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Submitted by Oscar Ash

Photographs of the following early residents of Western Lake County will be found at the Historical Society at Willoughby Public Library.

Allen, A. F.     Farmer
Barber, Alonzo P. 1819-1902 Willoughby Cem. Justice of the Peace
Barber, Orlando 1833-1923 Willoughby Cem. Railroader
Bates, Robert C. 1828-1908 Willoughby Cem. Druggist-Mayor
Bigelow, George 1869-1944 Obit Morley Farmer
Boyce, Joseph         -1894 Obit Morley Miller
Carpenter, Harrison 1828-1905 Obit Morley Farmer-Legislator
Carrell, Reece Y. 1889-1918 Willoughby Cem. Largest Landowner Lake County
Carroll, Henry F. 1814-1898 Willoughby Cem. Lawyer
Clark, Ely Missing   Doctor
Clark, Nathan 1842-1912 Willoughby Cem. Tailor
Cottrell, Asa 1827-1911 Willoughby Cem. Wagon maker
Daniels, John     Farmer
Durban, George 1826-1908 Mentor Cem. Builder
Elliott, Isarell 1819-1898 Willoughby Cem. Laborer
Elliott, Morgan 1809-1887 Willougby Cem. Drayman
Excell, Benjamin 1820-1904 Obit Morley Methodist Minister
Ferry, Chape [Nelson Chapin] 1847-1937 N. Kirtland Cem. Farmer
Gibbons, Benjamin 1833-1913 Obit Morley Builder
Goodrich, Daniel B. 1818-1902 Willoughby Cem. Painter-Music & Voice Teacher
Grover, Charles   Willoughby Cem. Surveyor
Harback, T. H.     Real Estate
Hardecker, Frank 1845-1924 Wickliffe Cem. Blacksmith
Harmon, Hiram P. 1821-1911 Mentor Cem. Kirtland Road
Harmon, Reubin 1887-1894 Mentor Cem. Auctioneer-Kirtland
Harvey, Parley 1820-1908 Obit Morley Farmer-Sold Indian medicine
Hazeltine, John 1824-1916 Obit Morley Farmer-Kirtland
Hildreth, Samuel 1823-1922 Willoughby Cem. Wheelwright
Hobart, Wilson M. 1844-1931 Obit Morley Farmer-Kirtland
Hooper, Harry     Farmer
Hopkins, Charles H. Age 27 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Plains
Houliston, Andrew 1818-1909 Willoughby Cem. Farmer-SOM & Euclid
Hubbel, Henry     Miller-Eagle Mills
Humphrey, Oscar 1870-1895 Willoughby Cem. Gas Well Digger
Jenkins, Charles 1840-1920 Willoughby Cem. Village Clerk 50 years, Lumberman
Jenkins, John J. 1786-1863 Willoughby Cem. Planing mill-Farm tools
Jones, Henry     Farmer-Wickliffe
Kennedy, Ransom Capt. 1819-1887 Willoughby Cem. Hardware-Lake Capt.
Makepeace, Nelson 1819-1905 N. Kirtland Cem. Farmer-Horseman-Kirtland
Markell, James 1914-1900 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Mentor
McMahan, Michael     Railroader
Merrill, John H. 1825-1900 Evergreen Cem. Willoughby Independent
Miller, Joel 1814-1908 Willoughby Cem. Fisherman-Mason
Mosher, John 1816-1900 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Wickliffe
Mosher, Levi 1804-1886 Mosher Farm Cem. Farmer-Wickliffe
Norton, Eber 1819-1901 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Mentor
Page, Thomas 1778-1897 W. Kirtland Cem. Farmer-Kirtland Rd.
Quigley, Samuel Jr.     Farmer-Kirtland
Reynolds, Osee C. 1832-1905 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Inventor
Robinson, James     Mgr. Basket Factory, owned first car
Rudd, Cullen B. 1826-1918 Willoughby Cem. Farmer-Huckster-Wickliffe
Sharpe, George H. 1841-1914 Willoughby Cem. Postmaster 4 terms
Sharpe, Orin H. 1807-1892 Willoughby Cem. Mayor 1858-60, Farm Merchant
Smith, Danford 1819-1901 Willoughby Cem. Farmer
Sperry, P. V. 1814-1909 S. Kirtland Cem. Farmer-Kirtland
Squires, Hiram K. 1816-1902 W. Kirtland Cem. Farmer-Kirtland
Stewart, J. W. 1876-1957 Willoughby Cem. Harness Maker
Stewart, William 1857-1908 Willoughby Cem. Harness Maker
St. John, Orson Dr.     Margaret's father Andrews School
Storm, George Dr.   Willoughby Cem. Doctor, Mayor 1865-1866
Storm, Stephen     Miller
Talbot, Orrin 1871-1939 Willoughby Cem. Wholesale merchant
Upham, Benager S. 1819-1906 Mentor Cem. Farmer-Kirtland
Viall, Jacob 1807-1899 Willoughby Cem. Farmer-Investor
Ward, Elijah 1766-1860 Willoughby Cem. Farmer-Kirtland Road
Ward, Jonathan 1822-1918 Willoughby Cem. Farmer
Warner, Zopher     Farmer
White, Ansel R. 1821-1898 Willoughby Cem. Farmer
White, Milton 1811-1903 Willoughby Cem. Farmer
Wilbur, J. H. 1824-1895 Willoughby Cem. Jewler
Wilder, Oly     Farmer
Williams, Alexander 1814-1900 W. Kirtland Cem. Legislator, Farmer
Wilson, George     Farmer
Wilson, S. V. 1823-1903 Willoughby Cem. Gen. Merchant, Investor
Worden, James 1824-1890 Willoughby Cem. Farmer-Teacher
Yaxley, Richard 1835-1917 Willoughby Cem. Gun Smith-Farmer

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