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Painesville High School Alumni

Abstracted and submitted by Linda Jeffery.

This abstract was taken from:
Alumni Record
History of Painesville High School
and Record of Alumni since 1868

Compiled and published by the
Painesville High School Alumni Association

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About this Abstract:

The abstract contains a list of graduates who responded to questionnaires from the Association. It contains names of the graduates (maiden names for married women), spouse's name, and addresses, current as of about 1924. This section of the book also contains other information for some graduates such as further schooling, employer, occupation, more detailed address, etc.

The book contains other sections of memories; history; activities; statistics; memorials and biographies, often with photos; Alumni Association history and Constitution; and ads. A copy of this book is at Morley Library.

The biographies in this book have been transcribed by Linda Jeffery, and may be found in the Biography section of this site. They are Addie Nye Norton '01, Bertha R. Barden '01, Henry C. Beardslee '83, Harry Clyde Brooks '77, Mrs. Lydia Cone Curtis '72, Nellie M. Dingley '00, George M. Fisher '76, Colbert H. Greer '76, Charles Burridge Hawley '04, Frank J. Jerome '73, Lillian E. Kurtz '81, William L. Lathrop '75, Eleanor Loomis '00, Paul M. Lincoln '88, Alfred Mathews '71, George D. McGwinn '96, Helen A. Pepoon '73, Harry Spillman '01, Miss Matilda Spence '10, Jessie M. Turney '91, Franz C. Warner '96, Charles Lloyd Wyman '99, and Thomas B. Wyman '98. Information about others, Thomas W. Harvey, J. Powell Jones, Miss Isabelle Winter, O.H. Lowary and R.O. Billett have not been included in this transcription.

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