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Second Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery

This information comes from History of Geauga and Lake Counties, Ohio, Williams Brothers, Philadelphia, 1878 page 56 and 47.

Roster of Soldiers from Geauga and Lake Counties, Ohio

Company H.

Corporal M.R. Parsons
Corporal B.F. Pease.

Company M.

Mustered into the United States service September 9, 1863; mustered out August 7, 1865.

2d lieut. Stephen R. Powell, promoted to 1st lieutenant.
Sergeant J.E. Hewitt, promoted to sergeant-major, June 25, 1865.
Sergeant J.M. Loomis.
Corporal George E. Payne, promoted sergeant.
Corporal J.F. Brainard, died March 30, 1865.
Artificer Thomas S. Atkin.
George L. Atkin
S. Dorr Barber
Charles L. Baldwin
Byron Churchill
Charles W. Estell
John Goss
M.F. Hewitt, discharged December 23, 1863.
Almyron Hopkins.
Emilius A. Hickok, died October 17, 1863.
Henry Knight
William Knox
George H. Kellogg
Ezra Nichols, promoted sergeant.
R.M. Powers, promoted corporal.
Joy Q. Smith
Augustus Searles
James Williams
Van Ness Sherwood, enlisted February 9, 1864.
John Custin, enlisted February 18, 1864.
Ervin Custin
S.C. Warner, enlisted February 18, 1864.
Daniel Rowland
Jacob Rowland
Thomas D. Chase
Lucius Fitch
John Buckley.

Second Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery

In 1863 it became necessary to recruit a class of troops whose duty it should be to fortify, garrison, and hold many important forts and strongholds that had been captured from the enemy. For this purpose the Second Ohio Heavy Artillery, consisting of twenty-four hundred men, rank and file, was then authorized.

Company M, commanded by Captain William H.H. Crowell, and other companies of the regiment were largely recruited from Ashtabula and Lake counties. Company M was mustered into service September 9, 1863, at Covington Barracks, and on the 18th of the same month it moved to Fort Willich, Mumfordsville, Kentucky. January 10, 1864, it was transferred to Fort Taylor,at Camp Nelson, Kentucky, where it remained on duty until May 26, 1864. From Camp Sedgwick, at Cleveland, Tennessee, it participated with the rest of the regiment in various expeditions, and was engaged in a skirmish at Strawberry Plains, where the Union forces were in a critical position. February 1, 1865, it was at Athens, Tennessee. It was there mustered out of the service, August 23, 1865, and on the 29th of the same month was paid and disbanded at Camp Chase, Ohio.

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