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Will Abstracts for Warren A. Munn and Nathaniel Barte

Originally published in "LakeLines," Vol. 18, No. 1, Pg. 7, January 1992, the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society and retranscribed here by Cathi Salmi.

Abstracts of Wills from Book A, 1852-1853, Lake County, Ohio Probate Court, Painesville, Lake County, Judge Jerome Palmer

Page 3
MUNN, WARREN A., of Madison, Lake County, Ohio. Soldier in Revolution
Dated: 11 May 1852 Probated: 22 June 1852
Recipient: Horace Ormsby of Madison, Lake County, Ohio
Bequeath: Bounty Land Warrant from Pension Office, Department of Interior, Washington, District Of Columbia, of Government of United States, 160 acres of public lands of United States
Executor: Horace Ormsby
Witnesses: Aaron Gayer, J. H. Howe

(page 4 and 5)
BARTE,NATHANIEL, of Painesville Township, Lake County, Ohio.
Dated: 17 March 1852. Probated: 4 October 1852. Attested last on 8 October 1952.
Wife: Almeda Barte
Sons: Alexander Barte, Abel C. Barte
Bequeath to Alexander Barte:
Bequeath of his present abode Lapham farm, beginning on Fairport Rd. 22 rods east from east line of Daniel Post's land, there south to north line of line of land sold by me to Carlos Norris, thence east along said Norris North Line so far that a line running due north to Fairport Rd. would run ten feet east of the home now occupied by said Alexander all lying south of Fairport Rd. and bonded north by it.
Bequeath to Abel Barte:
Remaining part of Lapham Farm, so called including portion lately purchased of Evi Thompson, bequeathed, Abel to have two acres more land than said Alexander. Also bequeathed to Abel following portion of Wright lot, being south east part of lot No. 4 in tract No. 2, thirty rods wide from East to West from east side of Wright lot and bounded east by lands of Theodore B. Jarvis, north by that portion of said lot sold to Jehiel Parmly and lying north of Lapham farm.
(For further bequeaths of additional portions see "Will Record Book A, Lake County, Page 5, paragraphs 3 and 4.)
Daughters: Charity Post, wife of Daniel Post of Lake County
Julie Ann Thompson, wife of Evi Thompson of Lake County
Eunice Cook, wife of Benjamin F. Cook of City of Brooklyn, New York
Almeda Cole, wife of Charles Cole of Joe Davis County, Illinois
Mary Francis Mason, wife of Ezra Mason of Lake County
Wife: Almeda Barte
Signed by: Bennijih Jarvis, George Everitt, March 17,1852

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