Salmon Densmore: born November 15, 1808 in Vermont or New York; died September 10, 1859 in poss. Adrian, Michigan
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Orcelia W. Amidon: born Apr. 3, 1812 in Braintree, Orange Co., VT; married Sepember 13, 1840 in Lake County, Ohio; died Apr. 18, 1882 in Painesville, Lake Co., Ohio
Children: Sarah Jane (1841), Sobrina A. (1843), Solomon Albert (1845), Helen Roxana (1848), Edwin R. (1852), Adrin R. (1857).
Additonal Notes: Salmon or Solomon may have been previously married to Anna Waite in Geauga County.
Contact: Cynthia Turk

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