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Madison Home News 1902

 The following is from the Painesville Telegraph11 September 1902 page 4.


W. R. C. Home,, Sept, 10. -- Mrs. Job Reynolds, from Mesopotamia, recently visited Mrs. Esther Day.

Mrs. Tompkins, Mrs. Conydon and Grandma Shute are ill and confined to the bed.

The Misses Dora and Kathryn Frater, from Cleveland, were guests not long since.

Last Saturday several of the members of Burnham Corps No. 110, Madison, spent the afternoon.

Mrs. Cobb attended the Ashtabula County Baptist association held in Conneaut September 2-4.

Miss Millie Evans and Miss Bartlett have returned from an extended visit in Green Springs and vicinity.

Ellen Applebaugh, from Wooster, department president, spent several days at the Home last week.

Hellen Barnum, from Geneva, met the department president here on Thursday and spent the day.

Emma Stark Hampton from Detroit, Mich., secretary of the board of directors, was a three days' visitor recently.

Miss Lula Shipman, from Detroit, was the guest two weeks of the trained nurse, Mrs. Isabel Worth. Mrs. Worth and Mrs. Shipman spent two days of the time in Cleveland.

Mrs. Rebecca R. Sulgrove, the superintendent, Mrs. Clara Wiker, matron of Wittenmyer cottage, Miss Shipman and Mrs. Worth spent a day at Chestnut Grove.

By the courtesy of Rev. J. F. Keene, of Willoughby, Snell's livery team conveyed several of the ladies to a Sabbath service in Unionville, to hear Dr. McCabe, of Springfield. Dr. McCabe made a short call at the Home.

The Home carriage went to Geneva Saturday retuning with Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Whitcomb and their daughter, Mrs. Fenn, from new York City, who spent the Sabbath. Rev. Whitcomb conducted an afternoon service.

Mrs. Isabel Worth, Mrs. Clara Wike and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buttermore, of Madison, were guests at the summer home in Unionville, of Mrs. Maud Stafford, of Cleveland. Music was a most delightful feature of the day. Mrs. Stafford's musical numbers while a visitor at the home gave much pleasure.

From Burnham Corps the donation of a tablecloth and a dozen napkins has been received. A set of tableware, one hundred pieces, and fifteen towels from N. L. Norris Corps, Chagrin Falls; dishes, a hundred pieces, from Breed Corps, Chardon; three tablecloths from Cleveland, name of corps not given; twelve towels from Giddings Corps, Jefferson; tablecloth and a dozen towels from Doerg Corps, Antwerp; carpet and shelf drape for No. 2 Wittenmyer cottage, from Cincinnati Corps, Carthage.

September visitors to date: Mesdames L. Woodford, W. S. Barden, H. B. Hopkins, Katherine R. Towell, Painesville; Emma McCall, Jefferson; Mrs. W. P. Bignall, Greenville, Pa.; Fred Robson, Grafton; Mrs. Julia Griffin, Phalanx Station; Mrs. L. A. Lyman, Mantua; Mrs. Caroline Dawson, Catteraugus, N. Y.; Mrs. J. C. Towell, Pittsburg, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. A. Barick Russel; Mrs. Pluma L. Cowles, Laura Rosamond White, Geneva, and a goodly number from Madison.

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