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Lake County Affidavits for Patents

Transcribed and submitted by Becky Falin, 1996.

This information was found in an old docket book in the Probate Court Office of the Lake County Courthouse. The spine of the book was not marked.

Improvement in Step and Extension Ladder, Patent No. 68,090
Charles J Komar, age 54, lawyer, of Willoughby, Lake, OH
recorded 6-6-1868

Medical Compound for Cure of Ringbone, Spavin, Splints, etc., in horses, Patent No. 69, 970
William Martin, age 47, farmer, of Pekin, Niagara, NY
Octor L Mayhew, age 28, farmer, of Pekin, Niagara, NY
recorded 6-12-1868

Improvement in Churns, Patent No. 69, 029
Charles H Crippen, age 53, merchant and jeweler, of Worcester, Otsego, NY
recorded 6-29-1868

Combined Potatoe Planter, Hoe and Potato Digger, Patent No. 73, 618
Francis B Marden, age 47, carriage smith, of Bangor, Maine
recorded 6-22-1868

Improved Ditching Machine, Patent No. 58,871
Eli McMillan Jr., age 26, farmer, of Wilmington, Clinton, OH, assignee of Hiram E Moon and Joseph Doan
recorded 8-13-1868

Improvement in Pump, Patent No. 59,030
David L Jacques, age 38, carpenter and joiner, of Hudson, Senawee, Michigan
recorded 7-21-1868

Improved Ladder, Patent No. 1,166
Martin Luther Smith, age 44, tanner, of Battle Creek, Michigan, agent for Sally A Aldrich, owner of patent issued to George Aldrich
recorded 7-27-1868

Improvement in Gates, Patent Nos. 59, 930 and 60, 435
Henry Ray, age 40, paper manufacturer, of Phelps, Ontario, NY, part owner of patent and agent for William Roberts, Allen Ross and Asael B Rockafellow, patent issued to Stephen Spoor
recorded 7-28-1868

Improvement in Pumps, Patent No. 59,030
Hiram G Sisson, age 40, farmer and patent right dealer, of Fredonia, Chautagua, NY, partner with David Jacques
recorded 7-28-1868

Improved Machine for Dressing Feathers, Patent No. 65,782
J N Van Sickle, age 45, farmer, of Painesville, Lake, OH, sole owner having purchased rights from A Washburn of patent issued to A Washburn and J N Van Sickle
recorded 8-12-1868

Improvement in Gates, Patent Nos. 59, 930 and 60, 435
James R Gurney, age 41, farmer, of Mentor, Lake, OH, owner of patent right for Lake and Cuyahoga county by indenture signed by H Ray, William Roberts, A Ross and A B Rockfellow, assignees of Stephen Spoor, patentee
recorded 8-26-1868

Improvement in Gates, Patent Nos. 59, 930 and 60, 435
Edwin Reynolds, age 50, of Mentor, Lake, OH, agent for James R Gurney
recorded 9-3-1868

Improvement in Carriage Wheel, Patent No. 74,579
William W Nevison, age 35, lawyer, of Painesville, Lake, OH, agent for Thomas Nevison Jr. and James Nevison, millers and speculators, patent issued to Thomas and James Nevison
recorded 9-3-1868

Fruit Gatherer, Patent No. 65,416
Manville A Morton, age 48, carpenter and joiner, of Angola, Erie, NY
recorded 6-4-1867

Improved Clothes Washing Machine, Patent No. 41,190
Charles R Crocker, age 56, blacksmith, of Vestal, Broome, NY, agent for John T Mevsereau of Union, Broome, NY, patent issued to W H Blood
recorded 1-2-1869

Improvement in Grass Seed Sower, Patent No. 81,942
Isaac W Doty, age 59, farmer, of Stockton, Chautagua, NY, owner of patent rights, coveyed from Darius G Picket of Stockton, NY
recorded 1-9-1869

Improvement in Gates, Patent No. 69,914
David C Hollis, age 41, farmer, of Munson, Geauga, OH, owner of patent rights for Lake county, conveyance from Ira H Young by Benjamin F Willson, agent
recorded 2-2-1869

Improvement in Fence Posts, Patent No. 63,725
David C Hollis, age 41, farmer, of Munson, Geauga, OH, owner of patent rights for Lake county, conveyance from J H Sprague, agent
recorded 2-15-1869

Improvement in Snow Gate, Patent No. 80,423
Samuel S Cole, age 47, farmer, of North East Erie Co., PA, agent for Robert Redman, general agent for patent rights
recorded 2-26-1869

Improvement in Snow Gate, Patent No. 80,423
Elisha F Wheeler, age 48, of Geneva, Ashtabula, OH, owner of patent rights for county of Lake, by conveyance from Samuel S Cole.
recorded 2-26-1869

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