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Excerpts from The Anvil - June 1913

Excerpted and submitted by Becky Falin, 1996.

Advisory Staff: Prof. O.J. Lowary, Miss Grace Wyman
Editorial Staff: Spencer Park ('13 Editor in Chief), Robert Barto ('13 Associate), Helen Cook ('13 Literary), Kenneth Plummer ('14 Exchange and Alumni), Margaret Cawley ('16 Sparks), Agnes Youmans ('15 Class Reporter), Robert Collacott ('15 Athletics)
Business Staff: Harold Smith (Business Manager), Lawrence Lightner (Associate Manager), Helen Gage (Treasurer)
Subscription Price: Fifty cents a year; By mail, sixty cents. Single copies, Ten cents.

The recent resignation of Professor F.H. Kendall as superintendent of schools in Painesville has caused much regret among the student body. Professor Kendall's twenty-two years of highly efficient service has raised the standard of the Painesville schools far above that expected from a city of this size. This long association has so closely identified Professor Kendall with P.H.S. that the loss will be even more severe.

Class of 1913

Name Apparent
Noted For Opinion of Opposite Sex Highest Aim Favorite Fruit Future Vocation Remarks
R. Barto 13 Jokes Handy to Have Around Make a Hit Pie (Any Kind) Female Impersonator President Class '13
H. Cook 19 Most Anything I Have One Matrimony Tulips Actress Vice President Class '13
T. Brookins 1/2 Size (small) Classy To Grow Fudge Story Teller Secretary '13
H. Smith 23 Piano Playing Divine To Be a Hero Pickles Grind Organ Man Treasurer '13
M. Barkalow 30 Orchestra Work Unutterable Play at the Queen Ice Cream Lady Orchestra
I. Behm 18 High Marks ? Nurse Ditto Teacher Good Student
M. Brown 2 Shortness Too Scarce To Get One Hershey's Housewife Energetic Worker
H. Buck 20 Talkativeness Undetermined To Pass Chem. H.K.L.3(OQ)4 Missionary Girl Worth While
D. Chapman 7 Laughter Deep Stuff Ride a Motorcycle Chickens Poultry Exhibitor Valuable Member
H. Cumings 28 Quietness Hasn't Any To Go Hunting Rabbits Painter Foot Ball
H. Cutter 5 German Too Much in the Way Baseball Star Salt Horse Sailor Athletics
C. Chubb 1 Speaking Out Loud Take 'Em Away Opera Singer Gum Nurse Basket Ball
M. Dockry 21 Whispering Inexpressible To Become Famous Boston Wafers Dressmaker Loyal Member
L. Rigby 50 Recitations All Right in Their Place Teacher Candy Librarian Faithful Student
S. Park 302 Pedantic Words Exquilligent To Be a Villain Spearimint Gum Druggist Editor in Chief
C. Roddick 15 Size (large) Charming To Ungrow Oranges Artist Social Activities
P. Sawyer 42 Sideburns ! Electrician Currants Linesman Foot Ball
C. Schultz 24 Diamond Ring Mee too John Squash Prima Donna Play '13
G. Searl 29 Voice Huh! Music Leader Bananas Choir Singer High School Chorus
A. Smith 17 Civics Fine Capture Him Berries To Make Him Happy Charming Girl
G. Smith 17 Ich Auch Superfine To Be an Elocutionist Tangerine Manicurist Capable
L. Sompi 22 Smiles All Right Bookkeeper Bread and Milk "Hello" Girl Quiet
U. Spaller 18 Latin Tickled to Death To Be Distinguished Cocoanut Reader Valedictorian
M. Stuart 25 Translation Oh My To Travel Cherries Candy Maker Attractive Personality
E. Ticknor 86 Hair All Right If You've Got One To Raise a Row Roses Bookkeeper Excellent Student
M. Thayer 16 Skipping Good Enough College Cauliflower Beauty Doctor Active Member
C. Williams 26 Temper Very Well Very High Onions To Be the Boss True to the Class
S. Winters 31 Halloween Party O.K. Prize Fighter Cabbages Demonstrator of Thrashers Halloween Host
B. Haskell 3 Hot Air Great to Amuse Poet Baked Beans Vacuum Cleaner Agent Class Poet
R. Hayes 19 Noise Become Famous Pansies Stenographer Second Highest in Class
H. Hanks 7 or 30 "The New Kid" Some More Class To Get Married Soup Farmer Last Addition
E. Howard 35 "His Fashions" Exquisite Mind Reader Peaches Dentist Foot Ball
P. Haybarger 6 Screams Me for Them Ballonist More Pickles Chorus Girl Lively Girl
F. Hayward 9 A Ring Deceitful President of the US Hash At the Ribbon Counter Committee Worker
O. Hervey 24 Review Shark Doubtful Live in Europe Watermelon Domestic Service Instructor Ready and Helpful
A. Leoni 47 Debating Stunning Senator Peruna Stenographer Excellent Talker
H. Jackson 22 Athletics V.U. Record Breaker Bricks Suffragette Athletics
S. Jones 20 Teaching No Good Member of School Board Grape Nuts Principal P.H.S. Always Jolly
S. Mauck 0.01 Chemistry Some System Grocery Clerk "Mail Pouch" Paper Hanger Worthy Senior
G. Moseley 4 Length I Should Worry To Graduate Gum Drops Minister Athletics, Sergeant-at-Arms '13
E. Noble 20 Good Nature All Right, I Guess Still Undecided Pears Living at Home Most Popular
F. Orton 26 Speeches Can Do Without Them Missionary Devil's Food Cake Social Settlement Worker Credit to the Class

Baseball - Position on Squad: Talcott, Catcher; Pratt, Pitcher; Moseley, 1st Base; Clother, 2nd Base; Meredith, 3rd Base; Molnar, Short stop; Teuscher, Left field; Moodey, Center field; Cutter, Right field; Subs. Cole and Fralick

Literary: Reunion of the Class of '13 on June 13, 1938 (by Twyla Brookins)

"Everybody off the car?" called Bob
"You haven't left anything in the seat, have you Sadie?", asked H. Cutter.
There was a great commotion as the class of '13 got off the Painesville car at Willoughbeach. Everything was just as it had been planned - a picnic on the twenty-fifty anniversary of their Commencement. Such a crowd! Oh well they have all brought their families. Each girl is carrying a large basket with something very good inside. This is certain, for this class was always generous.

All of a sudden a great shout of laughter went up from the party: as President Barto took off his coat, a '13 shirt became noticeable. True it was rather faded and worn, but Bob always was patriotic.

The twelve o'clock whistle has just blown and already the "girls" have spread the white cloth on the long table. The men have gone off with cups to get coffee and water. Many young people who closely resemble members of the class and others are assisting about the table.

At last everything is ready and they take their places at the table. Miss Wyman sits at the head with a register before her; she has been requested to call the roll so as to find out more about the different members. She begins first with the officers of the class in their Senior year:

Robert Bart - He's present and has gone into business with Mr. Osmer Griswold of the class of '14; they are drawing pictures advertising the plays of the S. Park Dramatic Company.
Helen Cook - Present. We are very surprised that Helen can be with us, for she is living way out West. Nevertheless she would not miss such a great event as this.
Twyla Brookins - Present. Just as short as ever.
Harold Smith - Present. We are proud of having put forth one of the world's greatest composers.
Sadie Jones - Present. She has brought renown upon herself as a great school teacher.
Bond Haskell - Present. Owenr of a large wholesale drug establishment.
Marian Stuart - Absent. She is leading saleslady of a department store in Chicago, Illinois.
Spencer Park - Present. Manager of the S. Park Dramatic Company.
Mildred Barkalow - Present. Teacher of music at Mt. Holyoke College.
Henry Cutter - Present. Professor in German and as usual always ready with a joke.
Gladys Smith - Present. Teacher of an embroidery school for girls between the ages of twelve and eighteen.
Ruth Hayes - Present. Principal of a school in Vermont.
Pardee Sawyer - Present. A great electrician, known from coast to coast.
Elsie Noble - Present. A neat little housewife, still living in Mentor.
Erwin Howard and Harry Hanks both absent. No word was received from them but we hope they will be present at the next reunion.
Una Spaller - Present. Teacher in Andrews Institute.
Marie Thayer - Present. Fancy ice skater at the Elysium in Cleveland.

Crash! One of the legs has broken off a table and nearly has fallen to the ground. The first misfortune; well the class of '13 generally did bring some accident into it. All remember the time of the Halloween party out at Winters', and Miss Wyman's face especially turns pale and wan. Recovering from such terrible thoughts she proceeds with the roll.

Glenn Moseley - Present. The Reverend Glenn Moseley, how changed from his younger days.
Gladys Searl - Present. Great contralto singer, leader of a church choir in Willoughby
Stanely Mauck - Present. Doctor Stanley Mauck, leading physician in New York. We may need him before the day is over.
Clara Schultz - Present. Great social leader, especially of the W.C.T.U.
Sterling Winter - Absent. We received word that Sterling would be unable to come to the picnic as he was spending a year in Germany, studying violin.
Chloe Williams - Present. Chloe travels with the S. Park Dramatic Company and whistles between acts. We hope she will give us an illustration of her talent after dinner.
Anna Smith and Olga Hervey - Absent. Anna is taking a trip through Europe, and Olga is living in Texas; both write that they are sorry they cannot attend.
Albert Leoni - Absent. A prominent lawyer and very busy with a lawsuit just at present.
Florence Hawyard, Camilla Chubb and Katherine Roddick - Present. These three are suffragettes; when we were Seniors we would have laughed at them but women voters are common now-a-days.
Fanny Orton - Absent. Fanny lives so far that she couldn't get here. She holds a prominent position as secretary of a Y.M.C.A. in Virginia.
Pauline Haybarger - Present. Famous Balloonist and has never met with an accident.
Helen Buck - Present. Teacher of a private dancing school.
Earl Ticknor - Present. Agriculture teacher in dear old Painesville High.
Iva Behm - Present. Librarian of the Carnegie Library in Willoughby. We hardly recognized Iva for she has changed so in the last twenty-five years.
Lina Sompi - Absent. Very busy helping her husband who is a great author.
Harold Cumings - Present. A typical farmer, living on a farm of one hundred and fifty acres in Chardon.
"Ouch" wailed one of the children. Camilla dropped a deviled egg into her cup and the coffee spilled on the little child at her side. It is a fortuante thing that one of our number turned out to be a doctor.
Margaret Dockry - Absent. Margaret has fallen heir to a large amount of money and is matron of the orphan home which she has established.
Leola Rigby - Present. Head nurse of the Painesville Hospital.
Hazel Jackson - Present. Physical Culture teacher of Lake Erie College.
Donald Chapman - Absent. Manager of a large dog and poultry show, traveling all over the country.
Mary Brown - Absent. Called away very suddenly by the death of her mother-in-law.

After Reverent Moseley had asked the blessing, things were passed from one end of the table to the other and there was a great rattling of knives and forks. A chocolate cake with a figure '13 in the middle was watched closely by all eyes. All enjoyed themselves the rest of the day talking over old times and learning about the members of the class. Instead of going back on the street car arrangements had been made to return in hay racks, so at eight o'clock in the evening baskets and wraps were picked up an all prepared to leave for Painesville in the good old-fashioned way.

People living along the way came to their doors and opened windows to listen to the familiar song:

Here's to the Class of '13
Here's to our high school days,
We're in the height of glory -
Sing out our worthy praise.
Here's to the good old colors,
Blue and gold are seen;
Long may they be honored;
Long live the Class '13.


Class of 1908
Robert Carr is in partnership with his father in the Richmond grocery.
Ward Emerson is connected with the Government Forestry Department in Southern Colorado.
John Hall Kellogg is an Instructor in Oberlin College and was recently admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa.
Frank Truby is employed by the local surveyors, Cumings and Downer.
Hazel Murray is teaching school in Mentor.

Class of 1909
Mathew Bradley is with a theatrical Stock Company of excellent quality.
Russel Cahill is employed in the offices of The Wm. Edwards Company of Cleveland.
Chester Little is working in the Nickle Plate Milling Company.
Lewis McClellan is attending Case School.
Clifford Proctor is employed in the Nottingham Bank.
Hubert Spence is completing his Senior Year at Case.
Ralph Stanhope is employed in the fish houses of Richmond.
Eleanor Moodey graduates from Lake Erie College this year.

Class of 1910
Starling Buell is attending Case in his junior year.
George Sawyer is in Case school in his junior year.
Martha Barto is attending Lake Erie College in her junior year.
Jessie Blackmore is now with her parents in Akron, O.
Ruth Logan is teaching school.
Edith Simons is employed by the local Bell Telephone Co.
Matilda Spence is doing social settlement work in New York City.
May Stanhope is in Washington State with her parents.

Class of 1911
Homer Courtney is employed in the local agency of the American Express Company
Arthur Craig is attending Case School of Applied Science.
George Goff is employed on the B & O railroad.
Wayne Grover is clerking in W.M. Werner's.
Stuart Hazen is on the lakes again this summer.
Wayne Horton is working in the local Post Office.
John Jolliffe has gone into partnership with his father in the meat market.
Charlie Moodey is attending Wyman's School of the Woods
Ernest Moseley is traveling for the Educational Supply Company.
Bessie Behm is clerking in one of the large department stores in Cleveland
Dork Buck is a stenographer in the office of Mr. Buck
Marie Dayton is a bookkeeper in the office of the Realty Title & Investment Co.
The Misses Evelyn and Florence Gage are attending school at Kent Place, New Jersey
Gertrude Hughes is playing in the Palm Theatre.

Class of 1912
Gage Booth is proprietor of a local milk route.
Virgil Brooks is employed by the Central Delivery Co.
Lynn Carlton is working in his father's store in Mentor.
Robert Deibler is attending Western Reserve.
Charles Grey is working in The Cleveland Trust Company.
Donald Monroe is a clerk in the local Post Office.
Clifford Stevens has gone into partnership with his brother on their farm in Perry.
May Cawley is attending St. Mary's College, Monroe, Mich.
Gertrude Hudson is clerking in the dry goods department of the Gail G. Grant Co.
Gladys May is employed by Carl Hagenburger, Florist.
Esther Waite is continuing her study of music under Prof. Brooks.
Florence Hard is apprenticing in Haskell's millinery store.

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