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G.A.R. List of Officers and Members, Dyer Post No. 17, 1907

The 1907 Courthouse capsule which was opened in 2007 contained many items of historical interest for Lake County. The items and documents in the capsule belong to the Lake County Commissioners and Judges. They are on long-term loan to the Lake County Historical Society.

Included among the time capsule pages is:

G.A.R. List of Officers and Members Dyer Post No. 17; Painesville Ohio; Aug. 9th 1907; 2 pages 8.5 x 13.5 in.; lined "legal" paper in cream with blue lines; handwritten; one page has names and officer positions on both back and front; second page is blank on both sides with only a description of the list; document might have been rolled into a scroll when inside the capsule. [89 entries]

This index was created and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

Name Position   Name Position
Adams, E. E. Member   Knight, Louis Member
Babcock, J. C. Member   Lane, John Sr. Vice Commander
Barber, S. .D. Commander   Morley, C. T. Member
Barker, S. M. Member   Morse, H. Member
Barnes, C. Member   Oliver, Samuel Member
Barnet, F. E. Member   Park, C. A. Member
Bates, H. H. Member   Parmly, J. L. Member
Bedell, Benjamin Member   Perine, T. L. Member
Bixler, Elias Member   Pershing, H. B. Adjutant
Blair, L. F. Member   Plaisted, J. M. Member
Brooks, Samuel Member   Potts, S. J. Quartermaster
Burrows, Capt. J. B. Member   Prector, Ed. Member
Casement, Gen'l J. S. Member   Rearding, A. E. Member
Casement, J. S. Member   Rhodes, H. H. Member
Coe, H.H. Member   Richardson, Jesse Member
Colwell, Albert Member   Robins, Worlington Member
Cone, A. W. Member   Roy, J. A. Member
Cone, F. A. Member   Schwind, Chas. Member
Converse, Geo. B. (Serjt) Mayor   Shepard, H. H. Jr. Vice Commander
Converse, Geo. B. Member   Sinclair, F. J. Member
Crofoot, A. D. Member   Slutz, M. J. Member
Dowling, Peter Member   Smith, J. H. Member
Durfey, H. H. Surgeon   St.John, H. H. Member
Ely, W. W. Member   Sumner, E. Member
Ford, A. O. Member   Tanswell, A. Member
Freadabogh, B. F. Member   Taylor, Jas. H. Member
Gallagher, Neil Member   Taylor, L. G. Member
Gilmore, E. T. Member   Thompson, D. Member
Glim, A. B. Member   Thompson, Orson Member
Goeman, Nathaniel Member   Trulson, Hans Member
Goldsmith, F. J. Member   Turney, G. B. Member
Gould, E. E. Member   Vorce, David Member
Green, James Member   Vrooman, J. B. Member
Green, S. F. Member   Vrooman, W. F. Member
Gruvott, W. L. Member   Wakeley, B. P. Member
Hardy, E. G. Member   Way, K. F. Chaplin
Harrison, E. Member   Weatherbee, E. G. Member
Hayword, E. H. Member   Wetzel, John Member
Hicks, D. Officer of the Day   Wheeler, A. A. Member
Hopkins, D. T. Member   Whitney, J. B. Member
Isham, A. L. Member   Whitney, J. H. Member
Jackson, S. D. Member   Wilder, A. M. Member
Kelsey, Wm. Member   Wilson, T. J. Member
King, C. H. Member   Wright, Geo. Member

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