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Teaching in 1923 in Lake County

by Marianne Wiley

Morley Library has a number of booklets listing teachers in Lake County beginning with the 1923-24 school year. The names of the teachers and board of education members are listed for what appears to be all the school districts in the county that year. (Board of Education members are listed in italics.) More information about where and what each person teaches can be found in the directories in the Genealogy Room. Some lists of retired teachers are also available. Here is a bit of interesting information from the end of the 1923-24 booklet.

Teachers' Reading Circle
The books for 1923-4 are as follows:
Acquiring Skill in Teaching-Grant $1.30
Every Teacher's Problems-Stark $1.30
Children's Literature-Curry Clippinger $2.75
Adolescence And High School Problems-Pringle $1.30
The Social Trend-Ross $1.20
Introduction to the Use of Standard Tests-Pressey $1.32

For orders amounting to less than $6.00 add 6 cents to each book for mailing. Address: W.S. Coy, Business Manager, 856 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio.

It is recommended every teacher read at least three of the above, and that one set of the Pupils' Reading Circle Books be purchased for each school building in Lake County.

Lake Co. Board of School Examiners
Examinations will be held in the Office of the County Superintendent, Court House, Painesville, on the first Saturday of April, May, and June and on the last Friday of August, unless such day falls on a legal holiday, in which case it shall be held on the corresponding day of the following week.

Special examinations may be held after September 1 for persons who were employed late or who otherwise could not be certificated at the regular examinations. Half of the subjects may be taken one day, and the remaining half not later than the second examination thereafter or all subjects may be taken in one day.

High School-Subjects required are English and Principles of Teaching and a particular examination in all subjects the applicant is to teach.

Elementary-In addition to one year of normal training the applicant shall have at least twelve weeks of additional normal credit for renewal of certificates received on normal training.

Examination grades required: An average of 75 per cent, minimum 65 per cent, for any subject, for one-year certificate. For a three-year certificate, an average of 85 per cent, minimum 75 per cent; in addition eight months of teaching experience.

See this directory listing.

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