Archibald A Main, born 1809 in New Jersey; died 1888 in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio
Spouse: Leah Jacobus, born 1803 in New Jersey; married January 27, 1836 in Geauga Co., Ohio; died 1859 in Lake Co., Ohio
Children: Ira King Main (1838), Sarah Augustus Main (1840), Beda M Main (1841), Catharine H Main (1842), John Main (1844)
Contact: Becky Falin
Ira King Main, born February 10, 1838 in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio; died March 16, 1927 in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio
Parents: Archibald A Main and Leah Jacobus
Spouse: Ann Jane Quirk, born June 11, 1841 in Bride, Isle of Man; married March 3, 1861 in Lake Co., Ohio; died August 8, 1912 in Madison, Lake Co., Ohio
Children: John E Main (1862), Mary Jane Main (1864), James W Main (1865), Leah A Main (1866), Betsey E Main (1867), Augusta A Main (1877)
Contact: Becky Falin
Mary Jane Main, born February 14, 1864 in Perry, Lake Co., Ohio; died November 9, 1928 in Grand River, Lake Co., Ohio
Parents: Ira King Main and Ann Jane Quirk
Spouse: Newell Conant Brainard, born September 20, 1861 in Trumbull, Ashtabula Co., Ohio; married October 25, 1884 in Lake Co., Ohio; died May 22, 1938 in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio
Children: Ira Conant Brainard (1885), Walter James Brainard (1886), Bessie Ethel Brainard (1889), Mable A Brainard (1891), Fred Leon Brainard (1894), Delila May Brainard (1896), Wallace Baker Brainard (1898), Newell Conant Brainard, Jr. (1903)
Contact: Becky Falin

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