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Copied from the books themselves by Cynthia Turk.

The following files are held by the society at its Willoughby Library location. There is an alphabetical file in notebooks with miscellaneous clippings, photos, etc. When the file becomes large enough, it is given its own notebook. Only these with individual surname notebooks are listed below. They may contain letters, clippings, photos, or other various materials.

Abbott Austin Blackmon Breckenridge
Cushman/Waugh Brichford Brickner Brush
Chandler/Tucker Clarke/Hill/Walsh Cole Cornwall
Crane Daunch Davis Ellsworth
Gilson Haggett Girl in Blue Hanna (Manakiki)
Mahan McIntire Morgan Otis
Parrish Paschull (Ohio Rubber) Penfield Richardson
Rosson Sears Shankland Shipman
Sprague Lyn St. James Tanner Viall
Walsh Willoughby, Dr. Yaxley  

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