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Genealogy File Index
Lake County Historical Society,
Lake County, Ohio.

The following index was done by Carl Engel and recopied by Cynthia Turk, proofread with Karon Tomlinson.

These files consist of a several page form for a genealogy in grey archival boxes in the P.K. Smith Research Library. They include dates and places, often some stories, occasionally copies of supporting documents or photos, etc. The name listed appears to be the progenitor or the oldest person in the file with that surname.

File numbers followed by an M are missing. Fl. is flourished.

File Surname Given Name Dates
G040 Abbey George Jr. 1806-1894
G001 Abbot(t) David 1766-1822
G341 Abbott Jonathan 1723-1805
G199 Adams Charles D. 1819-1889
G198 Adams Joseph  
G412 Aiken David D. 1794-1861
G606 Alden John 1599-1686
G444 Aldrich Frank Wilbur 1853-1910
G128 Aldrich William S. 1803-1876
G443 Aldrich William Sheldon 1803-1876
G201 Alexander John William 1844-1905
G521 Allen Abner Tyler 1814-1900
G319 Allen William  
G164 Almon    
G200 Alvord George Wallace Sr.  
G203 Amidon William 1795-1863
G093 Anderson Noah 1780-1852
G202 Andrews Oliver 1794-1881
G468 Andrus Uriah  
G536 Andrus Uriah  
G571 Angell James William 1776-1850
G395 Armstrong James 1780-
G094 Austin Joseph  
G457 Austin Seymour  
G197 Avery Charles Austin 1816-1908
G196 Avery Christopher 1590?-
G537 Babcock Edward  
G360 Babcock Henry Sr. 1783-1826
G207 Bacon David 1790-1864
G129 Bacon Ralph 1777-1849
G095 Bailey David 1784-1858
G510 Bailey Dudley 1800-1872
G097 Bailey Harlow 1801-1889
G497 Bailey Jonathan 1755-1827
G587 Baker Cyrus 1837-1906
G165 Baker Elijah 1777-1867
G044 Baker Francis Jr. 1795-1864
G045 Baker Stephen 1822-1894
G453 Ballard William Lynd 1786-1854
G130 Ballou James 1723-1812
G538 Barrett Frank  
G042 Bates Benjamin  
G041 Bates Benjamin 1770-1849
G213 Bates George A. 1862-1918
G605 Bates John Bate -1522
G539 Bay George 1870-
G358 Beam Daniel -1846
G331M Beard    
G363 Beard James? -1639
G372 Beckwith William fl. 1831-1852
G529b Beebe David 1781-1857
G540 Behm Lewis  
G003 Beidler Jacob Atlee 1852-
G507 Bell Ketchell A. E. 1833-1913
G209 Benedict Royal Finch 1807-1890
G206 Bentley Charles Sr.  
G025 Billings Samuel 1791-1869
G465 Bixler Elias 1840-1929
G384 Blackmon G. R. 183?-
G205 Blair Robert 1782-1875
G101 Blakely Nathaniel 1798-1883
G100 Blakely Samuel -1672
G131 Blish Benjamin Sr. 1753-1825
G353 Bond Robert 1620-1677
G408 Bond Thomas  
G212 Booth Eli Jr.  
G614 Bousfield John c1818-
G503 Bowhall John Sr. 1798-1884
G595 Bowman Peter c1760-1823
G002 Boyce John  
G615 Brain James Samuel -1840
G043 Brakeman Henry Jr. 1785-1869
G214 Breed Franklin 1822-1902
G098 Brewster Jasper Sr. -c1822
G613 Britchford Samuel 1815-1886
G208 Britton John  
G277 Broadman Ruth 1737-1829
G211 Brooks John Franklin 1832-1904
G470 Brophy John -1896
G164 Brown    
G640 Brown Ephriam 1775-1845
G090 Brown Oliver 1760-1845
G584 Brown Oliver 1769-1845
G204 Bunnell Boah  
G004 Bunnell Eli Granger 1807-1891
G616 Bunnell Eli Granger 1807-1891
G091 Burr Benjamin -1681
G498 Burr Benjamin -1681
G511 Burr Charles 1797-1858
G092 Burr David  
G132 Burridge Samuel 1783-1864
G163 Burridge Samuel 1783-1864
G210 Burrows William 1795-
G268 Butler Allen 1780-1844
G509 Buy Horatio Nelson 1810-1885
G432 Cable Alvah 1798-1870
G489 Cadle Edmund 1837-1912
G167 Call Rufus 1770-1869
G049 Callow Edmund 1812-1892
G229 Card William 1753-1820
G088 Carpenter Benjamin 1799-1879
G370 Carpenter James  
G373 Carrel Daniel fl. 1730
G375 Carrel James 1789-1867
G374 Carrel Thomas 1803-1882
G134 Carroll Martin 1807-1885
G215 Casement John Stephen 1829-1909
G216 Casement Robert 1790-
G337 Champion Henry fl. 1650
G361 Champion Henry fl. 1650
G169 Champion Joel 1805-1900
G338 Champion Joel 1805-1900
G575 Chapman Aaron 1758-1820
G459 Chapman James 1826-1894
G224 Chapman Seldie 1872-
G225 Chesney Benjamin Davison 1807-1885
G223 Chesney Samuel  
G434 Child J. K.  
G046 Clague Edward J. 1804-1864
G389 Clapp Orris 1770-1847
G433 Clark Nathaniel  
G029 Clark Thomas -1697
G105 Cleveland E. R. 1829-
G355 Cleveland Moses 1624-1701?
G027 Cleveland Moses Allen 1822-1926
G354 Cleveland Tracy 1749-1836
G226 Colby Anthony -1661
G427 Cole Henry  
G218 Cole Henry Hayes 1830-1908
G220 Cole Hezekiah 1813-1893
G217 Cole William Barrett 1864-1932
G228 Collacott Robert 1776-1855
G166 Cook Joseph 1800-1844
G168 Coolidge Jonathan 1794-1876
G047 Corlett John 1782-1869
G089 Corlett John 1782-1869
G103 Corlett William Cleator  
G133 Corning Warren 1771-1852
G135 Corning Warren 1771-1852
G598 Cory John Bruce 1838-1919
G541 Court Willis S. -1930
G456 Cowee Andrew 1777-1843
G219 Cowles Benjamin -1885
G230 Cowles George R.  
G567 Cozad Samuel 1725?-1806
G394 Cozad William Mathers 1823-1872
G050 Craine William 1798-1889
G466 Craley Michael S. 1848-1914
G104 Cram Nathan  
G026 Crary Christopher 1759-1848
G028 Crary Christopher 1759-1848
G048 Crellin John 1820-1898
G609 Critchfield Amos 1725?-
G222 Crofoot Malcolm  
G346 Crofoot Malcolm  
G580 Crosby Thomas 1575-1661?
G564 Crouch Jane Elizabeth 1923-
G107 Cumings Benjamin 1781-1852
G106 Cumings Isaac 1601-1677
G102 Cunningham John 1746-1813
G221 Curtiss Charles 1777-1833
G604 Damon Thomas fl. 1650
G542 Daniels Aaron 1765-1841
G592 Dewey David 1773-1826
G618 Dexter Horace 1803-1863
G135 Dickey James 1807-1855
G376 Dille David 1753-1835
G336 Dodd John Agustus 1809-1884
G543 Donaldson George H.  
G231 Doolittle Abraham Dowlittell 1620-1690
G232 Doolittle John Titus 1811-1871
G233 Doolittle Mark 1824-
G475 Doolittle Titus -1862
G469 Dunbar Jesse 1744-
G405 Durand Lyman 1771-1849
G362 Duty Moses  
G402 Eaton Robert 1778-1842
G005 Eddy Halsey 1804-1878
G495 Eddy Hazael Peckham  
G235 Elwell Jacob  
G087 Emerson Jesse 1749-
G449 Emerson Joseph 1754-1850
G086 Emerson Thomas bet 1530&40-
G429 Ensign James 1607-1670
G430 Ensign William fl. 1778-1800
G612 Fair Robert 1817-1880
G474 Fairbanks Luther  
G116 Farrar Nathaniel 1772-1853
G602 Fenner Anthony 1784-1857
G006 Ferguson John 1756-1841
G607 Ferguson William 1760-1844
G480 Ferry Marcus Chalmers 1830-1897
G484 Finney Robert 1667-
G519 Fiore Leonard  
G574 Fobes Simon 1722-1808
G422 Ford Andrew 1762-1837
G421 Ford Andrew c1620-1693
G544 Ford Ebenezer 1786-1864
G108 Ford Elijah 1760-1832
G234 Fowler Oliver 1799-1882
G384 Fox Jabez -1775
G030 Frank George 1812-1892
G545 Franz William  
G461 French Edwin 1808-1878
G051 French Nathan 1760-1847
G462 French Ogden  
G437 French Peter  
G136 Frost Norman C. 1851-1925
G170 Fuller Horace  
G239 Gage Rensellaer Watson 1804-1856
G138 Garfield Edward 1575-1672?
G137 Garfield James Abram 1831-1881
G052 Garrett Robert 1803-1886
G111 Genung Amos 1786-1855
G236 George Robert 1849-
G581 Giddings George 1608-1676
G525 Gillett Edmund 1784-1859
G237 Gillett Isaac 1789-1850
G240 Goldsmith Jonathan 1784-1847
G546 Gongwer Peter  
G238 Gould Harris 1807-1889
G407 Granger Bildad 1766-
G406 Granger Gideon 1767-1822
G110 Graves Eli  
G527 Graves John K. 1813-1858
G007 Gray Martin E. 1815-1861
G401M Green    
G171 Green Jesse M. 1803-1875
G139 Greene John c1590-1659
G410 Gregory Samuel 1780-1857
G619 Gridley Orrin B. 1819-1898
G591 Griggs Solomon 1786-1866
G109 Griswold Homer F.  
G547 Grullemans Cornelius M.  
G463 Hadden Benjamen 1789-1852
G523 Hall Clarence Ira 1902-
G487 Hall Hezekiah 1755-1832
G009 Hall Levi 1791-1835
G501 Hanks Thomas c1536-
G446 Hanscom David 1814-1881
G244 Hardy Samuel  
G439 Harmon Oliver  
G174 Harper Alexander 1744-
G335 Harper James fl. 1720
G600 Harrington Mildred Frances 1909-
G508 Harris George Wadsworth 1823-1903
G297 Harris Roderick 1799-c1870
G245 Harrison James J. 1829-1912
G053 Harrison Thomas Sr. 1791-1868
G333 Hart Stephen 1768-1859
G247 Harvey Thomas Wadleigh 1821-1892
G146M Haskell    
G141 Haskell Jesse  
G172 Haskell Silas B. 1772-1831
G599 Haskell Silas Sr. 1772-1831
G175 Hausch Joseph  
G242 Hawley Charles M. 1849-1928
G084 Hayden William 1600-1669
G593 Hayes Dora Alma -1964
G145 Hayes Ebenezer 1785-1848
G428 Hayes Lovina 1826-1905
G413 Haywood William 1804-1876
G282 Healy William Fl. 1630-1635
G366 Heard Charles Wallace 1806-1876
G485 Herron Thomas Lincoln 1861-1946
G249 Hickok Sheldon P. 1792-
G404 Higley Homer 1796-1857
G381 Hills Jedediah 1777-1859
G031 Hills Jesse  
G252 Hine Thomas -1696
G248 Hitchcock Mathias 1610-1669
G620 Hobart Joshua 1809-1892
G458 Holbrook John c1595-1643
G246 Holbrook John fl. 1652
G356 Holbrook Richard -1670
G054 Holcomb Joel 1760-1847
G176 Holcomb Joel 1760-1847
G349 Holmes Daniel 1804-1882
G350 Holmes Ezra 1798-1861
G348 Holmes Harry 1807-1875
G621 Hoose Jacob 1796-1853
G008 Hopkins David 1752-1837
G140 Hopkins John fl. 1630
G113 Hopper George H. 1837-
G243 Howe Samuel William 1760-1838
G496 Howland John 1592-1672
G493 Hoyes Mildred Ethel 1904-
G548 Huff Charles -1919
G010 Humphreys Roswell -c1840
G250 Huntington Samuel 1765-1817
G251 Huntington Simon 1629-1706
G254 Huntoon Philip 1664?-1752
G173 Hurlburt Moses  
G452M In folder 372    
G640 Ingalls Edmund 1598-1648
G549 Ingersoll Calvin 1768-1850
G570 Ingersoll John 1615-1684
G569 Jackson John fl. 1764-1770
G142 Jayne William 1712-
G143M Jayne-Titus    
G144 Jenkins John Jr. 1813-
G241 Jennings Oliver 1775-1868
G085 Jewell Joseph M. c1670-
G639 Jewell Thomas c1600-1654
G435 Jewett Benjamin 1703-1766
G593 Jewett Edward 1580-1614
G423 Jewett Joseph 1765-1837
G504 Jolliffe Cyrus 1862-1941
G253 Jones J. Powell 1853-1923
G332 Jones Thomas  
G083 Jordon Thomas  
G112 Judson Enoch  
G566 Julian Beatrice 1901-
G550 Kallay Sebastian 1857-1931
G448 Kannasto Isaac 1870-
G261 Keener Charles L. 1827-1893
G263 Kelley Madison 1809-
G426 Kelley Thomas 1792-1870
G573 Kellogg Charles Warren 1820-1874
G082 Kelly Thomas Sr. 1761-1827
G262 Kendall Franklin H. 1862-
G377 Kennedy Ransom 1820-1887
G147 Kerr Moses 1763-1834
G055 Kewish William 1807-1881
G530 Kilbourn(e) Timothy E. 1801-1894
G260 Kilcawley Thomas  
G115 Kimball Lemuel 1766-1824
G256 King Hezekiah 1785-1863
G532 King Irene Louise 1913-
G528 King Joseph S. 1810-1894
G380 Kingsbury Solomon 1737-1831
G551 Knowles William Luther  
G388 Knox Wilm 1858-1915
G259 Kohankie Samuel 1823-1879
G383 Laczko John W.  
G345 Ladd Daniel -1693
G114 Ladd Jesse Jr. 1768-1827
G177 Langshaw Stephen  
G309 Lapham David 1764-
G491 Lapham John  
G255 Lathrop Moses  
G011 Law David 1822-1903
G257 Lee Benjamin  
G258 Lee John Wesley 1803-1881
G012 Leonard Elridge 1803-1883
G479 Lewis Gleason Filmore -1903
G477 Lewis Peter Samuel 1792
G447 Lightner J. E.  
G568 Lillie George Hiram 1820-1883
G490 Lillie Jacob 1799-1891
G369 Livingston Charles Paterson 1794-1847
G464 Lloyd John  
G552 Locker James  
G387 Lockwood Edmund  
G266 Lockwood Robert -1658
G264 Lockwood Stanley 1789-1857
G265 Lockwood William 1808-1892
G117 Loveland Alanson Sr. 1795-1846
G522 Maginnis Donald Herbert 1909-1960
G553 Mainly Joseph Edward  
G273 Manchester David Mills  
G180 Manchester Lafayette 1814-
G178 Manchester Orsemus 1812-1897
G278 Manley (with G276?)    
G276 Manley Russell A. 1768-1841
G279 Markham Abijah 1818-1894
G280 Marshall Raphael 1807-1888
G274 Marshall Seth 1815-1881
G594 Marshall Sidney Alfred 1907-
G275 Marshall Thomas fl.1634
G460 Mason John 1770-1839
G179 Mason Lewis A. 1810-
G473 Mathews Ambrose 1794-
G270 Mathews John Henry 1785-1862
G271 Mathews John fl. 1741
G436 Matthews Benjamin 1720-1800
G269 Mayhew Ernest D. 1872-
G357 McFarland Alexander 1804-1867
G151 Mentor Hiram  
G079 Merrell Phineas 1780-1827
G081 Merrell Phineas Sr. 1780-1827
G554 Merrick John  
G149 Merry Ebenezer 1773-1846
G148 Merry Hosmer 1783-1835
G272 Mighton Perceptemas J. 1861-
G594 Millard John 1814?-
G386 Minch Philip J. 1820-1887
G476 Mixer Phineas 1756-1821
G383 Molnar Miklos 1871-1945
G284 Moodey Robert 1788-1876
G611 Moore Isaac 1794-
G442 Moore Sampson  
G153 Moore Thomas M.  
G032 Morley    
G281 Morley Abel Fl. 1650
G267 Morley Albert 1797-1883
G281 Morley Thomas Sr. 1758-1844
G080 Morse Jacob 1778-1863
G425 Morse Jacob Sr. 1778-1863
G034 Morse John 1771-1852
G033 Morse Joseph 1649-1717
G150 Munson Ashbel 1770-1841
G078 Murray John Hewett 1789-1870
G403 Mygatt Eli 1743-1807
G013 Nash Abel  
G565 Neu Bernardt  
G155 Newell Grandison 1785-1874
G154 Newell Thomas -1689
G285 Nolan Owen E.  
G156 Norton Nicholas 1610-1690
G157 Norton Washington Adams 1808-
G440 Nott John H. 1871-1957
G286 Nye Benjamin 1620-
G379 Olds Daniel 1759-
G182 Orton John J. 1787-1870
G460? Ostrander George LaVette  
G450 Ostrander Solomon 1828-1905
G164 Otis    
G622 Otis Dexter 1795-1845
G293 Paige David R. 1806-1877
G299 Paine Edward 1746-1841
G340 Paine Eleazer 1764-1804
G056 Paine Hendrick Elsworth 1789-1881
G298 Paine Stephen -1679
G417 Palmer Issac 1770-1840
G184 Park Amaziah 1758-1838
G292 Park Amaziah 1758-1838
G555 Park Thomas  
G339 Parker Clark 1781-1847
G183 Parmly Jahial 1799-1873
G396 Parmly John Parmelee -1685
G181 Parmly Maurice D. fl.1567
G526 Parsons Amos H. 1810-1875
G633 Patterson Andrew 1659-1746
G289 Patton A. A. 1862-
G588 Payne Hileman 1813-1895
G399 Payne James Sr. 1746-1819
G527 Payne Sophia M. 1819-1906
G529a Pearce James J. 1802-
G164 Pease Solomon 1781-1859
G365 Peck Orrin -1859
G556 Pelat Antonio  
G015 Pelton Henry 1806-1891
G014 Penfield Wakeman 1790-1865
G287 Pepoon Joseph 1749-1811
G400 Perkins Simon 1771-1844
G596 Perkins William Lee 1799-1882
G506 Persons Thomas James 1829-1883
G119 Phelps Abel 1797-1885
G301 Phelps David c1760-
G418 Phelps Jesse 1756-1811
G391 Phelps Nathaniel Sr. 1767-
G411 Phelps Noah  
G419 Phelps Seth 1751-1826
G059 Phelps Spencer 1782-1865
G058 Phelps William 1599-1672
G334 Pierce David  
G291 Plaisted Roger 1793-1877
G308 Plumb Charles 1749-1831
G415 Porter Abner S. 1788-1830
G481 Potter Nancy Carol 1930
G513 Powell Nicholas 1776-1872
G290 Poxon Samuel D. 1865-1956
G294 Pratt Pliny Perry 1824-1897
G296 Pratt Pliny Perry 1824-1897
G295 Pratt Thomas 1538-
G601 Presley David 1803-1877?
G445 Price William  
G488 Priday Henry 1806-1884
G414 Prouty Jacob 1789-1870
G288 Pyle Frederick T. 1858-1927
G118 Quayle John 1807-1866
G158 Quincy David 1834-1911
G057 Quine James 1791-1870
G358 Ray Daniel 1822-1902
G304 Raynolds George K. 1820-1899
G303 Read John 1598-1685
G185 Reed Herman 1797-
G578 Renault Philippe 1654-1744
G370 Rexford Frank  
G597 Rexford Joel 1782-1863
G305 Reynolds George Washington  
G371 Reynolds John 1612-1702
G372 Reynolds John fl. 1782-1804
G302 Richards Moses Jr. 1807-1886
G478 Richardson Joseph 1781-1838
G343 Richmond John 1594-1664
G344 Richmond Thomas 1796-1892?
G300 Rider Joseph -1840
G392 Rigdon William 1743-1810
G451 Ritari John -1950
G440 Roberts Lyman 1809?-
G623 Roberts Thomas  
G531 Rockafellow Jeremiah M. 1810-
G378 Rockwell Martin 1772-1851
G557 Rooney James -1891
G424 Root Erastus 1803-1881
G397 Rosa Isaac 1767-1841
G441 Roswell Ambrose  
G385 Rudolph John fl. 1806
G152 Russell Abel 1765-1856
G535 Russell Luther 1773-1851
G035 Russell Robert 1630-1710
G077 Rust Truman Hart 1812-1863
G062 Sandborn Enoch S. -1840
G315 Sanford Peleg Phelps 1801-1871
G160 Sawyer Joseph 1778-1849
G352 Sawyer Joseph 1810-1850
G572 Sawyer Malon D. 1836-
G641 Sawyer Thomas 1616-1706
G558 Schultz John A.  
G159 Schwind Charles 1843-1923
G455 Scott George 1841-1904
G483 Scott Joel 1751-1836
G060 Scribner Joseph 1797-1861
G061 Scribner Joseph 1797-1861
G318 Searls Stephen  
G577 Seeley Austin 1820-1880
G310 Seeley Uri 1791-1877
G393 Seely Ira 1783-1854
G019 Shankland S.W.  
G390 Shed Daniel 1812-1893
G317 Shepard A. E. c1838-1909
G186 Shepard John M. 1804-1886
G017 Sherwin John 1744-1826
G018 Sherwin John 1901-
G311 Sherwood M. P. 1800-
G624 Shoemaker Solomon  
G307 Skinner Abraham Jr. 1755-1826
G306 Skinner Abraham fl. 1750
G316 Small Vivian Blanch  
G227 Smart Samuel 1800-1882
G500 Smead David 1794-1866
G121 Smead James P. 1827-1902
G499 Smead William 1635-
G512 Smith Arvilla Jessie 1911-
G313 Smith Ebenezer -1719
G590 Smith Elijah 1784-1871
G075 Smith Elisha  
G076 Smith James Fairchild 1801-1895
G534 Smith John "George"  
G314 Smith John F. 1849-
G351 Smith Joseph 1805-1844
G312 Smith Levi 1774-1820
G074 Smith Solomon Curtis 1802-1896
G625 Smith Sylvester 1783-1851
G359 Smith William 1804-1885
G420 Snell Alexander 1810-1882
G588 Spalding    
G589 Spalding Charles R. 1868-1924
G187 Spaulding Charles W. 1830-1840
G579 Spearman John  
G502 Sperry Wheeler 1782-1863
G514 Steele    
G364 Sterling Lord 1805-1905
G626 Stevens Volney 1853-
G409 Stickney Jonathan 1796-1885
G163 Stockwell Bryths 1812-1859
G096 Storm Dirck 1630-1716
G016 Storm John J.  
G320 Storrs Jesse 1804-1882
G486 Story Isaac 1797-1862
G398 Swan J. D. -1851
G120 Swetland Salmon Sr.  
G533 Sykes James 1792-1850
G325 Tabor James Lyman 1843-1891
G559 Talbot Howard E.  
G161 Talbot(t) Lorenzo Dow  
G347 Tappan Abraham fl.1637
G382 Tarbell Abner G. 1771-1869
G494 Tarbell Abner Chapman 1771-1869
G073M Taylor    
G123 Taylor James Harney 1804-1873
G603 Teague Alan Gribble 1920-
G064 Tew Enos Sr. 1801-1879
G099 Thompson Isaac 1751-1823
G188 Thompson Moses 1800-1891
G189 Thompson Moses 1800-1891
G324 Tillotson Loyal  
G632 Tillotson Loyal 1798-
G627 Tinkham Stephen 1796-1845
G322 Tisdell Curtis A. 1778-1837
G143M Titus-Jayne    
G560 Todd James H. 1855-1915  
G628 Tomlinson Samuel 1787-1865
G608 Tracy Josiah 1772-1844
G323 Tracy Thomas 1610-
G021 Tryon Jesse 1793-1872
G122 Turney Asa 1759-1833
G321 Tuttle Joseph 1796-
G438 Upham Benajah S. 1819-1906
G063 Valetine John 1786-1878
G020 Van Neman William  
G517 Viall George Bennett 1802-1883
G518 Viall Jacob V. 1807-1899
G516 Viall John Donley 1800-1864
G190 Vrooman Warren F. 1837-1917
G629 Waite William D. 1765-1844
G631 Waitwright David 1812-1892
G326 Walworth John 1765-1812
G162 Ward Elijah Allen 1796-1870
G023 Ward Elliot Jr.  
G342 Ward Jared 1767-1857
G068 Warner Daniel Sr. -1873
G127 Warner Nathan Jr. 1784-1841
G561 Warren Mahlon  
G630 Webster William James 1827-1914
G065 Wedge Reuben 1805-1876
G037 Wells John Sr. 1799-1878
G195 West James 1826-1905
G562 Wey John  
G563 Wheeler Frank H.  
G423 White Joseph  
G036 Whitney Samuel Franklin 1804-1886
G283 Wight Thomas  
G454 Wight William 1772-
G329 Wilcox Aaron 1814-1881
G327 Wilcox Asa 1787-1867
G431 Wilder Jonas -1797
G520 Williams Albert 1815-1878
G367 Williams Ebenezer 1767-1844
G482 Williams Frederick Granger 1787-1842
G368 Williams Henry 1801-1862
G039 Williams Thomas -1869
G416 Willoughby Westel Jr. 1769-1844
G515 Wilson David  
G071 Wilson Orson 1803-1885
G024 Wilson Sidney V. 1823-1903
G067 Wilson Zenas Sr. 1769-
G072 Wilson Zenas Sr. 1769-1847
G069 Winchell Simeon 1767-1847
G070 Winchell Simeon 1767-1847
G022 Wirt Martin 1760-1815
G617 Witter Kingsley  
G124 Wood Elisha Jr. 1796-1863
G126 Wood Nathan Jr. 1779-1864
G191 Wood Otis M. 1800-1866
G125 Wood Thomas 1633-1687
G328 Woodman Benjamin E. 1791-1854
G277 Woodruff Hezekiah 1735-
G467 Woodruff Roy W. 1877-
G505 Woodworth James 1766-1859
G194 Wright Nathan 1784-1842
G038 Wright Simeon  
G066 Wright William 1785-1858
G192M Wyman    
G193 Wyman William 1730?-1814
G330 Young Daniel M. 1819-
G635M Not assigned    

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