Amy ----- Cox (Smith): Born abt 1796 in New York; died abt 1866, Willoughby Twp, Lake, Ohio;married abt 1799 in New Jersey
Spouse: Ebenezer Smith: 1771, New Jersey, died August 1850, Willoughby Twp, Lake, Ohio
Contact: Gail White
Additonal Notes: First marriage: Amy to John Cox abt 1793 in New Jersey. Children: Sarah Cox, born 26 Feb 1794, Bernard, Sommerset, NJ Polly Cox, born 1798, New Jersey Cox child, born New Jersey

Betsey (Baker): Born Mar 18, 1792, in Connecticut; Married c1818 in Connecticut; Died March 1, 1872 in Concord, Lake County, Ohio
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Hosea Baker: Born October 2, 1793 in Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut; Died Sep 22 1863 in Concord, Lake County, Ohio
Children: Lura Baker (1819); Luther Baker (1821);Chester W. Baker (1824)
Additonal Notes: This couple had two additional children who died in infancy, and whose given names have not survived.
Contact: David F. Baker

Eunice (Tucker): born 1796 in Connecticut; died 1866 in Lake Co., OH
Spouse: Elijah B. Tucker: born 1784 in Connecticut; died 1870 in Lake Co., OH
Children: John Tucker (about 1827) Jane Tucker (about 1835) Ann Tucker (about 1838)
Contact: Pamela R. Daubenspeck

Francis A. (Forbey)
Parents: unknown
Spouse: William E. Forbey: born 1842 in unknown; died Mentor, Lake Co., Ohio, Burial Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
Children: Unknown
Contact: George William Forby

Julia A (Wheeler): Born Oct 1862 in Ohio
Parents: Born in Ohio
Spouse: W A Wheeler: Born November 1832 in Ohio
Children: Lizzie (1884); Florence (1887); Willard (1889); Helen (1891)
Additonal Notes: Per 1900 Census, lived in Perry, Lake, Ohio
Contact: Cheryl Wheeler

Lavinia (Smith): 16 Aug 1789 (unknown location) d. 21 Jul 1866 Madison, Lake Co, Oh
Spouse: Elijah Smith: b. 31 Jan 1786 Mass d. 28 Sep 1865 Madison, Lake Co, Oh
Children: Sheridon (1831), Asenanth Smith (married 1832 in Madison), Emeline Smith, Mary Matilda Smith
Contact: Elizabeth Kennard

Martha (McClellen): abt 1797 in NY
Spouse: James McClellen: abt 27 Jul 1791 in NY; died 20 Oct 1882 in Lake Co, OH
Children: James McClellen Jr (1816) Robert W. McClellen (1819) Mary McClellen (1834
Contact: Gary McLellen

Mary (Eddy):
Spouse: Samuel Eddy: born abt. 1775 in Massachusttes, died bef. 1841 in Ohio
Children: Royal C. Eddy (1799) Samuel Eddy, Jr (1804) Philinda M. Eddy (1807) Derrick M. Eddy (1808) Abel A. Eddy (1813) Mary Ann Eddy (1816) John Augustus Eddy (1818) Jane Eliza Eddy (1823)
Contact: David Eddy

Mary (Steinfurth): born 1898
Spouse: Carl Steinfurth: born 1896 and died March 31, 1931 in Cuyahoga co., Ohio
Children: Bernice Steinfurth (1919), Male, Male, Female
Additonal Notes: According to the 1930 census, the family is living in Willoughby Township, Lake co., Ohio.
Contact: Joyce Peck

Polly (Hinkly): born abt 1802, in New York, died, Unknown
Spouse: Unknown Hinkly: born ? New York, Died ?
Children: Gideon Hinkly (Hinkle) b; abt 1831; Ohio Martha Hinkley(Hinkly) b; abt 1838; Ohio John Hinkley (Hinkly) b;abt 1840; Ohio Mahitable Hinkly (Hinkley) b; abt 1843; Ohio Philander Hinkly (Hinkley) b; abt 1845; Ohio
Contact: James Hinkle
Additonal Notes: 1850 Census Huron County, Ohio, Fairfield Twp. 1860 Census Lake County, Ohio,Madison Village, List Polly living with the family of Edward A. Wright (without her children) age 58 years. Pension records of Gideon Hinkle, show him as being born in Lake County Ohio.

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