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Requested and proofread by Mary Jo Robinson for Perry Historical Society.

The following files are held by the society at its Tarbuck Center location. They may contain letters, clippings, photos, or other various materials.

Abel Advey Alexander Ashley
Averill Bailey Barber/Barbour Barrett
Bartholomew Beardslee Beebe Blair
Brainard Breniser Brewster Brown
Butler Call Champion Chapman
Chenoweth Child Cline Coatoam
Codd Congos Connor Whitman (nee Cook)
Cook Cusano Davis Densmore
Dennis Dugan Elliott Ellis
Emms/Emmes Ernst Fairchild Few
Freed Gardner Gibbs Gleason
Glines Gragg Gray Haas
Hamblin Harper Hartwell Haskell
Hayward Herrick Hickok Hise
Hill Hoyt Hutchins Joy
Johnson Keener Kraws Lapham
LeGrand Locke Lockwood Manchester
Mallory Malone Mazurik Means
Mills Mosher Muzzio Nichols
Neely Norwood Owen Otto
Parmly Patriarca Pearson Perry
Peterson Phillips Platko Poling
Quickel Schaffter Secor Schearer
Shepard Siegel Spiesman Sinclair
Snyder Steward Stratton/Belnap Thompson
Triskett Vesey Warren Watts
Webb West Whiting Whitman
Wilhoite Williams Winchester Winter
Winters Wright Wyman  

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