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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths, for year ending Mch 31, 1907 Probate Court, Lake County, O., 1907
Concord Township1907 
Drake, Hawley B.1341M 1906Oct27W741113Perry, O.New York
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseConcord, O.
Horton, Myron T.1342M 1907July4M   Concord 
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseConcord, O.
Kidd (no name)1343M 1906June5S   ConcordConcord
  Wm. KiddNellie McCannWStill BornConcord, O.
Lace, Chas.1344M 1906May22W8218ConcordIsle of Man
 Farmer  WDropsyConcord, O.
Pease, Marvin J.1345M 1906Nov.27S5943ConcordOrange, O.
 Wood Machinist  WConsumptionConcord, O.
Adams, Cora1346F 1906Oct.6M25325ConcordChardon, O.
 House wife  WHeart DiseaseConcord, O.
Horton, Ann C.1347F 1907Feb.21W7283Concord 
 House wife  WTumorConcord, O.
Kidd, Nellie1348F 1906June4M191 ConcordCleveland, O.
 House wife  WChild-BirthConcord, O.
Kidd1349F 1906June5S  1ConcordConcord
  Wm. KiddNellie McCannWUnknownConcord, O.
Murray, Ann13410F 1907Mch19W8659ConcordIsle of Man
    WOld AgeConcord, O.
Kirtland Township
Brooks, Burr13411M 1907Feb.21M80328KirtlandPainesville
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseKirtland, O.
Corlett, Thomas P.13412M 1907Feb.15M6742KirtlandNorth Madison
 Farmer  WCancerKirtland, O.
Hilborn, Howard P.13413M 1906July3S20118ClevelandCleveland
 Student  WAccidentKirtland, O.
Tryon, James Harvey13414M 1906Aug.18W846 KirtlandWampville, N. Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Harrington Gertrude Belle13415F 1906Apr.19S181116KirtlandMunson, O.
 Housekeeper  WTyphoid FeverKirtland, O.
Heath Philuria13416F 1906Apr.21W89314KirtlandBrookfield, Mass.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Stucky (no name)13417F 1906Dec.4S   KirtlandKirtland
  W. F. StuckyGeorgia WoodWStill BornKirtland, O.
Leroy Township
Adams Orvill13418M 1906Oct.10W84812LeroyConcord
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseLeroy, O.
Huston Clark13419M 1906June3W85920LeroyStrong, Maine
 Farmer  WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Ray Jerry13420M 1906Feb.17S657 LeroyOrwell, O.
 Farmer  WDropsyLeroy, O.
Warren Dunmore13421M 1906Dec.15W8972LeroyChampaign, O.
 Farmer  WAccidentLeroy, O.
Abbey Cloenda B.13422F 1906Aug.16W8221LeroyLawrence, N. Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Boerne Melhelm13423F 1906Nov.10M748 LeroyEngland
 Housekeeper  WBrain DiseaseLeroy, O.
Brown Ida May13424F 1907Mar27S2384LeroyLeroy
 Housekeeper  WHeart DiseaseLeroy, O.
Covert Sophia13425F 1907Mar.2W75516LeroyChester, O
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Rogers Fannie Alma13426F 1907Jan24S 129LeroyLeroy
    WCongestion of LungsLeroy, O.
Kewish Harriet13427F 1906Dec.18W891 LeroyNew Jersey
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Record of Deaths, for year ending Mch 31, 1907 Probate Court, Lake County, O., 1907
Madison VillageMay 31 1907 
and Township
Everts Philo13428M 1906June6W91121MadisonNerpico, N. Y.
 Carpenter  WOld AgeMadison, O
Madison Village
and Township Continued
Griffin F. A.13629M 1907Feb.25S4803MadisonLeroy, O.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMadison, O
Vanderlip Mark13630M 1906May4M65103MadisonNew York
 Painter  WCancerMadison, O
Gill F. G.13631M 1906May18W691029AshtabulaMadison
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMadison, O
Gary Bernie13632M 1906Aug.8S Oct13MadisonMadison
    WBrain FeverMadison, O
Bunn N. B.13633M 1906Oct.1M67Oct16MadisonPerry, O.
 Farmer  WAcute NephritisMadison, O
Hall Monroe13634M 1907Feb.5M61July12MadisonMentor, O.
 None  WHeart DiseaseMadison, O
Harris W. A.13635M 1906Aug.17M73Mch1MadisonVermont
 Farmer  WConsumptionMadison, O
Hefferman John H.13636M 1906July21S22Oct19MadisonOrville, O.
 None  WPneumoniaMadison, O
Kibbie Guy A.13637M 1906Dec.13M32Jan10Geneva, O.Geneva, O.
 Farmer  WAccidentMadison, O
Wetmore A. J.13638M 1906Dec.24M85Dec.28MadisonAshtabula, O.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O
Ball Armanda A.13639F 1906Dec.3W81  Madison HomeUnknown
 None  WOld AgeMadison, O
Cook Ella M.13640F 1907Feb.14M55Jan19MadisonConneautville, Pa.
 Housekeeper  WApoplexyMadison, O
Cook Merrea13641F 1906Oct.26S June26Pierpont, OPierpont, O.
 None  WPneumoniaMadison, O
Coteton Helen13642F 1906July5W66  Madison, O 
 None  WOld AgeMadison, O
Eldridge Florence L.13643F 1906Sep.24S Nov.23MadisonMadison, O.
 None  WThroat troubleMadison, O
Frank Martha Edna13644F 1906Nov.3S1Apr7MadisonMadison, O.
 None  WBurnedMadison, O
McVey Charlotte13645F 1906Dec.30W83  Madison Home 
 None  WOld AgeMadison, O
Montgomery Maria13646F 1906May28S76  Madison Home 
 None  WOld AgeMadison, O
Truredale Mary *13647F 1906June12W82  Madison Home 
 None  WOld AgeMadison, O
Winchester Florence13648F 1906Sept21S10Jan8MadisonMadison, O.
 None  WAppendicitisMadison, O
Colgrove Wiliam A.13649M 1906Aug.17M601015MadisonSt. Lawrence, N. Y.
 Carpenter  WBlood poisonMadison, O
French Minor Gideon13650M 1906May15M8266MadisonBenington, Vt.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O
Gardner Willie C.13651M 1907Feb.26S20312MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMadison, O
Vanderlip Homer E.13652M 1906Dec.11S 15MadisonMadison
    WMeningitisMadison, O
Waste Franz Kiahnai13653M 1906Nov.28S  7MadisonMadison
    WCholera InfantumMadison, O
Young Staca13654M 1907Jan8S---MadisonMadison
    WStill BornMadison, O
Balch Emma M.13655F 1906May3M581124MadisonMadison
 Housekeeper  WParalysisMadison, O
Craley Eva H.13656F 1906Sept16M6557MadisonWilton, Iowa
 Housekeeper  WDropsyMadison, O
Cobb Minnie R.13657F 1907Jan27M31524MadisonMadison
 Operator  WHeart failureMadison, O
Hardy Sarah W.13658F 1906Aug.21S33 6MadisonNewburgh, O..
 Housekeeper  WTuberculosisMadison, O
Scott Emma Evalyn13659F 1907Jan30S 319MadisonMadison
    WPneumoniaMadison, O
Clarkson Arthur136*M 1906Nov.5S60  MadisonIllinois
 MachinistThis from affidavitfiled Sept. 3rd, 1907.WParalysisMadison, O
Mentor Village
and Township
Heger Edmond13660M 1906Oct12S211129Mentor VillageCleveland, O.
 Carpenter  WAccidentMentor Village, O.
Lynch, Edward Tim13661M 1906Nov.16S22119ClevelandWilloughby
 Laborer  WBlood PoisonMentor Village, O.
Dickey Alice M.13662F 1907Mch1M46113Mentor VillageAurelius, Mich.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaMentor Village, O.
Foster Emma13663F 1907June19S  14Mentor VillageMentor Village
    WLockjawMentor Village, O.
Mapes Fanny13664F 1907Feb.8S78220Chardon Tp.Willou
 Housekeeper  WTumorMentor Village, O.
McManus Ella13665F 1906Oct2M36  Mentor Village 
 Housekeeper  WHeart DiseaseMentor Village, O.

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