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Lake County residents who probated in Cuyahoga County

Abstracted by Cynthia Turk

Prior to 1840 Willoughby (earlier Chagrin) Township was part of Cuyahoga County. The following list is of those who were in the Common Pleas Court in Cuyahoga and specifically mentioned being of Chagrin (Ch), Chagrin Township (ChT), Willoughby (Wby) or Wby Township (WbyT). A few were from Painesville (Pvl). One is from Euclid (Eu). The third column is the page number in the book, and the fourth column is the Common Pleas Probate Docket letter and Case number. This is an extract from the fully indexed book Abstracts of Wills, Estates and Guardianships, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Common Pleas Court, 1811-1852 by East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society, A Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 2003. There are many more Lake County people included in the book who did not specifically mention residence, or used only Cuyahoga County. In addition, there are many relatives of the principal persons who may be Lake Countians. Some of these people may have also probated elsewhere, and are listed here because they owned Cuyahoga County property. The book includes a great deal of information, all the people listed with relationships, etc. A copy of the book here extracted is available from the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society.

Arnold, AsahelWby7A549
Brown, Samuel
   Jay, Wm, Ruth, Caroline
Brush, EdwardWby28A553
Card, ThomasCh32
Carpenter, BenjaminCh33A101
Carrel, ThomasCh34A176
Clark, Asaph D.Ch38A357
Clark, OrenWby38A929
Colson, ChristopherCh41A165
Farnsworth, HavilahEu,ChT62A377
Freeman, TheronCh70A266
Graham, ElishaCh76A99
Granger, RalphPvl77
Hall, LeviWby79A445
Hall, SamuelCh80A154
Humphrey, RoswellWby98A425
Huntington, FrancisPvl99A833
Hutchinson, BarzillaWbyT100A364
Hutchinson, IraChT100A356
Johnson, JohnCh103A146
Jones, WilliamChT106A873
Lloyd, ThomasCh118A232
Murray, ElijahWby369B1502
Olmsted, AaronPvl ChT144A135
Post, Dan Jr.WbyT157A559
Reeve, RumseyCh161A324
Richards, Lemuel M.Wby163A498
Robinson, William P.Ch169A313, A515
Rooker, DanielCh169A79
Root, MosesCh169A253
Wirt, JacobCh222A188
Wirt, SamuelChT222A344

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