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Probate Records and Guardianships

These records were extracted and abstracted from Common Pleas Court Journal Books A, D, and F by Frances N. Slack in 1972.

Used with permission. Retyped here and submitted by Cynthia Turk.


November 1806

McMILLAN, William, minor orphan, chooses Joel Paine & Charles Parker, gdns James W., Jenny, Samuel W. and Jesse, Heirs of Mary W. McMillan, decd. Court appoints Joel Paine & Charles Parker, gdns.

CLARK, David, Estate of, late of Cleveland. Widow Margaret Clark, aptd admx. and Mason Clark, Admr.

June 1807

FERGUSON, Hans, Estate of, decd. William Ferguson & James Ferguson, admrs. (Above annulled at special court Aug 1807, when William Ferguson of Salem was given letters of administration)

HARPER, Joseph, decd. The March 1806 court aptd James Harper & William A Harper, gdns of minor heirs; not accepted.

HARPER, Agnes, John, and Mary, over 14 years, chose Abraham Tappen & John A. Harper, gdns.

HARPER, Montgomery, Joshua, and Alexander. Court aptd Benjamin Morse & William A. Harper, gdns

March 1807

STILES, Oratha. Found guilty of gaming, Fined $2.25 and costs

November 1807

CASE, Joseph, Heirs of: Asahel and Abigail Case, above 14 years, choose Joseph B. Cowles & John Anderson, gdns.

CASE, James. Court aptd same.

BLOSS, Amasa, decd, late of Painesville. Will produced by Ebenezer Merry, proven by David Abbot & Benjamin Blish. David Abbot, Orris Clapp and Jesse Phelps aptd appraisers.

June 1808

GILBERT, Stephen, decd, late of Cleveland. Declared insolvent.

HANAN, Nathan of Salem, age 18; orphan chose Samuel White, gdn.

HAMILTON, Chester, Justus, Julia and Elima: Court apts James Hamilton, gdn.

Special Court, Aug. 1808

WILLIAMS, Joseph, Genl, decd, late of Norwich, Conn., Estate of. Abigail & Joseph Williams, admrs. Widows third to be sold at New Market.

BLANCHARD, Ira, decd, late of Harpersfield, Adm to Joseph M. Case.

BLANCHARD, Ira Durastus, son and minor heir of Ira, decd, under 14 years: court apts Asahel Case & Joseph B. Cowles, gdns.

March 1809

BLANCHARD, Lydia, decd, late of Harpersfield, will of. Proved by Sterling Mills & Asahel Case, wit.

September 1809

JONES, Thomas, of Burton twp. Overseer of Poor seeks relief.

PHELPS, Helen, daughter & minor heir of Jesse Phelps, under 12: court apts John Walworth, gdn.

GRANGER, Ebenezer, decd, Estate of. John Leavitt, admr. Appraisal of lands; widow’s dower.

MARKHAM, Nathaniel & Stephen, sons and minor heirs of David Markham, decd, under 14 years: court apts Abraham Skinner & Joel Paine, gdns.

November 1809

WADSWORTH, Jeremiah, decd. Exrs of will Mehitabel, Daniel Wadsworth & Nathaniel Terry. Extended; “vs Elphalet Austin”.

March 1809

WADSWORTH, Suit settled.

GILBERT, Stephen, decd, Estate of. Inventory filed. Real estate appraisal for widow’s dower.


November 1813

PHELPS, Oliver, decd. James Smedley aptd gdn to heirs.

JOHNSON, Charlotte, under 12, and Bartley, under 14: court apts gdns, Thomas Heathman & James Thompson.

March 1814

JOHNSON, John, above 14, minor heir of Joseph Johnson, decd, chose Noah Page, gdn.

GILLIGAN, Harvey K, above 14, chose Jabez King, gdn.

LEMOIN, Betsey, above 12 and Eleaser, above 14, minor heirs of Benjamin D. Lemoin, decd: Court apts Simon Burroughs, gdn.

SEYMOUR, George: court apts Joseph Rider, gdn.

October 1814

BEBE, Ezra, minor heirs: Orilla, Alma, Laura & Cemantha: court apts Mary Bebe, gdn.

February 15, 1815

GILBERT, Augustus and Lavissa, minor heirs of Augustus Gilbert, decd, late of Cuyahoga county, choose Erastus Goodwin, gdn.

CUNNINGHAM, Cushion, under 14; Maranda, under 12; Mary under 12; all minor heirs of James I. Cunningham, decd. Court apts Artemus Cunningham, gdn; John & Amos Cunningham, sureties.

McCURDY, Lynde, heirs of. Defendants in suit for partition of lands.

November 1815

LEMOIN, Eleazer D, Sally, Reuben E, Lamon C, and Susannah, minor heirs of Benjamin Lemoin, decd: Court apts Simon Burroughs, gdn.

BARKER, David & Henry, minors: court apts Asa Barker, gdn.

HUMPHREY, Luther, preacher of Gospel, licensed to perform marriages.

ALGER, Elizabeth D, a minor, chose Elijah Hanks, gdn.

WALWORTH, Horace, John, Periander, Ashbel W; David Long, Julianna Long. Heirs of John Walworth, decd, late of Cleaveland, by their guardian David Long, and

WALWORTH, Hannah, heir of John Walworth, by her gdn Juliana Walworth, petition to sell lands in Geauga Co. to educate Horace and Periander Walworth.

March 1816

SHERMAN, Stephen, minor heir of James Sherman, decd: court apts Warner Goodell, gdn.

MINOR, John, above 14 years, minor heir of John Minor, decd: court apts James A. Harper, gdn.

JACKSON, Amasa and wife, Mary, along with Oliver, Leister, Elizabeth, Frances, Henry, Jennet, & Seymour, their heirs and assigns: foreclosure by State of Connecticut.

SEYMOUR, George. Earlier gdn discharged.

MILLER, Free Bolton, of Madison: court apts David Holbrook, gdn; James Miller & David Allen, sureties.

BOOTH, Almon, above 14, minor orphan, chose Jonathan Allen gdn.

BOOTH, Daniel, decd, Estate of. Daniel & Marvin Booth, aptd admrs.

BOOTH, Orasmus, above 14, minor orphan, chooses Daniel Booth, gdn.

BILLINGS, Ranson, under 14, minor orphan: court apts Jonathan Allen, gdn.

SMITH, Comfort, decd, late of Batskill, Greene Co., N.Y., Will of, filed by devisees.

HAYS, Betsey & Marilla, under 12 years; Martin & Reuben, under 14 years, all minor orphans and heirs of Seth hays, decd, of Burton: Court apts Jonathan Brooks, gdn.

March 15, 1816

LEMOIN, Eleazer Darby, Sally, Reuben, Laban Clark, Susanna: gdn Simon Burroughs petitions for sale of lands. Granted.

June 1816

HAYS, Ira, minor heir of Seth Hays, decd, of Burton, chooses Marimon Cook, gdn.

HAYS, Olive, same

HAYS, Eli & Seth, admrs of estate of Seth Hays, decd. Sale of land to Samuel Burton

June 5, 1816

CUNNINGHAM, Myranda, under 12, and Mary, under 12, minor heirs of James L. Cunningham: court apts John Hubbard, gdn.

HALE, Josiah, who died intestate on 20 April 1809. Heirs Samuel Hale vs Thomas Hale & Abigail Kent: deed of conveyance.

PHELPS, Oliver Phelps, 21 yrs; and Oliver L. Phelps, Elizabeth Phelps, Frances Phelps, Henry Phelps, Jenette Phelps & Seymour Phelps, by gdn ad litem James Smedley, declared heirs of Oliver L. Phelps, decd, late of Canandaigus, Ontario Co., N.Y.

October 29, 1816

GILBERT, Emily, above age of 12, minor heir of August Gilbert, decd, chooses Jonathan Brooks, gdn.

CUNNINGHAM, Cushing, above age 14, minor heir of James I. Cunningham, chooses John Hubbard, gdn.

KINSMAN, John, Joseph, Olive (by gdn John Kinsman), Thos & Frederick, (by gdn Rebecca Kinsman), heirs of John Kinsman, decd; and William Eldridge and Simeon Griswold. Suit for partition brought by Elmira Beckwith, William Miller & Mildred Miller.

BATES, Benjamin, decd, late of Hambden, Will of. Benjamin Bates, Jun, exr; witnesses: Alanson Anderson & James Claghover*, Jun. Court directs Samuel Hinckley of Northampton, Mass. to take deposition of James Claghorn*, Jun; Phineas Tracy of Batavia, N.Y. to take deposition of Manson Anderson.

October 30, 1815

GRANGER, Ebenezer, decd, Estate of. Foreclosure of mortgage: Jonathan Dwight, Esq., James Scott Dwight, & Jonathan Dwight, Jun. vs Charles & Ebenezer Granger, heirs of Ebenezer Granger, decd.

GRANGER, Gideon vs. Charles & Ebenezer Granger, heirs of Ebenezer Granger, decd. Foreclosure of mortgage.

DWIGHT, Jonathan, Esq, James Scott, & Jonathan Jun. Conveyance to Gideon Granger for foreclosure.

March 4, 1817

BILLINGS, Ransom, over 14 years, chooses Norman Canfield, gdn.

March 5, 1817

KING, Warren, John & Jabez, all under 14 years, minor heirs of Samuel King, decd, late of Chardon: court apts Hannah King, gdn.

June 3, 1817

LEMOIN, Sally, above age 12, minor heir of Benjamin D. Lemoin, chooses Simon Burroughs, gdn.

LEMOIN, Eleazer Darby, Reuben, Sally, Laban Clark, Susannah: gdn Simon Burroughs petitions to sell lands for their support & education.

HOBERT, William, minor orphan, age 4: court apts Luther Humphrey gdn.

FOWLER, Hiram, above 14 years, orphan chooses Vene Stone, gdn.

FOWLER, Milo, minor orphan; court apts Amariah Stone gdn.

FOWLER, Emeline, minor orphan: court apts Asenath Coe, gdn.

November 4, 1817

HAYS, Betsey, above 12 years, heir of Seth Hays, decd, chooses Eleazer Hickox, gdn.

NASH, Joseph, above 14 years, chooses Nathaniel Colson, gdn.

BESTOR, Polly, above 12 years, minor heir of Jonathan Bestor, decd: chooses Hannah Bestor, gdn.

BESTOR, Jonathan, Alanson, Daniel, Hannah, Sally & Mary (males under 14 years, females under 12 years), heirs of Jonathan Bestor: court apts Hannah Bestor, gdn.

November 6, 1817

KNIEPPE, Clark, Silas, Lovice & John, minor heirs of Charles Knieppe, decd, (Males under 14 years, females under 12 years): Court apts Christian Kneippe, gdn.


June 1819

PAINE, Clinton, above 14 years, minor heir of Joel Paine, decd, chooses Hendrick E. Paine, gdn.

LEMOIN, Eleazer Darby, above 14 years, chooses Noah E. Lemoin, gdn; Sally, Reuben E. Laban C, under 14 years, & Susannah, under 12 years; court apts Noah E. Lemoin, gdn.

BROWN, Josiah, above 14 years, minor orphan, chooses Isaiah Davis, gdn

June 5, 1819

MINOR, Hiram, chooses Jonathan Brooks, gdn.

BESTOR, Jonathan, above 14 years, minor heir of Jonathan Bestor, chooses Peter Carlton & Caleb Carlton, gdns.

BESTOR, Alanson, Daniel, Hannah, Sally & Mary, under 14 years, minor heirs of Jonathan Bestor: court apts Peter Carlton & Caleb Carlton, gdns.

November 4, 1819

MUNN, Marsina: court apts Thomas A. Munn, gdn.

RIDER, Hannah, widow and relict of Jonathan Bestor, decd, late of Chardon seeks her dower.

WILLIAMS, Joseph, Benjamin, Erastur Huntington & wife Sally, Russell Hubbard and wife Eunice, Lydia, Timothy Dwight: Simeon Breed, Mary & Eliza (with gdn Joseph Williams): (probably heirs of the estate of Gen. Joseph Williams, late of Norwich, Conn) When youngest child reaches full age, mortgage of $1881.50, with interest, will be due Andrew & Joseph Perkins.

November 5, 1819

MUNN, Marsena: gdn Thomas A. Munn Petitions to sell lands. Granted

June 26, 1820

FOWLER, Emeline, age 16 years, Edwin, age 14 years, Sophronia, age 12 years choose Vene Stone, gdn. Petition to sell lands 6/27/1820.

June 27, 1820

HAYS, Martin, age 14, minor heir of Seth Hays, decd, late of Burton, chooses Jonathan Brooks, gdn.

HAYS, Ira & Olive, accounting and acceptance of gdn Merriman Cook

November 27, 1820

LEMOIN, Benjamin D, decd, heirs of: gdn Simon Burroughs files accounting.

BROWN, Anna, decd, late of Hambden. Will presented by John Townley, exec. Accepted.

November 28, 1820

BESTOR, Hannah, widow and relict of Jonathan Bestor, decd. Granted dower.

EMERSON, Jesse, decd, late of Painesville, Will of. Presented by George & Elijah Emerson. Same aptd excrs. Appraisers aptd.

AIKIN, Joseph, decd, late of New Salem, Mass. Will of. Presented by Warren French. Same apt. admr.; appraisers aptd.

November 30, 1820

GREEN, Lovice. Henry Brakeman aptd gdn on petition of Overseer of Poor.

CLOUGH, Jane, Horace, Chester, David Gray for wife Ester, Salmon Carver for wife Laura: heirs of Amasa Clough, decd. Partition of land, vs.

WARD, Samuel W., decd, heirs of.

April 2, 1821

CARPENTER, Richard, decd, Will of. Presented by Richard Carpenter and court apts him excr; witness, Reliance Carpenter. Appraisers aptd.

LEAVITT, William, John, Robert Erwin & wife Sally, Wheeler Lewis & wife Avia, Henry F, Albert, Edwin Erwin (alias Edwin Leavitt), all heirs of John Leavitt, decd, late of Trumbull county: bill in chancery brought by Ebenezer King, Jun.

See also Common Pleas Journal G October 23, 1822.

April 4, 1821

TRUESDEL, Verdine, “15 years on 18 Feby last”, minor orphan, chooses Joseph Sawyer his guardian.

MUNN, Malinda, above 12 years, chooses Delinda Munn, gdn.

MUNN, Marsena, decd, Estate of: adm. acct by Thomas A. Munn, contd.

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