Amea AMES: born 17 Apr 1789, place unknown; died 28 Sep 1882 in Avon, Livingston, New York
Parents: Robert Barkley AMES and Elizabeth MOSIER
Spouse: John RANSOM: born 14 Mar 1784 in NY or CT, died 7 Sep 1830 in Concord, Leroy Twp, Geauga Co, Ohio
Children: Cyrus RANSOM (1806-1808) John RANSOM (1808-1809) Elizabeth RANSOM (1810-1897) m Harvey MINKLER Sarah RANSOM (1812-1847) Amea RANSOM (1814-1858) m Peter HAUK John RANSOM (1816-1888) m Almira TRASK Julia Ann RANSOM (1816-1903) m William Turner CHAPPELL Giles Turner RANSOM (1819-1862) m Catherine SHARKEY Tamas Louise RANSOM (1821-1908) Mary Ann RANSOM (1823-1831) Sandrus RANSOM (1825-1849) Eliakim Fields RANSOM (1829-1905)
Contact: Michael RANSOM

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