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Geauga County Supreme Court Divorces

Abstracted by Frances N. Slack.


The first two sections, through 1839, were published in LakeLines, the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society, a Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, in January and April 1989. It is used with permission and alphabetized and retyped here by Cynthia Turk.

Begun and within and for the County of Geauga, at the village of New Market, beginning Aug 12, 1806, then at Chardon. Abstracted by Frances N. Slack.

CULVER, Phebe vs Nathan. Filed 20 May 1825, hearing 14 Aug 1826. Phebe CULVER, of Auburn, married at Burlington, Hartford Co., Conn, 16 Serpt 1816, Nathan CULVER. Children: Hanna, aged 7, and Lucy aged 5. Nathan threatened to cut off Phebe's head with an axe, burned her clothing; many other acts of extreme (!) cruelty. He is not a resident within the state of Ohio. She charges cruelty, neglect and wilful absence and that she have the care and guardianship of the children. Granted. (page 338)

CLARK, Katherine vs Michael. Filed 10 May 1827; hearing 18 Aug 1828. Katherine, of Painesville, says she was married "about seven years," and charges wilful absence of Michael more than three years. Granted. (page 436)

DOLLIVER, Phebe vs John. Filed 19 May 1827, hearing 20 Aug 1827. Phebe, of Painesville; married in Coventry, Rhode Island, 21 Oct 1798 to John DOLLIVER "of Coventry." Phebe "has been a resident of Painesville for four years last past"; separated from each other "within a month last past." John left the State "for parts unknown." Children, all now living: Lydia, aged 27 yrs; Editha, 24; Hanna, 22; Mary, 20; Ira, 17; Zara, 15; Menzo, 13; Ezra, 12; Phebe Ann, 10; Chauncey, 8. Charges extreme cruelty. Granted - Phebe to retain all property and retain guardianship of all minor children. (page 375)

FERRIS, Cornelius vs Charlotte. Filed 10 May 1827, contd 12 Aug 1827; hearing 18 Aug 1827. Cornelius FERRIS of Chardon, married in Cuyahoga Co., OH, 8 Oct 1822 Charlotte PELTON of Cuyahoga Co. Charlotte has married and cohabited with Levi PARSONS, without dissolution of the marriage between Charlotte and Cornelius. Petitioner discontinues and withdraws said petition. (page 399)
Note: Geauga County Marriage Records - Cornelius FERRIS mar 5 Sept 1827 Mary BUCK

FORD, Achasah vs Miles. Filed 20 May 1836; hearing 20 Aug 1837. Achasah of Geauga County; married 16 Mar 1823, Miles FORD, then "of Burton." Charge of extreme cruelty. Case dismissed; petitioner hath not sustained the charges set forth. (page 369)
Note: Geauga County Marriage Records - Miles FORD mar 21 Apr 1831 Jenett PERRY.

HAMILTON, Lucinda vs Thomas. File 7 Aug 1810; hearing 7 September 1810. Lucinda of the county of Ashtabula, married in Ashtabula Co, Ohio, 25 Feb 1806, Thomas HAMILTON "of Ashtabula Township, Ashtabula Co., Ohio." Child: Mary Calista HAMILTON, to be committed to the care and custody of Lucinda. Granted.

HILL, David vs Hannah. Filed 16 Feb 1822; hearing 3 June 1822. David HILL of Burton, married "sometime in the year 1805: Hannah CLARK "of said Burton." Writ served to Hannah Hill in Portage County, Ohio, 11 Mar 1822. not granted; petitioner unreasonable. (p 194)
Note: Marriage not shown in Geauga County record.

JOHNSON, Jane vs Ambrose. Filed 20 May 1825, Hearing 25 Aug 1825. Jane JOHNSON, of Parkman, married at Whitestown, Oneida Co NY Ambrose JOHNSON. children: Jane Elizabeth, 6 yrs; Helen Adelia, 4 yrs; Uriah, 2 yrs. An unnamed brother of Janes is mentioned. Charge, excessive cruelty. Granted - Jane "to retain and keep the children...and all property." (p298)

MARSHALL, Polly vs William O. Filed 3 Apr 1828; hearing 18 Aug 1828. Polly MARSHALL of Chardon, married in Chardon 12 Dec 1818 William O. MARSHALL. Daughters Mary Eliza and Meribah are mentioned; also, minor children, Betsey, George, Nathan and Silas. Polly asks to retain all personal property and one-half of the tract of land, TR 3, Twp 9 (lots 157 and 158) in Chardon. Granted, with Alimony. (pages 401 & 488)
NOTE: Geauga County Marriage Records - William O. MARSHALL mar 11 Dec 1819 POLLY RIDER.

MORROW, Nancy H. vs James. Filed 12 May 1827; hearing 18 Aug 1828. Nancy H. MORROW of Cuyahoga County (in petition), "lawfully married"...until about 25th day of June Petitioner moved to county of Cuyahoga, where she now resides with her father, the said James still resides in Madison. Married in Robinson, Allegany County Penna "about twenty years since" one Mary McCURDY...and "that the said marriage of said James and Mary still subsists, has never been dissolved by divorce or otherwise." On 17 May 1827 the sheriff notified the defendant at his dwelling house in Harpersfield, county of Ashtabula, Ohio. Marriage dissolved. (p 401)

MOSS, Polly vs Joseph. Filed 20 May 1813; hearing 30 Aug 1813. polly MOSS of Burton, married as his "lawful wife" only Joseph MOSS. Seeks decree for non-support of more than five years. Children: Sardis MOSS and Ephraim Clark MOSS. Asks that the children be delivered to the care and protection of said Polly. Granted (p 68)

PALMER, Lois vs Isaac. Filed 1 Mar 1822, a Petition for Alimony, which was heard and dismissed. Filed 1 Mar 1822; hearing 7 Aug 1823. Polly PALMER filed her petition for divorce from Isaac PALMER of Concord...on grounds of extreme cruelty. Sheriff served the papers. Isaac and Lois were married in Brotherstown, Oneida Co NY, 25 Dec 1795. Both now residents of Painesville. Issue: Anna, about 25 years of age; Isaac Junior, 20; Noise(?), 17; Walter 14; Erastus, 12; Cullen, 9; Louisa, 6. The children were in the care of Isaac and one Anna BECKIT, employed about Feb 1820. Lois disontinued the suit Aug 1823. (pages 193 and 216)
NOTE: Geauga County Mariage Records - an Isaac PALMER mar 24 May 1838 LORINDA SCRIBNER; Erastus PALMER mar 24 Aug 1839 Harriet EMERSON.

PEMBROKE, Hiram E. vs. Amanda. filed 8 Nov 1826; hearing 20 Aug 1827. Hiram E. PEMBROKE of Concrod, married at Mentor, OH, 23 Jan 1826, Amanda GREEN. Clark WILCOX is mentioned as the stepfather of Amanda/ Case dismissed for lack of evidence (p 346)

ROWLEY, Esther D. vs Erastus. Filed 12 May 1828; hearing 18 Aug 1828. Esther D. ROWLEY of Concord, married in Hamilton, Madison Co., NY, 18 Sept 1811. Esther D. is a resident of Concord the past twelve years. Esther's brother (unnamed) is "nearby." Parents are in Hamilton Co NY. Erastus received $400.00 from sale of farm. Children: Robert, age 14; Simeon, age 10; Norman, age 8; Lucy Ann, age 5; Seymour, age 3. Seeks Alimony, "care and maintenance" of children who are to be committed to Esther. Divorce granted. (page 75)

SYKES, Eunice vs Benjamin F. Filed 10 May 1825; hearing 24 Aug 1825. Eunice, late of Chardon, now of Jefferson, Ashtabula County OH; formerly Eunice LOOMIS. Married in West Springfield, Mass., 10 Aug 1817, Benjamin Franklin SYKES, by Rev. Asa WOOD. On 3 Mar 1820 Benjamin left Eunice in NY, and ultimately came to Chardon; January 1824 he returned and she consented to remain with him, and arrived in Chardon, 9 Mar 1824. He "left March last and has gone to parts unknown." They have one child only (unnamed) for which Eunice is granted "care and guardianship," and all property. Charge, extreme cruelty. granted. (page 296)


The following abstracts of divorce actions are those for persons with residence in the townships of Geauga County which became Lake County in March 1840. In all cases where children are mentioned, custody, "care & control" is granted the petitioner. Submited by Frances N. Slack.

CALLOW, John v. Mary. Filed 20 Apr 1838, heard 14 Aug 1839. John CALLOW of Concord; married at LeRoy, Geauga Co., OH, 23 July 1835. Children: on son, David, "who will be two years old last day of May A.D. 1838." Charge: adultry. Son to remain with father. Granted. (Page 35)
NOTE: Lake County Marriages - John CALLOW & Sabrina WILDER, 17 May 1854; Mary I. CALLOW & Barton F. WRIGHT, 7 Nov 1850.

CARSON, Dorcas vs James. Filed 2 June 1836, heard 18 Aug 1827. Dorcas CARSON of Painesville; married Somerset, PA, 11 Dec 1823. Children: Joel, age 13; Thomas, age 11; John, age 9; Jefferson, age 7. She charged habitual drunkeness and extreme cruelty. Case ordered continued to next term, whereupon petitioner moved her case be dismissed. (Page 12)

CLARK, Nancy A. vs Chancey. Filed 18 June 1838, heard 4 Aug 1839. Nancy A. CLARK, of Madison; married at Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co, OH, 29 Mar 1834. Chancey "left for parts unknown" six days after marriage. In August term of court last year the case was continued for proof. Petitioner was called to come to court, but defaulted. Case dismissed. (Page 350)

COMAN, Mary vs George. Filed 21 Mar 1837, heard 18 Aug 1837. Mary COMAN of Concord, the petitioner; married 15 Apr 1822 in the state of Connecticut George COMAN. Child, Martha Ann Jane COMAN, age 10. Mary charged extreme cruelty and requested an injunction to prevent the squandering of $5,000 real and personal property "accumulated by the joint labour and industry," alimony and guardianship of Martha Ann Jane Coman. The answer of the defendant charged adultry in Connecticut and Concord. He is in control of one parcel of land for which he paid $700 of which $250 of the purcase money belonged to Emeline COMAN, a daughter of his first wife, said money was taken from the sale of property devised to Emeline Coman by his first wife. Case dismissed. (Page 6)

GREEN, Phillip vs Martha. Filed 16 June 1837, heard 18 Aug 1837. Phillip GREEN, of Painesville; married at Burton, Geauga Co., OH, 20 July 1820 Martha. Children: Cornelia M, 14 years old 17 Jan 1837; George, 12 years old 29 Oct 1836; Mark B., 11 years old, 2 June 1837, living with petitioner. Charge: adultry. Granted. (Page 13)
NOTE: A Rev. Philip GREEN & Martha BROOKS were married in Geauga Co, OH 25 July 1821.

LOOMIS, Sally vs Elisha. Filed 16 June 1837, heard 18 Aug 1837. Sally LOOMIS, of Township of LeRoy; married in Farmington, Litchfield Co., CT, 15 May 1815, Elisha. Soon after they removed to LeRoy, where they have from thence resided. Seven children: Reed E. Loomis, 20 years old Sept 1836; Charles S., born 10 Mar 1818; William N., born 20 July 1819; Abigail Ann, born Feby 17, 1821; Seth, born 23 Mar 1822; Julian, born 28 July 1824; *Rachel N, born March 28 (no year given)...who are now all living and residing with your petitioner. Charge habitual drunkeness and extreme cruelty. *The custody provision lists the last child as "Richard N." Property assigned to Orrin WILSON, to be disposed of for benefit of children and in consideration of $300 to be paid Elisha LOOMIS ($100 in 12 days; $100 one year from date; $100 two years from date.) Granted. (Page 9)

MORIAN, Nancy vs John. Filed 13 Oct 1836, heard 20 Aug 1838. Nancy MORIAN, of Painesville; married 24 Dec 1831, John MORIAN. Children: George, 3 years; and Sarah, 2 years. John is employed as a sailor on "The Phoenix," sailing on Lake Erie. Charge: adultry. Dismissed on motion of petitioner. (Page 180)
NOTE: Geauga Co Marriages - Nancy Ann McGRATH

POMEROY, Fanny vs Lucius. Filed 2 Feb 1837, heard 18 Aug 1837. The petitioner, Fanny POMEROY, of Painesville; lawfully married at Painesvill, 8 Dec 1830, Lucius POMEROY, until 7 Jan 1834. After one year of marriage he became "addicted to gambling, became intemperate, etc.,"...gambled away all property brought by Fanny, including a farm in Medina County given to Fanny by her brother, as well as his own property. One child named Orville(?) N. POMEROY, aged 5 years, 13 Oct 1836. The petitioner and Lucius, after marriage, resided in Painesville, then Madison, where Lucius abandoned. Fanny has since resided at her father's home, and as an heir of her father, Christopher CROFTS, deceased, will have property, real and personal. Divorce granted with alimony. (Page 10)
NOTE: Lake County Marriages: Fanny POMEROY & Erastus BUSH, 21 Jan 1847.

STRATTON, Hiram vs Esther. Filed 8 May 1837, heard 20 Aug 1838. Hiram STRATTON of Kirtland; married at Angelica, Allegany Co NY, 10 Dec 1831, Esther. They lived together nine months. One daughter named Catherine Elizabeth STRATTON, who will be five years old on 13 Aug 1837. Esther left him 10 Sept 1832 at Angelica..."although often solicited to return." He seeks divorce and custody of duaghter. Dismissed on motion of petitioner.


The following, abstracted by Francs Slack, are those couples with Lake County ties only.

JONES, Esther vs David. Filed 18 June 1838; hearing 21 Aug 1840. Esther JONES of Madison, Geauga Co., OH, married in Madison, 1 Jan 1835, David JONES. They "left each other," 12 Apr 1837. Case dismissd after petition was twice continued. (Page 76)
NOTE: Geauga County Marriage Records: David JONES & Esther SKINNER, 1 Jan 1835.

ROWLEY, Phineas vs Jane. Filed 17 May 1839; hearing 21 Aug 1840. Phineas ROWLEY of Kirtland, married in the township of Ted[?], County of Rutland, VT, 1 Dec 1808, Jane ANDERSON. They lived together until about 1 Aug 1833, when Jane "absented herself from the bed and board of said Phineas" and continued wilfully absent for the last five years. Divorce granted. (Page 75)

SHEPHERD, Levi W. vs Julian/Julia Ann. Hearing 21 Aug 1840. Levi W. SHEPHERD of said county of Geauga, who married in Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., OH, 3 May 1835, Julian/Julia Ann SHEPHERD on about 15 May 1838. She abandoned her husband and home and removed to be in Madison, Geauga Co., OH. Granted. (Page 74)
NOTE: Geauga County Marriage Records: Levi SHEPHERD & Mary W. JOHN, 26 June 1839.

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