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Rules and Regulations-Courses of Study and Organization of the Painesville Township Schools, 1906

The 1907 Courthouse capsule which was opened in 2007 contained many items of historical interest for Lake County. The items and documents in the capsule belong to the Lake County Commissioners and Judges. They are on long-term loan to the Lake County Historical Society.

Included among the time capsule pages is:
Rules and Regulations-Courses of Study and Organization of the Painesville Township Schools, revised 1906; booklet 8.75 in. x 5.75 in.; gray cover; 41 numbered pages; Board of Education and Teachers listed on p. 2 ; no other names. This describes the Courses of Study listing individual subjects at all levels on pages 3-31. Text books are listed and what part of the text book should be covered. Rules and Regulations are listed beginning on page 32. Sections include General Rules, Teachers, Pupils, and Superintendent. [23 entries]

This index was created and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

Name Position Page No.
Barto, N. E. Board Member 2
Billington, Maud Sub. District No. 2 & 4 2
Churchward, P. R. Board Member 2
Connor, Elizabeth Sub. District No. 8 2
Corkens, Mabel G. Sub. District No. 9 2
Davis, W. Albert Clerk 1,2
Hadden, C. W. Board Member 2
Henderson, R. W. Special Teacher of Music 2
Hine, Marie Sub. District No. 4 2
Hopkins, Jessie Sub. District No. 6 2
Hulbert, Wade O. Superintendent 1,2
Lapham, Marion Sub. District No. 3 2
Lynch, Jennie Sub. District No. 2 2
Mason, Levi J. President 1,2
McCarthy, John Board Member 2
Mosher, H. M. Truant Officer 2
Murphy, Katharine Sub. District No. 5 2
Shepard, E. D. Treasurer 2
Sullivan, Margaret Sub. District No. 7 2
Valentine, Grace Sub. District No. 7 2
Williams, J. R. Sub. District No. 7 2

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