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LCGS LakeLines Name Index

A through G

???, Lucinda200733 44
???, Polly200531 24
???, Thomas200733 45
[?ale], Otis W.201036 34
Abbey, Aaron198612213
Abbey, Albert19911717
Abbey, Ann Maltby19911717
Abbey, George Jr.19911717
Abbey, George Sr.19911717
Abbey, John19911717
Abbey, Josue19911717
Abbey, Leonard198915328
Abbey, Maria19911717
Abbey, Mary19911717
Abbey, Walter19911717
Abbey, William19911717
Abbot, D.198814326
Abbot, David19828321,22
Abbot, David1983913,4
Abbot, David19839213
Abbot, David19851129
Abbot, David198511318
Abbot, David198915327
Abbot, Elisha199117434
Abbot, Sally199117434
Abbott, ---200733 15
Abbott, Aston20043024
Abbott, David19841019
Abbott, David201137214
Abbott, Mrs. David198410214
Abbott, Dr. Deborah20123811
Abbott, Dr. Deborah20133911
Abbott, Debbie201339438
Abbott, Deborah201440222
Abbott, Deborah201440334
Abbott, Deborah20154111
Abbott, Deborah201541440
Abbott, Deborah Dr.200733 2,29
Abbott, Deborah Dr.201036 39
Abbott, Dr. Deborah200935 1
Abbott, L. S.198915216
Abel, Almon19839215
Abel, Almon19839322
Abel, Daniel19839215
Abel, Daniel19839215
Abel, Daniel19839322
Abel, Daniel19839322
Abel, Harry199319324
Abel, Henry19952116,7
Abel, John Rev. War Corp.19871323
Abel, Karcey201036 35
Abel, Lura19839215
Abel, Lura19839322
Abel, Lury (Mrs.Milton Armstrong)19839212
Abel, Mary Luce19871323
Abel, Robert19871323
Abels, Harcy199521330
Abram, Ingrid201036 12
Abrams, Geo.199622434
Abrams, Maria199622434
Abrams, Mr.199622434
Acker, Mr. Howard, Jr.20144016
Acker, Mrs. Howard, Jr.20144016
Acker Sr., Mrs. Howard20144015
Acker, Mrs.20144016
Ackley, L. W.199723 26
Ackley, Welcome200733 13
Adam, Mrs. Ichabod199925 26
Adams, Andrew20113716
Adams, B. F.19773432
Adams, Benj.199622436
Adams, Benj.201036 35
Adams, Benj.201541330
Adams, Benjamin201036 35
Adams, C. D.19773432
Adams, C. D.19871327
Adams, C. D. Mrs.198915216
Adams, Mrs. C.D.200834 3
Adams, (Captain)198612215
Adams, Carrie L. (Paige)19817214
Adams, E. B.199723 35
Adams, E.E.200834 44
Adams, Eugene E.201137332
Adams, Eugene Edgar200834 32
Adams, Helen G.1983916
Adams, Helen G.200834 44
Adams, Mrs. Hewitt199925 39
Adams, Horace O.200834 32
Adams, Ichabod200733 32
Adams, J. R.200632 22
Adams, James Binney199622436
Adams, Joseph199925 38
Adams, Karen A.201541441
Adams, L.H.200834 44
Adams, L.R.200834 44
Adams, Margaret W.1983916
Adams, Martin G.200834 32
Adams, Martin H.19962215
Adams, Mary L.199117435
Adams, Orlando201036 24
Adams, Tim19839432
Adams, Wade E.198915213
Addams, Martain199824 36
Adkins, Louis G.201036 24
Adlard, Catherine (Griswold)19839429
Adlard, Mary Louise201440113
Adlard, Mary Louise201440223
Adlard, Peter C.19839429
Adlard, Ruth201339442
Adlard, Walter19839429
Adlard, William19839429
Agard, Sandra L.198511323
Agard, Sandra L.19871317
Agard, Sandra L.198814327
Agard, Sandra L.199218327
Ahlstrom, William M., Mrs. (Janice Mather)19784326
Ahlstrom, Mrs. William200531 36
Aho, Reva199218327
Aho, Reva199824 23
Aho, Reva199925 15
Aho, Reva Hissa199218323
Aielie/Bulie, Cyril19931915
Aielie/Bulie, Jennie Durfee19931915
Aikins, Martha Mrs.198915216
Akins, Dorothy201339442
Alanko, May E.200632 17
Alban, Dick199723 32
Alber, Mabel201339442
Albert, Chairity199117434
Albert, Dan'l199117434
Albert, Sarah199117434
Albert, Stephen199117434
Albrecht, C.H.200834 44
Albright, Christian199622211
Albright, Felix199622211
Alcock, Douglas and Gail201339220
Alden, C.T.200834 44
Alden, Dick199824 23
Alden, Dick199925 15
Alden, Dick200531 31
Alden, Richard200026 13
Alden, Richard200228 22a
Alden, Richard200329 16a
Alden, Richard20043029
Alden, Richard200531 25
Aldren (Few)1980611
Aldrich, Almira201238214
Aldrich, Alpheus201238214
Aldrich, Anthony201238215
Aldrich, Asahel B.201238215
Aldrich, Bethannah201238214,15
Aldrich, Charles199319218
Aldrich, Daniel201238214
Aldrich, David and Mary (Aylesworth)201238214
Aldrich, Erwin201238214
Aldrich, Hazen200026 46
Aldrich, Isaac N.199319218
Aldrich, Jane C.201238215
Aldrich, Julia199319218
Aldrich, Lyman201238214
Aldrich, Martha199319218
Aldrich, Thomas B.201238215
Aldridge, Charles200228 19
Aldridge, Emma200228 19
Aldridge, Isac200228 19
Aldridge, Loussia200228 19
Alessi, Justine A.201036 47
Alexander, John W.201137332
Alexander, Mattie Miss198915434
Alfoldy, Irene Patricia199925 39
Alfoldy, Louis199925 39
Alfoldy, Mrs. Louis199925 39
Alger, Elizabeth D.198410219
Allbright, John198511210
Allbright, Mary R.198511210
Allen, Abner201238445
Allen, Abner Sr200834 32
Allen, Alvin19751320
Allen, Benidh19751320
Allen, Bill200733 5
Allen, Bill201339220
Allen, Bill201339436
Allen, Bill201440227
Allen, C. B.201036 9
Allen, Charles C.200733 15
Allen, David L.198915213
Allen, Ethan201339327
Allen, Eve Cline19911715
Allen, G. W.199723 34
Allen, Hiram19911715
Allen, Horace W.19817326
Allen, Jacob201238445
Allen, James A.201137332
Allen, Janette199723 34
Allen, Joan200733 4,25
Allen, Joan200834 2
Allen, Joan201036 20
Allen, Joan201137225
Allen, Joan201339220
Allen, Joan201440227
Allen, Joan2015412R
Allen, Joan M.200632 37
Allen, John198814326
Allen, John19911715
Allen, John P.19751320
Allen, Jonas200127 36
Allen, Julius199622217
Allen, Louise200834 44
Allen, Lucena199319217
Allen, Lydia199319217
Allen, Lyman199319217
Allen, Lyman201238445
Allen, Margaritt199319217
Allen, Marinda201339442
Allen, Mary White19911715
Allen, Minerva200531 23
Allen, Nathan199925 26
Allen, Olive Camp19911715
Allen, Phoebe Buck19911715
Allen, Robert19911715
Allen, Samuel19751320
Allen, Seth19911715
Allen, Sheldon19751320
Allen, Silas201238217
Allen, Susan (Owen)200834 42
Allen, Thomas199319217
Allen, Wheaton199925 26
Allen, Willard200733 14
Allen, William200733 14
Allen, William200834 42
Allen, William B.199016324
Allhouse, Rebecca (Mather)19784325,26
Allin, Joyce200733 5
Allio, Marie20093534
Allison, David Jr.19839325
Allison, John201238337
Allison, Matilda19839325,26
Alllen, Joan M.200834 24
Allyn, A.19828323
Allyn, Anderson19806320
Allyn, Anderson Jr.199622216
Alpert, Susan J.199622217
Altoff, Gerry Ranger198814211
Altrooge, Harland, Mrs. (Anna)1975129
Altrooge, Harland, Mrs. (Anna)1977315
Alverson, Ralph201238220
Alvord, Elijah201440446
Alvord, Robert200531 44
Amand, Johann Friedrich199521433
Ames, Jason199319324
Ames, Jason T.198814433
Ames, Jeremiah201238445
Ames, Lovina198814433
Ames, Lovina198915212
Ames, Lovina199420212
Ames, Lovina Wheeler198814433
Ames, Robert Bruce199319325
Ames, Sarah198814433
Ames, Sarah198915212
Ames, Sarah199420212
Ames, Sarah Wheeler199319325
Amidon, H. N. Coroner20113717
Amidon, Orcelia201036 31
Amidon, Priscilla200834 14
Amidoun, Henry200733 43,44
Amiidon, William200733 44
Ammion, Henry N.200733 44
Amner, Mary, Mrs.1976228
Amsdell, Lovie S.1981715
Amy, G. W.19773432
Anderson, A.199824 36
Anderson, Absolam200632 36
Anderson, Beth198814327
Anderson, Beth & Bette199117213
Anderson, Bette198814327
Anderson, Bette199016322
Anderson, (Capt.)198511321
Anderson, Emily200632 36
Anderson, Emma199723 19
Anderson, Emma Jordan198814212
Anderson, Geor199824 36
Anderson, Harriet Yates198915325
Anderson, Helen200834 13
Anderson, Jane198915325
Anderson, Jay198511320
Anderson, Leonard198915218
Anderson, Leonard200632 36
Anderson, M. Vergene199218323
Anderson, Mabelle200834 13
Anderson, Mary200733 24
Anderson, Noah198814212
Anderson, Noah199420438
Anderson, Noah199723 19
Anderson, Noah200632 36
Anderson, Robert198915325
Anderson, Robert H.198915325
Anderson, W.C.200733 32,33
Andrean, Mr.200834 44
Andrean, W.T.200834 44
Andrew, Ailiin201339439
Andrew, Wm.201339441
Andrews, ---200733 13
Andrews, Arthur200026 26,34
Andrews, Frederick200531 23
Andrews, George W.1983916
Andrews, Henry199723 35
Andrews, Isaac19881414
Andrews, Marga200935 40
Andrews, Margaret St.John200834 44
Andrews, Matilda199319325
Andrews, Nataniel199319325
Andrews, Nathaniel M. Jr.200531 23,24
Andrews, Ora200026 28,37
Andrews, Oscar200733 44
Andrews, S. Jr.200834 44
Andrews, W. C.200834 44
Andrews, Wallace C.200935 40
Andrews, Willie200026 28,37
Angel family20093538
Angel, Betsey199117323
Angel, Edward B.199117323
Angel, John E.199117323
Angel, Mary Ann199117322
Angel, Rozaetha199117323
Angier, James H.201036 35
Anielski, Mary201339442
Annala, Isaac200834 32
Anneke, Jans20154116
Anthony, Elinor198511323
Anthony, Elnor (Mrs. Howard)19806315,20
Anthony, Elnor1981712
Anthony, Elnor198612325
Anthony, Elnor19871317
Anthony, Elnor19881418
Anthony, Elnor199117431
Anthony, Elnor19921815
Anthony, Elnor199521431
Anthony, Elnor A. (Mrs. Howard L.)198814216
Anthony, Howard198511323
Anthony, Howard19871317
Anthony, Howard & Elnor198814327
Anthony, Howard L.199521431
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)1974113
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)1975128,9
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19751319
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19751425,27
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19762314
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19762424,26,27,28
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)1977311,5,9
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19773212
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19773431,37
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)1978411,4
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)19784217
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)197951, 21
Anthony, Howard L., Mrs. (Elnor)197951, 211
Anthony, Rachel20043029
Anthony, Rachel20043032
Anthony, Rachel200531 25
Anthony, Rachel200632 24
Anthony, Rachel200733 25
Anthony, Wm.201137331
Anthony, Wm. D.201137332
Antisdel, Silas Jr.201238445
Antisdell, Wm.200127 36
Appleseed, Johnny201339219
Appleton, P.J.200834 44
Aquilla, Yagoda20043022
Aquilla, Yagoda20043039
Archbold, Charles200632 24
Archer, Benjamin199622215
Archer, Nellie D.200228 22a
Archer, Nellie G.198814217
Archer, Nellie G.200026 13
Archer, Robert, Mrs. (Alicia)1975129
Archer, Robert, Mrs. (Alicia)1977315
Archer, Mrs.V.L.1983915
Archer, Mrs.V.L.19839326
Archer, Verio L. (Mrs.)198511323
Archer, Verio L. Mrs19871317
Archer, Verio L. Mrs198814327
Archer, Verio L. Mrs.199117213
Archer, Verio L. Mrs.199218327
Archer, Verlo L.198814217
Arcola House Restaurant201137217
Arcole Iron Co.200733 14
Arendt, Shirley19839321
Armington, Everett20093534
Armistead, Noble201440446
Armour, Ella W.200632 21
Armstrong, Lara200733 44
Armstrong, Louisa198915436
Armstrong, Lury Abel19871323
Armstrong, Margaret (Marstellar)19773213
Armstrong, Mary A.200733 31
Armstrong, Maureen200935 7
Armstrong, Milton19839212
Armstrong, Milton201339214
Arndd, Monroe [?]201036 34
Arnegard, Sue198915219
Arnold, Alma A.199824 28
Arnold, Daniel199824 28
Arnold, David200733 13
Arnold, Ethalinda199723 35
Arnold, James199824 13
Arnold, Jane199723 35
Arnold, Jane201339441
Arnold, John201440446
Arnold, Jonathan201440446
Arnold, Margaret Ray199824 28
Arnold, Marie199824 28
Arnold, Mark201137441
Arnold, Monroe199824 28
Arnold, Mrs. S.199723 35
Arnold, Sarah201339441
Arnold, Simon19871337
Asche or Archer, Anne Martha200935 46
Ash, Oscar199319110
Ash, Oscar19952113
Ash, Oscar199622432
Ash, Oscar199723 3
Ash, Oscar199824 5
Ash, Oscar200026 1,6,13
Ash, Oscar200127 4,30
Ash, Oscar200228 22a,31
Ash, Oscar200329 16a
Ash, Oscar20043014,5
Ash, Oscar20043029
Ash, Oscar20043039
Ash, Oscar200531 25,30
Ash, Oscar200632 24
Ash, Oscar201541331
Ash, Oscar H.199824 23
Ash, Oscar H.199925 15
Ash, Oscar H.200733 25
Ash, Oscar H.200834 24
Ash, Oscar H.200935 25
Ash, Oscar H.201036 20
Ash, Oscar H.201137225
Ashcraft, Joel200733 14
Ashcraft, William200733 14
Asmus, Antone19871315
Asmus, Wilhelmina D.19871315
Aten, Beatrice20093535
Atkins, A.D.200834 44
Atkins, R.200834 44
Atkinson, Andrew201238222
Atkinson, Hattie Stacy19871349
Atkinson, June Clark200329 16
Atwater, J.198814326
Atwater, Julietta A. M. Knights Dewey19942015
Atwater, Ulysses19942015
Aufuldish, Bob201541212
Aufuldish, Bob & Dee2015412R
Aufuldish, Dee201541212
Auld, John200935 18
Aults, Henry H.198915213
Aunt Lizzie201541218
Austin, Addison A.199925 37
Austin, Addison A.200127 36
Austin, Amos199016324
Austin, Amos199420325
Austin, Ellen S.199925 37
Austin, F. (Judge)19828322
Austin, F.L.W.200834 44
Austin, George B.199925 37
Austin, George S.200834 44
Austin, Mrs. George S.200834 44
Austin, John199420325
Austin, John200026 46
Austin, John200834 34
Austin, John A.201137332
Austin, John O.19784322
Austin, Joseph200834 34
Austin, Maria A.199824 28
Austin, Mr.19871344
Austin, W.C.200834 44
Austin, William C.1983916
Autio, Lillian199925 38
Ave, Harold20093535
Averill, Anna D. (Ford)1981717
Averill, Chas. W.200935 18
Averill, Clarisa19952117
Averill, J. W. Sr. Capt.198915328
Averill, John19952117
Averill, John S.1981717
Averill, John W. Jr.201036 34,36
Averill, Mrs. W.L.200834 33
Averill, William19952117
Averill, William L.1983916
Averill, Wm. L.201036 24
Avery, C. A. Mrs.198915216
Avery, C.A.201238337
Avery, Mrs. C.A.200834 3
Avery, Charles A. Mr.199420217
Avery, Chas. A.198915328
Avery, Cyrus20123815
Avery, Elizabeth19751213
Avery, F. B.201036 24
Avery, Geraldine200834 13,14
Avery, Harriett200834 13
Avery, Ione200834 13
Avery, John1976211
Avery, Mary199723 25
Avery, Stella H.1983916
Avis, Leathea20093534
Axtell, (place)200733 33
Axtell, A.P.200026 46
Axtell, Gertrude (Wood)19817326
Axtell, Laura Kerr Mrs.199521439
Axtell, Mary B.19817214
Axtell, S. B.201541330
Axtell, Mrs. S.B.200834 3
Ayer, Arthur H.198612327,28
Ayer, Blanche H. (Mrs.Russell L.Poxon)198612327
Ayer, Carl Cleland198612327,28
Ayer, Cleland Shepard198612327
Ayer, Hamilton P.201137332
Ayer, Harriet A.198612328
Ayer, Horace A.198612327
Ayer, Horace R.198612327,28
Ayer, Katherine (Mrs. Arthur H. Ayer)198612327
Ayer, Lois Marie198612327
Ayer, Mary M. (Mrs. Jed B.Safford)198612327,28
Ayer, Pearley201541330
Ayer, Sarah C.198612328
Ayer, William J.198612328
Ayers family200632 17
Ayers, Eunice (Mrs. Capt. Pepoon)19839213
Ayers, Eunice (Mrs. Capt. Pepoon)19839325,26
Ayers, John19839213
Ayers, Mary (Mrs.A.Skinner (Capt)19839324
Aylesworth, Jennifer1983917
Ayr, Hamilton199824 14
Ayr, James199824 14
Ayr, Perley199824 14
Babbitt, Isaac20113712
Babcock, B. F.200632 20
Babcock, Bert200834 2
Babcock, D.H.200733 14
Babcock, Daniel201541216
Babcock, E. Loiuse (Mrs. C.W.)19817326
Babcock, Ed.201137331
Babcock, Edward198915216
Babcock, Edward19952116
Babcock, Emma A.19784322
Babcock, F.201238337
Babcock, H.M.198915435
Babcock, Harriet199319217
Babcock, Harry199016326
Babcock, Henry198915216
Babcock, Henry19952116
Babcock, Henry M.201036 34
Babcock, Henry T.198915328
Babcock, Imogene200834 2
Babcock, J. A.198915435
Babcock, Mrs. J. A.201036 9
Babcock, James199723 26
Babcock, Joseph198915216
Babcock, Joseph199319217
Babcock, Joseph201541216,18
Babcock, Joseph E.201137332
Babcock, Mamie200026 35
Babcock, Maria199319217
Babcock, Mary, (Mrs.)19762319
Babcock, Minnie (Mrs.F.G.Cressby)1983916
Babcock, Mr/Mrs200935 7
Babcock, Ruth200935 7
Babcock, Winifred201339442
Babkowski, Gizella Elizabeth19881413
Backos, Marcia19762423
Backos, Marcia R.201036 37
Bacon, Acenath199622436
Bacon, Chapin Kousins198814433
Bacon, Charles19952117
Bacon, Cousins/Chasens198915432
Bacon, D. N.198915328
Bacon, D. N.19952117
Bacon, D. N.199622436
Bacon, D.N.199824 13
Bacon, Delida199824 13
Bacon, Delsta19952117
Bacon, Dexter198814212
Bacon, Elisabeth19952117
Bacon, Elizabeth199824 13
Bacon, Esther19952117
Bacon, Geo.199622436
Bacon, Hannah Jordan198814212
Bacon, Ida19817326
Bacon, Kevin201541328
Bacon, Madison19952117
Bacon, Mary (Polly)199723 19
Bacon, Mary AS.19817214
Bacon, Mary Jordan198814212
Bacon, Minnie19881414
Bacon, Nelson19952117
Bacon, Ralph198814212
Bacon, Ralph198915327
Bacon, Ralph199218218
Bacon, Ralph199420438
Bacon, Ralph199723 19
Bacon, Ralph20123815
Badden, Arthur19952116
Baffer, Patricia200632 24
Bagdonas, Barbara201036 32
Bagdonas, Barbara201137225
Bagdonas, Barbara201339220
Bagdonas, Barbara201440227
Bagley, A. F.199824 3
Bagley, Charles200228 19
Bagley, Eli198814326
Bagley, Esmerella200228 19
Bagley, Frances G.199824 3
Bagley, Henry E.199117435
Bagley, Mary A.199824 3
Bagley, Samuel200228 19
Bagley, Wm. S.199824 3
Bailer, Jacob200834 44
Bailey, A.198814326
Bailey, A.198915218
Bailey, Agnes (Marvin)19817214
Bailey, Apphia B. Emory199319438
Bailey, August199016330
Bailey, Dudley200733 14
Bailey, Edwin199319329
Bailey, Eliza Church199420215
Bailey, Mr. Ernie20144016
Bailey, Mrs. Ernie20144016
Bailey, Harlow199319438
Bailey, Harlow199925 26
Bailey, Harlow201339214
Bailey, Mrs. Harlow199925 26
Bailey, Jacob201036 35
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth198814212
Bailey, Mary Wolfe199016330
Bailey, Mrs. Wolfe199016330
Bailey, Mrs. N.P.200834 3
Bailey, Rev. N.P.199925 37
Bailey, Reva20093534
Bailey, Troy200531 44
Bailey, Troy200834 19
Bailey, Wm.199016330
Baine, F.C.200834 45
Baird, Mrs. James201440446
Baker, Almond G.200733 45
Baker, Ann (Norton)1977313
Baker, Bertrand "Bert"1977314
Baker, Bethia1977313
Baker, Blanche (Hoyes)1977313,4
Baker Jr., C.200935 7
Baker Sr., Mr/Mrs C.200935 7
Baker, Charles1977313
Baker, Charles L.200026 5
Baker, Chas.P.200733 33
Baker, Dexter1977313
Baker, E. A.19881414
Baker, Edmunds, Mrs.19784324
Baker, Edna (Goss)1977313
Baker, Edward J.201036 24
Baker, Edwin201137332
Baker, Elijah19911714
Baker, Elizabeth20144015
Baker, Ellen1977313
Baker, Emeline J.199521329
Baker, Ethel Blanche19881419
Baker, Eunice (Gray)19817326
Baker, Frances19751319
Baker, Francis1977313
Baker, Francis19881419
Baker, Francis200026 5
Baker, Francis201036 44
Baker, Freelove (Crofoot)1977313
Baker, G.E.200733 33
Baker, Geo. O.199521329
Baker, Geor199824 36
Baker, George1977313
Baker, George198915219
Baker. George family201036 9
Baker, Gladys (Fenton)1977314
Baker, Halsey H.201541218
Baker, Harriet199521329
Baker, Herbert G200834 33
Baker, Hosea201238445
Baker, Hosy199824 36
Baker, Ineze19751213
Baker, J.C.20093534
Baker, James Monroe200531 23
Baker, Josephine200026 28,37
Baker, Kathleen R.19911715
Baker, Katie200026 28
Baker, Kittie (Mrs.C.H.Williams)19817326
Baker, Lillian (Brown)1977314
Baker, Lucetta (Ingersoll)1977314
Baker, Lucetta D. (Mason)1977313
Baker, Lydia (Rawdon)1977313
Baker, Mary199521329
Baker, Mary199521329
Baker, Maud (Eggleston)1977314
Baker, Minnie200026 28,37
Baker, Mira201036 9
Baker, N.198814326
Baker, Nancy200531 25
Baker, Nathaniel1977313
Baker, Newton200834 45
Baker, Olmsted201541218
Baker, Phebe G.199521329
Baker, Mr/Mrs. Phillip200935 7
Baker, Re'rie (Lace)1977313
Baker, Roy200531 25
Baker, S.B.20093534
Baker, Samuel1977313
Baker, Samuel199521329
Baker, Sarah (Brown)1977313
Baker, Sarah1977313
Baker, Scuyler S.200531 23
Baker, Sibelia1977313
Baker, Stephen "Burr"19881419
Baker, Stephen199521329
Baker, Stephen Burr1977313
Baker, Willard F.1977314
Baker, Willard Mason1977313
Baker, Willard Mason19881419
Baker, Wm. K.199521329
Baker, Zenas199521329
Balch, Charles Milo19762320
Balch, Frances20093534
Balch, Harriet, (Murphey)19762320
Balch, Jeremiah O.201541218
Balch, Joel201238337
Balch, Lois Ann200632 36
Balch, Nathan200632 36
Balch, Uzial200632 36
Balch, Vancia Mable19762320
Balch, W.201339214
Balch, Will(iam)200834 33
Balch, Will201339443
Balch, William199925 26
Balch, William201238445
Baldauf, Clarence200834 45
Baldwin, A. & P.198814326
Baldwin, Edmund19773325
Baldwin, Geo.19881415
Baldwin, George200733 31
Baldwin, George201036 9
Baldwin, Hannah19773325
Baldwin, Henry L.198915213
Baldwin, J. M.199319220
Baldwin, Jehiel201238445
Baldwin, Leland S.200935 18
Baldwin, M.A.200834 3
Baldwin, P.198814326
Baldwin, P. B.198814326
Baldwin, Sylvia (Skinner)19773325
Baldwin, Van Vectin19773325
Bale, Roberta Holdlen200329 19
Bales, Cora20093534
Bales, Gretta Durfee19931915
Bales, Gretta Durfee199521219
Bales, James19931915
Bales, James199521219
Ball, Abraham199420434
Ball, Bede (Mrs.Moses Fuller)19861217
Ball, Daniel200228 38
Ball, Elijab200228 38
Ball, Eliza199420434
Ball, Elizabeth Ann19806317
Ball, Ellen19806317
Ball, Jeney19806317
Ball, Jime19806317
Ball, John19806317
Ball, Joseph19806317
Ball, Libbie19806317
Ball, Lydi19806317
Ball, Mary E.19806317
Ball, Mathew199824 3
Ball, Matthew19806317
Ball, Nellie (Mrs. William Northcutt)19806317
Ball, Orange201238445
Ball, Sadie A.19806317
Ball, Sarah Ann (McKenney)19806317
Ball, Sarah E.19806317
Ball, Thomas19806317
Ball, Willie J.19806317
Ballard, Wm. L.200733 44
Bandel, Albert J.201137332
Banfield, Sue201137440
Banfield, Sue201440443
Bangert, Johann Friedrich199521433
Bangert, Peter199521433
Banister, W. H.201137332
Bankeroff, Sam, Hon.201137334
Banks, Gen201238337
Barber, Barbara199824 23
Barber, Barbara199925 15
Barber, Barbara200026 13
Barber, Barbara200228 22a
Barber, Barbara200329 16a
Barber, Barbara20043029
Barber, Ester M.19881414
Barber, H.198915328
Barber, J. D. Mrs.19871342
Barber, Jemimah19921817
Barber, Lima Roberts199016218
Barber, Louis C.201137331
Barber, Lura19839212
Barber, Lury Miss19871323
Barber, (Mrs.)19762319
Barber, Osborn200733 44
Barber, S. D.201137332
Barber, Jr., S. D.19762319
Barber, S. M.201137332
Barber, Sanford200026 46
Barber, Zonas199016218
Barckeley, Catherin19952116
Barckeley, David19952116
Barckeley, Wilber19952116
Barclay, D. W., (Mrs.)19762319
Barclay, David199521329
Barclay, Maria199521329
Barclay, Nancy200228 22a
Barclay, Wilbur199521329
Barcus, Jean199824 23
Barcus, Jean199925 15
Bard, Amanda19952116
Bard, Charles19952116
Bard, Fanny19952116
Bard, H W K201339441
Bard, Henry201339441
Bard, James19952116
Barden, Bertha200834 13
Barden, John P.201036 35
Barden, Postmaster201036 37
Barhydt, Wm. Duane200935 18
Bark, Thomas201440446
Barkaler, M.200733 44
Barkalow, George200733 45
Barkalow, George M.200834 33
Barkalow, Mrs. Jane200834 33
Barker, Asa198410219
Barker, C.H.201238337
Barker, David198410219
Barker, F. W.201137331
Barker, Mrs. F.M.200834 3
Barker, Frank M.198612213
Barker, Henry198410219
Barker, Osborn200733 44
Barker, Susan M.19871315
Barker, Thelma20093535
Barklow, M.P.200733 44
Barmum, Chas. P.201137332
Barnam, Dan'l199622436
Barnam, Mary199622436
Barnard, G.N.201137213
Barnard, George19751320
Barnard, George N.200026 5
Barnes, A. W.20113716
Barnes, Abbie (Mrs.Silas Barnes)198511210
Barnes, Alice200834 13
Barnes, Ann201339441
Barnes, C. P.198511210
Barnes, Calvin201137331
Barnes, E. R.201036 9
Barnes, Enos201036 9
Barnes, Ester H.200228 19
Barnes, Fred E.198915213
Barnes, Fred J.198915435
Barnes, Geo. H.200834 45
Barnes, Harley200834 45
Barnes, Harley201036 25
Barnes, Horace Dr.)198511210
Barnes, Ionia198511210
Barnes, Isabella200228 19
Barnes, J. B.198511210
Barnes, James B.198612213
Barnes, Jean199521433
Barnes, Jean199824 21,31
Barnes, Jean200026 14
Barnes, Jean200127 30
Barnes, Jean200329 2,12
Barnes, Jean20043014
Barnes, Jean20043026
Barnes, Jean200430310
Barnes, Jean200531 18;41,43
Barnes, Jean200632 32
Barnes, Jean200733 39
Barnes, Jean200834 2
Barnes, Jean200935 22
Barnes, Jean20113719
Barnes, Jean201137442
Barnes, Jean201541332
Barnes, Jennie19762319
Barnes, Jerome200228 19
Barnes, John200228 19
Barnes, John D.200228 19
Barnes, Justus A.200127 36
Barnes, Lydia M.200228 19
Barnes, M. I.198511210
Barnes, Mark Esq.199218437
Barnes, Mary Philean198511210
Barnes, Meryle20093535
Barnes, Nettie200834 3
Barnes, Percy200834 45
Barnes, S. P.201036 24
Barnes, S. [W.]201137332
Barnes, Sarah (Mrs.Harvey King)198511210
Barnes, Silas198511210
Barnes, William201036 9
Barnett, Louise20093534
Barnett, Louise F.200834 13
Barnhart, James200733 31
Barnitz, Albert198612213
Barns, Alfred199622435
Barns, Annett199622435
Barns, Franklin199622435
Barns, H.199622435
Barns, Maria Mrs.199622435
Barns, Maritta199824 14
Barnum, Dan'l199117434
Barnum, Dessolinus201541330
Barnum, Eleazer201440446
Barnum, Ferdinand D.199117434
Barnum, Sophia199117434
Baron, Phyllis (Steve)19861212
Barrand, Mary Elizabeth200935 3
Barrass, Ema19952116
Barrass, Margaret19952116
Barrass, Wm.19952116
Barrett, A. D.201137331
Barrett, AD200026 46
Barrett, Bill199016212,18
Barrett, Bill199925 1
Barrett, Bill200228 20
Barrett, Dorothy20093534
Barrett, E.H.200834 45
Barrett, Mary (Mrs.Frank Gilbert)1983916
Barrett, (Mrs.)200733 45
Barrett, Nellie200632 44
Barrett, Patricia199824 23
Barrett, Patricia199925 15
Barrett, Patricia200026 13
Barrett, Ruth S.200733 45
Barrett, William199016322
Barrett, William199824 23
Barrett, William199925 15
Barrett, William F.19806320
Barrett, William F.198511323
Barrett, William F.19871317
Barrett, Mrs. William F.198511323
Barrett, William Mr. & Mrs.198814327
Barrett, William Mr. & Mrs.199117213
Barrett, William Mr. & Mrs.199218327
Barrett, William Mrs.19871317
Barrett, Wm.200026 13
Barriss, Margaret199521329
Barriss, William199521329
Barritt, David1983913,4
Barrow, Bill200733 2
Barrow, Bill201036 11
Barrow, Bill20113711
Barry, Agnese200632 20
Barry, Alice K.200632 22
Barry, James P.200531 17
Barry, James T.200228 18
Barry, John198814435
Barry, Mary Annettie198814435
Barry, Vicki200228 22a
Barry, Vicki200329 16a
Barry, Vicki(e)200531 16,23,24,25
Barry, Vickie20043024
Barstow, A.E.200834 45
Barstow, H. L. Mr.19881414
Barstow, Juliette A.19881414
Barte, Abel C.19921817
Barte, Alexander19921817
Barte, Almeda19921817
Barte, Nathaniel19921817
Bartholomer, Fannie201238217
Bartholomew, Aaron200834 33
Bartholomew, Ann Richardson198814434
Bartholomew, Daniel19952117
Bartholomew, Mrs. Eliza Ann200834 33
Bartholomew, Fanny Vrooman19931917
Bartholomew, Hannah199723 25,34
Bartholomew, Joel19806319
Bartholomew, Joel19931917
Bartholomew, Joseph199218326
Bartholomew, Malinda Lovell Segar199218326
Bartish, Julius199925 27
Bartish, Mrs. John20113716
Bartlett, C.199824 14
Bartlett, Carol20093534
Bartlett, Carroll E.201036 45
Bartlett, Experience200531 42
Bartlett, Joseph19839326
Bartlett, Joseph Jr.199016329
Bartlett, Joseph Sr.199016329
Bartlett, Parks199824 14
Bartlett, Preserved199016329
Bartlett, Robert1979512
Bartlett, Ruby (Harrison)201036 45
Bartlett, Theodore199016329
Barto & Kerr200834 14
Barto, Alexander199319436
Barto, Julia Ann199319436
Barto, Mary199420329
Barto, N.199420329
Barton, Katherine, Mrs.19773326
Barton, Mr.& Mrs.Harold (Olds)198511322
Barton, Pliny F.201440446
Barton, Sarah Jane199319436
Bartram, Laura199925 26
Bartram, Levi201238445
Basale, Fonda Wagner198814214
Baskal, M.P.200733 44
Baskin, Marilyn20133911,2
Basquin, Anderson Miller199622216
Basquin, Hanson19828323
Basquin, Susan Maria Rhodes199622216
Basquine, O. W.198915435
Bass, Edith Brown19871349
Bass, James Harding19871337
Bass, James Harding19871349
Bassett, Anna (Mrs.Aaron Daniels)19839429
Bassett, Lelia200632 44
Bassett, Otis200935 44
Baster, Isaac19871343
Baster, Thomas and J.T.201339444
Batchelder, Betsy19751213
Batchelder, Debbie19828323
Batchelder, Debbie19861213
Batcheldor, L.198612213
Bateham, Minnie D.19881415
Bates, Benj.19871336
Bates, Benj.19881413
Bates, Benjamin200834 32
Bates, Caleb200733 44
Bates, Caleb Jr.200733 44
Bates, De Los201339443
Bates, Dea. L. P.199521216
Bates, Delos20093534
Bates, Dorothy Mrs.19931917
Bates, Eugene198915213
Bates, Fred G.201036 34
Bates, Geo. A.200834 33
Bates, George A.198410212
Bates, Horace H.201137331
Bates, Jane Mrs.198915435
Bates, Joshua19751324
Bates, Joshua201238445
Bates, Luther P.200026 46
Bates, Murial199925 27
Bates, Rev. N.W.200834 45
Bates, Nath'l199117435
Bates, Olney200834 32
Bates, Salamon S.201440446
Bates, Walter201440223
Bathurst, Jan200733 4,5,25
Bathurst, Jan200834 24
Bathurst, Jan200935 25
Bathurst, Jan201036 20,27
Bathurst, Jan20113718
Bathurst, Jan201137225
Bathurst, Jan201238213
Bathurst, Jan201339220
Bathurst, Jan201440227
Battles, Luther, Mrs.1975129
Battles, Rose200632 44
Bauer, Mr. F.C.20144016
Bauer, Mrs. F.C.20144016
Bauer, George199925 38
Baumgarten, Winifred201339442
Baxter, Angus201440442
Baxter, David1980628
Baxter, Edythe (Locke)1980628
Baxter, Elizabeth (Shock)1980628
Baxter, Irwin Nelson1980628
Baxter, Isaac199218218
Baxter, Isaac201238445
Baxter, Keziah (Cremean)1980628
Baxter, Loretta Ellen (Doner)1980628
Baxter, Samuel1980628
Baxter, Simon Peter1980628
Baxter, Virginia (Gilmore)19773329
Baxter, Virginia E.201036 44
Baxter, Virginia Elizabeth (Mrs. Eugene T. Gilmore)1980628
Bayley, ---200733 15
Bayley, Charles199319328
Bayley, Emerella199319328
Bayley, Samuel199319328
Beahe, John200632 44
Beale, Marshall D.201036 35
Beale, P. B.198814326
Beale, Vinton198915435
Bealer, David199824 35
Beall, George201036 24
Beall, Lawrence201440113
Beall, Myra201036 24
Beall, Robert201440223
Beals, Peter B.199218435
Bean, E. Keith200026 13
Bean, Hasom199117434
Bean, Keith199925 15
Beane Milton, Sandra200935 1
Beans, Maurice200733 33
Bear, Lafayette19828323
Beard, Charles199521330
Beard, Chas.199521330
Beard, H. Miss198915216
Beard, H. Mrs.198915216
Beardslee, E. H.199925 25
Beardslee, H.C.201137220
Beardslee, Henry Curtis, M.D200834 32
Beardslee, J.C. and H.C.200834 32
Beardslee, Jas. Carrier1983916
Beasley, Joe201440227
Beasley, Joe & Margaret2015412R
Beasley, Joe A.201137225
Beasley, Joe and Margaret201339220
Beasley, Margaret201440227
Beattie/Beatty, John19839326
Beattie, Louisa (Mrs.Theo Colvin)19839326
Beatty, Mrs.200632 44
Bebe, Alma198410219
Bebe, Cemantha198410219
Bebe, Ezra198410219
Bebe, Laura198410219
Bebe, Mary198410219
Bebe, Orilla198410219
Bebout, George200026 49
Bechen, Geraldine200531 25
Becker, Abraham Major19931917
Becker, Barnabas199319218
Becker, David199319218
Becker, George199319218
Becker, Hiram199319218
Becker, John199319218
Becker, Lucinda199319218
Becker, Reuben199319218
Becker, Sarah199319218
Beckit, Anna19891518
Beckwith, Emmeline Rush198814212
Beckwith, Henry198814212
Beckwith, Henry Richard198814212
Beckwith, Luther198814212
Beckwith, Russell199218218
Beckwith, Sarah Canfield198814212
Beckwith, Sylvester200733 31
Beckworth, Joel201238220
Bedell, B. H.201137332
Bedell, Cora Miss198915435
Bedell, F. B.198915435
Bedford, Edward199319218
Bedford, Harriet199319218
Bedford, Jacob199319218
Bedford, Stephen199319218
Bedford, William199319218
Bediant, Agnes P.198612327
Bediant, Luella200834 45
Bediente, Isac199824 36
Beebe, Affania Vansile201137333
Beebe, Allen C.201036 34
Beebe, Cinderella M. Freer198915220
Beebe, Doris199925 27
Beebe, Ezra201238445
Beebe, Fanny (Affania)19871349
Beebe, Hannah19871349
Beebe, Hiram201137333
Beebe, John19871349
Beebe, John198915220
Beebe, Lewis198915220
Beebe, Lewis C.19871349
Beebe, Lucy200733 31
Beebe, Lyman Clark201137333
Beebe, Mary19871349
Beebe, Mary198915220
Beebe, R.H.200733 15
Beebe, Wanda198915220
Beebe, William John19871349
Beebe, William John198915220
Beebee, Cindrilla Matilda Frier19871349
Beebee, Homer19871349
Beebee, Wanda19871349
Beebee, William John19871349
Beers, Abel200733 15
Beers, J. H.200531 17
Behling, Karrie Lee200632 43
Behm, Delford201339442
Behm, Zila200632 20
Behm, Zila20093534
Behnke, Frank20133918
Behrmdt, Barbara Ann200026 8
Belanger, G200632 44
Belanger, Paul199218214
Belanger, Susan199218214
Belat, William200329 7
Belcher, Elisha201238445
Belcher, Louise Boyer19762425
Belden, Burr T.198915213
Belden, David200733 12
Belden, Edith (Mrs. Theodore)19806320
Belden, Edith19817210
Belden, Edith (Mrs.)198511323
Belden, Edith199117213
Belden, Edith199824 23
Belden, Edith199925 15
Belden, Edith20043029
Belden, Edith200531 25
Belden, Edith Bosworth200733 12
Belden, Edith V.200026 13
Belden, Mary J.200935 7
Belden, Paul200733 12
Belden, Ruth200733 12
Belden, Theodore “Ted”200733 12
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)1975129
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)1977315
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)19773323
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)19773433
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)19784217
Belden, Theodore, Mrs. (Edith)19795211
Beldon, Edith198814327
Beldon, Edith199218327
Beldon, Edith Mrs.19871317
Belknap, ---200733 15
Belknap, R.S.200834 45
Bell, Angeline199319328
Bell, Carol198511319
Bell, Carol Willsey (C.G.)19861212
Bell, Elizabeth199824 28
Bell, Irene200329 8b
Bell, K. A. E.19881414
Bell, Ketchel199319328
Bell, Lucy199319328
Bell, Maria199723 35
Bell, Raymond199420216
Bell, Raymond M. Ph.D.19806313
Bell, Rethel E.199319328
Bell, Thomas199824 28
Bellamy, Gail Ghetia20043039
Bellows, Charles199622436
Bellows, Martha199622436
Bellows, Saml.199622436
Bellows, William199622436
Benedict, Charles F.199218324,25
Benedict, Charles R.199218324
Benedict, Edith Harriet199218324
Benedict, Ella Pihl199218324
Benedict, Francis199420440
Benedict, Francis M.199420329
Benedict, George A.199218324
Benedict, Henry199420440
Benedict, Laura200834 14
Benedict, Laura Evalyn199218324
Benedict, Leon Gray199218324,25
Benedict, Manda199218324
Benedict, Mary199420440
Benedict, R. F.198915328
Benedict, R. J.201036 31
Benedict, Royal F.199420440
Benedict, Sarah199420440
Benedict, Simon B.200733 14
Benedict, Sylvester19911715
Benedict, Sylvia Church199218325
Benedict, Sylvia Harriet Church199218324
Benedict, Wm. N200632 33
Beneditti, Anita200026 47
Benett, Melvina198814435
Benjamin, E. Capt.199218437
Benjamin, E.T.201339444
Benjamin, Frank A.19817214
Benjamin, George W.200733 24
Benjamin, J. M.201036 9
Benjamin, J. W.201036 9
Benjamin, Mrs. J. W.201036 9
Benjamin, John M.200026 46
Benskin, P.W.200834 45
Benson, Chas.200733 33
Benson, Fred F.1983916
Benson, Jeanne200531 25
Benson, Jeanne200834 24
Benson, Jeanne200935 25
Benson, Jeanne201036 20
Benson, Jeanne201137225
Benson, Jeanne201339220
Benson, Jeanne2015412R
Benson, Jeanne Bonwell200935 3
Benson, Laura200834 14
Bentley, Wm. A.199824 35
Bently, Eliza199218432
Benton, A. E.199420325
Benton, Darwin199622436
Benton, Horace Mr.199218216
Benton, Mrs.199925 26
Bentti, Evelyn198511323
Bentti, Evelyn19871317
Bentti, Evelyn198814327
Bentti, Evelyn199117213
Bentti, Evelyn199218327
Bentti, Evelyn199824 23
Bentti, Evelyn199925 15
Bentti, Evelyn Tisdel19839326
Benyak, Mr.& Mrs. Anton198511322
Beresh, Irene199925 38
Berg, Elsie200733 4,25
Berg, Elsie D.200632 24
Berg, Elsie D.200834 24
Berg, Elsie D.200935 25
Berg, Elsie D.201036 20
Berg, Elsie D.201137225
Bergman, Geo.200935 42
Bernard, Janet D.200935 46
Berner, Carl F.201036 24
Bernius, George Adolph198814434
Bernius, Helene Dorothea198814434
Berry, A. M.201036 9
Berry, J.199824 36
Bert, B.200026 34
Bertke, Andrea J.200127 4
Berus, Frank201137217
Berus, Mary201137217
Besdill, J.200733 44
Beseda, Michael199925 38
Besemer, Bernigene Mrs.199016329
Besey, Benjamin201238216
Bestor,200026 5
Betteley, Patty200026 11,13
Betteley, Patty A.199824 23
Betteley, Patty A.199925 15
Betteley, Patty A.20043014
Beverly, Mrs. Jack200935 7
Bezbeg, Emery199925 38
Bezdek. Elmer201440113
Bezzeg, Jospeh199925 27
Bichsel, Maude200632 22
Bichsel, Olga200632 22
Bickle, John199319220
Bickle, Mary199319220
Bickley, Howard19784217
Bickley, Howard19795211
Bickley, Howard, Mrs. (Doris)19784324
Bickley, Howard, Mrs. (Doris)19795211
Bicknell, T.201339441
Biddle, Earl E.200834 45
Bidwell, George199420328
Bidwell, H.199420328
Bidwell, Orville W.200228 38
Biessmann, Christopher F.19871315
Biessmann, Friedrich B.19871315
Biessmann, Meta Hulda19871315
Bigelow, Hannah200531 23
Bigelow, Josephine201036 35
Biggs, E.198915328
Biggs, Elisabeth199723 26
Biggs, John William201440445
Bigler, Frank S.19817326
Bigler, Frank S.199016327
Bigler, S.198915328
Bigler, S.199016327,28
Bigley, Vallie20093534
Bihary, John199925 38
Bijak, Andrew199925 27
Bill, Buffalo201137330
Billings Mary Russell201238444
Billings, Charlot Childs201238444
Billings, John D.201440448
Billings, Maria Palsley201238444
Billings, Sallome201440446
Billings, Samuel201238444,45,46
Billington, Anna Eva Miller199925 17
Billington, Benjamin199420434
Billington, Elizabeth (Betsy)199723 19
Billington, Elizabeth (Betsy)200531 23;24
Billington, Frank Edward19881413
Billington, Frank Freeland19881413
Billington, Geor J.199824 36
Billington, George I.198814433
Billington, George W.19881413
Billington, Harvey198814433
Billington, Harvey W.19881413
Billington, Ida O. Winchester198814433
Billington, Levi O.201137332
Billington, Louanna200632 47
Billington, Lucina Emily Cummings199420434
Billington, Magdelain Sanders198814433
Billington, Norman T.19881413
Billington, Mrs. Russ200935 7
Billington-Swartz, Rita19911715
Billman, Paul199925 27
Billson, Jim199925 13
Billson, Jim20043014
Bingly, Charles201339441
Binnig, Mary, Mrs.1975129
Binnig, Mary, Mrs.1977315
Binnig, Mary, Mrs.19773212
Binnig, Mary, Mrs.19795211
Binnig, Mary19806320
Binnig, Mary1981712
Binnig, Mary, Mrs.19784217
Birchard, Amos201036 34
Birge, Martin200733 31
Birge, Polly200733 31
Birkholz, E. F.200834 45
Bisbee, A.200026 5
Bishop Jennie B. (Brunell)19817326
Bishop, Fred200733 33
Bishop, Homer19817326
Bishop, Mattie A. (Mrs.Jos.Callender)1983916
Bishop, Ruth Ann (Mrs.AJ Stephens)198410324
Bishop, T.198814326
Bishop, Victoria199117213
Bissel, Tinnie201036 9
Bissell, B.199420327
Bissell, Caroline199420327
Bissell, Edward199925 26
Bissell, Edward201238445
Bissell, Elizabeth199420327
Bissell, Harry201339444
Bittles, Mr. Bill20144016
Bittles, Mrs. Bill20144016
Bittles, Dewey20144016
Bitzer, Agnes200834 45
Bitzer, B.B.200834 45
Bitzer, E.E.200834 45
Bitzer, Joyce19861211
Bixler, Elias201137332
Blacet, Paul198410212
Blach, Charles199117431
Blach, Electra Covey199117431
Black, Blanche199925 39
Black, Malden200632 24
Black, Malden200733 25
Black, Malden200834 24
Blackman, R.R.201339214
Blackmer, Blackmore, Blackmar19828323
Blackmon, George W.200834 14
Blackmon, Jessie200834 14
Blackmon, Lansing200834 13,14
Blackmon, Lucy Mathews200834 35
Blackmore, Berta Mae199319330
Blackmore, D.P.20093534
Blackmore, George200834 14
Blackmore, John200834 45
Blackmore, Lucille199723 3
Blackmore, Lucille Warren199521213
Blackmore, Lucille Warren199622326
Blackmore, William20043023
Blackmur, [Father of Berta-Mae]199824 28
Blackmur, Berta Mae19806320
Blackmur, Berta Mae198511323
Blackmur, Berta Mae19871317
Blackmur, Berta Mae19871321
Blackmur, Berta Mae19881411,2
Blackmur, Berta Mae198814321,27
Blackmur, Berta Mae19891511,10
Blackmur, Berta Mae198915211,20
Blackmur, Berta Mae198915330
Blackmur, Berta Mae198915440
Blackmur, Berta Mae19901611,2,10
Blackmur, Berta Mae199016440
Blackmur, Berta Mae19911711,9,10
Blackmur, Berta Mae199117211,13,20
Blackmur, Berta Mae199117330
Blackmur, Berta Mae199117431
Blackmur, Berta Mae199218211,12
Blackmur, Berta Mae199218327
Blackmur, Berta Mae199319438
Blackmur, Berta Mae19942011
Blackmur, Berta Mae199420212,20
Blackmur, Berta Mae199420322,30
Blackmur, Berta Mae199420431,40
Blackmur, Berta Mae199521110
Blackmur, Berta Mae199521220
Blackmur, Berta Mae199521330
Blackmur, Berta Mae199521440
Blackmur, Berta Mae200127 3
Blackmur, Berta Mae200531 16,25
Blackmur, BertaMae200026 6,11,13,21
Blackmur, BertaMae200935 23
Blackmur, Berta-Mae198814431
Blackmur, Berta-Mae19962211,2,10
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199622211,20
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199622330
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199622440
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199723 10,20,21,30,31,32,40
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199824 1,5,10,11,12,20,23,25,26,30,33,38,40
Blackmur, Berta-Mae199925 8,10,15,20,30,40
Blackmur, Berta-Mae200329 16a
Blackmur, Berta-Mae20043027,9,
Blackmur, Berta-Mae200733 25
Blackmur, Berta-Mae200834 12,46
Blackmur, Bertha Mae19861212
Blackmur, Bertha Mae198612319
Blackmur, Georgene (Hull)200834 12
Blackmur, Howard200834 12
Blain, John Rev.201238446
Blair, A. G., Mrs.1975129
Blair, Emily199117322
Blair, Eveline19751324
Blair, L. F.201137331
Blair, La Fayette200834 33
Blair, Lafayette198915218
Blair, Lafyette199420328
Blair, Laura G.199117322
Blair, Lorton199420328
Blair, Orris200127 36
Blair, R.199420328
Blair, R. L.198915437
Blair, Robert19817325
Blair, Robert200834 33
Blair, Robert201440446
Blair, Robert Loiton200834 33
Blair, Susan199420328
Blair, Wm.199420328
Blair, Wm. A.198915328
Blair, Wm. A.200733 14
Blake, Alphonse199117434
Blake, Jennie200026 34
Blake, Mildred200026 8
Blakeley, Attorney200834 45
Blakely, E.F.200834 45
Blakely, Elbert F.198915213
Blakeslee, Chris J.198915325
Blakeslee, Marion20093534
Blakeslee, Ronald C.198915325
Blakesly, John201440446
Blanchard, Ira20123815
Blanchard, Martha Story Pendelton19931915
Blanchard, Thomas19931915
Blankenship, Naoma198814434
Blaser, Barbara199824 23
Blaser, Barbara200026 13
Blaser, Barbara200127 1
Blee, John198915328
Blee, John199622435
Blee, Margaret199622435
Blennerhassett, Margaret201339219
Bliel, Anne199925 31
Bliel, Clyde199925 31
Bligh, E. E.19773432
Blinn, Mr.1983914
Blish Mr. (Deacon)19839324
Blish, Ben. Jr.198915328
Blish, Benjamin19839324,25
Blish, Benjamin19861215
Blish, Benjamin198915328
Blish, Benjamin200228 19
Blish, Benjamin Jr.198915327
Blish, Benjamin Jr.201238445
Blish, Geo.200834 32
Blish, George200228 19
Blish, Helen P.200834 45
Blish, James200228 19
Blish, Lucinda200228 19
Blish, Phebe19839325
Blish, Zenas19839324
Blish, Zenas200228 19
Blish, Zenas201339214
Blish, Zenas (Hon.)19861216
Blish, Zenus199824 36
Bliss, Altha200632 47
Bliss, Charles L.200834 33
Bliss, Daniel199319218
Bliss, Geo. L.200834 33
Bliss, George200632 47
Bliss, Henery200632 47
Bliss, Horce200632 47
Bliss, Sally200733 31,32
Bliss, Sybil200531 24
Blocker, John200733 33
Blodgett, Clark199420214
Bloss, Amasa198915327
Blossom, Carlos199319217
Blue, James201440446
Blue, Michael Capt.201238445
Blunt, Grace (Mrs.Smith)19851128
Blunt, Mary (Mrs.E.M.Echol Keaton)19851128
Blunt, William Harold19851128
Bly, Ezra199723 26
Boardman, Roger199319434
Bobertz, Margaret200228 22a
Bobertz, Margaret200329 16a
Bobertz, Margaret20043029
Bobertz, Margaret200531 25
Bobertz, Margaret200632 24
Bobertz, Margaret200733 25
Bobertz, Margaret200834 24
Bobertz, Margaret200935 25
Bobertz, Margaret201036 20
Bobertz, Margaret201137225
Bobertz, Margaret201339220
Bobertz, Margaret201440227
Bobertz, Margaret2015412R
Bock, Fernando C.199319329
Bock, Joyce200935 25
Boehnlein, Dr. Mary201339212
Boettger, Maud199824 23,32
Bogardus, Anneke Jans19784322
Bogardus, Everardus20154116
Bogert, John L.20043032
Boggs, Doris199117213
Boisen, Martin H.199016323
Bollam, Paula200329 16a
Bollam, Paula20043029
Bollam, Paula200531 25
Bollam, Paula200632 24
Bollam, Paula200733 25
Bollam, Paula200834 24
Bollam, Paula200935 25
Bollam, Paula201036 20
Bollas, Emma199925 38
Bollas, John199925 38
Bolles, Damaris (Mason)1977313
Bolles, Damaris19881419
Bol(l)(e)s, Gordon200733 43,44
Bolsten, Abner199319217
Bolsten, Polly199319217
Bond T.N.19839432
Bond, Charlotte200733 32
Bond, Eli198915327,28
Bond, Eli Gen.199016326
Bond, Eli (Gen.)19839325
Bond, Eli (Gen.)19839431,32
Bond, Elisha201238445
Bond, Ezra200733 13
Bond, Gen.19921818
Bond, Jacob200632 35
Bond, John200632 35
Bond, Mary Jane200632 35
Bond, RD200632 35
Bond, Richard201137332
Bond, Solomon (Doct.)19839431
Bond, Thomas (Capt.)19839431
Bonewell, Dr. John200733 33
Bonewelle, John Stephen200935 3
Bongard, Johann Konrad199521432
Bonner, Marie200935 7
Bonsack, Sally200531 25
Bonsack, Sally200632 24
Bonsack, Sally200733 25
Bonsack, Sally200834 24
Bonsack, Sally J.200228 20,22a
Bonsack, Sally J.200329 16a
Bonsack, Sally J.20043029
Bonwell, Lester Rich200935 3
Bonwell, Robert200935 3
Boon family200733 8
Boone family200733 8
Booth, Albert H.201036 24
Booth, Arlie200531 36
Booth, E.200733 13
Booth, Eli199723 26
Booth, Elihu199218218
Booth, Glen20093534
Booth, Glenetta200632 21
Booth, L.S.200733 13
Booth, Robert V. D.19871326
Booth, Robert V. D.199824 32
Booth, Samuel Terry201238445
Booth, Stephanie Elise200228 8
Borger, Lula20144016
Borough, Bonnie201339444
Borso, John200935 18
Bosley, Edith (Mrs. Paul)19806320
Bosley, Edith199420432
Bosley, Patricia Ann19784219
Bosley, Mrs. Paul198511323
Bosley, Paul Mrs.19871317
Bosley, Paul Ralston19784219
Bosley, Paul Ralston, Jr.19784219
Bosley Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith)1974111
Bosley Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith)1975129
Bosley Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith)19751318
Bosley, Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith Covell)19784211,17,19
Bosley, Paul Sr., Mrs. (Edith)19795211
Bosley, Richard Wayne19784219
Bosley, Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith)1977315
Bosley, Sr., Paul S., Mrs. (Edith)19773212
Bosley, Virginia (Crowe)19784219
Bostwick, ---200733 13
Bostwick, Bertha B. (Mrs.H.H.Sanford)19817326
Bostwick, Shelbern201238445
Bosworth, Clara Parpart200733 12
Bosworth, Clarence200733 12
Bosworth, Harry P.198915213
Botch, Overton199117434
Bottin, Fred T.198915213
Bowden, Christopher199218324
Bowden, Harriet L. Sanford199218324
Bowden, Richard Clayton199218324
Bowen, Gordon A.199824 23
Bowen, Gordon A.199925 15
Bower, John Paul19861213
Bower, Thomas199622435
Bowers, Bill199824 23
Bowers, Clarence199824 23
Bowers, Clarence199925 15
Bowers, Clarence20043014
Bowers, Clarence200834 40
Bowers, Clarence201036 2,20,28,38,48
Bowers, Clarence201137110
Bowers, Clarence201137219,25,28
Bowers, Clarence201137337,38
Bowers, Clarence201137448
Bowers, Clarence201238110
Bowers, Clarence20123818,10
Bowers, Clarence201238338
Bowers, Clarence201238448
Bowers, Clarence20133919,10
Bowers, Clarence201339220,24
Bowers, Clarence201339332
Bowers, Clarence201339434,35,38,45
Bowers, Clarence201440115,16
Bowers, Clarence201440222
Bowers, Clarence201440335,49,??
Bowers, Clarence201440450
Bowers, Clarence201541110
Bowers, Clarence201541226
Bowers, Clarence201541332a
Bowers, Clarence201541441
Bowers, Clarence L.200935 25
Bowers, Clarence L.201440227
Bowers, Clarence L.2015412R
Bowers, Hazel199824 23
Bowers, Maggie200026 39
Bowers, Shirley G.199925 15
Bowersox family200228 3
Bowin, Jane200228 19
Bowman, I.201137331
Bowman, Mary L.200733 37
Boyce, John201238445
Boyce, Joseph H.201036 35
Boyd, A.P.200733 33
Boyd, Cristine200733 1
Boyd, Daniel200632 46
Boyd, Dorothy E.200127 32
Boyd, Ethel, (Mrs.)19762319
Boyd, Geraldine199925 35
Boyd, Geraldine200026 10
Boyd, Geraldine200026 13
Boyd, Geraldine200228 22a
Boyd, Geraldine200329 16a
Boyd, Geraldine20043029
Boyd, Geraldine200531 23,24,25
Boyd, Geraldine200632 24
Boyd, Geraldine R.199420434
Boyd, Geraldine R.199824 23
Boyd, Geraldine R.199925 15
Boyd, John200632 46
Boyd, John (jr)200632 46
Boyd, Wm200632 46
Boyer, Eileen199723 32
Boyer, Eileen199824 23
Boyer, Eileen199925 15
Boyle, Hugh200632 35
Boyle, James200632 35
Boyle, Jane200632 35
Boyle, Mrs.200632 35
Boyle, Sarah200632 35
Boyle, Wm.200632 35
Boynton, D. T.198511318
Bracher, Amy200228 19
Bracher, George200228 19
Bracher, James200228 19
Bracher, Mary200228 19
Bracher, Thomas200228 19
Bradbury, Elijah19751213
Bradford, Albina199319219
Bradford, Charlotte199319219
Bradford, Elizabeth199319219
Bradford, Nancy199319219
Bradford, Sampson199319219
Bradley, Dr. M.H.200834 45
Bradley, Dr/Mrs J.W.200935 7
Bradley, James201238445
Bradley, Justus198814326
Bradley, Lole201036 26
Bradley, Munson201238221
Bradley, Parnel198410326
Bradley, Thaddeus198410326
Bradley, Thomas200733 44
Bradner, Sam19871314
Bradway, C.W.200834 45
Brady, A.P.200834 45
Brady, Barnet Jr.199016434
Brady, Catherine199016434
Brady, John200026 8
Brady, Mathew1978413
Braeffle, John C. L. Rev.19931917
Braeuel, A. J., Mrs. (Lauradel)1975129
Braeuel, A. J., Mrs. (Lauradel)1977315
Braeuel, A. J., Mrs. (Lauradell)19784217
Braeuel, A. J., Mrs. (Lauradell)19784321,23
Braeuel, A. J., Mrs. (Lauradell)19795211,13
Braeuel, Laura19871316
Braeuel, Laura (Mrs. Addison)19871317
Braeuel, Laura19891512
Braeuel, Lauradel1981712
Braeuel, Lauradel19861211
Braeuel, Lauradell198511317,23
Braeuel, Lauradell Mrs.198814327
Braeuel, Lauradell Mrs.199117213
Braeuel, Lauradell Mrs.199218327
Bragdon, Elsie (Sproul)1978411
Bragdon, Elsie Louise19751213
Bragdon, George Osgood19751213
Bragdon, Jacob S.199420110
Braid, Stanley200935 7
Braidwood, Harry201440336
Brainard, Arthur201440113
Brainard, Charles19962217
Brainard, Fanny200935 7
Brainard, Florence E.198814219
Brainard, Frank19962217
Brainard, Hubert Z.198915213
Brainard, Ira199521110
Brainard, Ira19962217
Brainard, Ira199622438
Brainard, Jr., Larry19839212
Brainard, Kathleen199723 32
Brainard, Kathleen199824 23
Brainard, Kathleen199925 15
Brainard, Kathleen200026 13
Brainard, Marian19962217
Brainard, May Bentley19962217
Brainard, Noah198915328
Brainard, O. N.198612213
Brainard, Phoebe199521110
Brainard, Phoebe19962217
Brainard, Phoebe199622438
Brainard, Ruth Frary20123818
Brainard, V. L.198814219
Brainard, Victor L.198814219
Brainard, William19962217
Brainerd, Mr.200127 36
Brakeman, Charles19891519
Brakeman, Charles19901614
Brakeman, Christopher199016215
Brakeman, Clarissa Race19891519
Brakeman, Edward199016216
Brakeman, Esq.19871336
Brakeman, Ezra Capt.199016215
Brakeman, Follin199016215
Brakeman, Gary199824 36
Brakeman, Hariett Bartholomew199016215
Brakeman, Henry198612326
Brakeman, Henry19871348
Brakeman, Henry198814212
Brakeman, Henry200228 8
Brakeman, Henry201238445
Brakeman, Henry N.19891519
Brakeman, Henry N.19901614
Brakeman, Henry N.199016218
Brakeman, Henry N.199319215
Brakeman, Hiram199016215
Brakeman, John199016215
Brakeman, Lewis199016215
Brakeman, Lowell199016215
Brakeman, Peter198612326
Brakeman, Peter19871348
Brakeman, Peter19891519
Brakeman, Peter200733 13
Brakeman, R.J.200834 45
Brakeman, Riley200733 33
Brakeman, Samantha Heminway198814212
Brakeman, Samantha Heminway19901614
Brakeman, Samantha Heminway199319215
Brakeman, Stephen199016215
Brakeman, Thomas19891519
Brakeman, Thomas19901614
Brakeman, Winslow199016215
Braman, Mrs. L.200834 3
Bramlet, Marcia199016434
Branch, E. P.201036 9
Branch, E. P.201137331
Branch, Edward Payson198511210
Branch, Elijah201238445
Branch, Elijah201339214
Branch, Mrs. Judge199925 26
Branch, Samuel200127 36
Branch, William201238445
Branch, William W.201238220
Branck, Edward P.20043023
Brankman, Azan199016215
Brankman, Samantha Heminway19891519
Brankman, Samantha Heminway199016218
Brant, Joseph19806319
Brant, Joseph19931917
Brant, Joseph201238216
Branthoover, W. R.19762213
Branthoover, William1981729
Braski, Hilda20113716
Brass, Garry199218218
Braun, Mrs. George C.200935 7
Brawdt, Tomi201339220
Brawdt, Tomi201339436
Brayman, Henrietta L.199218438
Brayman, Marietta A.199218438
Breauel, Lauradell19871331
Brediger, Harry and Ruth20133918
Breed, Nathan T.1983916
Breed, Sarah N.19881415
Breed, W. A.19881414
Bregitzer, Mary Lou20043015
Brehm, Jean200632 10
Brehm, Jean200733 4
Breitenbach, Marian A.198814434
Bremer, Lauren20043021,9
Bremer, Lauren20043031,2
Bremer, Lauren200531 1
Brengle, Charles19839429
Brengle, Frances1983915
Brengle, Frances19871323
Breniser, Deb20043014
Brennan, Betty201137215
Brennan, Timothy201137215
Brenner, David19871329
Brew, Heber R.199117434
Brew, Mrs.200834 3
Brewer, D.W200834 45
Brewer, Elizabeth C.19751321
Brewer, Helen200026 8
Brewer, Henrietta M.201036 24
Brewer, Henry W.201036 24
Brewer, Mildred200026 8
Brewer, Milo19751321
Brewer, Nath’l199723 35
Brewster family200127 2
Brewster, C.E.20093534
Brewster, Mr. Dale20144016
Brewster, Mrs. Dale20144016
Brewster, Eunice20093534
Brewster, Helen20093534
Brewster, Jasper199925 26
Brewster, Jasper201238445
Brewster, Sidney200127 36
Brewster, Wadsworth199925 26
Brewster, Wm.200935 18
Brichford, R.T.200834 45
Brick, Bernard19751213
Brick, Bridget19881415
Brick, Laura Mae19751213
Brick, Mary A.201036 37
Brick, Mrs. John200026 8
Brickle or (Bishla) Helen200935 46
Bridges, Benjamin198915327
Bridges, Benjamin19921818
Briesemeister, Mr/Mrs J.F.200935 7
Briggs, (Mrs. William Sherman)198814325
Briggs, Albert199824 13
Briggs, Alla199723 26
Briggs, Arthur199824 13
Briggs, C. W.201541330
Briggs, C.W.199824 13,15
Briggs, Eliza199824 13
Briggs, Erastus201036 34
Briggs, Harriette201339441
Briggs, J. W.199824 3
Briggs, Jerome199117434
Briggs, Julia199824 13
Briggs, Lewis200329 41
Briggs, M.A.200733 13
Briggs, Mary H.199824 3
Briggs, Nancy J.199824 3
Briggs, Rufus19817325
Briggs, S. B.199723 26
Brigham, William201440446
Bright, Rev. H. E.200834 45
Bright, Mary199420439
Brightmore, Joseph E.201137332
Brigleb, Carl20144016
Brigleb, Mr. G.G.20144016
Brigleb, Mrs. G.G.20144016
Brigleb, Nancy20144016
Brindall, Samuel200733 13
Brindle, Portia201036 34
Brindo, Margaret199420322
Brininger, Elaine200632 24
Brinkerhoff, David M., Dr.201137215
Brinsden, James199117219
Brisco, Eliza A. (Doty)1981715
Britton, J.H.200834 32
Brockett, Harvey Barnes199218213
Brockett, Joseph McCreary199218213
Brockett, Mary McCreary199218213
Brockett, Sarah V. Stansbury199218213
Brocklehurst, Mary Ann Mrs.199218437
Brockway, Ethel19784217
Brockway, Ethel19795211
Brockway, Ethel (Mrs. Paul E.)19806320
Brockway, Ethel198511323
Brockway, Ethel19871317
Brockway, Ethel198814327
Brockway, Ethel199117213
Brockway, Ethel199218327
Brodie, Violet199622437
Brodie, Violet & William198814327
Brodie, Violet & William199218327
Brodie, Violet B. Hudson199622321
Brodie, Violet Hudson198511323
Brodie, Violet Hudson19871317
Brodie, Violet Hudson199622326
Brodie, William19871317
Brodie, William199622321
Brodle, Violet & William199117213
Broglin, Jana Sloan200733 11
Bronson, C. C.199117215,16
Bronson, C. C.199117324
Bronson, C. M. Mrs.19871342
Bronson, C.C.19871342
Bronson, Geo. F. Rev.199117217
Bronson, Gertrude, Mrs.19784438
Bronson, Gertrude, Mrs.1979527
Bronson, H.198814326
Brooke, Ema19952117
Brookins, L. I.201137332
Brooks family20093538
Brooks, Abram199622324
Brooks, Alanson199925 26
Brooks, Amelia199824 15
Brooks, Angeline200632 36
Brooks, Antoinette19881415
Brooks, Carrie200834 42
Brooks, Catharine199319217
Brooks, David200531 23;24
Brooks, DeForest200834 42
Brooks, Effie Jane199622324
Brooks, Ella199521219
Brooks, Ellen200834 45
Brooks, Ellen Burr19891516
Brooks, Eugene (Isaac)19891516
Brooks, Eugene199824 15
Brooks, Eva200935 7
Brooks, Harry C.1983916
Brooks, Henry201238220
Brooks, Hugh198814215
Brooks, Jefferson T.19891516
Brooks, John199824 15
Brooks, Laura200531 23;24
Brooks, Lonson201036 4
Brooks, Lucy Arminda Burr (Minnie)19891516
Brooks, Mary Ann19952116
Brooks, Mary Jane Davis199622324
Brooks, Mr.201137334
Brooks, Rebecca199117435
Brooks, Samuel200127 23
Brooks, Samuel200531 23
Brooks, Samuel201137332
Brooks, Thomas199622324
Brooks, Thos199117435
Brooks, Timothy199824 15
Brooks, Vivian Sutter199521219
Brophy, John201541217
Brophy, John E.201541218
Brophy, Sara201541218
Brothers, Alpha200834 45
Brothers-Johnson, Mary200834 22
Brott, Malona Abbott19931915
Brott, Reynolds/Runnels19931915
Brott, Wiliiam19931915
Brotzman, Lodovid199016215
Brotzman, Lucille201440113
Broughton, Elizabeth (Downy)19773328
Broughton, Jeffrey1981716
Broughton, John19773328
Broughton, John199420327
Broughton, Sara (Gundry)19773328
Broune, Harriet200329 8b
Brouton, Henry199420327
Brouton, Wilburforse199420327
Brouwere, Jeanne (Mrs.John D.Owen)198511321
Brown, A.T.199824 35
Brown, Almena200026 30
Brown, Alvah200632 47
Brown, Alvah T.200834 33
Brown, Anna Marguerite199925 39
Brown, Asa198814323
Brown, Belle200026 30,38
Brown, Benj. F.200834 45
Brown, Benj. J.200834 45
Brown, Carrol200733 33
Brown, Cassandra200127 11,21
Brown, Chad, Rev.1977313
Brown, Charles19817215
Brown, Charles (Captain)19817215
Brown, Charlie200026 30
Brown, Charlotte (Doan)19795322
Brown, Chas. A.201036 24
Brown, Connie19828217
Brown, Cornelia19952116
Brown, Dexter1977313
Brown, Dorothy19861211,2
Brown, Dorothy19871316
Brown, Dorothy19921815
Brown, Dorothy199824 23
Brown, Dorothy & Robert198814327
Brown, Dorothy & Robert199117213
Brown, Dorothy & Robert199218327
Brown, Dorothy H.198511323
Brown, Dorothy H.19871317
Brown, E. E.19762315
Brown, E.H.199925 39
Brown, Eaton199521328
Brown, Edith19871337
Brown, Edward P.200834 33
Brown, Eileen (Mrs. W. H.)19806320
Brown, Eileen (Mrs.)198511323
Brown, Eileen198814327
Brown, Eileen199117213
Brown, Eileen199218327
Brown, Eileen Mrs.19871317
Brown, Elijah199824 35
Brown, Elijah199925 38
Brown, Elisabeth200632 47
Brown, Emma200026 30,38
Brown, Emma Church199218324
Brown, Erma M.198915323
Brown, Esther20093534
Brown, Evelyn200026 8
Brown, Frances Bates19784217
Brown, Frances Bates19806320
Brown, Frances Bates, Mrs.19795211
Brown, Frank201339444
Brown, Freelove (Williams)1977313
Brown, Geo H.20093534
Brown, George199016324
Brown, Gracie Gregory200834 33
Brown, Hannah200733 31,32
Brown, Hapalona19952116
Brown, Hardy200632 47
Brown, Harry199925 39
Brown, Helen Humburg Mrs.199016330
Brown, Helen J.199420325
Brown, Henery200632 47
Brown, Henry19952116
Brown, Hettie20093534
Brown, Hiram199925 39
Brown, Hiram200733 15
Brown, Hiram200935 44
Brown, Horce200632 47
Brown, Horce (jr)200632 47
Brown, Hosea200834 33
Brown, Hosea201238445
Brown, Ira199521328
Brown, Ira201339441
Brown, J.H.200834 45
Brown, James199824 15
Brown, James200632 46
Brown, James201238444
Brown, James F.201036 35
Brown, James H.200733 13
Brown, Jas.199521328
Brown, Jeremiah1977313
Brown, Jerome Bonaparte19828217,18
Brown, Jo199117432
Brown, Joanna Heath198814323
Brown, John200026 35
Brown, John200632 46
Brown, John A.198915213
Brown, John H.201339444
Brown, Joseph1977313
Brown, Josiah L.201238220
Brown, Kathryn201440227
Brown, Kathryn201440444
Brown, Kevin200026 8
Brown, Leon M.199218324,25
Brown, Lewis200632 47
Brown, Lillian (Baker)1977314
Brown, Lucinda200632 46
Brown, Lurena200632 47
Brown, Mabel A.201036 25
Brown, Malcomb199117213
Brown, Malcomb Mrs.199117213
Brown, Mary199824 23
Brown, Mary Potter Brownell198612324
Brown, Maryjain200632 46
Brown, Matthew19828321
Brown, Maud200026 38
Brown, Meigs S.19828216
Brown, Mildred200935 7
Brown, Moses200632 47
Brown, Nelson201238337
Brown, O.198814326
Brown, Olive19952116
Brown, Oliver200834 33
Brown, Oliver201238219
Brown, Orpha M. (Winchell)200834 33
Brown, Pamelia199521328
Brown, Patricia200127 37
Brown, Patricia200733 6
Brown, Patricia A.200026 13
Brown, Patricia A.200228 22a
Brown, Patricia A.200329 16a
Brown, Patricia A.20043029
Brown, Polly (Mrs.David Abbot)19828321
Brown, Polly (Mrs. David Abbot)1983913
Brown, Princess Semelia19828217,18
Brown, Raselas Wilcox198612324
Brown, Robert198511323
Brown, Robert199824 23
Brown, Robert19871317
Brown, S.G.20093535
Brown, Saml.199622437
Brown, Sarah19751319
Brown, Sarah (Baker)1977313
Brown, Sarah (Kies)1977313
Brown, Sarah19881419
Brown, Sarah201036 44
Brown, Stacie A.199117219
Brown, Virginia198915325
Brown, Walter1977314
Brown, William199521328
Brown, William (Rev.)19828323
Brown, Z.H.200733 33
Browne, Addaline200632 35
Browne, Allice200632 35
Browne, Emily200632 35
Browne, Isaac200632 35
Brownell, Sally201440446
Brownell, Sarah199420327
Bruce, H. M.198612213
Brumenshenkel, Amelia200632 21
Brundage, Kittie200026 36
Brunell, Jennie B. (Mrs. F.H.)19817326
Brunetti, Mary K.20043022,9
Brunner, Clayton200026 30,39
Brunner, Lavinia200026 30,39
Brunsman, Barrett J.200531 44
Brunson, Evelyn200632 24
Brunson, Evelyn200733 25
Brunson, Evelyn200834 24
Brunson, Evelyn200935 15,25
Brunson, Evelyn R.201036 6,34
Brunson, Wilson Imbria201036 6
Brunson, Wilson Robert201036 6
Brush, Charles200329 11
Brush, Dora L., (Mrs.)19762319
Bryan, W.C.20093534
Bryant, Allison L.19795317
Bryant, Charles O., (Mrs. Ronna K.)1977311,6
Bryant, Charles O., (Mrs. Ronna K.)19773211
Bryant, Charles O., (Mrs. Ronna K.)19773321
Bryant, Ethel D.200834 45
Bryant, Eva M.201036 25
Bryant, Joseph201238222
Bryant, Joseph201238445
Bryant, R. K., Mrs.19784321
Bryant, Ronna19861229
Bryant, Ronna200329 1,11,14
Brys, Martin200632 46
Brys, Michal200632 46
Bryson, Samuel19784327
Buchanan, Jim19871334
Buck, A. R.198814219
Buck, Earl19828320
Buck, Gideon19911715
Buck, Mable200632 21,23
Buck, Martha Weed198814219
Buck, Nellie H.201036 24
Buck, Sarah Allen Soper19911715
Buckett, Stanley19817328
Budinger, Ann Barbara198814434
Buell, Gertrude Landphair198915211
Buell, James K.200733 45
Buell, Thomas H. Mrs. (Gertrude)1974113
Buell, Thomas H. Mrs. (Gertrude)1975128,9
Buell, Thomas H. Mrs. (Gertrude)19762423
Buell, Thomas M., Mrs. (Gertrude)1977315
Buell, Thomas M., Mrs. (Gertrude)19773212
Buell, Mrs. Thomas201238217
Buernhiemer, Lucinda200531 36
Buffington, Rev.200834 45
Bugbee, Jean19806320
Bulkley, L. H.198814326
Bullar, William201440446
Bullard,200026 7
Bullfinch, Jonathon S.198814212
Bullock, Emily20093534
Bump, Jacob201339214
Bunker, Samuel201339441
Bunnell, D.198814326
Bur???, P.200733 45
Burba, Evadna199218436
Burbank, Kittie E. (Mrs.E.W.)19817326
Burbanks, H.S.201238337
Burbanks, T.F.201238337
Burbick, Ephraim199925 39
Burbick, Lorenzo199925 39
Burbick, Martha199925 39
Burble, Horace201137332
Burck, Kenny R.200733 37
Burden, Eugene R.198915213
Burdick, Daniel200632 35
Burdick, Eliza200632 35
Burdick, Ephraim200228 8
Burdick, Eunice200228 8
Burdick, Hannah (Hill)200228 8
Burdick, Kate200228 22a
Burdick, Vincent200632 35
Burgess, Louis A.200733 45
Burheit, Sabrina200531 23
Burke, Elisha201238222
Burke, Ire Heber199319219
Burke, R. P.199319219
Burke, Thomas198814211
Burke, Thomas Aquinas198814321
Burke, Thomas Mr.198814431
Burke, Winnifred200632 23
Burkholder, Bruce200127 23
Burkholder, Bruce200531 23
Burkholder, Roy199925 27
Burnaham, Isaac200733 14
Burnam, Josiah200733 14
Burnam, Ruben200733 14
Burnes, M. Bettis19828216
Burnes, Patrick201137332
Burnet, George201440446
Burnett, David199218438
Burnett, Dearborn C.199218438
Burnett, Jennie McLaughlin201137213
Burnett, Joel201137213
Burnett, Jonathan199218438
Burnett, Lucina199218438
Burnett, Roxy M.199218438
Burney, James G.198915328
Burney, Reed19871336
Burnham, Herbert200733 33
Burnham, Lewis201137331,32
Burnham, Reuben198915328
Burnham, Stan20043014
Burnley, Grace200834 13
Burns, Cassie200733 44
Burns, Donald A.199925 15
Burns, Donald A.199925 30
Burns, G.200733 45
Burns, Herman200834 45
Burns, Hoppy200632 44
Burns, James A.198511321
Burns, John200733 45
Burns, John W.200733 13
Burns, Mary Frances19952113
Burns, Mary Frances199521211
Burns, Mary Frances199521321
Burns, Mary Frances199521431
Burns, Mary Frances199622212
Burns, Mary Frances199622322,23
Burns, Mary Frances201541434
Burns, Mary Francis200329 14
Burns, Mary Francis20043042
Burns, P.200733 44
Burns, Robert200127 36
Burpee, Pat199016434
Burpee, Pat199117220
Burpee, Patricia199117213
Burr, Ambrose L.19891516
Burr, Arminda (Hall) (Eddy)19817327,28
Burr, Augustus A.199723 24
Burr, Benjamin198814436
Burr, Carlos200733 31
Burr, Charles199218325
Burr, Charles200733 14
Burr, Charles201036 34
Burr, Mrs. Charles199925 26
Burr, Daniel19817327,28
Burr, Daniel198612322
Burr, Daniel199723 24
Burr, David198814436
Burr, David199218325
Burr, David199824 35
Burr, David200733 13
Burr, Edward199218325
Burr, Edward201137332
Burr, Elizabeth Wood19891516
Burr, Eulalia199218325
Burr, Frankie199218325
Burr, Freddie199218325
Burr, Harlow A.199723 24
Burr, Helen199723 24
Burr, Hiram19817327
Burr, Huldah198814436
Burr, Ira E.19891516
Burr, J.N.199824 35,36
Burr, Jane199723 24
Burr, Jane Ann199319325
Burr, Jhon199824 35
Burr, John198814436
Burr, John199218325
Burr, Johnathon19891516
Burr, Jonathan199319324,25
Burr, Julia19891516
Burr, Lillie Rorf19891516
Burr, Lucinda198814433
Burr, Lucinda198915212
Burr, Lucinda199420212
Burr, Lucinda Wheeler199319324,25
Burr, Luther198814436
Burr, Margaret Julia198814436
Burr, Mariette199218325
Burr, Mariette Arminda (Mrs. M.L.Eddy)198612322
Burr, Mary (Mrs. Daniel)198612322
Burr, Mary199723 24
Burr, Mary Etta Rowley198814436
Burr, Morilla Linsey19891516
Burr, Nancy19817327
Burr, R.19962215
Burr, R.199824 36
Burr, Mrs. R.200834 3
Burr, Rosetta19817327,28
Burr, Roswall Mrs.198915433
Burr, Roswell198814436
Burr, Roswell200733 13
Burr, Roswell201036 34
Burr, S. D.201137331
Burr, Selden199723 24
Burr, Seymour Dan19891516
Burr, William199723 24
Burrell, Erastus199824 35
Burriage, Samuel201440446
Burridg, Amos200632 36
Burridg, David200632 36
Burridg, Eliza200632 36
Burridg, Elizer200632 36
Burridg, Lewis200632 36
Burridg, Samuel200632 35,36
Burridge, David19839326
Burridge, Eleaser201137331
Burridge, Eleazer200026 27
Burridge, Eleazor201036 34
Burridge, George P.201036 35
Burridge, Kittie200026 27
Burridge, Martha200026 27
Burridge, Sam'l201541330
Burroughs, Mrs.200127 36
Burroughs, Simon198410219
Burrows, Clara E200834 33
Burrows, J. B.201137331
Burrows, J., Capt.201137214
Burrows, Jerome S.198915213
Burrows, Julius, Col.201137214
Burt, John201339441
Burton, ---200733 15
Burton, Elizabeth199420328
Burton, L.199420328
Burton, Leonard199824 28
Burton, Melissa199420328
Burton, Nancy L. (Comstock)199824 28
Burton, Rubie M.199117219
Bush, David198410216
Bush, Erastus198915218
Bush, J. E.201137332
Bush, Mr.19839322
Bushnell, Nancy200531 25
Bushnell, Nancy200834 36
Bushnell, Nancy200935 25
Bushnell, Nancy201036 20
Bushnell, Nancy201137225
Bushnell, Orrin201137225
Buskirk, Washington199319436
Bussey, Mary (Mrs.Luther Eddy)198612323
Butcher, Lucile20093534
Butko, Brian200228 8
Butler, Alice200834 14
Butler, Amos200733 44
Butler, Anthony N.200733 24
Butler, Betsy201339441
Butler, Byron19881414
Butler, Henry199319217
Butler, Mary J.201036 24
Butler, S. W.198814326
Butler, Samuel199319217
Butler, Samuel201541218
Butler, Silena C, (Mrs.Hubbard Chamberlain)198612327,28
Butlwer, Milly201440446
Butten, Mary200632 46
Butten, Milow200632 46
Butten, Seley200632 46
Butterfield, J.W.200733 15
Butterfield, Joseph W.201036 35
Butterfield, Pattie B.200733 31
Butterfield, Wilder200733 44
Butterfield, William200733 44
Butterfield, Wilton200733 44
Button, (Sisters)200733 32
Button, Albert200026 46
Button, Albert201137332
Button, Clara199117434
Button, Elijah199824 36
Button, H.S.199824 36
Button, Solon199117434,36
Button, Steve20043022,9
Button, Steve200531 25
Buys, H. N.19881414
Buys, Smith19817322
Byler, H.F.200834 45
Byles, Julia19817214
Cable family20093538
Cable, Alvah Jr.199117435
Cable, Marian199117435
Cady, Byron199925 26
Cady, Curtis201339441
Cady, H. P.19773432
Cady, Hiram19806319
Cady, Hiram19931917
Cady, Joseph201339214
Cady, Mrs. Joseph199925 26
Cady, Levi201440446
Cady, Susanna "Susan" (Vrooman)19806319
Cady, Susanna Vrooman Champlin19931917
Cage, Paul200026 46
Cage, W.M.200834 45
Cageao, Barbara201339220
Cageao, Barbara201339436
Cageao, Barbara201440227
Cageao, Barbara2015412R
Cahill, M. H.20113718
Cahoon family200228 7
Cahoon, Mr.201339330
Cahoon, William200228 7
Cahow, John198814326
Cain, Ann198915219
Cain, Wilmer P.200935 18
Calandra, Claire200127 4
Calandra, Claire20043014,5
Calandra, Claire20043029
Calandra, Claire20043033
Calandra, Clare200228 22a
Calandra, Clare200329 16a
Calandra, Clare200531 5,6,25
Calandra, Clare200632 24
Calandra, Clare200733 25
Calandra, Clare200834 2,24
Calandra, Clare200935 25
Calandra, Clare201036 20
Calandra, Clare201137225
Calandra, Clare201339220
Calandra, Clare L.201440224
Calavechio, Bartholomeo201036 24
Calavechio, Palma201036 24
Caldinbaugh/Kolenbaugh, Cathrine L.201238215
Caldwell, Adaline (Adalaid)(Mrs.Noah Wirt)198612326
Caldwell, Adline198915436
Caldwell, Esther (Mrs.Ira Hill)198612326
Caldwell, George198915328
Caldwell, Hannah (Mrs.Milo Caldwell)198612326
Caldwell, Henry198612326
Caldwell, Henry198915436
Caldwell, Jeanette19751213
Caldwell, Judd Thomas19751213
Caldwell, Melvin19751213
Caldwell, Milo198612326
Caldwell, Milo198915436
Caldwell, Milo199824 36
Caldwell's, Dr.20113716
Caley, John19962215
Calkins, Fred M.198915213
Calkins, O.M.20043017
Calkins, P. H.201137331
Call family19828323
Call, Amherst199218213
Call, Curt199218213
Call, Curt199218327
Call, Joseph199218213
Call, Richard200733 15
Call, Rufus199218213
Call, Rufus200733 13
Call, Rufus201238445,47
Call, Rufus201339214
Call, William Sherman198915322
Callander, G. Morgan200834 45
Callender, John E.201137331
Callender, Joseph1983916
Callender, Nellie200935 7
Callow, Avon200632 46
Callow, Daniel200632 46
Callow, David198915217
Callow, E.198915435
Callow, E. A.198915435
Callow, Hannah19751324
Callow, John19751324
Callow, John198915217
Callow, John200632 46
Callow, Linnie198915435
Callow, Mary Mrs.198915435
Callow, Sabrina Wilder198915217
Callow, Virgil200632 46
Calwell, Amanda Dexter198915432
Calwell, George198915432
Cameron, Camilla201440444
Cameron, Camilla20154113
Cameron, Camilla2015412R
Cameron, Scott200733 22
Camp, H.C.199824 36
Campbel, Archibald199016439
Campbell, Adelbert200026 29
Campbell, Alice M.200632 44
Campbell, Christine200329 16a
Campbell, Christine20043029
Campbell, Christine20093533
Campbell, Dale Green198814435
Campbell, Dorothy Grace198814435
Campbell, E.200632 21
Campbell, Ellis198814435
Campbell, Ethelbelle200632 21
Campbell, Floyd20093533
Campbell, Floyd J.200531 25
Campbell, Floyd J.200632 24
Campbell, Floyd J.200733 25
Campbell, Floyd J.200834 24
Campbell, Frederick200026 29
Campbell, Hannah E.199925 37
Campbell, James201238222
Campbell, Jane199622433
Campbell, Jim200329 16a
Campbell, Jim20043029
Campbell, John199622433
Campbell, John H.199723 30
Campbell, Mary C.200531 25
Campbell, Mary C.200733 25
Campbell, Mary C.200834 24
Campbell, Mary C.200632 24
Campbell, Mary J.199521330
Campbell, Mary Jane199723 30
Campbell, Miss200935 7
Campbell, Rosa200026 28
Campbell, Widow199622433
Campbell, William198814435
Campbell, William199622433
Candee, Phebe200733 31
Cane, E.199622435
Cane, Edward199622435
Cane, John199622435
Canfield, Andre200026 27
Canfield, Avis (Skinner)19817216,17
Canfield, Charles H.200733 31
Canfield, Emma200026 35
Canfield, Fred200026 35
Canfield, George200026 27
Canfield, Henry19817216
Canfield, Henry C.201137332
Canfield, Mrs.19817322
Canfield, N.198814326
Canfield, Perry200026 27
Canfield, Stella200026 27
Cannon, Charles19751319
Cannon, Charles199016432
Cannon, Charles199117329
Cannon, Charles199218330
Cannon, Charles199319322
Cannon, Charles199521434
Cannon, Charles199622437
Cannon, Charles20093532
Cannon, Edward20093532
Cannon, Kate20093532
Cannon, Margaret (Lynch)20093532
Cannon, R.201238337
Cannon, Ray20113714
Cannon, Raymond20093532
Cannon, Sue199016432
Cannon, Sue199117329
Cannon, Sue199218330
Cannon, Sue199319322
Cannon, Sue199521434
Cannon, Susan200834 30
Cannon, Susan (Susie)20093532
Cannon, Susan20113714
Cannon, Susie H.200632 20
Cannon, Sussie200834 45
Cannon, T.201238337
Cannon, Thomas20093532
Cannon, Thomas20113714
Canstock, Wealthy19751324
Cantrick, Betty Rosalie19751213
Cantrick, Frank William19751213
Cantrick, Harry Lee19751213
Capaldi, Jim20144016
Capp, Richmond199824 35
Carabin, Mary199016330
Card, Anthony F.201137331
Card, Benjamin201036 34
Card, Burton F.198915213
Card, Ella Mrs.198915434
Card, G.W.199824 4
Card, Hattie Miss198915434
Card, Hattie P.198915433
Card, Henry201036 25
Card, J. F.199622434
Card, Jona. F.201541330
Card, Jonathan F.199016327
Card, Jonathan F.20113718
Card, Jonathan Ford19762316
Card, Joseph199622434
Card, Joseph201036 35
Card, Joseph201137214
Card, Joseph201238220
Card, Loiesa199824 4
Card, Lydia199622434
Card, Maria199824 4
Card, Nan19901614
Card, Nan F.199117213
Card, Thomas198814326
Card, William R.198915213
Card, Wilson198915434
Card. Lovina199824 4
Cardina, Felix200935 18
Cardinal, Andrew1978413
Cardinal, Eric1978413
Cardinal, Eric1983917
Cardinal, Esther1978413
Cardinal, Jare, Mrs.1978413
Cardinal, Jare, Mrs.19784438
Cardinal, John1978413
Cardinal, Sarah1978413
Carey, Ida Green198814440
Carine, James20144016
Carl, Caroline199420327
Carl, Francis199420327
Carl, Hamblin199420327
Carl, Hiram199420327
Carl, Isaac199420327
Carle, Cathy200834 40
Carle, Cathy200935 25
Carle, Ms. F.R.20144016
Carle, Ms. F.R.20144018
Carli, Mary201238219
Carlton, A. B.199622436
Carlton, Anna19784325
Carlton, Loalma Cook201036 26
Carlton, Sarah Rebecca (Mather)19784325
Carman, B.E.20093534
Carmedy, M.H.200834 45
Carmichael, Clara20093534
Carmichael, David W.201137220
Carmichael, W. J.200834 45
Carnahan, Miss Gertrude201440113
Carnegie, Marion200834 13
Carnegie, Mildred200834 13
Carnegie, Vera200834 13
Carnes, Ann (Ray)199925 18
Carney, Mary200026 30,38
Caroebterm, N.198814326
Caroll, Ruth M.20043016
Carpenter, Benjamin201440446
Carpenter, CC200026 5
Carpenter, Charlie19861217
Carpenter, D. R.19762318
Carpenter, Eliza (Doan)19795321
Carpenter, Elizabeth200329 8b
Carpenter, Francis Marian19861217
Carpenter, George19861217
Carpenter, LW200026 5
Carpenter, Margaret200834 13
Carpenter, Marsha199420440
Carpenter, Mary Jane199420440
Carpenter, Mary S.19762318
Carpenter, Misses201036 9
Carpenter, Reynolds201339441
Carpenter, Thomas199420440
Carpenter, Tollis Howe198814213
Carpenter, Tollis Howe19891519
Carpenter, Tollis Howe199016218
Carpenter, Tollis Howe19911715
Carpenter, Tollis Howe199521219
Carr, Alexander D.201036 34
Carraher, Bessie199925 39
Carraher, John199925 39
Carran, Robert19751215
Carrel, Gertrude200632 23
Carrel, John198915328
Carrell, Gertrude20093535
Carrig, Alice200026 8
Carrol "Hack"19839326
Carrol, H.198814326
Carrol, Hercules201440446
Carroll, Ann198915436
Carroll, F.C.200834 34
Carroll, Florence E.20043016
Carroll, Frank C.20043017
Carroll, Frank M.20043016
Carroll, H.O.200834 45
Carroll, Harmon200834 33
Carroll, Henry200834 34
Carroll, Hercules199218218
Carroll, Herculus198915436
Carroll, Ida M. (Mrs. Wm. Averill)1983916
Carroll, J. T.200632 44
Carroll, John199218218
Carroll, L.B.20093534
Carroll, Lucy Ann200531 24
Carroll, Martain199824 35
Carroll, Michael20113714
Carroll, Ruth Mary20043017
Carroll, Stephen198915436
Carroll, Stephen201036 35
Carroll, Thomas199218218
Carruthers family200733 37
Carson, Dorcas198915217
Carson, James198915217
Carson, Jefferson198915217
Carson, Jefferson199420327
Carson, Joel198915217
Carson, John198915217
Carson, John199622433
Carson, John201238337
Carson, Thomas198915217
Cart, Lillian20093534
Carter brothers201036 9
Carter, Alice199723 32
Carter, Alice199824 23
Carter, Cynthia19881414
Carter, Donald E. Lieut.201339328
Carter, Esther Eliza (Hardy)19762317
Carter, Esther Eliza (Hardy)19773327
Carter, Mrs. H.N.200834 3
Carter, Hubert E.198915213
Carter, Jerusha M.201036 25
Carter, Joanne200834 24,42
Carter, Joanne200935  25,(3):7
Carter, Joanne (Reed)201036 2,20,28,38,45,48
Carter, Joanne201137225
Carter, Joanne201339220
Carter, Joanne201440227
Carter, Joanne2015412R
Carter, Joanne Reed200127 23
Carter, Joanne Reed20113712
Carter, Joanne Reed201137218
Carter, Joanne Reed201339328
Carter, Lois (Mrs. Hazael Eddy)198612322
Carter, Margaret (Stubbs)19795321
Carter, Mary E.19817326
Carter, Melville Wm.19817214
Carter, Mr.20144016
Carter, Mrytle200733 25
Carter, Myrtle Joanne200531 23
Carter, Norvin20144016
Carter, Sean201339329
Carter, Shane201339329
Carter, Siobhan201339329
Carter, Solm198814326
Carter, Willetta200935 7
Cartwright, A.F.20093534
Cartwright, Margaret201339220
Cartwright, Margaret2015412R
Caruthers, Catharine199319217
Carver family201238443
Cary, Mary L.20093534
Case, Mrs. A.E.20093534
Case, Adeline200632 22
Case, Alice Wright Munson199117324
Case, Chauncy Jr.200733 13
Case, Edward200733 13
Case, Elisha199622434
Case, Elisha199723 34
Case, Eliza199723 34
Case, Eugene19871342
Case, Eugene199117324
Case, Eugene E.201036 35
Case, Henry199723 34
Case, John199723 34
Case, Leonard199521439
Case, Mary199723 34
Case, Robert M.201036 35
Case, Robt. M.200834 45
Case, Sarah199723 34
Casement, Dan Dillon200834 45
Casement, Daniel20113713
Casement, Frances M.201036 24
Casement, J.S.20113713
Casement, Jack General20113713
Casement, Jack, General19806212
Casement, John G.19881415
Casement, John S.201137331
Casement, John Stephen20113713
Casement, John Stephen (Jack) Gen.19784438
Casement, John Stephen, Gen.1979511
Casement, Mary Lockwood201137334
Casey, James1982812
Casler, R.200733 45
Casner, Gertrude20093535
Casper, Mary Averillar1982818
Casterline, J. P.201137332
Castle, F. M.201137332
Castle, Heman P.19891519
Castle, R. E.19891519
Castle, Samuel N.19891519
Castle, Sara E.201036 34
Catieine (Mrs. Elijah Kelsey)20154118
Catlin, Ann19881419
Catlin, Bushrod201036 35
Caufild, Myron200733 14
Caviner, Henrietta200733 44
Cbuek, Maline A.200733 44
Cegielski, Carla200834 24
Cegielski, Carla200935  9,10,16,25,(3):9
Cegielski, Carla201036 2,20,2838,48
Cegielski, Carla201137110
Cegielski, Carla201137225,28
Cegielski, Carla201137333,38
Cegielski, Carla201137443,48
Cegielski, Carla20123811,2,10
Cegielski, Carla201238439,40,48
Cegielski, Carla201339325,32
Cegielski, Carla201339433,34,45
Cegielski, Carla201440222,27,31
Cegielski, Carla201440334,?
Cegielski, Carla201440450
Cegielski, Carla201541110
Cegielski, Carla2015412R
Cegielski, Carla201541332a
Cegielski, Carla201541433,41
Centa(?), Angeline200228 19
Centnar, Joseph199925 27
Centnar, Steve199925 27
Cetina, Judith Dr.19817212
Cetina, Judy200632 41
Cetina, Judy200733 15
Chad, Eugene L.200026 5
Chadwick, Cynthia I. (Mrs.A.Chamberlain)198612327
Chadwick, Gardon19881414
Chadwick, Miles E.201137332
Chadwicke, Gordon Mrs.19881414
Chaffe, Elsie19817327,28
Chaffe, Hannah Kibbee199218437
Chaffe, Reuben B.199218437
Chaffe, Victor D.19817327,28
Chaffe, Victor Dan19817327,28
Chaffee, C. M.200632 22
Chaffee, Daniel E.199824 28
Chaffee, David E.199824 28
Chaffee, David E.201036 34
Chaffee, Keith201339220
Chaffee, Keith201440227
Chaffee, Keith2015412R
Chaffee, Myrtle E.199824 28
Chamberlain, A.H.200733 33
Chamberlain, Arthur N.198612327
Chamberlain, Harriet A. (Mrs. Horace Ayer)198612327,28
Chamberlain, Hubbard198612327,28
Chamberlain, Mellissa198814435
Chamberlain, Mildred Mosher19911716
Chamberlain, Nathaniel N.198612327,28
Chamberlain, Silas H.198612327,28
Chamberlin, Edna200834 45
Chamberlin, H.G. (Rev.)1981715
Chamberlin, Hattie A. (Mrs.C.W.)19817326
Chambers, James19881414
Chambers, Mrs.198915216
Chambers, Ralph20093535
Chambers, Willard1982811
Champers, James19784215
Champion, Christian199622324
Champion, Jemima Cole199622324
Champion, John199622324
Champion, Margaret Holtz199622324
Champion, Mr.19839325
Champlin, Caroline (Lace)1977313
Champlin, Caroline Frances19881419
Champlin, James Eldred19806319
Champlin, James Eldred19881419
Champlin, James Eldred19931917
Champlin, Susan201238217
Champlin, Susanna "Susan" (Vrooman)19806319
Champney, Eben W.199117434
Champney, John199117434
Chandler, David199218218
Chandler, David20123815
Chandler, Martha Jane200531 42
Chaney, Mildred199925 27
Chapel, C.C.20093535
Chapin, Edward200632 35
Chapin, Julia200632 35
Chapin, Mr.1983914
Chapin, PC200632 35
Chapin, Sidney200632 35
Chapin, Willard200632 35
Chapman & Heartwell200834 14
Chapman, Aaron19911715
Chapman, Adele19962216
Chapman, Alice20043017
Chapman, Ann199319219
Chapman, Bruce L.19839323
Chapman, Charlie200834 2
Chapman, Clark19962216
Chapman, Clyde19962216
Chapman, David201440446
Chapman, Mrs. E.T.200834 13
Chapman, Edward19962216
Chapman, Eve19962216
Chapman, Floyd19962216
Chapman, Frank19962216
Chapman, Fred198915213
Chapman, Giles200733 44
Chapman, Henry199319219
Chapman, Jackson199319219
Chapman, Jacob200733 14
Chapman, James199319219
Chapman, Kathryn20093535
Chapman, Laura200834 2
Chapman, Levi199319219
Chapman, Loisa199319219
Chapman, Martha Allen Benedict19911715
Chapman, Mary19962216
Chapman, Minnie E.198915433
Chapman, Minnie Miss198915434
Chapman, S.D.200834 45
Chapman, William199319219
Chapnick, Sonia200834 4
Chappel, Mrs Lydia201238219
Chappell, Abalonia199420328
Chappell, Hancy199420328
Chappell, Henry199420328
Chappell, Lucius199420328
Chappell, Major199420328
Chappell, Mary199420328
Chappell, N.199420328
Charchian, Martha200632 24
Charter, Ely201137331
Charter, John198814326
Charter, Stephen M.200127 35
Chase, Edgar C.199622435
Chase, Harold20043022,9
Chase, J.199420327
Chase, John C.199723 39
Chase, Joseph199016434
Chase, Joseph199117220
Chase, Joseph200935 13
Chase, Julia B. Mrs.199622435
Chase, Rosalie E.199622435
Chase, Ruth Pike199117220
Chase, Sarah Hardy19871337
Chaudler, David198915327
Cheek, Helen E. Mrs.199420215
Chenault, Robert M20144016
Cheney, Margaret200632 32
Cheney, Margaret200935 22
Cheney, W.N.200834 45
Cheny, Alvira198915436
Cheny, Amanda198915436
Cheny, Orrin198915436
Cheny, Orrin200733 13
Cherrytree, Polly1982818
Chesney, Mrs. B.D.200834 3
Chesney, Ben E.199925 3
Chesney, Benj. D.198915216
Chesney, Benj. D.199622437
Chesney, Benj. D.201036 12
Chesney, Benj. D.201541330
Chesney, Benjamin D200834 32
Chesney, Daniel199622437
Chesney, Eliza M.200834 3
Chesney, Eliza Paine200834 32
Chesney, Jenj. J.19881414
Chesney, Mrs.201137334
Chesney, Noama Hill19881414
Chesney, Sam201137334
Chestnut, Captain R.200632 44
Chides, Carlos199824 14
Chido, Frank198511323
Child, Agnes J. (Mrs. Wm.Knox)1983916
Child, Asa201036 9
Child, C.O.20043023
Child, H.W.200733 45
Child, Theda C.200834 45
Child, William Addison1983916
Childers, Sarah (Mrs.John Beattie)19839326
Childs, Asa200733 15
Childs, Asa Mrs.198915216
Childs, Asa (Mrs) (Bond)19839432
Childs, Belle J. (Warner)19817326
Childs, Charlot201238444
Childs, Ellen B. Merriman199117219
Childs, June A.19806320
Childs, Robertus H.201238220
Childs, Robertus W.199218214
Childs, Violet G.19806320
Childs, William G.200935 2
Chilson, Hialmer J.199723 25
Chilson, J.199420327
Chilson, John199723 25
Chilson, William P.199420327
Chilson, William T.199723 25
Chiodo, Pauline19851127
Chiodo, Pauline198511323
Chittenden, M.200026 5
Chorman, Mr. F.H.20144016
Chorman, Mrs. F.H.20144016
Chorman, Mr. H.F.20144016
Chorman, Mrs. H.F.20144016
Chorman, Mr. R.L.20144016
Chorman, Mrs. R.L.20144016
Christ, Clarence200935 18
Christian, John20144016
Christian, Laura Eliza198612325
Christian, Matilda198612325
Christian, Samuel198612325
Christian, Thomas201238221
Christopherson, Janice199824 23
Christopherson, Janice199925 15
Christopherson, Ray199319211
Christopherson, Ray199824 23
Christopherson, Ray199925 15
Christopherson, Ray200026 22
Christopherson, Ray200228 22a
Christopherson, Ray D.199218327
Christopherson, Ray D.200329 16a
Christy, Daniel201036 35
Christy, Daniel201137214
Christy, Sally Viall201137214
Chubb, C.P.201339444
Church, ---200733 13
Church, A.200733 15
Church, Almond199824 36
Church, Amelia Ann Manchester199420215
Church, Mrs. C.H.20093534
Church, Emma199218324
Church, Eva199218324
Church, Everett S.200834 45
Church, G. Augustus199218324
Church, Mrs. G.W.200834 32
Church, Gustavus Adolphus199218324,25
Church, Harriet N.199218325
Church, Harriet Nellie199218324
Church, Harriet W. Gray199218324
Church, Jack200026 8
Church, John199420215
Church, John B.199420215
Church, Sarah199420215
Churchill, Ann(a)200531 23
Churchill, Anna McCurty19871344
Churchill, Samuel19871344
Churchill, Samuel200531 23
Churchward, Elizabeth B.19881415
Churchward, Phillipp198915328
Ciardi, John19871337
Cihula, Frank200228 18
Cl, app, George C.199824 35
Clague Jr., Charles E.200228 8
Clague, Dr. Brian H.199723 3
Clague, Charles E. Jr.200026 44
Clague, Margaret19751215
Clague, Robert19751215
Clapp, Amasa Col.19871336
Clapp, Elah19871336
Clapp, Elah198915327
Clapp, Ellen S.200127 36
Clapp, G. C.200127 36
Clapp, Matthew19839324
Clapp, Mrs. Matthew200834 3
Clapp, Mrs.19881413
Clapp, Orris1976227
Clapp, Orris19861215
Clapp, Orris199218218
Clapp, Paul19871336
Clapp, Rebecca French19871336
Clapp, Richmond201339214
Clapp, Thomas19839324
Clapsadel, F.201036 9
Clapsadel, Mrs. F.200834 3
Clapsadel, Mrs. F.201036 9
Clapsadle, Frederick200026 5
Clarenbach, Laura McGaffey19911716
Clark, A.200733 43,44
Clark, Abbie201036 9
Clark, Abnor200632 36
Clark, Almira200632 46
Clark, Anna M.19817214
Clark, Barbara200026 8
Clark, Bertha Emma Jane19817217
Clark, Byron199824 36
Clark, Catharine Mrs.199319329
Clark, Chancey198915217
Clark, Charlie H.199420215
Clark, Climena Jennings19881414
Clark, David L.200632 17
Clark, Dewit199824 36
Clark, Dinene201036 42
Clark, Elmira200632 46
Clark, Emma Jane (Mrs. John G.)19817216,17
Clark, Ettie S.201036 35
Clark, Gabe200632 46
Clark, Geor199824 36
Clark, Harmon J.198612213
Clark, Harry199824 36
Clark, Hazel Faye19817217
Clark, Henry198814326
Clark, Herbert A.19942012
Clark, Herbert A.200026 44
Clark, Homer201440446
Clark, Isabell200632 46
Clark, James200632 46
Clark, Jennie Clark20093534
Clark, Jennie W.200632 22
Clark, John199319329
Clark, John E.201137331
Clark, John G.19817216,17
Clark, Katherine19891517
Clark, Lillian200834 45
Clark, Lydia Ann199117435
Clark, Marguerite B.19942012
Clark, Marguerite B.200026 44
Clark, Michael19891517
Clark, Miria19762318
Clark, Mrs.198915216
Clark, Mrs.200834 45
Clark, N.200733 15
Clark, N. F.201137332
Clark, Nancy (Mrs. William H.)19817216
Clark, Nancy A.198915217
Clark, Nathaniel200632 46
Clark, Mrs. Ouida20093534
Clark, Reed F.199420215
Clark, Ricky200632 17
Clark, Samuel19762318
Clark, Mrs. Sarah F.200834 3
Clark, Shirma200632 46
Clark, Sue200531 25
Clark, Susan Diane20043024
Clark, Susan Diane200531 24
Clark, Timothy198814213
Clark, Timothy19891519
Clark, Tinney20093533
Clark, Ursula198814213
Clark, Vernon Sherwood19817217
Clark, Rev. W.A.199925 37
Clark, William H.19817216
Clark, Williams200733 31
Clark, Wm.20113718
Clarke, Lewis201440447
Clarke, Milton201440447
Claudio, Gilbert20043014
Clay, Henry198410324
Clayman, Ed A.200935 18
Clayton, Andrew R.L.200632 9
Clayton, D. B.198915328
Clayton, D. B.201541330
Clayton, D.B.199824 4
Clayton, D.B.200733 15
Clayton, Jessie200834 13
Clayton, Marcia201036 9
Clayton, Mary A.200834 3
Clayton, Rachel199117434
Clayton, Sarah199824 4
Clayton, Sarah E.199723 25
Clayton, William200026 46
Clayton, Wm Mrs.199117436
Clayton, Wm.198915328
Clayton, Wm.199723 25
Clayton, Wm.199824 4
Mr. Claytor20144016
Mrs. Claytor20144016
Cleaveland, Moses201541329
Cleckner, Jack200531 25
Cleckner, Jack200632 24
Cleckner, Jack200733 25
Cleckner, Jack200834 24
Cleckner, Jack200935 25
Cleckner, Jack201036 20
Cleckner, Louise200531 25
Cleckner, Louise200632 24
Cleckner, Louise200733 25
Cleckner, Louise200834 24
Cleckner, Louise200935 25
Cleckner, Louise201036 20
Cleveland, Frank200026 34
Cleveland, Frankie200026 26
Cleveland, Moses19784215
Cleveland, Moses A.201137331
Cleveland, Oren R.198915213
Cleveland, S. J. Mrs.19871342
Cleveland, Sylvanus199117217
Cleveland, Sylvia J. Munson199117217
Cleveland, Wilber F.201036 35
Clevenger, Christine20093534
Cliff, Iva201339444
Clifton, K.N.20093534
Cline, Arthur Leroy198814435
Cline, Janice Elaine198814435
Cline, John E.198814435
Cline, Rilley E.198814435
Cline, Seymour Joesph198814435
Clinger, Jackie200632 24
Clinger, Jackie200834 24
Clinger, Jackie200935 25
Clinger, Jackie201036 2,20,28,38,48
Clinger, Jackie201137110
Clinger, Jackie201137213,25,28
Clinger, Jackie201137338
Clinger, Jackie201137442,48
Clinger, Jackie201238110
Clinger, Jackie201238228
Clinger, Jackie201238338
Clinger, Jackie201238441,48
Clinger, Jackie20133912,3,10
Clinger, Jackie201339220,24
Clinger, Jackie201339330,32
Clinger, Jackie201339434,36,45
Clinger, Jackie201440116
Clinger, Jackie201440227,31
Clinger, Jackie2014403?
Clinger, Jackie201440450
Clinger, Jackie20154112,10
Clinger, Jackie201541226,R
Clinger, Jackie201541332a
Clinger, Jackie201541436,41
Clint, Florence19773321
Clint, Florence19773431
Clock, Alonzo199319436
Clock, Ebenezer198410322
Clock, Ebenezer199319436,37
Clock, Ebenezer Jr.198410322
Clock, Edward199319437
Clock, Hezekiah199319437
Clock, Jarvis199319436
Clock, Nancy198410322
Clother, Wm. G.201036 35
Clothier, W.C.200834 45
Clucas, Elinor19881419
Clude, Patricia (Steve)19861212
Co, Robert200733 44
Cobb, Alivah199319217
Cobb, Catherine Gulliford19911714
Cobb, William Ezra19911714
Coburn, Fitz Henry19871337
Coburn, Martha Hardy19871337
Coburn, T.G.199824 36
Cochran, Grace20093535
Cochrane, Byron199218436
Cochrane, Mary Agnes Herrick199218436
Code, Thomas H.201036 34
Codney Patricia200632 6,12,33,24
Codney, Ken200026 13,14
Codney, Ken(neth)200228 22a,24,40,44
Codney, Ken200733 2,12,25,36
Codney, Ken(neth)200834 4,24
Codney, Ken200935 9,22,25
Codney, Ken201036 2,20
Codney, Ken201440443
Codney, Ken201541441
Codney, Kenneth200329 10,16a,18,32,44
Codney, Kenneth20043014
Codney, Kenneth20043029
Codney, Kenneth200531 25,34
Codney, Kenneth200632 6,12,33,24
Codney, Kenneth201137225
Codney, Kenneth201440227
Codney, Kenneth201440338
Codney, Kenneth & Patricia2015412R
Codney, Kenneth and Patricia201339220
Codney, Pat(ricia)200228 22a,24,40,44
Codney, Pat(ricia)200733  2,2,25,36
Codney, Pat(ricia)200834 4,24
Codney, Pat(ricia)200935 4,22,25,(3):9
Codney, Pat201137335
Codney, Pat201238213
Codney, Pat201440442,43
Codney, Pat201541441
Codney, Patricia200026 13
Codney, Patricia200329 10,16a,18,32,44
Codney, Patricia20043029
Codney, Patricia200531 25,31,34
Codney, Pat(ricia)201036 2,8,17,20,46
Codney, Patricia201137225
Codney, Patricia201440227
Codney, Patricia201440338
Cody, Ida201036 24
Cody, William F. aka Buffalo Bill20113713
Coe, H. H.201137331
Coe, Henry L.1983916
Coe, John R.200733 13
Coe, John R. 2nd200733 13
Coe, Marie20093535
Coe, Truman201238445
Coffey, Logan (Fairchild)200733 35
Coffin, Shirley199723 32
Coffin, Shirley199824 23
Coghland, Daniel19773324
Colburn family200228 3
Colburn family200935 47
Colburn, John19817322
Colby, G.S.200834 14
Colby, Geo.199622437
Colby, George199824 13
Colby, Harry200531 46
Colby, Joseph201137332
Colby, Lydia19751324
Colby, Moses H.199622437
Colby, Mr.199824 13
Cole, A.1976227
Cole, Abraham201440446
Cole, Almeda19921817
Cole, Bert20093534
Cole, C.198814326
Cole, Carline199420439
Cole, Caroline200733 31
Cole, Charles19921817
Cole, Charlie20113718
Cole, H.198915328
Cole, H. (Mrs.)200733 33
Cole, Harold B.200935 18
Cole, Hezekiah20043023
Cole, Hezekiah199319436
Cole, Hezekiah S.199319436
Cole, Hezekiah S.201339214
Cole, Luther201440446
Cole, Mary Ann199319436
Cole, Mrs.200733 33
Cole, Nancy201440446
Cole, Parker199420439
Cole, Ruth200733 32
Cole, W.B.200834 45
Cole, Mrs. W.B.200935 7
Coleman, Adjutant201238216
Coleman, Alba19762318
Coleman, Bertha19762319
Coleman, Capt.W.A.200733 32
Coleman, Clara20093534
Coleman, Sarah S.19762318
Coleman, W. A.201137331
Colgin, Harvey L.199319215
Colgrove, Betty200026 8
Colgrove, Jeanette20093537
Colgrove, Mabel200935 7
Colgrove, Mary M.201036 25
Colidge, Jona.200733 44
Colister, John200632 46
Colket, Jr., Meredith B.19817319
Colket, Jr., Meredith B.1982812
Colket, Jr., Meredith B.1976228
Colket, Jr., Meredith B.19762315
Colket, Jr., Meredith B.19762422
Colket, Meredith B., Jr.19839321
Collacot, Mrs. Mary Hover200834 32
Collacott, Mr/Mrs H.R.200935 7
Collacott, Harry200834 45
Collacott, J. B.198915435
Collacott, J.B.200733 33
Collacott, Margaret198612325
Collacott, Margaret O.201137335
Colletta, John200733 36
Colletta, John P.201440442
Collier, Anna19784325
Collier, Peter200127 38
Collier, W.H.200834 45
Collins, Adella Weed199622216
Collins, Rev. H. Leo200834 45
Collins, Harry200632 44
Collins, Hattie200026 28,37
Collins, James201440223
Collins, Jimmie200026 28,37
Collins, Luther19751213
Collins, Mary199420434
Collins, Mettie M.19751213
Collins, W. T.199622216
Collins, William199117213
Collins, William199218327
Collins, William199824 23
Collins, William199925 15
Collister, E. Louise (Babcock)19817326
Collister, Eugene A.20043032
Collister, H.200733 13
Collister, Nell201036 9
Collister, Thomas200834 34
Collister, W. C.200834 45
Collister, Willis C.200834 34
Colman,200531 5
Colpley, Reuben199925 26
Colson, Captain200632 43
Colson, Christopher201238445
Coltin, Elisha C.200733 44
Colton, Nancy B.19839429
Columbia Candy Store200834 14
Colvin, Charles19839326
Colvin, Harvey19839326
Colvin, May19839326
Colvin, Theodore19839326
Colwell, Albert201137332
Colwell, Jonathan201137331
Colwell, Joseph200632 35
Colwell, Martha200632 35
Colwell, Mary200632 35
Colwell, Rebecca200632 35
Coman, Emeline198915217
Coman, George198915217
Coman, George198915436
Coman, Martha Ann Jane198915217
Coman, Martia A.198915436
Coman, Mary198915217
Coman, Uriah198915436
Comestock, Israel198814433
Comestock, Wealthy Rogers198814433
Como, M.199420325
Comstock, Charlott199420439
Comstock, Eugene F.199824 28
Comstock, Franklin199622435
Comstock, Israel19751324
Comstock, Israel199016218
Comstock, Israel199824 28
Comstock, Nancy L.199824 28
Comstock, Roderick199824 28
Comstock, Samuel200733 13
Conant, Agnes200733 31,32
Conant, Flossie200935 7
Conant, Mrs. William201036 45
Condon family199925 9
Cone, Amos199319329
Cone, Anderson199420439
Cone, Dorothy200935 7
Cone, Earl200733 33
Cone, Emma201238336
Cone, Frank201137331
Cone, Frank201238336
Cone, George20093534
Cone, Lena200834 45
Cone, Lydia V. (Curtiss)19817326
Cone, Rose Abbey19911717
Cone, Roy W.198915214
Cone, Salmon199420439
Cone, Salmon E.198915214
Cone, Wells19911717
Congos, Victor198915214
Conklin, Dan200026 27
Conkling, Elmer E.198915214
Conley family200834 31
Conley, David201137331
Conley, Jack20113716
Conley, James E.20113718
Conley, Mr.199723 19
Conley, Mrs.200935 7
Connell, D.J.200834 45
Connell, Georgia200834 13
Conner, W. G., Mrs.1975129
Connick Jr., Harry201541222
Connor, Wm.H.200834 45
Connors, Edwin200733 32
Conomy, Cliff201440227
Conomy, Cynthia201440227
Conomy, Cynthia2015412R
Conomy, Cynthia and Cliff201339220
Consaul, Sheila201541213
Consolo, Nancy198612217
Consolo, Nancy198612320
Consolo, Nancy199117213
Consolo, Nancy199218327
Consolo, Nancy198713110
Consolo, Nancy L.19871317
Consolo, Nancy L.198814327
Converse, Geo. B.201137331
Converse, H.F.200632 36
Converse, Henry200632 36
Converse, L J and Co201339441
Converse, Mr. L.F.200935 7
Converse, Mills200733 14
Converse, Phillip E.200632 17
Conway, Mary198814217
Coo, W.200733 45
Coogan, Anna199622217
Cook, Abner198915436
Cook, Alfred199218438
Cook, Amanda199218438
Cook, Ann Eliza199218438
Cook, Benjamin F.19921817
Cook, Charles Wellington199218438
Cook, Dr.199117435
Cook, Elam201036 26
Cook, Ella200733 45
Cook, Eunice19921817
Cook, Floyd199925 39
Cook, Henery Shepler199218438
Cook, J(oseph)200733 44
Cook, J. (H.)(W.)200733 44,45
Cook, J.G.200733 45
Cook, Jas. G.200733 45
Cook, Jeanne200228 42
Cook, John198814326
Cook, Joseph200733 44
Cook, Joseph201036 35
Cook, Joseph W.201036 35
Cook, Lemuel199218438
Cook, Loalma201036 26
Cook, Lyman Dr.199117434
Cook, Margaret Jane199218438
Cook, Marimon201036 26
Cook, Marion20093534
Cook, Mary Elisabeth199218438
Cook, Minera (Mrs.)198511323
Cook, Minerva (Mrs.)19806320
Cook, Minerva198814327
Cook, Minerva Mrs.19871317
Cook, Nancy201036 35
Cook, P.J.200733 44
Cook, P.W.200733 44
Cook, S. S.201036 24
Cook, Samuel199218438
Cook, Sarah L.199117435
Cook, Susan198915436
Cook, Thomas E.201036 35
Cook, W.W.200733 45
Cook, W.W.200834 45
Cook, Warren198915436
Cooke, Andrew199218326
Cooke, Ruth Bigebar199218326
Cooke, Scott200733 40
Cookson, Joseph199420437
Cookson, Mary200531 23,24
Cookson, Priscilla199420437
Cooley, Betty McMackin200026 13
Cooley, Douglas201440217
Coolidge, C.200733 44,45
Coolidge, J(ona)200733 44
Coolidge, J(ona)s)200733 44
Coolidge, J(onathan)200733 44
Coolidge, J.200733 43,44
Coolidge, P.200733 44
Cooliedge, Isaac Dr.199016434
Coolridge, Carlos201137332
Cooper, David201137332
Cooper, John199319324
Cooper, John Rev.199117322
Cooper, Mrs. Oscar20113716
Cope, Adah20093534
Copley, Reuben200733 14
Coppick, Mrs20144016
Corbett, Theresa199925 15
Corbett, Theresa20043029
Corbett, Theresa20043032
Corbett, Theresa200531 25
Corbett, Theresa200834 24
Corbett, Theresa M.200026 13
Corbettt, Theresa200228 22a
Corbin, Brakeman20113718
Corbitt, G.199420325
Corkins, John198915328
Corkins, William199521329
Corle, Theodore201440223
Corlett, An200632 46
Corlett, Anna M.198915433
Corlett, Anna Miss198915434
Corlett, Christiana Mrs.198915434
Corlett, DeLane20093534
Corlett, Electa201036 24
Corlett, Eliza200632 46
Corlett, Glenn and Blanche20133918
Corlett, James B. and Carrie20133918
Corlett, John200632 46
Corlett, John200834 33
Corlett, Nellie201137217
Corlett, Rober199824 36
Corlett, Robert198915434
Corlett, Robert200632 46
Corlett, Robert200834 33
Corlett, William201137217
Corlett, William A.201339444
Corlett, Wm H.201036 35
Corlett, Wm.199824 35
Corlette family20093538
Corlette, Anna May20133918
Corlette, Mill D.L.201339442
Corlettte, Delane L.201440113
Cormack, George200531 35
Cormick, Robert M.201036 34
Cornell, Jedediah200733 31
Cornell, Richard, Mrs. (Janet)1975129
Cornell, Richard, Mrs. (Janet)19751425
Cornell, Richard, Mrs. (Janet)1977315
Cornell, Richard, Mrs. (Janet)19773212
Corning, Solon20113718
Corning, Solon201541330
Corning, W.198814326
Corning, Warren199218218
Cornish, Alvin200632 45
Cornish, Henery200632 45
Cornish, Julia200632 45
Cornish, Rord200632 45
Corrigan, Dan201541440
Corrigan, James200531 46
Corrigan, James Sr.200531 46
Corson, W. A.200632 43
Corwin, Mr. Albert20144016
Corwin, Mrs. Albert20144016
Corwin, Mrs.20144016
Corwin, Tom19871336
Cory, Rev. J.B.200834 45
Cory, Kathleen198511317
Cosad, Elias198814326
Cost, Patrick20043029
Cost, Patrick20043032
Cost, Patrick200531 25
Cothrell, Kathryn20093535
Cotter, Gerald200834 45
Cotter, Margaret O’Leary200834 31
Cottrell, Eunice19795317
Couch, Gretchen200834 13
Cough family200127 2
Coulby, Harry C.200329 11
Coulson family200733 8
Coulter, Mrs.201137217
Couperthwaite, James Eggleston200127 3
Courtney, Elaine201339220
Courtney, Elaine201339436
Courtney, Elaine201440227
Courtney, Elaine201440443
Courtney, Elaine2015412R
Courtwright, James200733 14
Covell, Archie19784219
Covell, Edith (Bosley)19784219
Covell, May (Loomis)19784219
Covert, Grover200935 18
Coville, Mary201036 25
Cowan, Crista201541440
Cowan, Jane A.200632 20
Cowdery, Lyman201036 34
Cowdey, Lyman201036 34
Cowdrey, Lyman201036 34
Cowdry, O.P.200733 13
Cowgill, Ellin199824 33
Cowin, Margaret19751324
Cowles, Albert200733 32
Cowles, Anna L.19881415
Cowles, Asa201036 35
Cowles, Austin200026 46
Cowles, Bawlden200733 32
Cowles, Florence200733 32
Cowles, G. R.198915328
Cowles, G. R.199723 26
Cowles, Grace200733 32
Cowles, Grant200733 32
Cowles, H.W.200733 32
Cowles, Horace200733 32
Cowles, Howard200733 32
Cowles, Lewis H.201036 24
Cowles, Lyman200733 32
Cowles, Margurite200733 32
Cowles, Mrs.200733 32
Cowles, Roxanna198814217
Cowles, Samuel198814217
Cowles, W. T.201036 25
Cox, Melanie199117213
Cox, Sarah Agnes (Buckett)19817328
Cox, Thomas19817328
Cozad, Andrew19784325
Cozad, Anna19784325
Cozad, Anna Collier19784325
Cozad, Elias19784325
Cozad, Henry19784325
Cozad, Jacob19784325
Cozad, Jane (McElrath)19784325,26
Cozad, Nathaniel Clark19784325
Cozad, Samuel19784325,26
Cozad, Sarah (Mather)19784325,26
Cozad, Mr/Mrs W.H.200935 7
Craft, Andrew19751321
Craft, Frederic199824 35
Crafts, Christopher199420214
Crafts, Hannah200228 26
Craig, Dale W.200733 25
Craig, Dale W.200834 1,24
Craig, Helen20093534
Craig, James199420439
Craig, Robert D.20123815
Crain, Charles199420329
Crain, Charlotte199420329
Crain, Giles W.199420329
Crain, Henry199420329
Crain, J. W.199420329
Crain, Loiza199420329
Craine, Dr.201238336
Cram, Lowell199925 26
Cram, Nathan199925 26
Cram, Tower W.201440446
Cramer, Clarissa A.201339441
Cramer, Clyde199925 39
Cramer, Mrs. Clyde199925 39
Cramer, Officer200632 43
Cramer, W.A.20093534
Crandall, Harriet Harrington19911714
Crandall, Harry19911714
Crandall, Sharon Olexa200632 17
Crandall, Theodore D.201339444
Crandall, W. N.201137331
Crandall, William200733 14
Crane family20093538
Crane, Roger201238221
Crane, Thomas201238220
Crane, Tower W.201238221
Crane, William19751324
Cranny, Wm198814326
Crary, C. M.199117434
Crary, Christopher199016438
Crary, Christopher200834 32
Crary, Christopher G200834 32
Crary, Christopher G.1982813
Crary, Erastus199218218
Crary, Erastus201238445
Crary, Floyed199824 13
Crary, Georgianna199824 13
Crary, Mary W.201238446
Crary, O. A.201541330
Crary, O.A.199824 13
Crary, W.R200834 32
Crary, Wm. R.201036 35
Craver, Elizabeth19751213
Crawford family20093538
Crawford, Lemuel201440446
Crawford, Moses19784327
Crawley, Jessie [Burbick]199925 39
Cray, Willis201137331
Creed, Alexander200329 8b
Creed, George200329 8b
Creed, Irene200329 8b
Creighton, Robert20123815
Crelin, Jean M.200632 24
Crellin, Belle Mrs.198915435
Crellin, Carl E.200935 18
Crellin, Frederic198511323
Crellin, Frederic Mr. & Mrs.199218327
Crellin, Frederic M/M199117213
Crellin, Frederic, Mrs. (Jean)19795211
Crellin, Frederick, Mrs., (Jean)19784217
Crellin, Jean (Mrs. Fredric)1980611
Crellin, Jean (Mrs. Fredric)19806320
Crellin, Jean19817431
Crellin, Jean19841011
Crellin, Jean19851127
Crellin, Jean198511323
Crellin, Jean M.199925 24
Crellin, Jean M.200026 13
Crellin, Jean M.200834 24
Crellin, Jean M.200935 25
Crellin, Jean M.201036 20
Crellin, Jean M.201137225
Crellin, L.B.20093534
Cremean, Keziah (Mrs. Samuel Baxter)1980628
Cressby, Frank G.1983916
Creter, Herman P.198915214
Cristy, Albert Barnes200834 45
Criswell, W.A.200834 45
Crittle, Doris19806317
Crobaugh, John E.198915214
Crobaugh, John F.201137332
Crocker, Roswell198511210
Crofoot, A. D.201137331
Crofoot, B. Frank1977313
Crofoot, Benjamin199319434
Crofoot, Benjamin200834 33
Crofoot, Benjamin200935 45
Crofoot, Diantha199319434
Crofoot, Diantha Fuller199319434
Crofoot, Dudley200834 33
Crofoot, Freelove (Baker)1977313
Crofoot, Gideon200733 31
Crofoot, Gideon200834 33
Crofoot, J.L.199824 13
Crofoot, Joe200834 32
Crofoot, John L.200733 14
Crofoot, John M.200834 32
Crofoot, Malcolm199319434
Crofoot, Malcolm199925 27
Crofoot, Parnum199319434
Crofoot, Vernon199319434
Croft, ---200733 15
Croft, Elizabeth199622434
Croft, H.C.200834 45
Croft, Henry199622434
Croft, Libbie201036 9
Croft, Mary Ervin200733 31
Croft, Thomas199622434
Croft, William199622434
Crofts, Christopher198915218
Crofts, Christopher198915327,28
Crofts, Christopher199117434
Cromley, Raymond A.198612320
Cromley, Raymond A.198612326
Crone, Lucy (Gilmore)19773329
Cronin family199925 9
Crosbie, Tom201036 3
Crosby, Mr.200935 7
Cross, Edward O. and Florence A.20133918
Cross, Elizabeth O.20133918
Cross, Frederic S.20133918
Cross, Regina20093535
Cross, Ruth E.20133918
Croswell, A.199117435
Croswell, Archibold199117434
Crother, John200026 5
Crow, Amy Johnson200834 7
Crow, Amy Johnson201238332
Crow, Catherine199420328
Crow, Jane199420328
Crow, William199420328
Crow, Wm.199420328
Crowder, Baby19751321
Crowder, Chester19751321
Crowder, Henry J.19751321
Crowe, Cathrin M.198915436
Crowe, Mary Ann198915436
Crowe, Virginia (Bosley)19784219
Crowe, Wm.198915436
Crowfoot, Avery199622434
Crowfoot, Eli199622435
Crowfoot, Marie199622434
Crowfoot, Samantha199622434
Crowley, Ann Reardon199420325
Crowley, Raymond A.19871317
Crum, Charlotte199925 27
Crum, Milton199218327
Cruthers, John198814326
Csir, Elizabeth199117213,19
Cuddeback, Margaret19828323
Culbertson, Harry200026 30,39
Cullings, Clarence200026 29
Culver, Hannah19891517
Culver, Lucy19891517
Culver, Nathan19891517
Culver, Phebe19891517
Cumings, Alice J.19817214
Cumings, Evelyn M.19817214
Cumings, Henry200834 32
Cumings, Henry H. and sisters200834 32
Cumings, Mary200834 45
Cumings, Mildred, Miss19762424
Cummings, Abner200935 45
Cummings, Aseneth200935 45
Cummings, Bobbi201339220
Cummings, Catherine199824 39
Cummings, H.198915328
Cummings, Henry201036 9
Cummings, Julia Ann Hills Mrs.198915216
Cummings, Roberta201036 20
Cummings, Stella L.19817326
Cummings, Thomas200935 45
Cummings, Wm.200935 45
Cummins, Benjamin201440446
Cummins, Niceny200935 45
Cunnabel, Amy Edwards199319439
Cunnabel, John199319439
Cunningham, Mrs. A.199925 26
Cunningham, Amos198410219
Cunningham, Artemus198410219
Cunningham, Mrs. C.199925 26
Cunningham, Cushion198410219
Cunningham, Cyrus201137217
Cunningham, Cyrus201238445
Cunningham, Cyrus Esq.201238446
Cunningham, Ed200026 46
Cunningham, Edwin201238446
Cunningham (Fireman)198410212
Cunningham, James I.198410219
Cunningham, John198410219
Cunningham, Larry20144016
Cunningham, Maranda198410219
Cunningham, Mary198410219
Cunningham, Mary W. Crary201238446
Cupack, Kuman201440336
Curby, Tina19871317
Curby, Tina19871331
Curby, Tina19881411
Curby, Tina198814321,27
Curby, Tina19891511,10
Curby, Tina198915220
Curby, Tina198915321,30
Curby, Tina198915440
Curby, Tina199016322
Curby, Tina199117213
Curby, Tina199218327
Curby, Tina M.198612320
Curdy, W.M.200127 36
Curiss, J. Jr.199824 36
Curley, Laraine199925 1
Curran, Ann200935 3
Curran, William E.201036 34
Current, James19881414
[Curry], Ebanezer201036 35
Curties, Joseph19881414
Curtis, Abigail Allen19911715
Curtis, Charles200733 31
Curtis, Clarsa200632 46
Curtis, Clayton19795317
Curtis, Cornelia199723 24
Curtis, Eliza200632 46
Curtis, Emeline200632 46
Curtis, Emlia200632 46
Curtis, Ezra19851128
Curtis, George199723 24
Curtis, Harriot200228 19
Curtis, Harvey199016434
Curtis, Irene19851128
Curtis, John201541330
Curtis, Joseph200228 19
Curtis, Joseph200632 46
Curtis, Joseph (jr)200632 46
Curtis, L.198915328
Curtis, Louis F.201036 34
Curtis, Lovisa200632 46
Curtis, Marcia200228 19
Curtis, Matilda200632 46
Curtis, Melorna200228 19
Curtis, Minuvia200632 46
Curtis, N. W.198814326
Curtis, Roda200632 46
Curtis, Widow200228 19
Curtis, Zera200632 46
Curtiss & Sons200834 14
Curtiss, ---200733 13
Curtiss, Charles E.198915214
Curtiss, Florence200834 13
Curtiss, Frank19817214
Curtiss, Goodale F.200733 13
Curtiss, J.199824 35
Curtiss, Joseph201339214
Curtiss, Lydia V. (Mrs.W.W.)19817326
Curtiss, Marion (Mrs. Samuel W.)19817214
Curtiss, Nathaniel201339214
Curtiss, Samuel W.19817214
Curtiss, Volney201036 9
Curtiss, William200733 15
Cushman, Nathan201137214
Cushman, Polly Weeks201137214
Cusick, Peggy,200127 1
Cusielcyk, Sandie199925 37
Custin, Albert200733 31
Custin, Emma Koch199420436
Custin, Robert L.199420436
Custis, Charles19795317
Cutler, Edsil A.19942015
Cutler, Eileen19942015
Cutler, Ida Elva Dewey19942015
Cutter, Joseph1979528
Cutter, Joseph19828319
Cychler, Irene (Mrs.)198511323
Cychler, Irene199117213
Cyrus, Bro20144011
Dabney, Widow19784327
Daggett, J.H.200834 32
Daggett, Nathan200834 32
Daggett, Nathan201036 34
Dahl, Becky198814432
Dahlberg, Veronica Isabel200733 2
Dailey, John20144011
Dailey, John200531 19,39
Dalby, Darrell19839321
Dalby, Lynn19839321
Daley, Miss Dorothy20144016
Daley, Marie E.200531 9
Dames, Colonial199420432
Damon, George200733 14
Damon, Isaac T.19795317
Damon, John A.19795317
D’Amore, Faye200733 4
Dana, Alice S.201036 24
Danforth, John19839214
Danforth, John198915327
Daniels, A.198814326
Daniels, Aaron19839429
Daniels, Aaron199117330
Daniels, Aaron199218218
Daniels, Alberta R. Grover19871348
Daniels, Alvin Richardson199218213
Daniels, Amos201440446
Daniels, Cornela Haskell199218213
Daniels, Frank C.19871348
Daniels, Mrs. Harold U.200935 7
Daniels, Jack19784438
Daniels, Jack1979511
Daniels, Jack1980611,2
Daniels, Jack19806212
Daniels, Jack19806320
Daniels, Jack1983917
Daniels, Jack19841011
Daniels, Jack199723 11
Daniels, Jack20113713
Daniels, Jack201238217
Daniels, Louella (Mrs.Sautelle)198511322
Daniels, Max198511322
Dann, Evangeline20093534
Darling, David200632 36
Darnell, Sandra200632 17
Darous?, Samuel200733 13
Darroll, Nathan'l199218218
Darrow, Harold H.200935 18
Darrow, J.200733 14
Darrow, J. Q.198915435
Darrow, John199723 26
Darrow, Leonard200733 31
Darrow, Mr. (Rev.)19839325
Darrow, Rev. Nathan B.200834 45
Dascomb, Charles H.201339444
Dascomb, Ezra199319437
Dascomb, Irene199319437
Dascomb, Leander199319437
Dascomb, Mary199319437
Dascomb, William199319437
Dascomb, Wm.199319437
Datz, Sr., Harold E.1977315
Daubenspeck, Pam201541212
Daubenspeck, Pamela2015412R
Daubenspeck, Pamela R.200531 42
Davet, Edna201339442
Davet, Frank [H.]201036 34
Davet, Joseph J.201339444
Davidson, Alexander19828216
Davidson, B.201238337
Davidson, Dan A.200733 44
Davidson, George20113714
Davidson, Helen (Fairchild)200733 35
Davidson, R.201238337
Davis family200531 44
Davis Photography20043038
Davis, ---200733 13
Davis, Barbara Snell201137219
Davis, Benj. C.200733 14
Davis, Bill20144016
Davis, Calvin199319217
Davis, Calvin199319325
Davis, Calvin19952117
Davis, Calvin199521219
Davis, Charles E.199824 28
Davis, Charles Ervin201137330
Davis, Clancy19952117
Davis, Clarrissa199319217
Davis, Clifford S.200935 18
Davis, David R.200026 5
Davis, Dorthea200531 44
Davis, Dr. J.P. III200127 32
Davis, Ema19952117
Davis, Emma199521219
Davis, George P.199824 28
Davis, George W.199824 4
Davis, Grace Brown Manley201137330
Davis, Hattie E. (Mrs.Fred Benson)1983916
Davis, Henry19952117
Davis, Henry199521219
Davis, Henry199824 28
Davis, Jack L.19784322
Davis, James199824 4,28
Davis, Jane199319325
Davis, Jane Snell199521219
Davis, Jessie20093535
Davis, Joe199420325
Davis, John200127 36
Davis, Rev. Dr. John P.201339215
Davis, Rev. John200834 15
Davis, Joseph199824 4
Davis, Josephine200834 14
Davis, Judson200026 8
Davis, L.199319217
Davis, Lafayette199521219
Davis, Larry J.201036 20
Davis, Layfiett19952117
Davis, Lorica199319217
Davis, Luella199824 28
Davis, Mabel201137330
Davis, Marietta199824 4
Davis, Marlene200733 21
Davis, Mary A.199319217
Davis, Mike200228 8
Davis, Minerva Ruth198814217
Davis, Mrs.19817322
Davis, Mrs.200935 7
Davis, Norm200228 36
Davis, Norm20043015
Davis, Norm(an)200733 8,10,15,21,25,28,38,48
Davis, Norm200733 8,10,25
Davis, Norm(an)200834 1,2,10,24
Davis, Norman200329 16a
Davis, Norman200531 25
Davis, Norman200632 24,48
Davis, Norman200935 25
Davis, Norman201036 20
Davis, Norman201137225
Davis, Norman201339220
Davis, Norman201440227
Davis, Norman2015412R
Davis, Mrs. Norman H.200228 36
Davis, Roger200531 44
Davis, Sarah Webster199521219
Davis, Seymour199824 28
Davis, Vandalia199319325
Davis, Vandela19952117
Davis, W.A.19839434
Davis, William F.198915214
Davison, Geo. W.200935 44
Daw John200733 14
Dawes, Helen Palmer200834 45
Dawson, Chris200329 15
Dawson, Ernest198511210
Day, Ellen199824 4
Day, G.E.H.199824 4
Day, George E. H.201036 35
Day, George E H201339441
Day, George E. II201541330
Day, George R.199824 4
Day, Henry199824 4
Day, Iretus200632 47
Day, John19784327
Day, Justin200632 47
Day, Michelle200228 22a
Day, Michelle200329 16a
Day, Michelle20043029
Day, Michelle200531 25
Day, Michelle200632 24
Day, Sarah Elizabeth198814434
Day, Wills198814434
Dayer, Ada Laura Sherman198814325
Dayer, Raymond H.198814325
Dayton, Amanda199319219
Dayton, Atalanta199319219
Dayton, James199319219
Dayton, Mrs. James199925 26
Dayton, John19817326
Dayton, Lorice199319219
Dayton, Margarit199319219
Dayton, Sherman199218214
Dayton, Sherman200127 36
Dayton, Sherman201339214
Deakin, Luella200026 44
DeAloia, Micheal201137220
Dean, Albert B.201137332
Dean, H. G.198915328
Dean, Harriet (2)200632 23
Dean, Harriet20093535
Dean, J. Thomas200329 24
Dean, Julia19751213
Dean, Sister Myrtle Mary200935 45,46
Dean, William19841018
Dearborn, Ira200127 36
Dearth, William H.19817216
Debauche, Irene200228 22a
DeBauche, Irene200329 16a
DeBauche, Irene (Lamos)200329 8a,8b
DeBauche, James200329 8b
De Boer, Jelle Z.20154119
DeBouche, Irene E.200733 25
Dechant, Susan19839429
Decker, Moses19828323
DeCold, Frank200834 45
Degn, Mr.19762423
DeKotch, Lois198612320
Dekotch, Lois19871317
DeLaney, Darold200935 18
Delaney, Phyllis D.200127 33
Delesander, Nicola201036 25
Dellenbaugh, Frank E.201036 24
DeLong, Jean L.201440218
DeLong, Robert Byron Sr.20043024
Delsantro, Chas.200834 45
DeMay, Reenie200228 22a,36
DeMay, Reenie200329 16a
DeMay, Reenie20043015
DeMay, Reenie20043029
DeMay, Reenie200531 5,25,30
DeMay, Reenie200632 24
DeMay, Reenie200733 25
DeMay, Reenie200834 1,24,28,36,38,48
DeMay, Reenie200935 10,25,28,(3):10,48
DeMay, Reenie201036 10,20
DeMay, Reenie201137225
DeMay, Reenie201339221
DeMay, Reenie201440227
DeMay, Reenie2015412R
Deming, Laura (3)200632 20
Deming, Lucius201137331
Demko, Fr. Zolton199925 27
Dempsey, M. Mrs.198915216
Denby, Bishop200935 46
Denis, Kathy200228 13,24
Denison, Mary D F201339441
Denison, Noyes S201339441
Denker, Elayne and Stephen201339444
Dennis, Mildred200632 17
Dennison, Davis S.20144016
Dennison, H.200733 13
Densmore, Adrian R.201036 31
Densmore, E. R.198915435
Densmore, Edwin R.201036 31
Densmore, Helen Roxana201036 31
Densmore, S. A.198915435
Densmore, Sara Jane201036 31
Densmore, Sobrina A.201036 31
Densmore, Solomon201036 31
Densmore, Solomon Albert201036 31
Derning, A. W.201137332
Derrow, Rev. Nathan Bailey200834 33
DeSario, Jack P.20043039
DeSerio, Kathy19828323
Deusinger, Anna Magdalena199521433
Deusinger, Hans Peter199521433
Devereau, Donald200733 31
Devereaux, H.K.200834 45
Dewey, Charles199117219
Dewey, Elbert B.19942015
Dewey, Electa Herrik19942015
Dewey, Eli19942015
Dewey, Elwin Morris19942015
Dewey, Henri E.19942015
Dewey, John E.19942015
Dewey, Mary Arnold19942015
Dewey, Mary Semantha Benton19942015
Dewey, Mr.& Mrs. R.W.198511322
Dewey, Myrtie Sanford19942015
Dewey, Nancy (Morrow)198612326
Dewey, Wallace H.199117219
DeWitt,200531 5
DeWitz, Alfred E.19751319
Dexter, Antipas198915432
Dexter, Chauncey198915432
Dexter, Delano198915432
Dexter, Hiram198915432
Dexter, Knight198915432
Dexter, Mary198915432
Dexter, Olive Pell198915432
Dexter, Thomas Pell198915432
Dice, Alice (Mrs.)198511323
Dice, Alice K.198814327
Dice, Alice K.199117213
Dice, Alice Mrs.19871317
Diche, Jerry198814440
Dick, George200632 44
Dickenson, Gertrude Almira200935 2
Dickenson, James201137332
Dickey, Alice M. Weed198814219
Dickey, E. J.200834 45
Dickey, Edward J.201036 24
Dickey, L.J.20093534
Dickey, M.198814219
Dickey, Matthew198814219
Dickinson, Alice198814433
Dickinson, C. E.199016437
Dickinson, Clarence198814433
Dickinson, John198915328
Dickinson, Julia Ann Hubbard199218214
Dickinson, Lewis201440446
Dickinson, Moses199218214
Dickinson, Parley198814433
Dickinson, Parley M.D.199016437
Dickninson, H.R.200834 45
Didier, Paul20113718
DiDomenico, Jenny200632 37
DiDomenico, Jenny200733 25
DiDonato, Emily199925 14
Diedich, Florence201440113
Diedrich, Lucille201339442
Dieterich, Rev. W.W.200834 45
DiIoria, Albert200329 16a
Di Ioria, Albert201440227
DiIorio, Albert200228 22a
DiIorio, Albert20093533
DiIorio, Albert201440443
Di Iorio, Albert J.200632 24
Dilgren, Nancy2015412R
Dille, Jennie L.199016436
Dille, Lewis200228 19
Dille, Lewis201238445
Dille, Lewis Gen.201238446
Dille, Margaret Walsh199016436
Dille, Mary J. Wade199016436
Dille, Melvin E.199016436
Dille, Monro200228 19
Dille, Rosa B.199016436
Dille, Wade M.199016436
Dilley, H. E.200935 42
Dillon, James W.198915214
Dilorio, Albert199824 23
Di lorio, Albert2015412R
Dineen, Robert200026 8
Dinger, Hilda M.199218213
Dingledine, Agnes19817327
Dingledine, Anthony J.19817327,28
Dingledine, Dorothy19817327
Dingledine, John Anthony19817327,28
Dingledine, John Victor19817327
Dingledine, William Anthony19817327
Dingley, Chas A.201238337
Dingley, Lucy E. (Mrs.Frank J.Jerome)19817326
Dingley, Nellie200834 13
Dingley, W. W.19881414
Di Orio, Albert201339221
Dissell, Floyd200935 18
Ditzler, Mildred20093534
Diver, John19871313
Diver, Sarah19871313
Dixey, Mary199622433
Dixey, Richard199622433
Dixey, William199622433
Dixon, Albert Torrey19871337
Dixon, Christopher200733 13
Dixon, Elijah201036 34
Dixon, Elijah201541218
Dixon, Hiram201238445,47
Dixon, Jas.201036 25
Dixon, Marion (Curtiss)19817214
Dixon, Sarah (Mrs.)198511322
Doan, Alberta C. (Wilcox)19795322
Doan, Bonnibel (Miller)19795322
Doan, Charlotte (Brown)19795322
Doan, David19795322
Doan, Edwin F.19795322
Doan, Eliza (Carpenter)19795321
Doan, Elizabeth19795321
Doan, Elizabeth (Livingston)19795321,22
Doan, Hannah (Stubbs)19795321
Doan, Jacob19795319,21,22
Doan, Jemima (Vestal)19795319,21
Doan, Jesse19795321
Doan, John19795321
Doan, Jonathan19795321
Doan, Joseph19795319,21
Doan, Martha (Hobson)19795319,21
Doan, Mary19795321
Doan, Rachel19795321
Doan, Ruth19795321
Doan, Seth198814326
Doan, Thomas19795319,21
Doan, William19795321
Dobbs, Jane200733 31
Dodd, Paul200834 45
Dodd, Sadie200632 44
Dodge, Alfred199420215
Dodge, Alfred199521219
Dodge, Bethany200935 13
Dodge, Catharine French199420215
Dodge, Collins199420215
Dodge, David199420215
Dodge, David199521219
Dodge, Elinora199420215
Dodge, Ellora199521219
Dodge, Granville General20113713
Dodge, Hannah Patchen199420215
Dodge, Hannah Patchen199521219
Dodge, Harriett Curtis199420215
Dodge, Julia199420215
Dodge, Julia199521219
Dodge, Lena A.201036 24
Dodge, Lucy (Mrs. Charles Tuttle Jr.)19806319
Dodge, Margaret19751213
Dodge, Margaret200733 31
Dodge, Nancy199420215
Dodge, Nancy199521219
Dodge, Norman200733 14
Dodge, Philip199420215
Dodge, Philip199521219
Dodge, Roxana200127 36
Dodge, Sally199420215
Dodge, Samuel19751320
Dodge, Samuel S.198915328
Dodge, Violet Reed199420215
Dodge, Violet Reed199521219
Dodge, William199420215
Dodge, William Henry199521219
Dodson, Mrs. Noble200935 7
Doggett, Lucy1978413
Doling, Thomas201238337
Doliver, David199420327
Doliver, M.199420327
Dollar Savings Bank200834 14
Dollarhide, William201541225
Dolliver, Chauncey19891517
Dolliver, Ezra19891517
Dolliver, Hanna19891517
Dolliver, Ira19891517
Dolliver, John19891517
Dolliver, John201440446
Dolliver, Lydia19891517
Dolliver, Mary19891517
Dolliver, Menzo19891517
Dolliver, Phebe19891517
Dolliver, Phebe Ann19891517
Dolliver, Ruth Pool19891517
Dolliver, Sarah Webb19891517
Dolliver, Zara19891517
Donald, Althea199723 32
Donald, Althea199824 23
Donaldson, ---200733 15
Donaldson, Candace199723 35
Donaldson, Carol J.199622110
Donaldson, D.198915328
Donaldson, D.199723 35
Donaldson, Jr., Mrs. Dwight20154116
Donaldson, E. T.198915435
Donaldson, E. T.201137331
Donaldson, Edwin199723 35
Donaldson, G.M.200834 13
Donaldson, Mrs. L.W.200935 7
Donaldson, Sarah199723 35
Donaldson, Will200834 14
Doncaster, J. E. Miss198915435
Doncaster, J. W. Mrs.198915435
Doncaster, John W.198814433
Doncaster, John W.199016218
Doncaster, Josephine Miss198915435
Doncaster, Josie Miss198915435
Doner, Loretta Ellen (Mrs. Simon Peter Baxter)1980628
Donnan, Mrs. R.L.20093534
Donovan, C.201036 33
Donovan, Cornelius201036 34
Donovan, Rose198915435
Dooliottle, J. D.199723 35
Doolittle Bros. hardware200834 14
Doolittle, Charles E.199723 26
Doolittle, Charles H.201036 35
Doolittle, H. Marshall1983916
Doolittle, H. Marshall200834 45
Doolittle, J. T.199723 26
Doolittle, M. R.198915435
Doolittle, Mark19784215
Doolittle, Mark R.201036 35
Doolittle, M(ark) R.201036 36,37
Doolittle, R.E.200733 33
Doolittle, Samuel201036 31
Doolittle, Sarah E.199723 26
Doonan, Virginia198814327
Doran, Hugh199824 36
Dorance, Dr.19871332
Dorchester, Augustus B.199521328
Dorchester, Caroline L.199521328
Dorchester, Elvira199521328
Dorchester, Geo. R.199521328
Dorchester, Helen E.199521328
Dorchester, Isabel M.199521328
Dorchester, John199521328
Dorchester, Lucy199521328
Dorchester, Wm. H.199521328
Dorman, John Frederick19828319
Doty, Arthur J.1981715
Doty, Betsey (Tuttle)19806319
Doty, Betsey E.1981715
Doty, Betsey T. (Mrs. Harmon)1981715
Doty, Catherine H. (Mrs. David)1981715
Doty, David1981715
Doty, Dollie (Rogers)1981717
Doty, Edward19784323
Doty, Eliza A. (Brisco) (Mrs. Lyman)1981715
Doty, Eva May1981715
Doty, F. R.198915435
Doty, Geo. W.201137332
Doty, Harmon F.1981715,7
Doty, Harriet Weekes199016329
Doty, Helen A.1981715
Doty, James A.201036 35
Doty, Jennie (Ford)19806319
Doty, Jenny A. (Ford)1981715,7
Doty, Jessie200026 26,35
Doty, Judson F.1981715
Doty, Louisa M. (Mrs. Lyman)1981715
Doty, Lydia A.1981715
Doty, Lyman1981715
Doty, Lyman199925 26
Doty, Lyman200733 14
Doty, Maria S. (Rogers)1981716
Doty, Mariah L.1981715
Doty, Mary L.1981715
Doty, May200834 13
Doubledee, Susan19817319
Doubledee, Susan1982818
Doughtery, E. R.20113716
Dow, Charles201339441
Dow, Dwight B.19881414
Dow, Wilder B.199420325
Dowen, Huldia198814324
Dowen, John198814324
Dower, Clarence20133918
Dowling, Anna20093535
Dowling, Ethel200935 7
Dowling, Peter201137332
Dowling, Robert W., Mrs.1975129
Dowling, Thomas A.201541218
Downey Jr., Robert201541222
Downey, Cynthia199521330
Downey, Elizabeth199521330
Downey, Katherine (Wheeler)19773328
Downey, Nelson199521330
Downey, Nelson199521330
Downey, Saml199521330
Downing, A. D.19773432
Downing, Elias201440446
Downs?, Seth201238221
Downy, Elizabeth (Broughton)19773328
Downy, Henry19773328
Drackett, Mae200935 7
Drake, A.W.199824 36
Drake, Ambrose199622433
Drake, Charles199622433
Drake, Charles200531 14
Drake, Charles B.198915433
Drake, Chas. B.198915434
Drake, Chas. R.198915434
Drake, Clarence H.200935 18
Drake, Cynthia T.200531 14
Drake, Hawley200531 14;24
Drake, Henry H.198612213
Drake, James199824 36
Drake, Jennifer McKenzie199117219
Drake, Mary200531 14
Drake, Moses200733 31
Drake, Mr.20113718
Drake, Nellie200531 14
Drake, Phrosine199622433
Drake, Robert J.199117219
Drake, Robert Mr. & Mrs.199218327
Drake, Robert M/M199117213
Draper, Clark201238221
[Drmon], Thomas M.201036 34
Drobnick, Nancy198814327
Drumb, M.L.200834 45
Drury, F.E.200834 45
Dubois, Mrs. Paul200531 36
Dudley, S. S.198814326
Duer, Alice200026 27,35
Duer, Charlie200026 27,35
Duer, Wilie200026 27,35
Duff, Blanche Yaxley19762319
Duffee, Mr.200834 45
Duffy, Jane201440446
Dugan, Mrs. D.L.20093534
Duke, Mary Quine198713110
Duke, Thomas198713110
Dumond, G.R.200834 45
Dumond, Noel R.200935 18
Dunalp, Daniel A.200026 46
Dunbar, J.198814219
Duncan, George199420439
Duncan, Hanah M.19952116
Duncan, Hannah201036 6
Duncan, Harmon199420439
Duncan, Jacob19952116
Duncan, James200026 5
Duncan, James200935 18
Duncan, Jane199420439
Duncan, Luman19952116
Duncan, Mary199420439
Duncan, Phidelia199622433
Duncan, Samuel199420439
Duncan, Sanford199420439
Duncan, Sarah200531 23,24
Duncan, Solomon19952116,7
Duncan, Warren199420439
Duncan, Wm. L.199622433
Dunfee, Jane (Mrs.Ludlom)198410324
Dunfee, Ludlom198410324
Dunfee, Mary Francis (Mollie)198410324
Dunham, Joseph198612212
Dunham, Lucy (Mrs.John Pray)19861214
Dunham, Lucy (Mrs.John Pray)198612212
Dunham, Matilda200531 23;24
Dunkel, Emily200632 21
Dunlap, Dan200632 41
Dunlap, Mary201339442
Dunn, Florence200834 14
Dunn, William H.200329 29
Dunnigan, Catherine19881414
Dunnigan, Ella B. Clark199420215
Dunnigan, O. F.199420215
Dunning, Mary Ann (S.Hendrickson)19839322
Dunshee, HS200026 5
Dunsmore, Anna Florence198814435
Dunsmore, Edmund198814435
Durand, Annalira200228 19
Durand, Austin200228 19
Durand, Mrs. Bert200935 7
Durand, Caroline199117435
Durand, Charles W.1983916
Durand, Cyrus200228 19
Durand, Edgar199117435
Durand, Edwin199319328
Durand, Edwin199824 14,36
Durand, Emeline199319328
Durand, Esvilla200228 19
Durand, Franklin199319328
Durand, Franklin199824 14
Durand, Hall200228 19
Durand, Hyman199824 36
Durand, James200733 15
Durand, L.199824 14
Durand, L. Mrs.198915216
Durand, Lewis199521219
Durand, Lucius200228 19
Durand, Lyman199319328
Durand, Sally Dodge199521219
Durand, Sarah19881414
Durfee, Ira19931915
Durfee, Ira199521219
Durfee, Jane Ann198915212
Durfee, Jane Ann199420212
Durfee, Jane Ann Wheeler198814433
Durfee, Jane Ann Wheeler19931915
Durfee, Jane Ann Wheeler199319325
Durfee, Jane Wheeler199521219
Durfee, Kate Norton19931915
Durfee, Orson19931915
Durfee, Orson199319325
Durfee, Orson199521219
Durfee, Orson S.198814433
Durkee, Lt. Col. Herman201238217
Durphy, Henry H.201137332
Dustin, N. M.19881414
Duston, Mrs.200834 3
Dutton, Charles19784328
Dutton, J.199420328
Dutton, James199420328
Duty, E.199117434
Duty, Sally199117434
Duy, Delores Benes199925 31,40
Dwire, Frances20144017
Dwire, M&M20144017
Dyer, David200632 46
Dyer, Edward G.201036 35
Dyer, Harry19881415
Dyer, Milton200531 46
Dyer, Ricard200632 46
Dyer, Welthy200632 46
Dyer, Wm200632 46
Dyer, Wm (jr)200632 46
Earl, Bessie200026 35
Earl, Jessie200026 35
Earl, W. H.201137331
Easterbrook, Georgia201440223
Eastman, Colburn200632 36
Eastman, Dick200632 12
Eastman, Dick201339216,18
Eastman, Richard W.201137217
Eaton, Geo.200834 45
Eaton, George L.200834 45
Eaton, Laura200632 36
Eaton, Mary200632 36
Eaton, Milton B.198915214
Eaton, Misses201036 9
Eaton, O. S.199420325
Eaton, Sheppard200632 36
Eaton, William H.200632 17
Eavnes, Theador19751320
Ebenwood, (Capt)19839214
Ebling, Orville19762315
Eckerle, Charles199925 27
Eckstein, Eleanor199117330
Eddlemon, Sherida K.200733 45
Eddy family20043012
Eddy, ---200733 15
Eddy, A.P.199824 35
Eddy, Amos200733 31
Eddy, Amos Porter199319439
Eddy, Anna199319439
Eddy, Benjamin199319439
Eddy, Benjamin E.199319439
Eddy, Caleb198612322
Eddy, Candace Young199622217
Eddy, Charles M.199723 34
Eddy, D. M.199723 34
Eddy, D. M. (?)201036 35
Eddy, D.M.200733 15
Eddy, Dennis199319439
Eddy, E.199824 35
Eddy, Elizabeth (Savery)19817211
Eddy, Elsie20093535
Eddy, Eurelja Clemmons199319439
Eddy, Geo. S.201137332
Eddy, Hazael Parker198612323
Eddy, Hazael Peckham ("Haze")198612322,23
Eddy, Ira200834 45
Eddy, Ira (Rev.)198612322
Eddy, Jane LaPierre199319439
Eddy, John19817211
Eddy, John R.201036 35
Eddy, Joshua Capt.19817211
Eddy, Laura J.199319439
Eddy, Lovina Jewell199319439
Eddy, Luther198612322
Eddy, Martha Hall199319439
Eddy, (Martin) Luther19817328
Eddy, Martin Luther198612322,23
Eddy, Mary (Mrs.John T. Lloyd)198612322
Eddy, Orrin199319439
Eddy, Philenda (Linda) Cunnabel199319439
Eddy, Rollin (Rolly)199319439
Eddy, Royal (Rolly)199622217
Eddy, Ruth Story Devereuxx19817211
Eddy, Samuel19817211
Eddy, Samuel198612322
Eddy, William198612322
Eddy, William R.201238219
Eddy, William Rev.19817211
Eddy, William Robert199319439
Eddy, William Robinson199319439
Edgerly, Ella French200026 6
Edgerton, E.200733 15
Edic, Elizabeth Weaver198814325
Edic, Jacob Sr.198814325
Edison, Thomas201440447
Edmonds, Ruth200935 3
Edson, Clarissa Moulton198814325
Edson, Levi198814325
Edson, Levi Sr.198814323,24
Edson, Mary Blodgett198814325
Edson, Mary Blodgett Washburn198814324
Edson, Robert19773329
Edward, Otis199117434
Edwards, Charles200834 45
Edwards, Edwin199622436
Edwards, Erwin199824 4
Edwards, John Stark19871345
Edwards, June19762319
Edwards, Nathaniel19871336
Edwards, Orin D.199622436
Edwards, Orrin201339441
Edwards, P.199622436
Edwards, P.199824 4
Edwards, Piermont199117435
Edwards, R.198814326
Edwards, Robert19762319
Edwards, Robert P.19762319
Edwards, William199622436
Edwards, William199824 4
Egbert, Francis Miller199521214
Egbert, S. L. Mr.199521216
Egbert, Samuel199521214
Egbert, Samuel201036 35
Egbertson, John200935 13
Egbertson, Margaret Jane200935 13
Egbertson, Rachel Maria200935 13
Eggleston, Maud (Baker)1977314
Eldred, James201440446
Eldred, M.198814326
Eldredge family200531 44
Eldridge, Charles198511322
Eldridge, Delia199824 3
Eldridge, Edna198511322
Eldridge, Joab199824 3
Eldridge, Martha199824 3
Eldridge, Mr.& Mrs. Harold198511322
Elexandr, M.199824 35
Eley, Dr. James Brian19762423
Elias, B.K.200834 45
Elias, Geo.199622436
Elias, Jefferson199622436
Elias, Joseph199622436
Ellar, John199925 38
Ellem, Mrs.19817322
Ellen, J. S.201137332
Ellenburg, Eva, Mrs.1977315
Ellenburg, Eva19784217
Ellenburg, Eva19806320
Ellenwood, Benjamin19921818
Ellenwood, Jeremiah19921818
Eller, John199925 38
Ellerton, Ethel20093534
Ellertson, Ethel20093534
Ellinwood, Benj.20123815
Elliot, John C.198915214
Elliott, Frank201440223
Elliott, H.D. (Col.)19861213
Elliott, Howard A.200935 18
Elliott, Isaac19861213
Elliott, Israel19839212
Elliott, Israel19861213
Elliott, Lee200834 45
Elliott, Mirabelle A.200632 20
Elliott, Morgan19861213
Elliott, Nancy D.19839212
Elliott, Peter19861213
Ellis, Fred C.199925 27
Ellis, John Allis201036 4
Ellis, Lemuel198814216
Ellis, Lemuel201440446
Ellis, Simeon201339441
Ellis, William Avery201036 4
Ellison, Abraham200733 13
Ellsworth, Almond200632 35
Ellsworth, Aurel199925 9
Ellsworth, Chester19828215
Ellsworth, Coleman200632 35
Ellsworth, Leona20093534
Ellsworth, Louisa200632 35
Ellsworth, Mrs.200632 35
Ellsworth, Stan200632 35
[Elspy], Joseph A.201036 34
Elsworth, Dawn1983917
Elwell, Isaac201137331
Ely, Asaph200127 36
Ely, H. C.19773432
Ely, Harriet (Mrs.Geo.Marshall)1983916
Ely, Ira W.201137331,32
Ely, Joshua198410211
Ely, Mr. Rev.199117324
Emerson, Gerome198410321
Emerson, J.199824 35
Emerson, Joseph199925 26
Emerson, Joseph Jr.201238220
Emmerson, A.199117434
Emmerson, Adaline199117435
Emmerson, George199117436
Emmerson, Jesse199117434,36
Emmerson, Laura L.199117434
Emmerson, Lucy199117434
Emmes, Joshua201238220
Emmis, Joshua201238220
Empsy, William201238220
Empy, William199521329
Encel, James199117435
Encell, Eugine199117434
Engel, Carl1981711
Engel, Carl1983917
Engel, Carl198410321
Engel, Carl19871347
Engel, Carl198915211
Engel, Carl199218321
Engel, Carl19931912
Engel, Carl199319433
Engel, Carl199521211
Engel, Carl199622212
Engel, Carl199622322,23
Engel, Carl199824 12,23
Engel, Carl199925 15
Engel, Carl200026 5,11,13
Engel, Carl200127 4
Engel, Carl (Thomas)200531 15,30,25
Engel, Carl & Louise199117213
Engel, Carl & Louise199218327
Engel, Carl B.198814211
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)1974113,5
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)1975128,9,13
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)19751427
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)1977315
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)19773213
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)19773323
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)1978411
Engel, Carl B., Mrs. (Louise)19784217
Engel, Carl B., Mrs.19795211
Engel, Carl T.200228 22a
Engel, Carl T.200329 16a
Engel, Carl T.20043015
Engel, Carl T.20043029
Engel, Carl Thomas200632 2,37,44
Engel, Carl Thomas200733 11,25
Engel, Carl Thomas200834 24
Engel, Carl Thomas200935 25
Engel, Carl Thomas201036 20
Engel, Carl Thomas201137225
Engel, Carl Thomas201339221
Engel, Carl Thomas201440227
Engel, Carl Thomas2015412R
Engel, Louise1976215
Engel, Louise19762213
Engel, Louise19762428
Engel, Louise (Mrs. Carl)19806320
Engel, Louise1981712
Engel, Louise (Mrs.Carl)198511323
Engel, Louise (Mrs. Carl)19871317
Engel, Louise198814211
Engel, Louise199521322
Engel, Louise Scheffel199521211
England, Flora D.200733 45
Eno, Milo S.199117434
Enos, Orestus G200733 13
Enos, Uriot199016437
Ensign, Caleb. W. Jr.200127 36
Ensign, Mrs. E.F.200834 3
Ensign, Hallio, Mrs.1975129
Ensign, Horace199925 26
Enyeart, K.H.200834 45
Epaves, Barb200733 8
Epaves, Barbara20043029
Epperson, Dr. Amanda20133911
Epperson, Patricia20133911
Erie Brewing Co.201036 25
Ernst, Robert199925 27
Erskin, Josephine20043017
Erving, Francis199319219
Erving, William H.1982818
Erving, William M.1982818
Escola, Anna201339442
Esmond, Emilie M.19806320
Esmonde, Emilie198814327
Esmonde, Emilie199218327
Esmonde, Emilie199824 23
Esmonde, Emilie199925 15
Esmonde, Emilie200026 13
Esmonde, Emilie200228 22a
Esmonde, Emilie200329 16a
Esmonde, Emilie20043029
Esmonde, Emilie200531 25
Esmonde, Emilie200632 24
Esmonde, Emilie200733 25
Esmonde, Emilie200935 25
Esmonde, Emilie M., Mrs.1977315
Esmonde, Emilie M., Mrs.19784217
Esmonde, Emilie M.19795211
Esmonde, Emilie M.198511323
Esmonde, Emilie M.19871317
Esmonde, Emilie M., Mrs.1975129
Esmonde, Emilie M., Mrs.19762427,28
Esmonde, Emille199117213
Esmonds, Emile200834 24
Esselstyn, Mary Alice, Mrs.19751426
Est(a)(r)brook, Jean200935 46
Est(a)(r)brook, M(ildred)200935 46
Estepp. Vicki201137220
Esterhay, Robert199925 38
Evans family200228 3
Evans' Lunch201137215
Evans, Bina20093534
Evans, Frances201137215
Evans, George201137215
Evans, Hattie200935 42
Evans, Martha "Bart"201137215
Evans, Mary Ann201036 6
Evans, Melvin201137215
Evans, R.B.201440446
Evans, Robert199925 15
Evans, Robert200026 13
Evans, Robert200228 22a
Evans, Robert200329 16a
Evans, Robert20043029
Evans, Robert200531 25
Evans, Robert200632 24
Evans, Robert200733 25
Evans, Robert200834 24
Evans, Robert201137215
Evans, Robert D.201036 6
Evans, Mrs. Robert199723 32
Evans, Mrs. Robert199824 23
Evans, Sara199218110
Evans, Sara199925 15,21,30,40
Evans, Sara200026 2,13,40,50
Evans, Sara200127 10,20,30,40
Evans, Sara200329 16a,20,21,33,34
Evans, Sara20043015
Evans, Sara20043029
Evans, Sara20043031,3
Evans, Sara20043041
Evans, Sara200632 24
Evans, Sara200733 4,25,43,44
Evans, Sara200834 24,27
Evans, Sara201036 6
Evans, Sara Ann200228 12,22a
Evans, Sarah200531 11,25,30
Evans, William200026 46
Everett, George199824 3
Everett, George201036 35
Everett, Henritta199824 3
Everett, Henry200329 11
Everett, Henry201036 27
Everett, Henry A.201036 24
Everett, Isaac198915328
Everett, Julia B. (Van Norman)19817214
Everett, Mary199824 3
Everett, Mary201137334
Everitt, Cordelia199521330
Everitt, Edward199521330
Everitt, Geo.199521330
Everitt, George19921817
Everitt, George19952117
Everitt, Henrieta19952117
Everitt, Henrietta199521330
Everitt, Mary19952117
Everitt, William J. (Mrs.)198410211
Evers, Henrietta20093534
Evins, John20123815
Ewer, E.201238337
Ewing, Wm.199723 35
Faehnrich, Jenny L.198814433
Fagan, Brian20154119
Fager, Pearl (Mrs)19839322
Fails or Failing, Mrs. Dorothy201238215
Fair, Capt.201238216
Fairbanks, Mary Ann199622436
Fairchild, Allen201440446
Fairchild, Ann199824 1,11,20,23,30
Fairchild, Ann199925 2,10,11,15,20,30,32,40
Fairchild, Ann200026 2,13,40,50
Fairchild, Ann200127 10,20,30,33,37,40
Fairchild, Ann200228 3,12,22a,32,44
Fairchild, Ann200329 10,16a,18,32,33,44
Fairchild, Ann20043012,4,12
Fairchild, Ann20043021,9,12
Fairchild, Ann20043031,14
Fairchild, Ann20043048
Fairchild, Ann200531 10,25,28,38,44,48
Fairchild, Ann200632 10,24,28,40
Fairchild, Ann (Colburn)200733 25,35
Fairchild, Ann200834 1,2,24,28,38,48
Fairchild, Ann200935  10,15,25,28,(3):10,48
Fairchild, Ann201036 2,10,20,28,38,48
Fairchild, Ann201137110
Fairchild, Ann201137225,28
Fairchild, Ann201137338
Fairchild, Ann201137448
Fairchild, Ann201238110
Fairchild, Ann201238228
Fairchild, Ann201238338
Fairchild, Ann201238448
Fairchild, Ann201339110
Fairchild, Ann201339221,24
Fairchild, Ann201339332
Fairchild, Ann201339434,45
Fairchild, Ann201440116
Fairchild, Ann201440227
Fairchild, Ann2015412R
Fairchild, Anne199723 32
Fairchild, Don199723 32
Fairchild, Don199824 23
Fairchild, Don(ald)200228 3,22a
Fairchild, Don20043014
Fairchild, Don20043029
Fairchild, Donald198511323
Fairchild, Donald19871317
Fairchild, Donald199925 15
Fairchild, Donald200026 13
Fairchild, Donald200329 16a
Fairchild, Donald200531 25
Fairchild, Donald200632 24
Fairchild, Donald Burgess200733 25,35
Fairchild, Donald Mr. & Mrs.198814327
Fairchild, Mrs. Donald198511323
Fairchild, Donald Mrs.19871317
Fairchild, Eliza Ann201036 4
Fairchild, Esther (Burgess)200733 35
Fairchild, Milty A.200733 35
Fairchild, Vanessa200733 35
Faircloth, Christopher201137220
Falin, Becky200026 1,2
Falin, Becky200935 12,13
Falin, Becky201036 4
Falin, Rebecca200935 1
Falkenburgh, James201238219
Fallwell, K. L.19871349
Fally, F.198814326
Fally, Frederick (Major)19839431,32
Fancher, George201036 9
Fangboner, Gary200026 13
Fangboner, Gary20043032
Fangboner, Gary200531 25
Fangboner, Gary200632 24
Fangboner, Gary200834 24
Fangboner, Gary200935 25
Fangboner, Gary201036 20
Fangboner, Gary201137225
Fankhauser, Wm. F.20093534
Fanted, Patsy19871337
Fanted, Patsy19871349
Farinacci, Marie200026 8
Farley, E. S.200834 45
Farmer, Bernard19871317
Farmer, Bernard198814327
Farmer, Bernard Fredrick19871315
Farmer, Bernie198612325
Farmer, Bernie19871314,5
Farmer, Frank Edwin19871315
Farmer, Franklin200733 14
Farmer, Fred Wm.19871315
Farmer, Thomas19871315
Farmer, William Halley19871315
Farmer, William Sr.199622110
Farnam, Fidella L.201440223
Farnum, Lydia201440446
Farrall, John201137332
Farrell, Ellen Morrissey19891519
Farrell, Ellen Morrissey198915220
Farrell, John19891519
Farrell, John Sarsfield19891519
Farrell, Margaret19891519
Farrell, Mary Ellen19891519
Faught, R.C.20093534
Faulkner, David19795319
Faust, Lucille201339442
Faust, P.E.20093534
Faust, Paul E.201339444
Fawcett, Ruth200531 44
Fay, H.S.199824 36
Fay, Horace S.199925 18
Fay, Julia Ann Greer Hopkins (Ray)199925 18
Fay, W. W.201440446
Fayerweather, Arthur C.199016437
Fayerweather, Burton199016437
Fayerweather, David199016437
Fayerweather, David A.199016437
Fayerweather, Mary E.199016437
Fayerweather, Roswell199016437
Fayerweather, S. Carlos199016437
Fayerweather, Sarah199016437
Fayerweather, Sarah Ann199016437
Fayerweather, Susan Richards199016437
Fayerweather, Willis A.199016437
Faze, Wm. A.200026 5
Fazekas, John199925 27
Fazzini, T.19931914
Fearl, Marion200935 15
Featherston, George199319329
Featherston, Henry199319436
Featherston, John199319329
Featherston, Thomas199319329
Featherston, Wm.199319436
Featherston, Wm.200733 13
Fedebaugh & Tear200834 14
Federico, Bianca Morse1977311
Fedor, Marty200834 4
Fedorchak, Catherine19762212
Feibold, Krismas199723 32
Fell, Cora201339442
Fell, Dorothy201339442
Fell, Maude201440113
Feller, Henry201440113
Fellows, Donald P.199925 15
Fellows, Donald P.200026 13
Fellows, Donald P.200228 22a
Fellows, Donald P.200329 16a
Fellows, Donald P.20043029
Fellows, Donald P.200531 25
Fellows, Donald P.200632 24
Fellows, Donald P.200733 25
Fellows, Donald P.200834 24
Fellows, Donald P.200935 25
Fellows, Donald P.201036 20
Fellows, Donald P.201137225
Fellows, Donald P.201339221
Fennel, Cynthia200834 4
Fenner Mary201238216
Fenner, Anthony201238214
Fenner, Arthur Quincy201238214,15
Fenner, Bessie Carrie201238216
Fenner, Blanche Mary201238216
Fenner, Catherine L., Mrs.20113717
Fenner, Jane or Jean201238214
Fenner, Kathryn201238216
Fenner, Lyman201238214,15
Fenner, Lyman Joseph201238216
Fenner, Mildred20093534
Fenner, Ruby Elizabeth201238216
Fenner, Sherman Arthur201238216
Fenton, Arthur E.201137332
Fenton, Gladys (Baker)1977314
Fenton, Katherine200632 23
Fenton, Robert19773326
Fenton, Sylvia K. (Murphey)19773326
Ferguson, Elton199218327
Ferguson, Elton H.199218323
Ferguson, Geraldine, Mrs.1977315
Ferguson, John201238222
Ferguson, Lois E.20093534
Ferguson, Lucy201339442
Ferguson, Marian Land19942015
Ferguson, Martha20154116
Ferguson, Walter201440223
Fernandez, Henry F.19773324
Ferris, Alice (Mrs. Duane)19806320
Ferris, Alice198612320
Ferris, Alice19871317
Ferris, Barbara Downer199824 23
Ferris, Barbara Downer199925 15
Ferris, Charlotte Pelton19891517
Ferris, Cornelius19891517
Ferris, Duane, Mrs.1975129
Ferris, Jeffrey19861213
Ferris, Mary (Mrs, David White)198410211
Ferris, Mary Buck19891517
Ferris, Mr.19839214
Ferriss, E. J.200632 17
Ferron, J. O.201137331
Ferron, J.F.200834 45
Ferron, John & S.199117213
Ferron, Owen Peter19871349
Ferron, Sue200329 10,14,16a,20,18,32,44
Ferron, Sue200935 2
Ferron, Sue201036 2,43
Ferron, Suzanne200026 6,13,42
Ferron, Suzanne200127 4,37
Ferron, Suzanne200228 3,14,22a,32,44
Ferron, Suzanne20043014,5,12
Ferron, Suzanne20043027
Ferron, Suzanne200531 5,25
Ferron, Suzanne200733 10,25,28,48
Ferron, Suzanne (H.)200834 1,2,10,24
Ferron, Suzanne H.199925 15
Ferron, Suzanne H.200632 24,48
Ferron, Suzanne H.200935 25
Ferron, Suzanne H.201036 2,20
Ferron, Suzanne H.201137225
Ferron, Suzanne H.201339221
Ferry, Clarissa200127 36
Fesnner, Anthony201238222
Fessenden, Elmer M.201036 25
Fetzer, Richard19751210
Feurn, James201238337
Few, Norma (Wright)1980611
Few, R.G.20093534
Fickes, Madeline200632 23
Fickes, Madeline20093535
Fidal, Rae Marie19784217
Fidel, James J., Mrs.1975129
Field, Anna L. (Mrs. C.W.)19817326
Field, W. B.201036 24
Fields, Dorothy199925 27
Fields, Earl200935 18
Fields, Warren201238445
Fifield, Ann Marie199319218
Fifield, Arba A.201036 24
Fifield, Asa199319218
Fifield, Caroline199319218
Fifield, Cornelia199319218
Fifield, Freeman199319218
Fifield, George199319218
Fifield, Harriet199319218
Fifield, Henry199319218
Fifield, William199319218
Figes, Orlando201238441
Filson, C.C.20093534
Filson, Zepha E.200632 22
Finerin, Ann199420328
Finerin, T.199420328
Finley, Carmen J. Dr.198814433
Finneran, Charles C.201036 25
Finneran, Margaret E.201036 25
Finney, Superintendent20113718
Fiordalis, Ruth B.201137225
Fiordalis, Ruth B.201339221
Fish, Myron199521328
Fisher, Bernice200935 7
Fisher, Mrs. Geo.199925 26
Fisher, George M.19817326
Fisher, Harriett E.19817214
Fisher, Josephine201036 24
Fisher, Karen199824 23
Fisher, M.M.200733 15
Fisher, Mary E. (McCall)19817214
Fisher, Misses201036 9
Fisher, N. W.201036 9
Fisher, Peter19861216
Fisher, Ruth201339442
Fisher, Wm. Rev.199622437
Fisher, Rev. Wm.199824 23
Fisher, Z.198814326
Fisk, M.M.200733 13
Fitch, Clarissa200127 23
Fitch, Clarissa200531 23;24
Fitch, Hellen200733 32
Fitch, Norman199824 36
Fitch, Winchester200834 33
Fitchko, Ronald19861212
Fitts, Marie, (Mrs.)19762319
Fitts, T. B.19762319
Fitts, T. B.201137332
Fitz, Adam200733 44
Fitzgerald, John W.200935 18
Fitzgerald, Mary200834 45
Flagg, S. D.201137331
Flahavin, Patric199824 36
Flanders, Jacob G.198915328
Flanders, Mary A.200733 24
Flanigan, Esther, Mrs.19751426
Flavel, Carol (Willsey) C.G.1978413
Flavell, Carol (Willsey)19773321
Flavell, Carol (Willsey)19773431
Fleming, F. H.199723 35
Fletcher,200026 5
Fletcher, B. H.199319217
Fletcher, Wm.199218218
Flickinger, Robert E.198612324
Flight, Edward J.20113718
Flinn, Catherine201238337
Flinn, Michael201238337
Flint, A.C.200834 45
Flint, Edward201541330
Flint, Phebe200531 23
Flood, Amanda200733 31
Flood, James201137332
Flood, R.F.20093534
Florence, James198915328
Flores, Rita Swartz198814220
Flory, Dorothea20093534
Flower, Mrs. Andrew199925 26
Flower, Dorothy19817327,28
Flowers, Elsie20093534
Flyer, Jessie20093535
Flyer, Mrs.200632 23
Flynn, Bill199016330
Flynn, Catherine Mahoney199016330
Flynn, Catherine Mahoney199622217
Flynn, Mary Creedon Nagle199016330
Flynn, Michael E.199622217
Flynn, Michael Edward199016330
Flynn, Michael J.199622217
Flynn, Tom20113716
Flynn, William J.199622217
Fobes, Deesa A.199622437
Fobes, Emily199420328
Fobes, Euseba199420328
Fobes, F. K.199622437
Fobes, H. R.19773432
Fobes, Harriet199420328
Fobes, Lemuel19839214
Fobes, Lemuel20123815
Fobes, Lemuel201238445
Fobes, Sibelia199420328
Fobes, William200834 33
Fobes, Wm. M.199420328
Foene, Cinderlla199319328
Foene, Clarinda199319328
Foene, Elisha199319328
Foene, Emily199319328
Foene, Jane199319328
Foible, Mrs.19817322
Folden, Liberty200329 11
Foljamb, Mrs. H.Co201339444
Follete, Alma200632 22
Follette, Alma20093534
Follette, Alma J.200632 21
Foltz, Becky200329 7
Foot, Asa201339441
Foot, E.A.199824 14
Foot, Ezra199824 14
Foot, R.B.199824 14
Foote, Barsheba Burr198814433
Foote, Barsheba/Bathsheba Burr198915432
Foote, Caroline199319437
Foote, Caroline199723 24
Foote, Carter199319437
Foote, Carter199723 24
Foote, Eunice199319437
Foote, Franklin199319437
Foote, Franklin199723 24
Foote, Helen199319437
Foote, Helen199723 24
Foote, Joseph198814433
Foote, Joseph198915432
Foote, Storm199723 24
Foraker, Joseph B200632 33
Forbes, Charlotte200632 21
Forbes, Charlotte20093534,5
Forbes, Lemuel19839325
Forbes, Lemuel19921818
Forbes, Lemuel199218218
Force, Peter199521214
Force, Peter20154116
Ford, Achasah19891517
Ford, Amia/Amy Cooke199218326
Ford, Andrew199218326
Ford, Andrew199218435
Ford, Anna D. (Averill)1981716,7
Ford, Arthur O.201137332
Ford, Benjamin201238218
Ford, Caleb201238218
Ford, Carl H.1981716,7
Ford, Charles W.1981717
Ford, Climena (Vrooman)19806319
Ford, Climena201238217
Ford, Climena Vrooman19931917
Ford, Daisy (Patterson)19806319
Ford, Daisy A. (Patterson)1981715,7
Ford, Daisy Ann (Patterson)19784323
Ford, Dexter199218326
Ford, Ebenezer199218435
Ford, Ebenezer200127 36
Ford, Elijah199218326
Ford, Elijah Jr.199218326
Ford, Elisha201238216,18
Ford, Elisha Jr.201238218
Ford, Eliza Waterman199218326
Ford, Elizabeth Versey201238218
Ford, Emma198612326
Ford, Esther Johnson199218326
Ford, Eunice201238218
Ford, Harriet19881415
Ford, Henry201440447
Ford, James201137216
Ford, James R.19839431
Ford, Jennet Perry19891517
Ford, Jennie (Doty)19806319
Ford, Jenny A. (Doty)1981717
Ford, Judy201036 20
Ford, Loriers Carlene1981716,7
Ford, Lucy McKinstry199218326
Ford, Mabel198612326
Ford, Miles19891517
Ford, Nettie B. (Sanders)1981715,7
Ford, Olive (Shook)1981716
Ford, Orison201238218
Ford, Pauline200531 23
Ford, Reuben19806319
Ford, Reuben19931917
Ford, Reuben201238217,18
Ford, Roxey Olds199218435
Ford, Ruben201238213
Ford, Russell Clair1981716,7
Ford, Sarah199218435
Ford, Sarah Beals199218435
Ford, Sarah Shaw199218326
Ford, Seabury199117217
Ford, Seth199218326
Ford, Stephen201137332
Ford, Vashti (Mrs. Bartholomeus Vrooman)19806319
Ford, Vashti201238218
Ford, Virginia June1981716,7
Ford, Warren198612326
Ford, Warren201238218
Ford, Warren A.198612326
Ford, Warren S.198612326
Ford, William201238218
Ford, Wm201238218
Forjess, S.S.200733 14
Forney, Maree201440223
Forrer, C.F.200834 14
Forrest, Martha Louise19751213
Fortney, J.H.200834 45
Fortney, Sara199925 27
Fosdick, John200228 19
Fosdick, Sabrina200228 19
Fosdick, Widow200228 19
Fosmire, Henry201238222
Foss, Aurelia O.199420327
Foss, James198915328
Foss, James201137331
Foss, James201238337
Foss, R.199420327
Foss, Richard199420327
Foss, Rodney H.199420327
Foss, Rodrick199420327
Foss, Rosaline F.200733 24
Foss, Rosaline W.199420327
Fossell, Fred Mrs.199117436
Fossett, Fredk F.199117434
Fossett, Mary199117434
Foster, Daniel C.200834 33
Foster, Denison198814323
Foster, Edwin200632 10
Foster, Ellen19795317
Foster, Ethel200935 7
Foster, Eva200935 7
Foster, F.A.200733 33
Foster, Frank199319217
Foster, H. Eliza199319217
Foster, Jane199319217
Foster, Johanna199319328
Foster, John Jr.201036 25
Foster, Jonathan199319328
Foster, Jonathan200834 32
Foster, Joseph Y.200935 44
Foster, Lathrop199319217
Foster, Lillie B.20093534
Foster, Lucinda L.200632 14
Foster, Mary Alice200632 37
Foster, Mary Alice200733 25
Foster, Mary Alice200834 24
Foster, Mary Alice200935 25
Foster, Mary Alice201036 20
Foster, Mary Alice201137225
Foster, Mary Alice201339221
Foster, Mary Alice201440227
Foster, Mary R.19795317
Foster, Osmer199420325
Foster, Ray J.20144017
Foster, Susan199319328
Foster, Vernon F.201339444
Foster, W.201339214
Foster, Wm. R.201036 35
Foulkes, George19817215
Foulks, George19806318
Fowler, David L.200935 44
Fowler, Isaac19784322
Fowler, J. W.201137332
Fowler, Justus200935 44
Fowler, Mrs.200127 36
Fowler, Oliver201339441
Fowler, Richard200733 44
Fowler, Samuel19828215
Fowles, S.S.200733 14
Fox, Israel19839429
Fox, M. N.19773432
Fox, Maria "Polly" (Vrooman)19806319
Fox, Maria (Polly) Vrooman19931917
Fox, William201238219
Foyle, Catharine199117435
Frain, Beverly198814327
Francetic, Blanche200733 5
Francetic, Paul200733 5
Francis, Chester P.200733 32
Francis, Elizabeth200531 23
Francis, Harriet20093535
Francis, Mr.200834 45
Frank, Chas. Hayes200834 33
Frank, Geo.200834 33
Frank, George201036 34
Frank, Mrs. Helen D.200834 33
Frank, Joseph200733 14
Frank, L.H.200733 13
Frank, Lawrence H.201036 34
Frank, Margaret200127 4
Frank, Margaret200228 36
Frank, Margaret200329 16a
Frank, Margaret20043015
Frank, Margaret201440221
Frank, Margaret A.200531 25,33
Frank, Margaret A.200632 24
Frank, Margaret A.200935 25
Frank, Margaret A.201036 20
Frank, Margaret A.201137225
Frank, Margaret A.201339221
Frank, Margaret A.201440227
Frank, Margaret A.2015412R
Franklin, Benjamin201440445
Franklin, Betty201339433
Franklin, D.198814326
Frantz, Frank19851111
Frasquillo, Kim20043032
Frazer, William198814326
Fredebaugh, Benj. H.201137331
Fredebaugh, Mar(y)20093535
Fredebaugh, Mrs. Frank20113716
Fredebaugh, Stephen A.201137332
Frederick, Nancy200632 24
Frederick, Nancy200834 24
Frederick, Nancy200935 11,25
Frederick, Nancy201036 20
Frederick, Nancy201137225
Frederick, Nancy201339221
Frederick, Nancy201440227
Frederick, Phillip201440446
Freeman, Eva20093534
Freeman, Mr.19839326
Freeman, Warren H.201036 25
Freer, Elias aka Elisha198915220
Freer, Elisha201238221
Freer, Jane200733 31
Fremont, Gen.201238337
French Juliett199824 4
French, Abigail Versey201238218
French, Albert C.201036 35
French, Artemas199824 4
French, Artemas201541330
French, Brunson19952116
French, Cyrus19751324
French, D. J.200632 36
French, David19871336
French, Diane B.199622324
French, E.C.201137331
French, Elizabeth19952116
French, Emmaline Littlefield199622324
French, George20093534
French, Horace199824 4
French, Horace200632 36
French, Jane199824 13
French, John19871336
French, Loiza199420328
French, Luther199622324
French, Mary199117435,36
French, Mary201238220
French, Mary E.199117435
French, Mr.201440446
French, Nathaniel201238218,19
French, Nathaniel201440446
French, Oratus199824 13
French, Orrin199824 4
French, Peter1982818
French, Peter19828322
French, Peter198915327
French, Peter20123815
French, Seba199117435
French, Seba200026 44
French, Warren199117435,36
French, Warren199824 4,13
French, Warren201238220
French, William199622324
French, Zeba200632 36
Frere, Aida200026 15
Frere, Thomas200026 15
Frere, Thomas200733 22
Freunds, Michael199521433
Fribley, Max19871314
Frisbee, Susan198814217
Frisbie, ---200733 14
Frisbie, Benjamin201238445,47
Frisbie, Henry199925 26
Frisbie, Valentine201339444
Frisby, Solomon201440446
Fritz, Geo. A.200733 44
Fritz, Geo. A.201137332
Fritz, Hulda201440447
Frizzell, Gonwer201137218
Froman, Timothy201238219
Froom, Elizabeth (Mrs. Scribner Huntoon Vrooman)19806319
Froom, Grace Y.19762423
Froom, James, Sr.19762315
Froom, James, Sr.19762423
Frost, Mary (B.)200834 45
Frost, N.C.200834 45
Frye, Gail200026 8
Fulcher, Richard Carlton200733 45
Fulgenzi, Mary Ann201036 34
Fuller, Abel199218213
Fuller, B.F.199824 35
Fuller, Cemantha Cole199218213
Fuller, David Alexander19861217
Fuller, Elethea199218323
Fuller, Elmer Alexander19861217
Fuller, Ethel20093534
Fuller, Frank D.19762424
Fuller, Frank D.19773217
Fuller, Geo. W.199824 36
Fuller, Hiram201137332
Fuller, J. Winn201036 24,35
[Fuller], Jeptha L.201036 35
Fuller, Joseph199218323
Fuller, Joseph199925 26
Fuller, Joseph201238220
Fuller, Mae20093535
Fuller, Mar200632 23
Fuller, Martha198511323
Fuller, Martha19871317
Fuller, Martha198814327
Fuller, Martha199218327
Fuller, Martha200632 21
Fuller, Moses19861217
Fuller, Olivia201036 24
Fuller, Patricia Parsons198511210
Fuller, Robert201440446
Fuller, Salmon199218213
Fuller, Samuel19751322
Fullerton, Clifford200935 18
Fulop, Deves200935 18
Fulsman, William200228 19
Fulton, Wm. 2d201541330
Furgeson, John201238222
Furness, Mary A.200733 24
Furst, Genevieve M.19806313
Futch, Bonnie201440336
Ga(**), L. P.200127 36
Gabor, Anita201238214
Gabor, Anita20133911
Gabor, Anita201339221
Gabor, Anita201440227
Gabor, Anita2015412R
Gabor, Anita Mae Ford201238216
Gabor, Edward201440223
Gabor, William201440223
Gadley, Ruth200026 13
Gaede, Robert1983917
Gaffney, Cora May (Mrs.Kohankie)19841012
Gage, Chas.200026 8
Gage, James Adams198511319
Gage, Mr.201137334
Gage, Mrs.201137334
Gagel, Catherine Herrick199218436
Gagel, Diane200430310
Gagel, Diane VanSkiver20123814
Gaippe, Gorden200329 16a
Gaippe, Laurie200329 16a
Galagon & M'koen198814326
Gale, John201440446
Gale, John200733 14
Gallagher, Neil201137332
Gallena, Msgr. William J.200733 37
Galloway, Ann199117434
Galloway, Harvey G.199117434
Galloway, Mrs.199117436
Gant, John201238219
Ganter, Hettie Sanford201137334
Gard/Guard, Hannah199723 30
Gardiner, Dr.201339214
Gardner, Amos Frederick Foster199218213
Gardner, Dr. A.L.200733 33
Gardner, Elizabeth Barkley199218213
Gardner, Ellen200733 44
Gardner, Esqr.19751320
Gardner, John1981711
Gardner, John19817431
Gardner, John19952113
Gardner, John201137221
Gardner, John R.19784212
Gardner, John R.19784321
Gardner, Leora R.20093534
Gardner, Owen200632 7
Gardner, Thomas199218213
Gardner, Wm.19881414
Garfield, Gen.199218216
Garfield, J.A.200834 45
Garfield, James200329 11
Garfield, James A.201541328
Garfield, James A. President198814329
Garfield, James A., President1978413
Garfield, James Abram1982814
Garfield, James R.200834 45
Garfield, Lucretia Rudolph198814329
Garfield, Mary J.201440228
Garfield, President James A.200834 45
Garlick, Dr.200026 5
Garlick, T.200733 14
Garliner?, John200733 14
Garmer, Anna200733 45
Garn, Ilo C.20093534
Garrett, Catherine19751324
Garrett, David C. Jr.19871348
Garrett, Fran Ann1982818
Garrett, J.19762319
Garrett, James198915435
Garrett, James201137332
Garrett, John19751324
Garrett, John19911717
Garrett, John G.19881415
Garrett, Vashti Abbey19911717
Garrett, Walter201440223
Garrett, Wells201339441
Garritt/Garrett, Frederick Spencer19871348
Garry, Margaret20093534
Gartland, Mary199117213
Gartland, Mary199218327
Gartland, Mary199824 23
Gartland, Mary199925 15
Gartland, Mary J.200329 16a
Gartland, Mary J.20043029
Gartland, Mary J.200531 25
Gartland, Mary J.200632 24
Gartland, Mary J.200733 25
Gartland, Mary J.200834 24
Gartland, Mary J.201137225
Gartland, Mary J.201339221
Gartland, Mary J.2015412R
Gartland, Mary J.201036 20
Gartland, Mary Jo200026 13
Gartland, Mary Jo200228 22a
Gartner, Lloyd P. Dr.19784434
Gary, Marco B. 1st Lt.199420325
Gates, C.B.200834 45
Gates, CC200026 5
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.20123813
Gates, Maud20093535
Gatherings, Joan E.19871334
Gaun, Sarah200632 36
Gay, Easty19871314
Gay, Rhoda (Mrs. Daniel Vrooman)19806319
Gayer, Aaron19921817
Gaylord & Co.198814326
Gaylord, John201238222
Gaylord, Wm.199420327
Gaywood, Anna200733 31
Gaywood, Hannah19881415
Geauga Iron Co.200733 15
Gebeau, Thomas20093538
Gebhart, Marion199117213
Gebhart, Marion S.19911714
Gebhart, Marion S.199117218
Gebhart, Marion S.199218211,14
Gebhart, Marion S.199218327
Gedeon, George200935 7
Gee, Parley W.198511210
Gehrke, Clarence C. Mrs.19871337
Geishirt, Anna Katherine19871315
Geitner/Guitner, Eunice (Mrs. J.Gage)198511319
Gelber, Frank M.201440113
Gelena, Msgr.20093532
Gelvin, Ruth E.200632 23
Gendron, Orin200632 44
Genett, Guy199319213
Gennung, Amos A.200733 14
Genung, C.W.201339444
George, E.B.200834 45
Gerdon, Jas. H.201036 25
Gergely, Joseph199925 38
Germak, Helen199925 27
Germano, Kathie200329 7
Germond, Sarah19871313
Gerner, Robert D.198612320
Gerner, Robert D.19871317
Gerrett, Spencer19871348
Gesman, Johnna200834 13
Giancola, Angela201137225
Gibbons, A. Joseph200935 25
Gibbons, A. Joseph201036 21
Gibbons, A. Joseph201137226
Gibbons, A. Jospeh200834 24
Gibbons, Bob200733 22
Gibbons, Cathleen200834 13
Gibbons, Frank L.201137215
Gibbons, Mrs.200834 13
Gibbs, H.L.200733 45
Gibbs, Lucien19817214
Gibbs, Samuel C201339441
Gibson, Anne200834 2
Gibson, Barbara Jean200026 8
Gibson, Douglass201137332
Gibson, James200834 2
Gibson, Maude201036 34
Gibson, Robert, M&M20144017
Gidding, Eugene20144017
Gidding, Howard20144017
Gidding, Nick, M&M20144017
Giddings, Joshua R.200935 20
Giddings, Nick, Giddings20144017
Giddings, Judge Palmer J.R.201339214
Giel, Conrad201036 4
Giel, Marie “Mary”201036 4
Giera, Barbara201137226
Gieseler, Chris201036 21
Gieseler, Stella201036 21
Gieseler, Stella201339221
Giesler, Chris201137225
Giesler, Stella201137225
Giesler, Stella201440228
Gifford, Buford20123815
Gifford, Mary Haskins199016434
Gifford, Newton199016434
Gifford, Paul199016434
Gifford, Richard198915327
Gilbert, Augustus198410219
Gilbert, Diane200632 10
Gilbert, Diane201036 32
Gilbert, Diane201440443
Gilbert, Dianne200733 25
Gilbert, Dianne200834 24
Gilbert, Dianne201137226
Gilbert, Dianne201440228
Gilbert, Dianne & Jim2015412R
Gilbert, Dianne and Jim201339221
Gilbert, Frank W.1983916
Gilbert, Harriet200834 45
Gilbert, Jabez198814326
Gilbert, Jim200632 10
Gilbert, Jim20093533
Gilbert, Jim201036 32
Gilbert, Jim201137226
Gilbert, Jim201440228
Gilbert, Jim201440443
Gilbert, Lavissa198410219
Gilbert, Sally19762318
Gilby, Joseph (Mrs.)19828216
Gilchrist, Ida J.200834 45
Gilchrist, Rose M. (Mrs.Chas.Werner)1983916
Gill, Clayton L.198915214
Gill, James20113714
Gill, Jennie20113714
Gill, John19751215
Gill, Johnny20113714
Gill, Nancy199016329
Gill, Thos. A.199117434
Gillespie, William200632 44
Gillet, I.201339330
Gillet, J. M.199723 25
Gillett, Agnes199723 35
Gillett, Albert199723 35
Gillett, Isaac19871328
Gillett, Isaac199723 35
Gillett, Jane Ann199723 35
Gillett, Julia19881415
Gillett, Julia Mrs.19871328
Gillett, Julia Mrs.198915216
Gillett, Mary199723 35
Gillett, Nathan19871343
Gillette, J. D.199016436
Gillette, Mrs.200834 45
Gilligan, Harvey K.198410219
Gillispie, Mr.200834 45
Gilliss, Louise E. (Mrs.)19773431
Gilmore, Celia (Thompson)19773329
Gilmore, Charlotte (Hines)19773329
Gilmore, E. T.201137332
Gilmore, Eugene198511323
Gilmore, Eugene19871317
Gilmore, Eugene199521431
Gilmore, Eugene & Virginia198814327
Gilmore, Eugene & Virginia199117213
Gilmore, Eugene & Virginia199218327
Gilmore, Eugene T1977315
Gilmore, Eugene T19773212
Gilmore, Eugene T.19795211
Gilmore, Eugene T.19806320
Gilmore, Eugene T.201036 44
Gilmore, Eugene T., Mrs. (Virginia)19784217
Gilmore, Eugene T., Mrs.19795211
Gilmore, Eugene Tyler19773329
Gilmore, Eugene Tyler201036 44
Gilmore, Sr., Eugene Tyler1977315
Gilmore, Sr., Eugene Tyler19773212
Gilmore, Sr., Eugene Tyler19773329
Gilmore, Eugene, Jr.19773329
Gilmore, Eugene, Sr.19773329
Gilmore, EugeneT19784217
Gilmore, Fred20113718
Gilmore, Herbert Elton19773329
Gilmore, James Thompson19773329
Gilmore, James, Jr.19773329
Gilmore, Judith19773329
Gilmore, Lila D.200834 45
Gilmore, Lillian (Stuber)19773329
Gilmore, Louise19773329
Gilmore, Lucy (Crone)19773329
Gilmore, Lucy200834 13
Gilmore, Marquis200632 22
Gilmore, Miles J.198814217
Gilmore, Nellie198814217
Gilmore, Sr., Eugene Tyler19762321
Gilmore, Thomas198814217
Gilmore, Virginia (Baxter)19773329
Gilmore, Virginia198511323
Gilmore, Virginia19871317
Gilmore, Virginia199824 23
Gilmore, Virginia199925 15
Gilmore, Virginia200026 13
Gilmore, Virginia Baxter199521431
Gilmore, Virginia E.201036 44
Gilmore, Virginia Elizabeth (Baxter) (Mrs. Eugene T.)1980628
Gilmore, Virginia Elizabeth (Baxter) (Mrs. Eugene T.)19806320
Gilmour, Thomas198814217
Gimbet, Jean200632 17
Gimbut, Charles199824 29
Gimbut, Elizabeth200127 32
Gimbut, Glenn J.200127 32
Gimbut, Jean (Haskins)19861214
Gimbut, Jean (Haskins)198612212
Gimbut, Jean (Haskins)198612320,22,25
Gimbut, Jean19871331
Gimbut, Jean19871347
Gimbut, Jean198814321,27
Gimbut, Jean19891512,10
Gimbut, Jean198915220
Gimbut, Jean198915330
Gimbut, Jean198915440
Gimbut, Jean19901613,10
Gimbut, Jean199016212
Gimbut, Jean199016322,24,29
Gimbut, Jean199016440
Gimbut, Jean19911716,10
Gimbut, Jean199117213,20
Gimbut, Jean199117330
Gimbut, Jean19921815,10
Gimbut, Jean199218220
Gimbut, Jean199218322,23,27,30
Gimbut, Jean199218440
Gimbut, Jean19931912,3,10
Gimbut, Jean199319220
Gimbut, Jean199319330
Gimbut, Jean199319440
Gimbut, Jean19942012,10
Gimbut, Jean199420220
Gimbut, Jean199420330
Gimbut, Jean199420434,40
Gimbut, Jean19952112,3,10
Gimbut, Jean199521220
Gimbut, Jean199521330
Gimbut, Jean199521436,40
Gimbut, Jean199622110
Gimbut, Jean199622214,17
Gimbut, Jean199622330
Gimbut, Jean199622440
Gimbut, Jean199723 3,10,20,21,30,32,40
Gimbut, Jean199824 10,20,23,29,30,34,38,40
Gimbut, Jean [H.]199925 10,15,20,30,32,40
Gimbut, Jean200026 11,13,40,50
Gimbut, Jean20043014
Gimbut, Jean H.19871323
Gimbut, Jean H.198915322
Gimbut, Jean H.19901615
Gimbut, Jean H.199016214,20
Gimbut, Jean H.199016330
Gimbut, Jean H.200127 31,32
Gimbut, Jean H. Mrs.19871317
Gimbut, Jean M. (Mrs.)198511323
Gimbut, Jean Mrs.19871314
Gimbut, Joseph R.200127 32
Gimbut, Joseph S.200127 32
Gimbut, Martha Lou200127 32
Gimbut, Patricia G.200127 32
Gimbutis, Casimir199824 29
Gist, Rev. Mr.201238447
Givens, Miss J. L.201339442
Gladieux, John Peter1978412
Gladieux, Rolland J.1978412
Gladwish, Ellen E.201036 25
Gladwish, H. B.201036 25
Glasser, Joy200834 40
Glasure, Matteson201137331
Gleason, Ann199824 23
Gleason, Mrs. Edith20093534
Gleason, Elizabeth C.199521330
Gleason, Elizabeth G.199521330
Gleason, Enoch199016434
Gleason, Loruna Foskit199016434
Gleason, Luther199521330
Glenn, A.B.200733 33
Glenn, Alex. B.201137331
Glenni, Clarence199420219
Glick, Jack200329 15
Glines, Asa199319329
Glines, Carlos199319329
Glines, Charles199319329
Glines, Electa Ann199319329
Glines, Fanny Maria199319329
Glines, Sally Jane199319329
Glines, Stephen B.200733 44
Globa, Timothy200733 13
Glover, Chalmers201440219,28
Glover, Chalmers201440338
Glover, Tammy201440338
Glover, Tammy2015412R
Glover, Tammylee201440219,28
Glover, Wm199117435,36
Goblowsky, Mary199925 38
Goddard, Dick20043039
Goddard, E. C.198915218
Goddard, Jay Mr. and Mrs.198915440
Goddard, Pearl R.20093534
Goeman, Nath.201137332
Goff, Robert G.201036 35
Goldbarth, Harvey M.199218324
Goldbarth, Natalie I. Rust199218324
Goldsmith, A. J. Mrs.199016438
Goldsmith, Augusta199319328
Goldsmith, Delos E.200834 33
Goldsmith, Delva199319328
Goldsmith, F. J.201137331
Goldsmith, Frances199319328
Goldsmith, Jonathan19806322
Goldsmith, Jonathan1983917
Goldsmith, Jonathan199319328
Goldsmith, Jonathan200834 33
Goldsmith, Jonathan201238221
Goldsmith, Jonathan201238445,47
Goldsmith, Jonathan201541217
Goldsmith, Jonathon200733 2
Goldsmith, Nelson199319328
Gollmer, Thelma Ida201036 46
Gongwer, Mrs. E.F200935 7
Goodale, Warren199218218
Gooddell, Frank198511323
Goodell, Cora Miss19871342
Goodell, Elder Warren19871343
Goodell, N. P. Mr.199016327
Goodell, Warner198410220
Goodman, M.198814326
Goodman, Rebecca200531 44
Goodrich, Betsy199319220
Goodrich, E.F.200733 44
Goodrich, Emily199420329
Goodrich, George199420329
Goodrich, Judson199420329
Goodrich, R.199420329
Goodrich, Russell199723 35
Goodrich, Timothy199723 35
Goodrick, Sarah F.19871334
Goodwill, Mathew201238222
Goodwin, Erastus198410219
Goodwins, Sara201238213
Gool, Alfred199016324
Goowin, Dr.199824 15
Goowin, Wilber199824 15
Gorder, Beatrice Van199319220
Gordon, Geo. D.201036 25
Gordon, Hugh19839434
Gorman, George201137216
Gormley, Myra V.200026 49
Gorney, Terri201036 4
Gose, Mrs. William G.200329 13
Goss, Edna (Baker)1977313
Goss, Rosa19751321
Goss, W.F.M., Dr.1977313
Gould E. E.198612213
Gould Edward E.201137331
Gould, Anna200834 14,45
Gould, Benjamin199319437
Gould, Charlotte199319437
Gould, Curtis200935 18
Gould, Daniel Greene19828323
Gould, Dorothy198814436
Gould, E. E.201137332
Gould, Gold, Guild19828323
Gould, Helen Margaret198814436
Gould, Hester199319437
Gould, James19828323
Gould, John199319437
Gould, Phebe199319437
Gould, Polly (Mrs. John White)19828323
Gould, Ruth20144017
Gould, Samuel199319437
Gow?, Daniel200733 14
Grabowski, Diana200329 13
Grabowski, John200329 13
Grabski, Marie199925 27
Grace, Irene200834 13
Graham, Ann201036 21
Graham, Ann201137226
Graham, Ann201339221
Graham, Ann201440228
Graham, Ann2015412R
Graham, Arthur201440446
Graham, David199016436
Graham, E.198814326
Graham, Elisha19851129
Graham, Elisha20123815
Graham, Elizabeth Searles199016436
Graham, Grant J.201036 24
Graham, Hugh201238218
Graham, Brig General Hugh201238218
Graham, J.A.200834 45
Graham, James199420439
Graham, John198814326
Graham, John199218213
Graham, Loretta199420439
Graham, Marilia19751213
Graham, Miner201036 31
Graham, Peggy199218327
Graham, Rebecca199420329
Graham, Rebecca Coltrin201238218
Graham, Samuel199218213
Graham, Samuel C.201339441
Graham, Sarah199218213
Graham, Solomon199218213
Gramlich, Jane Dempsey201137441
Granger, Gideon19871345
Granger, Hannah Mrs.199117434
Granger, Horace198612213
Granger, John201238337
Granger, Ralph20113718
Granger, Sarah S.199117434
Grant, G.G.200834 14
Grant, H. Roger200228 18
Grant, Hiram200127 36
Grant, Noah Capt.198814323
Grant, Richard, Mrs.1977315
Grant, Ruth200834 13
Grant, Winifred200026 8
Grantham, Norma198410216
Graser, Wm. C.201036 35
Grassley, Jean199521110
Grassley, Jeanne (Mrs.)198511323
Grassley, Jeanne198612326
Grassley, Jeanne19871348
Grassley, Jeanne198814212
Grassley, Jeanne198814327
Grassley, Jeanne19891519
Grassley, Jeanne19901614
Grassley, Jeanne199016212,16,18
Grassley, Jeanne199117213
Grassley, Jeanne199218110
Grassley, Jeanne199218327,28
Grassley, Jeanne199319215
Grassley, Jeanne199824 23
Grassley, Jeanne199925 24
Grassley, Jeanne200026 13
Grassley, Jeanne200228 22a
Grassley, Jeanne20043029
Grassley, Jeanne200531 26
Grassley, Jeanne Mrs.19871317
Grauel, C.M.200834 45
Gravatte, Wm. L.201137332
Graves,200026 5
Graves, Charles R.198915214
Graves, Ely201339441
Graves, Evelyn20093535
Graves, R.W.201339444
Gray, Alanson199319437
Gray, Alma J.201036 25
Gray, Andrew200733 15
Gray, Andrew201238445
Gray, Andrew201339214
Gray, Archie E.198915214
Gray, Cornelia201137334
Gray, Cornelia H.M.200834 3
Gray, David199218216,17
Gray, David201036 9
Gray, David H.198915328
Gray, David Mr.199218216
Gray, Donald200531 35
Gray, E.B. (Mrs.)198410324
Gray, E.J.20093534
Gray, Eli199218216
Gray, Elizabeth199824 14
Gray, Elnathan199319437
Gray, Emmet200733 31,32
Gray, Ernest200935 47
Gray, Eunice (Mrs. E.A.)19817326
Gray, George199218216
Gray, H. C.198915328
Gray, H. C.199723 26
Gray, H.C.200733 18,33
Gray, Mrs. H.C.200834 3
Gray, Henry C.199117435,36
Gray, Hon. H.C.200834 33
Gray, Ira200733 43,44
Gray, James199319437
Gray, Jeanette199319437
Gray, Jefferson199319437
Gray, Kate M. (Mrs. W.G.)19817214
Gray, Marie200935 7
Gray, Martha200733 31
Gray, Martin199218216
Gray, Misses201036 9
Gray, Myrtle200935 7
Gray, Rachel A.201440113
Gray, Rachel A.201440223
Gray, Mrs. S.K.200834 3
Gray, Salley Ann Kent199117219
Gray, Sarah199319437
Gray, Wm.200733 44
Gray, Wm. Wllery199117219
Green Malinda200026 27,37
Green, Almina199319218
Green, Alonzo H.19871312,3
Green, Amada200026 27,37
Green, Amos198511319
Green, Amos198814440
Green, Atwater20144017
Green, Beth (Fairchild)200733 35
Green, Cornelia M.198915217
Green, Daniel H.19871312
Green, Daniel Hopkins19871312,3
Green, Dorothy201440113
Green, Eddie200026 27,37
Green, Eleanor W.200834 45
Green, Eleanor W.K.19817326
Green, Ellen C.200834 33
Green, F. C.20113718
Green, Fidilia200733 32
Green, Frank198915432
Green, Geo.200733 33
Green, George198915217
Green, George G.20113718
Green, Godfrey E.19871312
Green, H. B.198915328
Green, H. F.198915328
Green, Henry James198915432
Green, Isaac19773432
Green, Mr/Mrs J.W.200935 7
Green, James198814435
Green, James201137332
Green, James Lorin198814440
Green, Jesse199925 26
Green, Jesse201238220
Green, Mrs. Jesse199925 26
Green, Joe198511323
Green, John A.19871312,3
Green, Joseph198511319
Green, Joseph199723 30
Green, Joseph201238220
Green, Joseph J.199723 30
Green, Karen198612324
Green, L.F., M&M20144017
Green, Lillian A.198814435
Green, Linda198511323
Green, Linda19871317
Green, Linda198814327
Green, Linda199016110
Green, Linda199117211,13,14,20
Green, Linda199117330
Green, Linda199218110
Green, Linda199218220
Green, Linda199218327,30
Green, Linda199218440
Green, Linda199319110
Green, Linda199319220
Green, Linda199319330
Green, Linda199319440
Green, Linda19942011
Green, Linda199420110,20
Green, Linda199420330
Green, Linda199420440
Green, Linda199521110
Green, Linda199521220
Green, Linda199521330
Green, Linda199521440
Green, Linda19962212,10
Green, Linda199723 31,32,33
Green, Linda199824 5,12,23
Green, Linda199925 15
Green, Linda200026 13
Green, Linda Sprague201137220
Green, Lovell201440223
Green, Marcia19871317
Green, Marcia199016434
Green, Marcia200531 30
Green, Marcia W.19861217
Green, Marcia W.198612217
Green, Marcia W.19871312,3
Green, Mark B.198915217
Green, Martha198915217
Green, Martha Brooks198915217
Green, Mary198915432
Green, Mary Ann (Mrs. Thomas)19806320
Green, Mary Ann Lockwood19871312
Green, Mary Ellen199723 30
Green, Nellie200026 27,37
Green, Parley201339214
Green, Phebe Hopkins19871312
Green, Philip Rev.198915217
Green, Phillip198915217
Green, Phillip Dr.198814440
Green, Polly19881414
Green, Polly200733 31
Green, S. F.201137332
Green, Samuel H.201137332
Green, Sara200733 31
Green, Sarah Janet Titus19871312
Green, Sarah Lockwood19871312
Green, Sarah Lockwood198814440
Green, Shirley198410215,20
Green, Shirley19861211
Green, Shirley19871316
Green, Shirley199117110
Green, Shirley199117213
Green, Shirley19921815
Green, Shirley199218327
Green, Shirley19931912
Green, Shirley19942012
Green, Shirley19952113
Green, Shirley199622214
Green, Shirley199824 5,12,23
Green, Shirley199925 15,35
Green, Shirley200026 6,13,24
Green, Shirley200531 26
Green, Shirley S.198511323
Green, Shirley S.20043032
Green, Shirley,199723 3
Green, Thomas19806320
Green, Warren200026 28,37
Green, William H.199723 30
Green, Wm.200935 18
Greenberg, Susan198612326
Greene, Barbara199925 27
Greene, Benjamin201339442
Greene, Carolin199622433
Greene, Delia199622433
Greene, Hannah199723 30
Greene, Isaac199622433
Greene, Joseph199622433
Greene, Marian E.201440223
Greene, Mr.& Mrs.F.E.198511322
Greene, Parley199622433
Greeneman, Mary Louise201440223
Greenman, Gertrude201440113
Greenwald, Harry20133918
Greenwald, Harry and Magdelene20133918
Greenwood, John O.200531 17
Greenwood, Julia Brockett199218213
Greenwood, Raymond199218213
Greer, Colbert H.19817326
Greer, D.198814326
Greer, Robert T.198612213
Greer, Sarah199117434
Greer, T.199420328
Greer, Thomas201541218
Greer, Thos.199117434
Greer, Williams199420328
Greeves, John200733 44
Gregory, Ralph E.200834 45
Gregory, Samuel199420327
Grenham, John201440442
Greninger, Jeanne E.19911714
Gress, Gerard201137215
Gretton Jr., George19751321
Gretton, Hannah B19751321
Grey, Andrew201238446
Grey, Ernest & Mrs.201036 12
Griffin, George200733 45
Griffin, John199319436
Griffin, Lucina201339441
Griffin, Lucy200834 13
Griffin, Sarah199420439
Griffith, Albert199824 14
Griffith, Almina199824 14
Griffith, Charles199824 14
Griffith, Elizabeth199824 14
Griffith, Martha199824 14
Griffith, Samuel199117435,36
Griffith, Samuel199824 14
Griffith, Thomas199117436
Griffiths, Gormer T.201036 24
Grigsby, Rosemary199319220
Grilley, Leslie199117322
Grilley, Mr.199117323
Grinnell, William199117324
Grisez, Sandra200733 25
Grisez, Sandra200834 24
Grisez, Sandra200935 25
Grisez, Sandra201036 21
Grisez, Sandra201137226
Grisez, Sandra201339221
Grisez, Sandra201440228,31
Grisez, Sandra2014403?
Grisez, Sandra201440450
Grisez, Sandra201541110
Grisez, Sandra201541226,R
Grisez, Sandra201541332a
Grisez, Sandra201541441
Grisez, Sandy201339434
Grisez, Sandy201440443
Grissinger, Betty19817433
Grissinger, G.W., Mrs.19773321
Grissinger, Wm., Mrs. (Betty)1974111
Grissinger, Wm., Mrs. (Betty)19762321
Griswold, Alfred199723 24
Griswold, Catherine (Adlard)19839429
Griswold, Frank L.19817214
Griswold, Glenadore (Mrs. Gerald D.)19806313,20
Griswold, Glenadore M.1981729
Griswold, Mrs. H.L.200834 3
Griswold, Solomon20123815
Griswold, Truman199218218
Grogan, John199420328
Grogan, M.199420328
Grosebeck-Booth, Madora200834 33
Gross, Alice R.199925 31
Gross, Margaret201036 47
Gross, Mary200834 36
Gross, Mary201036 32
Gross, Mary201137226
Gross, Mary201339221
Gross, Nancy20043023
Grossman, Walter201137220
Grosvenor, ---200733 15
Grosvenor, Jeanette198410215
Grosvenor, Jeanette198511323
Grosvenor, Jeanette198511317,19,23
Grosvenor, Jeanette198814327
Grosvenor, Jeanette199016110
Grosvenor, Jeanette199016322
Grosvenor, Jeanette199016431
Grosvenor, Jeanette199117213
Grosvenor, Jeanette “Teeter”200228 23,33
Grosvenor, Jeannette19861229
Grosvenor, Jeannette199319431
Grosvenor, Jeannette200329 13
Grosvenor, Jeannette Miss19871317
Grover, A.C.200834 31
Grover, Alonzo201137331
Grover, Clyde20093535
Grover, Joseph N.19901614
Grover, Lemuel T.201440446
Grover, Mary199723 32
Grover, Mary199824 23
Grover, Ruanna P. (Skinner)19773325,26
Grover, Sally Trask19901614
Grover, Surann (?) D. (Skinner)19773325
Grow, Barbara198410211
Gruber, Donna J.20043015
Gruber, Donna J.20043026
Gruber, Donna J.20043037
Gruber, Donna Redhead200733 11
Gruen, Maria Eva198814434
Guentzler, Elsie Brainard200127 5
Guerra, Janet200329 16a
Guerra, Janet20043029
Guerra, Janet200531 26
Guerra, Janet200632 24
Guerra, Janet200733 25
Guerra, Janet200834 25
Guerra, Janet200935 25
Guerra, Janet201036 32
Guerra, Janet201137226
Guerra, Janet201440228
Guerra, Thomas200228 22a
Guerra, Tom199824 23
Guerra, Tom199925 15
Guerra, Tom200026 13
Guerra, Tom200329 16a
Guerra, Tom20043029
Guerra, Tom200531 26
Guerra, Tom200632 24
Guerra, Tom200733 25
Guerra, Tom200834 25
Guerra, Tom200935 25
Guerra, Tom201036 32
Guerra, Tom201137226
Guerra, Tom201440228
Guerra, Tom and Janet201339221
Guerra, Tom & Janet2015412R
Guetschow, Otto201137215
Guild, Jairus201339214
Guimbee, Loil19751320
Guisewite, G.E.200834 45
Guiton, Abraham19861217
Guna, Mary200632 36
Gundry, Elizabeth19773328
Gundry, Ephraim199420327
Gundry, Ephriam J.19773328
Gundry, James19773328
Gundry, James199420327
Gundry, Sara (Broughton)19773328
Gunn, Olive201440446
Gunn, Walter201339442
Gunsaulaus, Bonnie M. (Mrs. Robert K.)19806320
Gunsaulaus, Robert K., Mrs. (Bonnie)197952, 311
Gunsaulaus, Robert K., Mrs. (Bonnie)197952, 319
Gunsaulus, Robert K., Mrs. (Bonnie)19784217
Gunsaulus, Robert King19795322
Gunsaulus, Robert, Mrs. (Bonnie)19773212,13
Guraly, Joseph199925 27
Guraly, Matilda199925 27
Gurily or (Emiley), Evangeline or Eaughlin200935 46
Gurley, Joseph199925 38
Gurnish, John P.201238332
Gustafson, Lafie201137223
Gustafson, Laura Helper201137223
Gutheleben, Frederick201036 44
Guthleben General Store201137218
Guthleben, Adele201036 44
Guthleben, Fred "Pa"201137218
Guthleben, Myrtle201036 44
Guthrey, Tom199622432
Guyton, Carol20144017
Guyton, Judith E.19861217
Gwinne, Professor201036 9
Gygli, Woodrow201440113
Gyllenhaal, Maggie201541222
Gyure, Florence199925 27

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