barnes, Fred E.83 Barnes, Harley15
Barnes, Harley33 Barnes, Jennie71 Barnes, O. L.15
Barnes, William13 Barnes, William53 Barnett, F. E.36
Barrett, Mrs.12 Barrett, Frances Osborn82 Barstow, Mrs. H. L.82
Bartlett, N. N.54 Bartlett, S. H.54 Barto & Kerr61
Barto, J. C.74 Bateham, Mrs. J. C.62 Bates, George A.36
Bates, George A.66 Bates, H.71 Battin, John E. Rev.61
Beard, James Captain84 Beard, Jedediah12 Beard, Jedediah14
Beardslee, C.82 Beardsley, Dr.42 Beardsley, Dr. H. C.73
Beardsley, Dr. H. C.74 Beckwith, Mr.74 Beckwith, Anna52
Bedell, Bishop61 Belden, Burr T.83 Belnap, R. S.15
Belnap, R. S.63 Benjamin, C. A.36 Benjamin, J. M.23
Benjamin, J. W.13 Benson, Chas.21 Benson, Hattie71
Bentley, Miss72 Berry, A. M.13 Bigler mills84
Billett, F.84 Bishop, Fred A.36 Bissel, Tinnie13
Bittle, L. F.54 Blackmore Bros.57 Blackmore, Mr.84
Blackmore, Frank63 Blackmore, Frank71 Blackmore, Geo. W.81
Blackmore, John57 Blackmore, John71 Blackmore, Sarah71
Blackmon, G. W.45 Blair, R. L.82 Blair, Robert35
Blakely, E. F.51 Blakely, E. F.63 Blakely, Elbert F.83
Blish, Benjamin52 Blish, Phoebe52 Blodget, Charity52
Blodgett, Clark83 Blythe & Hurd [Architect]61 Bogue, Delia71
Bond, Eli14 Bond, Eli22 Bond, Eli73
Bond, Eli84 Bond, James Rev.56 Bond, Sarah Ann52
Book, Austin W.83 Booth, Charles E.36 Bosworth, Harry P.51
Bosworth, Harry P.83 Bosworth, Perry42 Bottin, Fred83
Bowel, W. H.54 Boyd, W. W.53 Boyd, W. W.74
Boyd, W. W.76 Brainard & Loomis [Nursery]31 Brainard, H. C.11
Brainard, Hubert C.83 Brakeman, Riley53 Branch, E. P.13
Brayton, Miss82 Brayton, J. A. Rev.25 Brayton, J. A. Rev.56
Breed & Barber [Insurance]21 Breed, John F.46 Breed, N. T.15
Breed, N. T.21 Breed, W. A.15 Breed, W. A.51
Brewer, Hannah56 Brewster, Waite W. Dr.84 Bridges, Benjamin14
Briggs, Frank36 Bright, F. A.54 Brisbin, S. E.71
Bronnell, Julia52 Bronnell, Sarah52 Brown, Miss82
Brown, Dr.42 Brown, A. J. Dr.56 Brown, Mrs. A. J.56
Brown, Antoinette56 Brown, J. H. Rev.55 Brown, John A.83
Brown, John E.83 Brown, Josiah W.22 Brown, Meigs S.14
Brooks, DeForest54 Brooks, Harry Clyde75 Brooks, Rosetta56
Bryan, Wm. J.21 Butler, Samuel24 Burridge, George P.75
Burridge, Sallie22 Burridge, Sallie84 Burridge, Samuel84
Burrows, J. B. Capt.65 Burrows, Mrs. J. B.41 Burrows, J. S.36
Burrows, J. S.85 Burrows, Jerome83 Burrows, Clara E. Woodruff44
Burns, Frederick T.83 Burns, Herman Rev.55 Bury, Richard Rev.61
Bushnell, L. C.52 Buskirk, Eliza52 Buskirk, Hannah52
Buss, Mr.73 Buys, Frank Dr.37 Byron, W. H.55
Cahoon, B. P.23 Cahoon, B. P.84 Caldwell, George14
Calkins, Fred M.83 Callender, Sadie71 Cammel, Robert22
Cannan, M.71 Card, Miss82 Card, Burton E.83
Card, Mrs. J. F.82 Card, Jonathan F.24 Card, Jospeh75
Card, Willson R.83 Carlton, H. D.54 Carmedy, M. H., M.D.37
Carnegie, C. J.81 Carnegie, Mrs. Lou71 Carpenter, Dr.13
Carpenter, Annie Miller44 Carpenter, James73 Carrel, Thomas22
Carrol, Hercules22 Carson, J.82 Carson, Jane52
Carson, Mary Ann52 Carson, Margaret52 Carter brothers23
Carter, Hubert E.83 Carter, William F.73 Casement, Elizabeth Clayton84
Casement, Frances M.56 Casement, General65 Casement, Mary Lockwood82
Catt, Carrie Chapman56 Cawley, R. A.71 Chambers, James82
Chamberlain, A. B.54 Chamberlin, A. H.71 Champny, E.84
Champion, Artistarchus73 Champion, Henry22 Campion, Henry14
Champion, Henry73 Chapman & Heartwell [Dry Goods]43 Chapman, Fred83
Chapman, J.82 Chapman, Joseph53 Chapman, Seldie84
Chard, E. R.57 Chesney, Mrs.44 Chesney, Mrs.56
Chesney, Mrs.82 Chesney, Mrs. B. D.32 Chesney, Mrs. B. D.62
Chesney, B. D.42 Chesney, B. E.36 Child's Hall82
Chesney, Eliza14 Chesney, Kate82 Chesney, S. P.82
Chesney, Sam82 Chesney, Samuel65 Child, Asa13
Child, C. O.11 Childs, Asa73 Childs, I. S.65
Churchward, P. R.47 Clapsadel, F.13 Clark, Abbie13
Clark, Bishop52 Clark, William Walton52 Clarke, Mrs. E. W.62
Clayton, Libbie62 Clayton, Marcia13 Clayton, Mrs. Will82
Clayton, Mrs. William56 Cleary, Peter J.71 Cleary, Peter T.71
Clemens, I. M.74 Cleveland, Hardin84 Cleveland, Oren R.83
Clinton house24 Cobb, Mary Gan Bryon64 Coe, H. P.15
Coe, H. H.65 Coe, Henry H.21 Coffin, Levi63
Colby, [Store]76 Colby, Geo. S.61 Colby, George S.83
Colby, M. H.42 Colby, M. H.71 Cole, Calvin22
Cole, Calvin84 Cole, Hezekiah53 Cole, Juliet52
Cole, W. B.21 Coleman, Captain73 Colgrove, G. W.57
Collacott, H. R.15 Collacott, Mrs. Harry R.41 Collacott, J. B.11
Collacott, J. B.42 Collacott, J. B.15 Collacott, Mary Hover44
Collister, "Nell"13 Colman, W. A.71 Condon, Alice J.71
Condon, James26 Condon, Katharine F.71 Cone, F.71
Cone, Roy W.83 Cone, Salmon Earl83 Congos, Victor83
Conkling, Elmer A.83 Connell, D. J.71 Connors, Wm. H.71
Conway, E. J. Rev.54 Conway, E. J. Rev.71 Conway, E. J. Rev.75
Cooley, Lathrop54 Coquerelle, Charles Rev.54 Coquerelle, Charles Rev.75
Cottrell, Miss A. M.74 Covert, O. E.52 Cowles, Betsy M.74
Cowles, W. R.15 Cowles, Yankee84 Craine, Tower W.55
Creedon, John47 Crobaugh, John E.83 Crofoot, B. Frank36
Crofoot, B. V.71 Crofoot, Gideon84 Crofoot, I. W.26
Crofoot, Isaac42 Crofoot, Sadie71 Croft, Ellen52
Croft, Libbie13 Crofts, C.84 Cumings, Miss45
Cumings, Alice41 Cummings, H. P.35 Cummings, Henry13
Curphey, William57 Curtis, Theodore81 Curtiss & Sons [Business]42
Curtiss, George C.76 Curtiss, Joseph54 Curtiss, Mabel44
Curtiss, Samuel W.74 Curtis, Volney13 Cushman, Miss74
Cushman, Fred L.83 Custin, Pearl L.83 Daly, James A.52
Danielson, Nellie Viall44 Darrow, Mrs.84 Darrow, C. C.36
Darrow, J. Q.42 Darrow, J. Q.85 Dauer, F. A. Prof.75
Davis, Benjamin14 Davis, William F.83 Day, E. H.56
Day, George H.75 Dayton, J. H.31 Dean, Miss33
Degenhard, Charles Prof.23 DeMeritt, F. H.36 Derrow, Nathan B. Rev.52
Detzel, Edward71 Dingley, Mrs. W. W.82 Ditmars, Garrett P.83
Dole, Mr.63 Doolittle Brothers [store]11 Doolittle, Charlie65
Doolittle, John F.36 Doolittle, Mark R.75 Doolittle, Marshall76
Doolittle, Mrs. M. R.82 Double, Charles83 Dowling, Lucy71
Dufft, Carl Dr.25 Dunn, Eliza52 Durand, Mrs.83
Durand, Lyman54 Dyer, John N.65 Eaton, Misses13
Eaton, Milton Hugh83 Eaton, Joshua Rev.56 Eddy, Master A.82
Eddy, Ira Rev.52 Eddy, S. H.57 Ellenwood, Benjamin14
Ellenwood, Jeremiah14 Ellenwoods, [residents]22 Elder, Nellie53
Elliott, John G.83 Encell, James54 Encell, John54
Erwin, Julia36 Evans, Miss72 Everett, Julia B.74
Fancher, George13 Field, C. C.53 Fisher, Abrilla J., M.D.37
Fisher, Misses13 Fisher, N.W.13 Fobes, Caroline23
Fobes, Samuel14 Foote, Carter55 Foss, Wm. D.71
Ford, Mrs.14 Fowler, H. E.36 Fowler, Mary Matilda Donaldson44
Fowler, W. H. Dr.37 Fowler, Mrs. W. H.41 Frank, C. H.11
Frank, Mrs. C. H.41 Frank, Helen Dunning44 Frank, Chas. H.47
Fredebaugh, Miss42 Freeman, Silas C. Rev.55 Freeman, William83
French, Ferris52 French, Jacob23 French, Mary Ann52
French, Nancy52 French, Warren53 French, Warren84
Fuller, Benjamin, F.55 Fifield house24 Gage, L P.84
Gage, Mrs. L. P.82 Gage, J. W.63 Gage, John W.22
Gallagher, Wm. H. Rev.61 Gallagher, Wm. H. Rev.62 Gambl, Ernest25
Ganter, Hetty Sanford82 Gardner, Mary L.75 Gardner, Dr.73
Gates, Freeman53 Gates, Leonard31 Gay, Jesse L.83
Gaylord, Emma81 Gazely, Mr.63 Geisinger, Dottie71
George, Robert15 George, Robert31 George, Robert53
Giblin, Mrs. J. E.71 Gibbons house84 Gibbons, E. H.66
Gibbs, John Wilson Dr.76 Gill, [Harness & Buggy Shop]61 Gill, Mr.84
Gill, Clayton L.83 Gill, Seymour65 Gillett [?]34
Gillet, Isaac35 Gillett, Isaac73 Gillett, J. Mills52
Glenn, Alexander B.36 Goldsmith, Jonathan35 Gordon, Betsy52
Gordon, Mrs. George56 Gosline, Alonzo65 Gould, Edward65
Graham, Albert L.83 Granger, [?]34 Granger, Mrs. Judge46
Grant, Gail G.11 Grant, Gail G.76 Grant, Mrs. Gail G.41
Grant, Sadie M.44 Grant, Sadie M.45 Grauel, H. W. Dr.37
Grauel, Harry36 Graves, Charles R.83 Gray, Archie E.83
Gray, Cornelia82 Gray, D. C.61 Gray, D. C.82
Gray, David13 Gray, H. C. Hon.84 Gray, Kate M.74
Gray, M. E.56 Gray, Mrs. S. K.82 Gray, Sam82
Green, Jonas54 Green, Philip52 Green, Mary54
Green, W. F.76 Green, Nathanael Gen.44 Greeney, R. H.36
Gregg, Samuel Rev.52 Griffith, Thomas55 Griffith, Thomas56
Griswold, Drs.45 Griswold, H. L.57 Griswold, Mrs. H. L.41
Griswold, Louis F.43 Griswold, Maria Louise44 Gwinne, Professor23
Hagenburger, Carl31 Hager, E. W. Rev.56 Hall, E.71
Hall, John Rev.55 Hamlen, S. B. Prof.23 Hammar, Harry E.51
Hammond, J.54 Hammot, Mr.22 Hanford, Wm. Rev.53
Hanna, Mark Sen.34 Harmon, William23 Harper, Eliza73
Harper, Homer51 Harper, Robert76 Harris, Eunice52
Harrison, Mr.22 Harrison, Mr.84 Harrison, Mrs. Benjamin45
Harrison, H. B.25 Harrison, J. J.15 Harrison, J. J.31
Harrison, W. C.31 Harrison, William54 Hart, J. C.83
Hart, Ralph R.83 Haskell's [clothing store]25 Hatch, Mrs.44
Hathaway, Mr.63 Harvey, Mary B.75 Harvey, Sophia56
Harvey, Thomas W.72 Harvery, Thomas W.73 Harvery, Thomas W.74
Hawley, Miss82 Hawley, A. M.74 Hawley, Charles M., M. D.37
Hawley, E. H. Rev.74 Hawley, Edwin H.54 Hay, Miss56
Hays, Sybil52 Haydn, Hiram C.52 Haywood, E.71
Hazen, William E.83 Heartwell & Chapman [clothing store]43 Heartwell, E. D.66
Hemenway, Jennie71 Herroon, William C.83 Hickok, S. C.14
Hickok, S. C.36 Hickok, S. C.84 Higley, Homer35
Higgins, C. C.53 Higgins, C. C.74 Higgins, Ella71
Higham, Mr.35 Hill, D. C.75 Hill, Moses53
Hills, Addison55 Hills, Addison56 Hills, Jedediah23
Hills, Jedediah56 Hills, Jedediah75 Hills, Jedediah84
Hills, Julia Ann52 Hills, Lucian56 Hisey, Dr.22
Hisey, Dr.84 Hisey, M. E. Dr.37 Hissa, Herman83
Hitchcock, [?]34 Hitchcock, E. Master82 Hitchcock, Mary Ann52
Hitchcock, Judge42 Hitchcock, Reuben Judge75 Hitchcock, Reuben53
Hitchcock, Reuben72 Hitchcock, Sarah Wilcox82 Holbrook [distillery]23
Hobrook, William84 Hodges & Rand [hardware]61 Hodges & Rand81
Holcomb, Mr.65 Holcomb, D. E.36 Holliday, Dr.84
Holmes, L. W.13 Horton, C. H.15 Horton, Emmet85
Houghton, J.26 House, C. F. Dr.21 House, C. F. Dr.84
House, Chas. F.11 House, Charles F. Dr.37 House, E. L.21
House, E. L.75 House, H. G.36 House, T. W. Rev.53
House, S. R.53 Hover, Mrs.14 Hover, Mrs.32
Hover, Mrs.82 Hover, Kate Chesney82 Hover, Mary13
Howe, Mr.23 Howe, Mr.83 Howe, E. D.22
Howe, Father54 Howe, George E.73 Howe, George E.74
Howlett, Fred H.83 Howlett, Halstead J.83 Hoxett, Caroline Amelia Brooks44
Hoyt, Polly Maria44 Hubbard [steam laundry]81 Hubbard, N. E.65
Hubbard, N. E.11 Hudson, David14 Hull, David84
Hungate, Frank M. Rev.55 Huntington farm14 Huntington farm75
Huntington, Ann B.56 Huntington, Edwin C.83 Huntington, F. G.23
Huntington, Flavius Josephus73 Huntington, Samuel Gov.32 Huntington, Gurding56
Huntington, Josephus33 Huntington, Josephus84 Huntington, Marvin84
Huntington, Samuel23 Huntington, Samuel24 Hurd & Blythe [Architects]61
Hurlbert, H.52 Hutchinson family13 Hyde, H. N.55
Ingraham, J. W.54 Jackson, E.71 James, Bishop52
James, Guy M.83 Jennings, C. S.53 Jerome, F. J.15
Jerome, F. J.63 Jerome, F. J.84 Jerome, Frank J.51
Jerome Mrs. Frank J.41 Jerome, Lucy E. D.44 Johnson, Albert36
Johnson, F. G.66 Johnson, Frank84 Johnson, Henry C.61
Johnson, James E.83 Johnson, Mary71 Johnson, Sherman83
Jones, J. Powell Prof.23 Jones, J. Powell Prof.25 Jones, Jemima52
Joslin, Louis B.83 Joughin, John42 Judson, Clyde44
Kappelman, Marcus83 Kaukonen, Anton83 Kee, William83
Keeler, E. P.15 Keeler, Eliott P.66 Keener, C. L.42
Keener, E. D.15 Keener, E. D.71 Keener, E. D.84
Keener, E. D.85 Kehres, Mary71 Kellogg, Daniel22
Kendall, F. S.63 Kendall, F. S.74 Kendrick, Elizabeth A.75
Kennel, Mrs.56 Kenney, Edwin J.52 Kerr & Barto [men's clothing]61
Kerr, [cemetery portion]74 Kerr, Daniel75 Kerr, F. L.63
Kerr, Moses65 Kerr, William23 Kerr, William52
Kerr, William73 Kiernan, John S.83 Kilbourne, Miss13
Kilbourne, J. B.23 Kilbourne, J. B. Capt.65 Kimball, S. H. Dr.37
King, [?]34 King, A. P.84 King, C. H.47
King, General23 King, Hezekiah84 King, Jane S.44
King, Jennie Potter82 King, Josephine M.44 King, Mrs. C. S.41
King, S. R.15 King, S. R.25 King, S. R.47
King, Mrs. S. R.45 Kingsbury, Cornelia52 Kingsbury, Horace13
Kingsbury, Solomon83 Kingsley, Miss73 Kingsley, Bishop52
Kintner, A. E.81 Kinter, E. E.11 Kirby, James J.71
Knapp, W. A.47 Knight, A. A.54 Knight, Benjamin83
Knight, Dexter24 Knowles, J. B.54 Knowlton, Wm. H. Rev.61
Kruter, Jacob83 Kruter, John E.83 Ladd, Mrs.63
Ladd, Mrs. Jeduthan62 Ladd, S. T.53 Ladd, Silas T.72
Lamunyan, Effie71 Lamunyan, F. S.71 Lancraft, Ann44
Langford, Jane52 Langley, Mr.63 Lapham, A. H.31
Lapham, Gwen W.83 Laracy, Mary71 Larrick, Mr.63
Larrick, J. S.63 Latimore, William23 Latimore, William84
Lathrop, Margaret Sidney46 Lawrence, Martha E.41 Lawrence, Martha E.44
Lawson, Corinne Moore25 Lee, A. A.36 Lee, George36
Lee, W. G.15 Lee, W. G.66 Leland, Ellen L.71
Leonard, William A. Rt. Rev.62 Leslie, Charles M.83 Lewis, Samuel Hon.73
Lever, Clarence C.83 Lightner, [store]11 Lightner, J. E.76
Lines, Miss82 Little, Emma71 Littlejohn, F. W.63
Littlejohn, F. W.74 Livermore, Mary56 Lockwood, Miss82
Lockwood hall72 Lockwood, Chester82 Lockwood, George56
Lockwood, George65 Lockwood, George D.76 Lockwood, J. S.82
Lockwood, John S.42 Lockwood, John S.76 Lockwood, Libbie Lines82
Lockwood, Louisa56 Lockwood, S.82 Lockwood, Stanley55
Lockwood, Stanley56 Lockwood, Stanley65 Lockwood, Stanley76
Lockwood, Stanley84 Lockwood, Stanley B.76 Lockwood, William13
Lockwood, William55 Lockwood, William56 Lockwood, William76
Long, E. C. Rev.55 Loomis & Brainard [nursery]31 Loomis, Amasa52
Loomis, C. E.71 Loomis, L. G.57 Lord, Mrs.73
Lord, Asa D. Dr.73 Lord, Geo. A.74 Lord, George A.54
Lyman, Orange52 Lynch bros.57 Lynch, E. J.15
Lynch, Edward J.15 Lynch, Edward J.71 Lyon, James84
Mahoney, C.54 Malin, Geo E.81 Malin, S. L.61
Manchester, H. J.15 Manning, Mrs. Daniel45 Mansfield, J.13
Markko, John E.83 Marsh, Aura C.83 Marsh, Polly52
Marshal, Thomas H.83 Marshall family13 Marshall place22
Marshall, Nelson53 Marshall, Raphael13 Marshall, Raphael64
Marshall, Mrs. Raphael32 Marshall, Mrs. Raphael56 Marshall, Seth42
Marshall, Seth75 Marshall, Seth64 Marshall, Mrs. Seth64
Marshall, Kate Tracy73 Marshall, Thomas82 Martin, Robert52
Martin, Lydia52 Mather, Geo. E.26 Mather, Pliny14
Mather, W. D.11 Mathews, J. F.85 Mathews, [?]34
Mathews, Mrs.23 Mather, I. A.82 Mathews, Jack Dr.64
Mathews, John H.23 Mathews, John H.84 Mathews, Lucy75
Mathews, Lucy C.44 Mathews, Louise13 Mathews, Mary75
Mathews, Samuel82 Mathews, Mrs. Samuel22 Mathews, Mrs. Samuel45
Mathews, Mrs. Samuel62 Mathews, Mrs. Samuel75 Mathews, Mrs. Samuel82
Mathews, Mrs. Samuel84 Mathews, Stephen55 Mathews, Stephen84
Matthews, Caroline55 Matthews, Caroline Cook55 Mathews, Catherine Cook55
Matthews, Lyman Cook55 Matthews, Sarah Henrietta55 Matthews, Stephen55
Matthews, William55 Mattson, Emil A.83 McAbee, M. G.76
McAbee, Mary G.41 McAbee, Mary G.45 McAbee, Mary Green44
McAbee, Philip Warrington24 McCabe, C. C.53 McCall, G. W.13
McCall, Wm. G. Prof.75 McCaslin, Mary71 McCormick, Robert24
McElliet, Patrick55 McEuen, James55 McGary, P.54
McGill, Frank83 McIlvaine, Mr.22 McIlvanine, Bishop56
McKeowan, Helen44 McLaughlin, Father54 McLeod, George K.11
McMahon, M. L. Jr.83 Mead, S. H.54 Merril, Abijah84
Merrill, Mr.13 Merrill, E. H.13 Merrill, E. H.53
Merrill, George C.13 Merrill, George R.52 Merrill, H. H.74
Merrill, J.H.23 Merrill, John H.23 Merrills, Lucy52
Merrills, Lucinda52 Merriman, Dr.64 Merriman, D. J. Dr.21
Metzger, J. E.61 Michelson, Norton55 Mighton, P. J.15
Mighton, P. J.63 Miller, A. C. Professor36 Miller, Ann52
Miller, C. E.36 Miller, J. A.62 Miller, John14
Miller,John C.83 Miller, Jas. P.21 Mills, W. C. Rev.61
Mills, William S.76 Milton, Charles H.83 Miltner, Al G.71
Miltner, Peter G.71 Miltner, Peter G. Capt.71 Miner, John14
Minnick, Arthur E.83 Mitchelson, Howard56 Monroe, James83
Moodey, [?]34 Moodey's hall23 Moodey, C. A.74
Moodey, C. A.84 Moodey, Lydia C.44 Moodey, R. C.66
Moodey, Mrs. R. A.82 Moodey, Robert23 Moodey, Robert83
Moodey, Robert L.11 Moodey, S.71 Moodey, Sam82
Moodey's Pharmacy26 Moore, C. H.33 Moore, F. H.54
Moore, Tabitha56 Morgan, T. W.71 Morley, [?]34
Morley, [?]66 Morley, Mr.33 Morley, Mr.34
Morley, Albert42 Morley, C. T.65 Morley, Emma82
Morley, J. H.35 Morley, Mrs. J. H.25 Morley, Lewis35
Morley, Lizzie Hitchcock82 Morley, Mary Perkins82 Morrell, Alma71
Morrell, A. A.71 Morill, Alma71 Morris, Bishop52
Morse, Mrs. C.82 Morse, Collins36 Morse, Frank W.83
Morse, George Byron Rev.55 Morse, H.81 Morton, ex-Governor73
Moseley, G. E.57 Mosher, Agnes13 Mosher, B. D.36
Mosher, T. B.13 Moss, Mrs. Jay O.46 Mott, Edwin M. S.83
Murdock, A. Rev.55 Murphy, John C.71 Murphy, Samuel64
Murphy, Samuel Capt.44 Murray, F. H.11 Murray, Jared72
Mygatt, George W.56 Noble, Mrs.82 Noble, Mrs. S. L.82
Noble, Lydia P.44 Noble, Lydia P.45 Norton, N. Rev.13
Nowland, Noah52 Nye, Clark H.51 Nye, Benjamin14
Oakley, John W.55 Oakley, Mary W.55 Oatman, M. J.74
Oatman, M. J.82 O'Herron, E. J.71 Osborn, S. S.55
Osborn, S. S.56 Osborn, S. S.61 Osborn, S. S.73
Osborn, S. S. Hon.82 Osborne, C. W.51 Osborne, D. C. Rev.53
Osborne, Mary Tinan82 Osborne, S. S.12 Osborne, S. S.13
Page, Caroline44 Paige, Miss82 Paige, Mrs. Charles C.41
Paige, D. R.61 Paige, Mrs. D. R.82 Paine, [?]34
Paine, Alvin65 Paine, Aurel22 Paine, Caroline J.56
Paine, Charles14 Paine, Charles C.14 Paine, Charles C.35
Paine, Edward14 Paine, Edward Jr.12 Paine, Edward Jr.14
Paine, Edward Jr.22 Paine, Edward General12 Paine, Edward General14
Paine, Edward General32 Paine, Edward General36 Paine, Edward General45
Paine, Edward General73 Paine, Eleazar14 Paine, Eleazar12
Paine, Eleazar Colonel14 Paine, Eleazar Colonel22 Paine, Eleazar Colonel32
Paine, F.23 Paine, F. Jr.82 Paine, Franklin73
Paine, Franklin65 Paine, D. M.52 Paine, George E.75
Paine, George E. Captain65 Paine, James H.84 Paine, James H. General64
Paine, Joel12 Paine, Joel14 Paine, Josiah14
Paine, Kate73 Paine, Katherine A.14 Palmer, Edwin56
Palmer, F. A.56 Palmer, Fred A.55 Palmer, Jerome73
Palmer, M. C.75 Palmer, Sarah13 Palmer, Sarah75
Palmer, Sarah82 Palmer, William84 Pancost, [?]76
Parmly house53 Parmly house73 Parmly, J. L.63
Parker, Mr.82 Parsons, L. M.35 Partridge, Edward84
Peake sisters56 Pease, Alanson14 Pease, Sarah13
Pepoon, A. C.51 Pepoon, Albert C.83 Pepoon, Augustus 64
Pepoon, Augustus Joseph52 Pepoon, Benjamin52 Pepoon, Eunice52
Pepoon, Jospeh14 Pepoon, Jospeh Ayers52 Pepoon, Nancy52
Pepoon, Silas52 Penderprat, Peter Rev.54 Pender, John J.83
Perkins, [?]34 Perkins, Lucy82 Perkins, Simon14
Perkins, Simon24 Perkins, William L.42 Perkins, William L.53
Perry, David53 Peters, T. R. Rev.55 Pettingel farm36
Phelps, [?]34 Phelps, Alanson, Rev.61 Phelps, Jane52
Phelps, Jessie14 Phelps, Lydia73 Phelps, Lucy14
Phelps, Milo84 Phelps, S. W.75 Phelps, S. W.82
Phelps, Mrs. S. W.82 Phelps, Samuel52 Phelps, Samuel W.73
Phelps, Samuel W.83 Phelps, Wm.71 Phillips, A. G. Dr.37
Pike, Dan53 Pike, E. S.82 Pike, Mrs. E. S.25
Pike, Mary Rockwell82 Pitcher, Olive C.71 Plaisted, C. E.36
Plaisted, C. E.71 Plimpton, Allured73 Plummer, Albert47
Pollock, Elijah14 Pool, E. G.71 Porter, L. A.53
Porter, L. A.72 Porter, Louisa13 Porter, Louise74
Post, Mary Everett82 Post, W. F.64 Potter, Mary84
Powers, H. L.36 Pratt, F. P.74 Pratt, Helen75
Pratt, Pliny42 Pratt, Pliny81 Pratt, Pliny83
Price, Mary W.71 Purple, J. G. Dr.23 Pyle, Fred T.11
Pyle, F. T.34 Quelos, Thomas D.36 Quinn, Christopher65
Radcliffe, [?]57 Radcliffe, C. T.85 Radcliffe, W. R.15
Raki, William83 Rand, [?]81 Rand, [?]61
Rand house84 Rand, S. A.65 Randa, Isaac83
Randolph, G. W. Rev.54 Rapson, J. F. Rev.55 Rauch, Charles A.83
Raynolds, Carrie Mathews82 Raynolds, G. K.61 Rea, James Rev.55
Ready, George W.74 Reynolds, A. G.11 Reynolds, A. G.51
Reynolds, A. G.53 Reynolds, A. G.63 Reynolds, J. A.71
Reynolds, Mayor33 Reynolds, Wm.71 Reigert, G.71
Rich, John42 Rich, John53 Richmond, Thomas35
Riddle, A. C.73 Rider, Isaiah55 Rider, Joseph14
Rider, Joseph22 Riker, George L.65 Robinson, Ernest A.83
Robinson, James T.85 Robinson, Joseph13 Robinson, Richard13
Roberts, T.61 Roberts, Thomas82 Rockwell, [?]34
Rockwell, Mr. 64 Rockwell, Helen Marshall25 Rockwell, T.35
Rockwell, Timothy73 Rogers, [?]26 Roger, Mr.83
Rogers, B. H.81 Rogers, F. H.57 Rogers, Mrs. F. H.31
Rogers, W. R.11 Root, Jonathan14 Root, Lyman75
Root, M. L.24 Root, Phineas24 Root, E. B. Dr.37
Rosa, Catherine52 Rosa, Kate73 Rosa, Storm73
Rosa, Storm Dr.84 Ross, Mr.63 Russell's hall23
Russell, Agnes13 Russell, Simon84 Rust, T. H.47
Rylance, J. H. Rev.61 Rich, [?]47 Sage, George L.83
Salkeld, Bessie44 Sanford, [?]34 Sanborn, Nancy Lovina52
Sanford house22 Sanford house83 Sanford, Miss82
Sanford, A. P.82 Sanford, H. P.82 Sanford, Mrs. H. P.82
Sanford, Henry P.61 Sanford, P.P.35 Sanford, Peleg P.55
Sanders, Carrie56 Sargent, J. D.15 Sargent, J. D.21
Saunders, Mr.33 Saunders, Mrs.34 Saunders, M. L.13
Sawyer, Carlos84 Saxton, Harvey S.83 Schiappacasse, L.21
Schofield, J. F.75 Schofield, J. F.82 Scott, C. J.15
Scott, C. J.21 Scott, C. J.71 Scott, Mrs. C. J.41
Scott, Chester23 Scott, Emma Adams44 Scott, Joel22
Scott, Joel52 Scott, Joel84 Scott, Molly52
Scott, Walter A.83 Searl, F. A.21 Searl, F. A.43
Searl, F. A.63 Searl, F. A.74 Searl, F. A.76
Searl, Fred A.11 Searl, Lizzie Tisdel44 Sears, Leora Brown52
Sechrist, Cora L. Dr.37 Seeley, [?]34 Seeley, Abbey T.84
Seeley, Ira84 Seeley, Uri35 Seeley, Uri64
Seely, Abbey52 Seely, Delia56 Seely, Louisa52
Seely, Mary Ann52 Selmin, Edward E.83 Sessions, Miss72
Sessions, Anson14 Sewall, May Wright56 Seymour, Dr.84
Seymour, Delia S.56 Seymour, George D.56 Seymour, John56
Seymour, John S.56 Seymour, John S.76 Seymour, M.M.61
Seymour, M. M.76 Seymour, M. M. Dr.75 Seymour, Maria N.56
Seymour, Moses M.56 Seymour, Moses M. Dr.76 Seymour, Louisa56
Shaw, Annie Rev.56 Shea, Patrick83 Sheffield, Cornelia52
Sheffield, Palina52 Shelby, P.54 Sheldin, Hile G.83
Sheldon, George52 Shepard, [?]57 Shepard, Ray P.83
Shepherd, Geo. H.15 Shepherd, Geo. H.51 Shepherd, James H.74
Shepherd, Judge56 Shepherd, Judge84 Sherwood, W. H. Dr.37
Sidney, Margaret46 Lathrop, Mrs.46 Single, Joseph56
Sinks, Perry Wayland52 Skeele, Arthur F.52 Skeele, Arthur F.53
Skinner, [?]34 Skinner, Abraham14 Skinner, Abraham22
Skinner, Abraham52 Skinner, Mary52 Slater, Mr.73
Sliter, B.71 Smart, [?]76 Smart, Ed82
Smith, Mrs. A. G.56 Smith, Carlos52 Smith, Carlos Rev.84
Smith, Charles C.65 Smart, E. C.82 Smith, Francis P.14
Smith, Geo. A.54 Smith, George A.83 Smith, John14
Smith, John22 Smith, J. F.81 Smith, Juliet Marshal82
Smith, Landon71 Smith, Langdon75 Smith, Percy K.15
Smith, Percy K.21 Smart, S. H.85 Smith, Thomas54
Smith, Tommy13 Smith, W. F.15 Smith, W. F.31
Smith, W. F.42 Smith, W. F.66 Smith, W. F.84
Smith, Wynne S.31 Smith, Zella71 Smith, Zella Mrs.71
Smythe, C. B.71 Smith, Joseph34 Snedeker, Addie Mrs.71
Spaulding, E. E.74 Spencer, Homer V.83 Spillman, M. H.47
Spindler, W. R.54 Spofford, Amos14 Spore, Albert83
Spring, Squire84 Squires, Richard36 Stacey, [?]31
Stacy, Mr.84 Stage, George36 Stage, John C.36
Starkey, Rev. Dr.61 Stebbins, Mrs.54 Stebbins, Dr.54
Steele's hall23 Steele, Emma13 Steele, George53
Steele, Mrs. George62 Steele, Geo. P.15 Steele, Geo. P.76
Steele, George P.33 Steele, George P.34 Steele, George P.47
Steele, George W.23 Steele, George W.42 Steele, H. Jr.23
Steele, Horace82 Steele, Horace Jr.71 Steele, Mary Sterling 82
Steele, Mrs. Sessions56 Stein, Gertrude25 Sterling, Miss82
Sterling, Lord13 Sterling, Lord23 Sterling, Lord84
Sterling, Mary13 Stewart, Chas. H.11 Stickney, Jonathan35
Stiles, Job12 Stiverson, F. E.66 Stocking, C. H.63
Stocking, C. H.81 Stocking, William44 Stockwell house55
Stockwell, Mrs.84 Stockwell, Gussie Avery82 Stockwell, Mary A.41
Stockwell, Mary A.44 Stockwell, Mary A. Avery44 Stockwell, Norris65
Stone, Charles R.13 Stone, E. A. Rev.55 Storrs, [?]34
Storrs, Colonel56 Storrs, Mrs.31 Storrs, Eliza W.55
Storrs, Jesse31 Storrs, Jesse55 Storrs, Lemuel G.55
Storrs, W. P.15 Storrs, Wm. G.15 Storrs, William G.21
Storrs, William G.31 Storrs, Willis65 Storrs, Willis P.31
Story, M.71 Stout, Charles B. Rev.56 Streator, [?]23
Streator, G. A. D.84 Stumn, Will71 Sumner, E.71
Swain, William M.83 Swayze, William52 Sweezy, Cornelia56
Sykes, J. N. Rev.55 Tabor, B. J.47 Taft, George E.83
Taft, Sarah A.71 Takala, Thomas V.83 Talcott, Alice71
Tappen, Abraham14 Tappen, Abraham73 Taylor, E. B.56
Taylor, Eva47 Taylor, James65 Taylor, Lee84
Tear, Miss42 Treat, [?]73 Treat, [?]81
Terry, Parshall52 Terry, Parshall Rev.13 Thayer, Irwin W.57
Thoirs, A.71 Thomas, Edith M.32 Thomas, Edith M.42
Thompson, Chas. F.57 Thompson, D.42 Thompson, D.71
Thompson, Dan65 Thompson, Daniel81 Thompson, Isaac22
Thompson, James22 Thompson, Olive W.83 Thompson, William54
Thompson, Mrs. William54 Thomson, Charlotte56 Thomson, Helen56
Thorp, [?]26 Thurston, Jane22 Tiffin, Governonr32
Tinan, Orlando65 Tinker, A. L.42 Tillotson, Dr.54
Tillotson, Mrs. F. G.13 Tisdel, Miss45 Tisdel, Mary E.41
Tisdel, Mary E.44 Tisdel, W. C.11 Tisdel, W. C.84
Tisdel, Walter C.53 Tisdel, Walter C.56 Titus, Carrie E.71
Towell, Misses81 Tower, Clara71 Tower, Harriet13
Tracy, [?]34 Tracy, Mr.22 Tracy, Anna82
Tracy, B. F.23 Tracy, Benjamin F.23 Tracy, John Rev.54
Tracy, John Rev.75 Traver, R. N.65 Traver, R. N.71
Traver, Robert N.32 Truby, Susan M.44 Truby, Susan Murphy64
Truby, W.15 Truby, William64 Trulson, [?]57
Trulson, Carl O.83 Trumbul, L. A.53 Tuttle, Charles R.83
Tuttle, G. N.51 Tuttle, Mrs. Henry A.41 Tuttle, Henry53
Tuttle, L. G.51 Tuttle, Martin A.51 Tuttle, Natalie A. Thompson44
Tuttle, O. G.21 Tuuri, Isaac83 Undener, John Professor23
Van Boskirk, A. S.55 Van Boskirk, Abr'm.55 Van Cleve, E. M.76
Vanbanthusen, Elizabeth52 Van Loan, M. D.55 Van Loan, Matthew D.55
Van Nostrand, A. Rev.65 Van Nostrand, Aaron Rev.61 Varian, Alexander Rev.61
Viall, Ada O.45 Viall, Ada Osborn44 Viall, C. C.76
Viall, Mrs. C. S.41 Viall, C. C.47 Wallace, Zerelda56
Waldo, William65 Walworth, John14 Walworth, John22
Walworth, John75 Ward, J. C.33 Warren, [?]66
Warren, F. L., D. D. S.37 Warren, Mrs. Henry A.41 Warren, Kate T. M.44
Warren, Kate T. M.45 Warner, [?]82 Warner, George84
Warner, Mrs. M. J.84 Waterbury, Geo. K.71 Watson's tavern hall23
Weaser, Joseph F.83 Weaver, John24 Webster, [?]13
Webster, S. B. Rev.55 Wedge, F. M.57 Weld, Theodore64
Wells, Rev. Dr.55 Wells, Dr.61 Wells, Dr.62
Wells, Geo. F. M.26 Wells, T. B. Rev.23 Wells, Thomas B. Rev. D. D.61
Werner brothers81 Werner, C. J.71 Werner, W. M.42
Werner, W. M.81 West, Charley C.83 West, John W.83
Wheeler, Mrs.84 Wheeler, Aaron14 Whipple, Jonathan14
White, Anna71 White, M.71 Whitelaw, Alma Paige82
Whiting, J. H.55 Whiting, L. Rev.55 Whitney, E. D. Dr.37
Whitney, L. Rev.13 Whitney, Frank W.13 Wickham, Mrs. G. V. R.46
Wilcox hall23 Wilcox hall61 Wilcox, Miss82
Wilcox, Aaron42 Wilcox, Aaron72 Wilcox, Aaron61
Wilcox, Aaron65 Wilcox, B. C.24 Wilcox, Mrs. B. C.56
Wilcox, Eliza82 Wilcox, Mary E.41 Wilcox, Mary E.44
Wilcox, Mary E.45 Wilder's hall55 Wilder, Mr.84
Wilder, E. T.71 Wilkerson, Sarah Doolittle82 Wilkes, Mr.35
Wilkes, Frederick21 Wilkinson, Judge35 Wilkinson, John35
Wilkinson, Samuel35 Wilson, Madame76 Wilson, Jeremiah14
Wilson, T. J.71 Wilson, Zenas76 William's house53
Williams, [?]76 Williams, A. Rev.55 Williams, C. H.15
Williams, Ebenezer84 Williams, Elizabeth52 Winchester, Philander64
Winters, Mrs.54 Winters, W. B. Rev.51 Wolfe, Jesse E.83
Woner, Geo. F.81 Wood, Mr.35 Wood, Alonzo73
Wood, Alonzo84 Wood, L. J.15 Wood, L. J.63
Wood, Lewis J.51 Wood, R. S.57 Woodford, A. G.63
Woodman, B. H.57 Woodman, S. T.15 Woodman, Samuel36
Woodworth, Harvey36 Wooodworth, W. W.52 Woolson, Charles83
Wooten, Mrs. Joe56 Wyman, Abbie13 Wyman, Charles44
Wyman, Guy15 Wyman, Lloyd31 Wyman, Mrs. Lloyd41
Wyman, Mary E. Tisdel45 Wyman, Mary Elizabeth Tisdel44 Wyman, Vaughn E.15
Youmans, J. S. Rev.53 Young, Miss84 Young, Mrs. D. W.56
Young, Eli S.53 Young, Mrs. Eli13 Young, Hattie62
Ziegler, Chas. F.31 Zorbaugh, Francis M.83    

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