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Candace Young: born in 1824, Utica, New York, married, May 1, 1854 in Painesville, Oh, Lake, Co., died Oct. 1916, Painesville, Ohio, Lake Co.,
Parents: John Young Jr. and Theodocia Kimball
Spouse: Eddy, Royal William: born July 29,1816 in Painesville, Ohio, died November 10, 1878 in Painesville, Lake Co.., Ohio
Children: Florence Eddy, (1856) Helen Eddy (1859) Frances Eddy (1860) James E. Eddy (1861) Clara Eddy (1865)
. Additonal Notes: Candace Young Eddy also was married to a Mr.Dresser. She has 2 daughters by Mr. Dresser, (first name unknown.) 1.Amanda Dresser, married on July 27, 1871 in Lake Co., Ohio to David Vorce. 2. Adeline Dresser (no other information at this time.)
Contact: Beatrice Beech Danforth Hassell

Candace Young: Born 3 April 1825 Hector, Tompkin, New York married 12 Jan 1847 Painesville, Lake, Ohio; died 30 Oct 1916 Painesville, Lake, Ohio
Parents: John Young Jr. and Theadocia Kimball
Spouse: John Jewell:
Children: Adeline Jewell abt 1848
Contact: Cindy Mac Suibhne
Additonal Notes: Additional husbands for Candace Young; Unk Dresser, Rolly Eddy Children were Amanda Dresser probably born Iowa Florence. Helen, Frances, Clara, James Eddy all born Lake County, Ohio
Caroline Young: 17 May 1816 Hector, Tompkin, New York married 1 Nov 1836 Kirtland, Lake, Ohio died 19 Jan 1888 Lewiston, Jefferson, Idaho
Parents: John Young and Theadocia Kimball
Spouse: Martin Harris: 18 May 1783 East Town, Saratoga, New York Died 10 July 1875 Clarkson, Cache, Utah
Children: Martin 1838, Julia 1842, John 1845, Solomon 1854 all born Kirtland. Ida Mae 1856 Pottawattamie, Idaho
Contact: Cindy Mac Suibhne

Esther Young: born September 15, 1825 in Amity Twp., Crawford, PA; married 1844 in Erie Co., PA; died April 6, 1879 in Perry, Lake, OH
Parents: Alonzo Young and Salome Loomis
Spouse: Cyrus A. Peterson: born April 18, 1822 in Maryland, Otsego, NY; died April 14, 1901 in Perry, Lake, OH
Children: Julia A. Peterson (1845); Andrew M. Peterson (1847); Alida Peterson (1850); Alonzo Peterson (1852); Eva May Peterson (1859); Samuel A. (1860); Bertha Jenette Peterson(1862); Cyrus A. Peterson (1863); Filo (John) Peterson (1866); Milo (Griswald) Peterson (1866); Elnora I. Peterson (1869); Esther Peterson
Contact: Mary Spence

John Young Jr.: born May 22, 1791 in Hopkinton, Middlesex, Mass. died April 27, 1870 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Parents: John Young Sr. and Abigail (Nabby) Howe
Spouse: Thoedocia Kimball: born 1795 in Mass.married in Mass. 1813
Children: Charlotte Young (abt 1814 Hector, Schuyler, NY), Caroline Young (May 17, 1816 Hector, Schuyler, NY), Clarissa Young, (abt 1820, Hector, Schuyler NY), Louisa Young, (May 1, 1822 Hector, Schuyler, NY), Candace Young (1824 Hector, Schuyler, NY), died (Oct. 1916, Lake Co. Ohio
Additonal Notes: John Young Jr. additional marriages are:
Mary Ann Gurnsey, ( sealed, February 6, 1846)
Louisa Jones,(sealed, February 6, 1846)
Clarissa Jones, (sealed, February 6, 1846)
Charlotte Evans, (sealed, February 6, 1846)
Jane Boyce, (sealed, February,9, 1856)
Mary Gifford (sealed June 13, 1856),
McLeva Sarah, (sealed June 13, 1856)
Ann Oliver (sealed July 20, 1857)
Charissa Phulander Pratt, (sealed July 20, 1857)
Catherine Smith, (sealed, August 3, 1861)
Contact: Beatrice Hassell

Orson Young: born December 25, 1831 in Cortland County, NY: died May 23, 1893 in Avon, WI
Parents: Noah Young and Roxalene Brooks
Spouse: Lydia Edith Rowland: Born June 26 1816 in Rensselaer County, NY: died March 11, 1890, in Avon, WI
Children: Robert Young (1845), Mary Emily Young (1846), Jacob Young (1848), Lois Young (1850), Olive Young (1852).
Contact: Betty L. Adams

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