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LCGS LakeLines Name Index

P through Z

Quale, Jane201036 4
Quayle Bros.200026 5
Quayle, Merry Lou198511322
Quayle, Mrs. Ivan198511322
Quayle, Mrs. Stuart198511322
Quayle, Thomas19751215
Quella, Senia20093534
Quickstrom, Noah Mrs.19871318
Quickstrom, Noel (Mrs.)198612320
Quiggle, Michael199420438
Quigley, C.P.200834 46
Quimby, Jennie20093534
Quincy, George20093534
Quine, Helen Ketchum198713110
Quine, James198713110
Quine, James199420327
Quine, Jane Gawne198713110
Quine, John198713110
Quinlan, Mary Kay201137220
Quinn, C.198915328
Quinn, Mrs. C.200834 3
Quirk, Alice Jeanette Weed199622216
Quirk, Anne Jane201036 4
Quirk, Benjamin F.200228 20
Quirk, Charles A.199622216
Quirk, Edith201036 24
Quirk, F.B.200834 46
Quirk, Jane Brew199622216
Quirk, Jenny (Brew)200228 20
Quirk, John199622216
Quirk, John200228 20
Quirk, John B.200228 20
Quirk, John B.201036 35
Quirk, Joseph201036 4
Quirk, Jospeh Clark200228 20
Quirk, Mary20093534
Quirk, Mary H.200632 21
Quirk, Octavia200228 20
Qutis, E. S.201137331
R., Emily200733 44
Rabe, Alan200834 11,26
Rabe, Alan20113711,(2)27,(4)40
Raberding, Hope E.20093534
Raberding, O.C.20093534
Race, Bert200733 33
Race, Clarissa200228 8
Race, Emaly200733 44
Race, Emily200733 24
Race, Harry200632 44
Radcliff, Ara200026 35
Radcliff, Elizabeth200733 31
Radcliffe & Shepard200834 14
Radcliffe, Earl20093534
Radcliffe, Frances200834 14
Radcliffe, Thomas C.201036 34
Radcliffe, W.R.200834 46
Radcliffe, Wm.200733 13
Radcliffe’s market200834 14
Radcliffe’s market200834 14
Radike, Gus.20093534
Radike, Stanley Wilbur20113716
Raiguel, Judith199218213
Raine, Clarice198511322
Raine, Mr.& Mrs. Floyd198511322
Raine, Proctor198511322
Raines, Joanne Neubert199319325
Raines, Joanne Neubert199420212
Raines, Joanne Neubert199420322
Rake, William198915215
Ralph, John199925 39
Ramond, Nehemiah198915328
Ramshaw, Margaret200026 8
Rand & Hodges200834 14
Rand, Barbara200733 5
Rand, Jeanne199925 27
Rand, Lucy19851111
Rand, Martin19851111
Rand, S. A.198612213
Rand, S. N.201137332
Randa, Isaac198915215
Randall, Elias199218218
Randall, Jake201137330
Randall, Lewis200127 36
Randall, Pelig199925 26
Randel, Betty200632 25
Randel, Betty Day200531 27
Ransom, John19839326
Ransom, John201036 35
Ransom, John Hampden19839326
Ransom, Rena19839326
Ransome, Giles T.201137332
Rantz, Clayton, Mrs.19795212
Rantz, Priscilla198814328
Rantz, Priscilla199117214
Rantz, Priscilla199218328
Rantz, Priscilla199824 24
Rapenecker, George200026 27,35
Raplee, James200935 13
Rasch, Katheryn200228 (22b)
Rasch, Katheryn200329 16c
Rasch, Kathryn200632 25
Rasch, Kathryn200733 26
Rasch, Kathryn200834 26
Rasch, Kathryn200935 26
Rasch, Kathryn201036 32
Rasch, Kathy20043021,11;(3)1
Rasmussen, Captain200632 43, 44
Rasmussen, ET200026 46
Rasmussen, Nils (Capt.)198511321
Rasor, Ann (Mrs.Daniel)198511324
Rasor, Ann W.198511210
Rass, Julia200733 45
Rass, Julia200733 44,45
Ratigan, William200531 17
Rauch, Charles A.198915215
Raver, Albert19828218
Raver, Charles19828218
Raver, Elizabeth19828218
Raver, George19828218
Raver, Jack S.19828218
Raver, Jacob S.19828218
Raver, Lester19828218
Raver, Martha A. (Lloyd) (Mrs. Jacob S)19828218
Raver, Robert19828218
Raver, William19828218
Rawdon, Abigail (Winslow)1977313
Rawdon, Lydia (Baker)1977313
Rawdon, Samuel1977313
Rawson, Grindall200127 36
Ray, Abel199723 19
Ray, Adelbert Abel199016329
Ray, Anna199925 17
Ray, Benjamin199723 19
Ray, Benjamin199925 17,18
Ray, Benjamin B.199925 17
Ray, Benjamin B.200531 24
Ray, Carlton199925 17
Ray, Catherine199925 17
Ray, Delia S.199925 18
Ray, Dorothy200935 7
Ray, E.198915435
Ray, Elizabeth (Betsy) Billington199925 17,18
Ray, Fanny199925 17
Ray, George199925 17
Ray, George G. C.199925 8,17,18
Ray, George G.C.200531 23
Ray, George Grinnel C.199723 19
Ray, Julia Ann199925 17
Ray, Lovina Elmira199925 17
Ray, Margaret C.199824 28
Ray, Marvilla199925 17
Ray, Mary199925 17
Ray, Mary A.199925 18
Ray, Nancy199925 17,18
Ray, Philo199016329
Ray, Ruth Bartlett199016329
Ray, Samuel199925 17
Ray, Sarah Jane199925 17
Ray, William199925 17,18
Rayen, William19784327,28
Rayl, H. B.198915433,34
Rayn, William198915327
Raynolds, G. W.19773432
Raynolds, Simeon199218218
Read, Rita K.20093535
Read, Rita K.201036 3
Reade, Geo. A.200834 46
Rearding, Arthur E.201137332
Reardon, Albert Francis199420325
Reardon, Albert J.199420325
Reardon, Elizabeth Jane Mauk199420325
Reardon, Mary Boyle199420325
Record, C. R.199622434
Record, Hellen199622434
Record, Kirbey199622434
Record, Lanson199622434
Record, Richard199622434
Redill, [Rary] H.201036 34
Redlin, Louise, Mrs.19751427
Redlin, Mary Graham199218213
Reece, Phebe199420329
Reed, Alyce Sue198814328
Reed, Charles201036 45
Reed, Charles R.201036 45
Reed, Charles, Jr.201137218
Reed, Chas.201036 24
Reed, Clifford201036 45
Reed, David, Mrs.1976229
Reed, Eliza W.199521328
Reed, Emily199521328
Reed, Fred'k N.201036 24
Reed, Hanah19952116
Reed, Hannah199521328
Reed, Hannah E.199521328
Reed, Harold Grubb19901611
Reed, Harold Montgomery19901611
Reed, James W.199521328
Reed, Jared L.199521328
Reed, John198410213
Reed, John201036 45
Reed, LaMae199521211
Reed, Lawrence201036 45
Reed, Mary19795317
Reed, Mary1982818
Reed, Mrs. F.N.200834 46
Reed, Myrtle Guthleben201137218
Reed, Myrtle W.201036 44
Reed, Phillip201036 45
Reed, Sam20113713
Reed, Sheridan201036 45
Reed, Sheridan M.20113712
Reed, Sherman L., Sr.20113712
Reed, Sherman, Jr.20113712
Reed, Susan199521328
Reed, Thomas201036 45
Reed, Virginia19871346
Reed, Virginia198814213
Reed, Virginia198814328
Reed, Virginia198915110
Reed, Virginia198915220
Reed, Virginia198915330
Reed, Virginia198915440
Reed, Virginia19901612,10
Reed, Virginia199016220
Reed, Virginia199016321,22,24,30
Reed, Virginia199016431,34,40
Reed, Virginia199117110
Reed, Virginia199117211,14,20
Reed, Virginia199117330
Reed, Virginia19921816,10
Reed, Virginia199218220
Reed, Virginia199218328,30
Reed, Virginia199218440
Reed, Virginia199319110
Reed, Virginia199319220
Reed, Virginia199319330
Reed, Virginia199319440
Reed, Virginia199420110
Reed, Virginia199420220
Reed, Virginia200026 44
Reed, Virginia20043027
Reed, Virginia H.19871318
Reed, Virginia H.19911711
Reed, Virginia Hubbard19901611
Reed, Virginia Hubbard199925 21
Reed, Wilber199521328
Reed, William198410213
Reese, Abigail199622433
Reese, Hilbecia199622433
Reese, Phebe199622433
Reeves, Carl Mr. & Mrs.19871311
Rego, Joseph199925 27
Reho, Elizabeth199925 38
Reho, John199925 27,38
Reho, Steve199925 27
Reichart, Barnhart199016324
Reichel family199925 9
Reid, Mabel200632 20
Reid, Mabel20093534
Reid, Sherbin201137332
Reide, J. S.198814326
Reigert, David199420436
Reigert, Min Koch199420436
Reilly, Ann199117435
Rendrick, Edward199925 38
Rentice, Charles Ray200632 17
Rentschler, M. J.200834 46
Replogue, Nancy200733 26
Rexford, Abba200026 34
Rexford, Betsa200632 35
Rexford, C.N.200834 46
Rexford, C.N.20093534
Rexford, Cassius N.201137331
Rexford, Chas200026 34
Rexford, F. J.200834 33
Rexford, Harriet200632 35
Rexford, Helen19881414
Rexford, Ida200026 34
Rexford, Joel199218218
Rexford, Joel200834 33
Rexford, Maud200026 34
Rexford, Mrs.200632 35
Reynolds family199723 33
Reynolds, A. G. Judge20113716
Reynolds, Ada Mrs.198915433,34
Reynolds, Amanda200632 35
Reynolds, Arlington G.201036 34
Reynolds, Carrie Matthews201137334
Reynolds, Charles A.198915433
Reynolds, Chas. A.198915434
Reynolds, Cora199319220
Reynolds, Cora Toop19891519
Reynolds, Don G.199622326
Reynolds, Ellison200733 13
Reynolds, George198915435
Reynolds, Gracie Miss198915435
Reynolds, J. W.198915433,34
Reynolds, J. W. Mrs.198915434,35
Reynolds, John199723 33
Reynolds, John200632 35
Reynolds, John W.198915434,35
Reynolds, John W. Mrs.198915435
Reynolds, Josephine Mrs.198915435
Reynolds, Kittie Eliza (Mather)19784326
Reynolds, Lewis198915434
Reynolds, Lewis200632 35
Reynolds, Luella200834 13
Reynolds, Mabel Mae201036 45
Reynolds, May200531 36
Reynolds, Mrs. G.K.200834 3
Reynolds, Mrs. JS200026 5
Reynolds, Mrs. William200531 36
Reynolds, Nellie198915434
Reynolds, Nina Miss198915435
Reynolds, Robert Davis19762423
Reynolds, S.198915434
Reynolds, Samuel198915433,34
Reynolds, Sarah Mrs.198915435
Reynolds, Sattie Mrs.198915434
Reynolds, Susan McMackin200026 14
Reynolds, T.19891519
Reynolds, William200531 36
Reynolds, William200632 35
Reynolds, Wm.198915433,34,35
Rhindhart, Donald E.19871318
Rhinehart, B. E., Mrs. (Ruth)197951,21,8,12
Rhinehart, Dale19851111
Rhinehart, Dale201137221
Rhinehart, Don19871316
Rhinehart, Don19901613
Rhinehart, Don19921815
Rhinehart, Don19931913
Rhinehart, Don199319433
Rhinehart, Don199622214
Rhinehart, Don199723 3
Rhinehart, Don200026 6,14
Rhinehart, Donald1986121,2,31,10,26
Rhinehart, Donald19891512
Rhinehart, Donald199016322
Rhinehart, Donald199117110
Rhinehart, Donald19952113
Rhinehart, Don(ald)199824 5,24
Rhinehart, Donald199925 16
Rhinehart, Donald & Ruth198814328
Rhinehart, Donald & Ruth199117214
Rhinehart, Donald & Ruth199218328
Rhinehart, Donald E.1985111,31,17,24
Rhinehart, Donald E.200329 16c
Rhinehart, Donald E.200430211
Rhinehart, Donald E.200531 27
Rhinehart, Donald E.201137221
Rhinehart, Edwin19851111
Rhinehart, Edwin201137221
Rhinehart, Ruth19817324
Rhinehart, Ruth19828323
Rhinehart, Ruth198391,31,10,22
Rhinehart, Ruth1984102,315,20,23
Rhinehart, Ruth1986121,2,31,2,4,9,10,20
Rhinehart, Ruth19871316,8
Rhinehart, Ruth19871347
Rhinehart, Ruth198814211
Rhinehart, Ruth19891511,2,10
Rhinehart, Ruth198915220
Rhinehart, Ruth198915330
Rhinehart, Ruth198915440
Rhinehart, Ruth19901611,3,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199016212
Rhinehart, Ruth199016321,22
Rhinehart, Ruth199016440
Rhinehart, Ruth19911711,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199117329,30
Rhinehart, Ruth19921815,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199218218,20
Rhinehart, Ruth199218330
Rhinehart, Ruth199218431,40
Rhinehart, Ruth19931911,2,3,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199319211,20
Rhinehart, Ruth199319322,30
Rhinehart, Ruth199319433,39,40
Rhinehart, Ruth19942011,2,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199420212
Rhinehart, Ruth199420432
Rhinehart, Ruth19952112,3,10
Rhinehart, Ruth199521220
Rhinehart, Ruth199521330
Rhinehart, Ruth199521440
Rhinehart, Ruth199622110
Rhinehart, Ruth199622211,12,20
Rhinehart, Ruth199622323
Rhinehart, Ruth199622432
Rhinehart, Ruth199622440
Rhinehart, Ruth199723 3,10,20,21,30,31,32,40
Rhinehart, Ruth199824 1,2,5,10,20,22,24,25,26, 30,32,33,38,40
Rhinehart, Ruth199925 10,16,20,22
Rhinehart, Ruth200026 6,44
Rhinehart, Ruth20043014
Rhinehart, Ruth (Mrs. D. E.)198061,2,31,2,7,21
Rhinehart, Ruth (Mrs.)1975128
Rhinehart, Ruth Frantz1985111,2,31,7,17,20,24
Rhinehart, Ruth Frantz201137221
Rhinehart, Ruth Mrs.19871331
Rhoades, Geraldine199117211,14,20
Rhoades, Geraldine20043014
Rhoades, Geraldine (Miss)198511324
Rhoades, Geraldine Miss19871318
Rhoads, Geraldine198814328
Rhoads, Geraldine199117214
Rhoads, Geraldine199117321,30
Rhoads, Geraldine199218110
Rhoads, Geraldine199218220
Rhoads, Geraldine199218328,30
Rhoads, Geraldine199218440
Rhoads, Geraldine199319110
Rhoads, Geraldine199319220
Rhoads, Geraldine199319330
Rhoads, Geraldine199319440
Rhoads, Geraldine19942011,10
Rhoads, Geraldine199420211,20
Rhoads, Geraldine199420321,30
Rhoads, Geraldine199420431,40
Rhoads, Geraldine199521110
Rhoads, Geraldine199521220
Rhoads, Geraldine199521330
Rhoads, Geraldine199521431,40
Rhoads, Geraldine199622110
Rhoads, Geraldine199723 11
Rhoads, Geraldine199824 22,24,32
Rhoads, Geri199016110
Rhoads, Gerry19931912
Rhoads, Gerry19962212
Rhodes, Ada S. (Skinner)19773325
Rhodes, H. H.201137332
Rhodes, Jacob199824 35
Rhodes, Naomi199723 19
Rhonehart, Ruth199117220
Rice, Geo. E.200935 18
Rice, Helen Mar200026 15
Rice, I.O.20093534
Rice, Jesse198814326
Rice, Nancy S.200329 16c
Rich, Alan19952116
Rich, Chaney19952116
Rich, E.D.200834 46
Rich, Flora199218323
Rich, J. (jeweler)200834 14
Rich, J. M.199218323
Rich, John200733 33
Rich, John200935 3
Rich, Julia200935 3
Rich, Kevin J.200632 38
Rich, Mark James200935 3
Rich, Misses200733 33
Rich, Mrs. E.H.19817214
Richards, Austin C.H.201036 35
Richards, Howard19931917
Richards, Jessie20093534
Richards, Mr/Mrs D.A.200935 7
Richards, Mrs.19817322
Richardson, Barbara200228 3
Richardson, Bill1975129
Richardson, Chauncey200733 14
Richardson, Daniel198814213
Richardson, Delores199824 24
Richardson, Delores199925 16
Richardson, Delores200026 14
Richardson, Delores200228 (22b)
Richardson, Delores200329 16c
Richardson, Delores200430211
Richardson, Delores200531 27
Richardson, Delores200632 25
Richardson, Delores200733 26
Richardson, Delores200834 26
Richardson, Delores200935 15,26
Richardson, Delores201137223
Richardson, Delores201036 22
Richardson, Ephriam200733 31
Richardson, Ezekiel198814216
Richardson, Herb200228 3,12,21.(22b),32
Richardson, Herb200329 4,10,16c, 18,32,44
Richardson, Herb20043012,4,12;(2):1,11,12;(3)1,14;(4):8
Richardson, Herb200531 10,27,28,38,48
Richardson, Herb200632 10,25
Richardson, Herb200733 26
Richardson, Herb(ert)200834 2,26
Richardson, Herbert200026 11,14,42
Richardson, Herbert200127 9,10,14,20,30,37,39, 40
Richardson, Herbert S.199824 24
Richardson, Herbert S.199925 16
Richardson, Jessee201137332
Richardson, Josiah19901614
Richardson, Kathy200935 15
Richardson, Kathy201137223
Richardson, Lydia Sanger19901614
Richardson, S. W. 201036 37
Richardson, Truman200733 15
Richardson, William Charles201137223
Richardson, Willis19806321
Richardson, Willis D.201137223
Richmond Valley Inn201137215
Richmond, Bryon19931915
Richmond, Byron199521219
Richmond, Lillie Durfee19931915
Richmond, Lillie Durfee199521219
Richmond, Margaret Boice199622438
Richmond, Melcir R.19839429
Richmond, Thomas199622438
Richmond, Thomas E Jr.199622438
Richner, George201036 24
Richner, Margaret A.201036 34
Riddell, Alma20093534
Riddell, Kenneth, Mrs.1975129
Rider, Carlos Smith199319328
Rider, Elder200834 46
Rider, Gaylord199824 14
Rider, Jarome199824 14
Rider, Joseph19839214
Rider, Joseph198410219
Rider, Joseph19881413
Rider, Joseph198915327
Rider, Joseph19921818
Rider, Lester199824 14
Rider, Melissa199824 14
Rider, Sarah199319328
Rider, Sarah200834 3
Rider, Z.19881413
Rider, Zera198915216
Rider, Zerah199319328
Ridge Lunch201137217
Riker, Alma200834 14
Riker, G. L.201137331
Riley, Captain19762425
Riley, Sarah W.200632 44
Rinehart, D. E., Mrs. (Ruth)197842,418,32,39
Rinehart, Don200531 31
Rinyo, Margaret199925 27
Ripon, Joseph200026 39
Rippin, Ambrose201137332
Risley, Norman20093534
Ritari, Sara19921815
Ritari, Sarah19931912
Ritari, Sarah19942012
Ritari, Sarah199622214
Ritari, Sarah199723 3
Ritart, Sarah19952113
Ritchie, Megan (Morgan)201036 33
Ritola, Alma (Mrs.)198511322
Ritola, Carolyn198511322
Rittenhous, R. W., Mrs. (Phyllis)19784218
Rittenhouse, Phyllis (Mrs. H.W.)19806321
Rittenhouse, R. W., Mrs. (Phyllis)1977316
Ritter, Bertha200026 35
Rix, Roy & Ina199117214
Roach, John199521439
Roach, Mennin200733 32
Roach, Minnie200733 31
Roadside Inn201137217
Roath, Betty J.198511324
Roath, Betty J. Reeves19871311
Roath, Sallie (Murphy)19784219
Robare, Linda199218328
Robare, Linda199824 24
Robare, Linda199925 16
Robare, Linda T.200026 14
Robare, Linda T.200228 (22b)
Robare, Linda T.200329 16c
Robare, Linda T.200430211
Robaro, Linda199117214
Robbins, Benjamin199622215
Robbins, D. W.201137332
Robbins, David199016329
Roberts, Alfred198915433,34
Roberts, Blanche200026 8
Roberts, Carl200329 41
Roberts, Edith M.200632 44
Roberts, J.199117435
Roberts, J.R.200834 46
Roberts, John H.200935 18
Roberts, L.A.199925 16
Roberts, M. (Elder)1981716
Roberts, M.G.200834 46
Roberts, Matilda Mrs.198915434,35
Roberts, S. E.198814216
Roberts, Steve200026 11
Roberts, Tibitha199117435
Robertson, Anna (Mrs. Daniel Greene)19828323
Robertson, James (Lieut)19828323
Robin, Amisa B.199824 14
Robin, E.A.199824 14
Robinson family20093538
Robinson, Addie (Miss)19773432
Robinson, Alexander200733 14
Robinson, Daniel W.200935 18
Robinson, Donna200935 3
Robinson, Eliza Trumbull199420219
Robinson, Ida May19751213
Robinson, J. O. Mrs.198915437
Robinson, Joe199622214
Robinson, Joe199723 3
Robinson, Joe199824 5
Robinson, Joe D.200329 12
Robinson, Joseph201036 9
Robinson, Lillian (Luthanen)20093532
Robinson, Lorraine198612320
Robinson, Lorraine19871318
Robinson, Mary199723 34
Robinson, Mary Jo200026 42
Robinson, Mary Jo200127 34
Robinson, Mary Jo200228 (22b)
Robinson, Mary Jo200329 16c
Robinson, Mary Jo20043014,(2):11
Robinson, Mary Jo200531 27
Robinson, Mary Jo.200733 26
Robinson, Orvis Orlando19751213
Robinson, Richard201036 9
Robinson, Wm. H.198612213
Robishaw, Marty200733 5
Robison, Mable198511324
Rockafellow, Alice Miller199319325
Rockafellow, Alice Miller199521110
Rockafellow, Alice Miller19962217
Rockafellow, Alice Miller199622438
Rockafellow, Amy19962217
Rockafellow, Amy199622438
Rockafellow, Christopher19962217
Rockafellow, Christopher199622438
Rockafellow, Clarissa19962217
Rockafellow, Clarissa199622438
Rockafellow, Edwin19962217
Rockafellow, Edwin199622438
Rockafellow, Eliphalit19962217
Rockafellow, Eliphalit199622438
Rockafellow, Emma199319325
Rockafellow, Emma Jean199521110
Rockafellow, Howell19962217
Rockafellow, Howell199622438
Rockafellow, James19962217
Rockafellow, James199622438
Rockafellow, Jane199319325
Rockafellow, Jane C.199521110
Rockafellow, Johnson19962217
Rockafellow, Johnson199622438
Rockafellow, Mariah19962217
Rockafellow, Mariah199622438
Rockafellow, Marion199824 19,24
Rockafellow, Marion199925 16
Rockafellow, Marion200026 7,14
Rockafellow, Mary199319325
Rockafellow, Mary L.199521110
Rockafellow, Polly199521110
Rockafellow, Polly19962217
Rockafellow, Polly199622438
Rockafellow, Rosalia199319325
Rockafellow, Rosalie199521110
Rockafellow, S.A.200834 46
Rockafellow, Tunis199521110
Rockafellow, Tunis19962217
Rockafellow, Tunis199622438
Rockafellow, Wealthy A.199521110
Rockafellow, William199319325
Rockafellow, William199521110
Rockafellow, William19962217
Rockafellow, William199622438
Rockafellow, William D.199521110
Rockafellow, Wm.199319325
Rockafelow, Gertrude199319325
Rockefeller, Mary199824 19
Rockower, Pam1984101,31,23
Rockower, Pamela19839321
Rockwell, Charles199723 25
Rockwell, Helen M.199723 25
Rockwell, Mary199723 25
Rockwell, Susan199723 25
Rockwell, Timothy199723 25
Roddick (place)200733 32
Roddick, Ann200733 32
Roddick, Georgia200834 13
Rodemeyer, Patty19871349
Rodemeyer, Patty198814328
Rodgers, Betsey (Mather)19784325,26
Rodgers, Elizabeth G.19773217
Rodgers, Sanford19784326
Rodosta, Carolyn199117214
Rodosta, Carolyn199218328
Rodosta, Carolyn199824 24
Rodosta, Carolyn199925 16
Rodosta, Carolyn D.199117219
Roe, D. A.201137331
Roe, Louis G.201137331
Rogers family200228 8
Rogers, ---200733 13
Rogers, B. H.199723 12,37
Rogers, B.H.200228 12
Rogers, B.H.200834 46
Rogers, Bert201137214
Rogers, Bessie1981716
Rogers, Diana20043026
Rogers, Dollie (Doty)1981717
Rogers, E. J.198915435
Rogers, Erastus198814433
Rogers, Erastus199016218
Rogers, Fanny (Ray)199925 18
Rogers, G.H.1981716
Rogers, George1981717
Rogers, George F.201137332
Rogers, George R.198814433
Rogers, George R.199016218
Rogers, Harmon Nathan1981716
Rogers, Hattie A. (Chamberlin)19817326
Rogers, Herbert1981715
Rogers, James199218328
Rogers, James199824 36
Rogers, James & Kathryn198814328
Rogers, James A..198814433
Rogers, James A..199016218
Rogers, Joseph Noyes L.198814433
Rogers, Joseph Noyes L.199016218
Rogers, Kathryn199117214
Rogers, Lafayette200733 14
Rogers, Maria S. (Doty)1981716
Rogers, Mrs. Minerva200834 33
Rogers, Nathan199824 35
Rogers, Neva20093534
Rogers, Roswell198814433
Rogers, Roswell199016218
Rogers, Roxania Brainard198814433
Rogers, Roxania Brainard199016218
Rogers, Samuel199824 36
Rogers, Samuel199925 18
Rogers, Wealthy19751324
Rogers, Wealthy198814433
Rogers, Wealthy Chappell199016218
Rohan/Reyan, Nellie (Mrs.James Hill)19839326
Rolf, Eleanor19881418
Rolf, Eleanor (Mrs. Frank)19806321
Rolf, Eleanor (Mrs. Frank)19871318
Rolf, Eleanor (Mrs.Frank)198511324
Rolf, Eleanor G.20043039
Rolf, Eleanor, Mrs.1976227
Rolf, Frank, Mrs. (Eleanor)1975129
Rolf, Frank, Mrs. (Eleanor)197731,2,36,9,11,21
Rolf, Frank, Mrs. (Eleanor)197841,22,9,18
Rolf, Frank, Mrs. (Eleanor)19795212
Rolfe, Erastus199622434
Rolfe, Phebe J.199622434
Rolph, Isabella199723 25
Rolph, Jane199723 35
Rolphe, Samuel199723 25
Romer, Abijah19952117
Romer, Asahel19952117
Romer, Idy19952117
Romer, Luther19952117
Romig, Anita199420432
Romig, Richard200430211
Romig, Richard200531 27
Romig, Richard200632 25
Romig, William, Mrs. (Anita)19784218
Romig, Wm. F., Mrs. (Anita)1974113
Romig, Wm. F., Mrs. (Anita)1975129
Romig, Wm., F., Mrs. (Anita)197731,26,12
Ronk, Soloman201137332,32
Ronney, Helen (Mrs.Cleland S.Ayer)198612327
Ronsheim, Ellice200632 17
Rook, Mr. and Mrs.199925 39
Root family20093538
Root, Amerelle199117435
Root, E. B.201137331
Root, Erastus19871343
Root, Erastus199218218
Root, Geo. W.199117435
Root, Harriet M.201036 25
Root, James199824 13
Root, Jesse19871343
Root, Jonathan19839213,14
Root, Jonathan198915327
Root, Jonathon19871343
Root, Jonathon19921818
Root, Jonathon199218218
Root, Lovina Gillett19871343
Root, Lyman198814326
Root, Lyman199622433
Root, Lyman201036 35
Root, Martha199622433
Root, Rebecca Tuttle19871343
Root, Thomas19871343
Root, V.G.199824 13
Root, Vincent199117435
Root, Vinson J.199824 13
Root, Vinsong199117434
Root, W. P.201137332
Roper, Francis E.198814219
Rosa, Catherine199925 3,10,16,20,30,40
Rosa, Charles199723 21,22,32
Rosa, Charles199824 1,11,20,24,30,38,40
Rosa, Charles200026 2,11,22,40,50
Rosa, Charles200127 10,20,30,40
Rosa, Charles200228 7,12,13,20,(22b)
Rosa, Charles20043014
Rosa, Chuck199622215
Rosa, Enoch Mr.199420219
Rosa, Isik199723 34
Rosa, Lemella199925 3
Rosa, Lemuel199723 34
Rosa, Lemuel199925 3
Rosa, Mary199723 34
Rosa, Mary (Papaharalambos)199723 22
Rosa, Mrs. Dr.198915216
Rosa, Norm199723 34
Rosa, Storm199925 3
Rosa, William199723 34
Rose, C.P.200834 46
Rose, Gilbert19881412
Rose, Helen York19817215
Rose, Herbert J.200834 46
Rose, Mary198814212
Rosenberg, Jane200834 4,26
Rosenberg, Jane20093533
Rosenberg, Jane F.201137227
Rosenberg, Jane F.201036 22
Rosencrans, Genevive199925 27
Ross, Edwin199319436
Ross, Ethel200632 21
Ross, Ethel20093534
Ross, John198915327
Ross, Lawton199319436
Ross, Lydia199319436
Ross, Maria L.200834 3
Ross, Rosina199319436
Rossman, Harrison200733 14
Roswell, Adams19962215
Rote, Nancy S.19828323
Rote, Nancy S. (Mrs. John J.)19806321
Rote, William19828323
Roudabush, Jane Van Pool198814329
Roudabush, Jesse198814329
Rounds, Pat (Dearth)19817216
Roundsville, Catharine198915436
Rourke family200632 17
Roush, James19881412
Rowe, E.D.19839431
Rowley, Erastus200733 18
Rowley, Erastus D.19891518
Rowley, Esther200733 18
Rowley, Esther D.19891518
Rowley, Lucy Ann19891518
Rowley, Norman19891518
Rowley, Robert19891518
Rowley, Seymour19891518
Rowley, Simeon19891518
Roy, A. Mrs.198915216
Roy, Augustus199420436
Roy, Betsy19751324
Roy, George19751324
Roy, Jospeh A.201137332
Roy, Roxana199420436
Royce, C.N.200834 46
Royster, Jacqueline Jones20043039
Ruark, Arthur199218218
Ruck, Nancy Evans201137215
Rudd,200026 7
Rudd, William199824 19
Rudolph, Zebulon198814329
Ruel, Abigail200632 45
Ruel, Julian200632 45
Ruel, Lomiss200632 45
Ruel, Rachel200632 45
Ruel, Seth200632 45
Ruggeri, Lil(lian)200531 27,30
Ruggeri, Lilian200329 16c
Ruggeri, Lilliam200834 1,26,28,38,48
Ruggeri, Lillian199824 24
Ruggeri, Lillian199925 16
Ruggeri, Lillian200632 26
Ruggeri, Lillian200733 26
Ruggeri, Lillian200935 10,27,28,(3):10,48
Ruggeri, Lillian201137227
Ruggeri, Lillian201036 10,22
Ruggeri, Lillian F.200228 (22b)
Ruggeri, Lillian F.200430211
Ruhl, Johannes199622211
Ruhl, Susanna199622211
Ruhling, Perry200935 18
Rundel, HP200026 5
Rush, C. A.201036 35
Rush, Chester A.201036 35
[Rush], Chester A.201036 35
Rush, Dr. Benjamin200026 7
Rush, Edith C.200632 23
Rush, Ethel C.200632 20
Rush, Harriet200430211
Rush, Harriet200531 27,32
Rush, Harriet200632 26
Rush, Harriet200733 26
Rush, Harriet200834 26
Rush, Harriet200935 15,27
Rush, Hazel20093535
Rush, Roy S.201036 35
Ruskin, Mr.200834 46
Russel, Jonathan B.19871336
Russel, Robt198915327
Russel, Wm.198814326
Russell, Abel199218218
Russell, Agnes201036 9
Russell, Agnes N.199723 26
Russell, D.199723 26
Russell, Elizabeth199521329
Russell, Henry W.19773325
Russell, Hepzibah (Wright)19784323
Russell, Ida J. (Pinney)19773325
Russell, Jonathan199218218
Russell, Lorenzo201036 35
Russell, Merton H.19773325
Russell, Mrs.198915216
Russell, Nora200531 30
Russo, Anthony199925 38
Russo, Phil20043021,11;(3)1
Russo, Phil200531 1
Rust, Amy198410322
Rust, Amy199925 24
Rust, Amy (Mrs. Hubert)19806321
Rust, Amy K.201036 37
Rust, Amy, Mrs.1976211
Rust, Betsey Ann200632 36
Rust, Carol200632 36
Rust, E.D.200834 46
Rust, Elisah199824 36
Rust, Elisha200632 36
Rust, Frank199824 36
Rust, Freeman200632 36
Rust, Freeman Waters200834 35
Rust, Hubert M.19841012
Rust, Hubert, Mrs. (Amy)197731,26,12
Rust, Hubert, Mrs. (Amy)19784218
Rust, Hubert, Mrs. (Amy)19795212
Rust, Hulbert, Mrs. (Amy)1975129
Rust, Hulbert, Mrs. (Amy)19762423
Rust, J.W.200733 13
Rust, Laura E. Benedict199218324
Rust, Obed200632 36
Rust, P.W.200834 46
Rust, Platt W.199218324
Rust, Susan200632 36
Rust, Truman198410212
Rust, Truman F.200834 35
Rutsky, Becki200228 20
Ryan, Dick200632 10,40,48
Ryan, Dick200935 9
Ryan, Dick (Richard)200531 1,2,5,10,12,27,28,38,48
Ryan, Geo. W.200935 18
Ryan, Harry200935 7
Ryan, John Wm.200935 18
Ryan, Katherine199925 27
Ryan, Mary200026 34
Ryan, R.G.20093534
Ryan, Rev. R.G.199925 27
Ryan, Richard200127 4
Ryan, Richard200228 (22b)
Ryan, Richard200329 16c
Ryan, Richard200430211
Ryan, Richard200632 26, 28
Ryan, Richard200733 10,26,28,48
Ryan, Richard200834 10,26,28,36,38,48
Ryan, Richard200935 27
Ryan, Richard201036 22
Ryan, Theresa198410211
Ryan, William199824 24
Ryan, William199925 16
Ryan, William J.200329 16c
Ryan, William J.200430211
Ryan, William J.200531 27
Ryan, William J.200632 26
Ryan, William J.200733 26
Ryan, William J.200834 26
Ryder, Brothers200733 45
Ryder, Horace200026 35
Ryder, James F.200026 5
Ryder, Sanford201036 24
Ryel, Floyd199925 27
Saari, Alma20093534
Sabin, W.19861216
Sabo, Eleanor20113712
Sabo, Eleanore199925 12
Sackett, Mr.200531 15
Sackrison, Gwen199925 16
Saeger, Mary19851128
Safford, Jed B.198612328
Sage, Eileen W.199925 16
Sager, Henry199420439
Sager, Pearl19839429
Sager, Thomas19851128
Sager, Thomas199420439
Sal(i)sbury, Alexander200935 44
Sal(i)sbury, Atwell200935 44
Salkeld, Bertha Miss198915440
Salkeld, F. O.198915440
Salkeld, G. M.199420325
Salkeld, G.M.200834 46
Salkeld, Glenn H.201036 35
Salkeld, Margaret20093534
Salkeld, V.H.200935 7
Salkeld, W.E.200834 46
Sallay, Mary20043015
Salmi, Catherine L.200026 14
Salmi, Catherine L.200228 (22b)
Salmi, Catherine L.200329 16c
Salmi, Catherine L.200430211
Salmi, Catherine L.200531 27
Salmi, Catherine L.200632 26
Salmi, Catherine L.200733 27
Salmi, Catherine L.200834 26
Salmi, Catherine L.200935 27
Salmi, Catherine L.201137227
Salmi, Catherine L.201036 22,43
Salmi, Cathi199824 24,38
Salmi, Cathi199925 16
Salmi, Cathy200127 4,30
Samples, Russ20043014
Samples, Russell Sr.200127 1
Samples, Russell E II200026 14
Samples, Russell E.199824 24
Samples, Russell E.199925 16
Samples, Russell E.200026 14
Sampson, Delby Weston19962217
Sampson, Edward H.19962217
Sampson, Frank F.19962217
Sampson, Thelma19962217
Samstag, Richard J.199824 24
Sanas, Harl200935 18
Sanborn, Elvira199723 26
Sanborn, Jona199723 34
Sanborn, Martha M. H.201036 24
Sanborn, Nancy199723 26
Sand, Harriet199218438
Sandburg, Mark C.20093534
Sanders, Deborah1981716
Sanders, Genette Allene1981716,7
Sanders, Harold Charles1981716
Sanders, Jack Clarence1981716
Sanders, John C.1981716,7
Sanders, Linda1981716
Sanders, Maggie Kizer, Dunnigan, Moore, Lewis199622216
Sanders, Thomas1981716
Sanders, Valerie1981716
Sanderson, Carolo199218323
Sandstrom, Karen198410216
Sanford, Anthony P.199723 35
Sanford, Elroy19762422
Sanford, Elroy1985111,23,7
Sanford, Grace Isabel Benedict199218324
Sanford, Harriet B.199218324
Sanford, Hazel C.199218324
Sanford, Henrietta199723 35
Sanford, Henrietta D.19881415
Sanford, Henry H.19817326
Sanford, Hettie D.200834 3
Sanford, Luther M.199218324
Sanford, Mrs. H.P.200834 3
Sanford, Mrs. P.P.200834 3
Sanford, P. P.199723 35
Sanford, P. P. Mrs.198915216
Sanford, P.P.199016326
Sanford, P.P. (Esq.)198410324
Sanford, Peleg P.20113718
Sanford, Phelps19817326
Sanford, Phillip B.199218324,25
Sanford, Phyllis J.199218324
Sanford, Selden N.198915215
Sanger, Amasa19901614
Sanger, Laura19901614
Santich, Rick20113711
Santich, Rick201036 39
[S]anton, Geo. W.201036 35
Santti, Mary C.20093534
Sarkkinen, Eino199925 38
Sauer, Mac200733 5
Saunders, James200632 43, 44
Saunders, M. L.201036 9
Saunders, Mr.19871327
Saunders, Mrs.19871327
Saunders, Otis K.200935 18
Saunders, William200733 31
Savage, John A.1982818
Savery, Elizabeth (Eddy)19817211
Sawdey, Cyrus200733 31
Sawdey, Edward S.199622216
Sawdey, Edward S.199723 19
Sawdey, Elizabeth M.199723 19
Sawdey, Elizabeth M.(Conley)199622216
Sawdey, Harriet (Mrs. Philip Searles)198612325
Sawdey, Henry200733 31
Sawdey, John Melvin199622216
Sawdey, John Melvin199723 19
Sawdey, Martha F,200733 31
Sawdey, Naomi Rhodes199622216
Sawyer, Almon200834 34
Sawyer, Almond199218323
Sawyer, Amon200026 36
Sawyer, Benj.199218218
Sawyer, E.S.200834 46
Sawyer, Edward S.200834 34
Sawyer, Eugene200026 29,36
Sawyer, Horace199218323
Sawyer, I19881413
Sawyer, Irene200026 29
Sawyer, Isaac (Esq.)19861216
Sawyer, James199218323
Sawyer, Jessie200026 34
Sawyer, Joseph19871343
Sawyer, Joseph199117216
Sawyer, Lilla200026 29,36
Sawyer, Lizzie200026 29
Sawyer, O.200026 29,33
Sawyer, Seth H.200834 33
Sawyer, Willard A.201036 35
Saxton, Harvey S.198915215
Saxton, Henry J.201036 34
Saxton, Seth P.201036 34
Saxton, Virgil1975129
Saxton, Virgil1977316
Saxton, Virgil19784218
Sayles, Thomas199824 36
Scails, Elice200733 45
Schabackder, D. M. Mrs.199016218
Schabo, Barbara199016433
Schabo, Roy199016433
Schaefer, Michael198814434
Schaefer, Sophia198814434
Schaeffer family20043039
Schaerfer, Richard199925 38
Schaffner, Rev. P.B.200834 46
Schanz, Millie19871349
Scheer, Henry Otto200935 18
Scheimgold, Myer201036 25
Schermer, Craig199925 21
Schiappacasse, Andrew200733 32
Schiappacasse, Rose200834 14
Schiefer, Lela19861217
Schlenker, Walter199925 38
Schlensener, Dexter199723 32
Schlensener, Doyce199723 32
Schlesinger, Mr/Mrs Melvin200935 7
Schleusener, Dexter199824 24
Schleusener, Doyce199824 24
Schmid, Albert201137214
Schmid, Edward201137214
Schmidlin, Jeanne Appelhaus20043039
Schmidlin, Thomas W.20043039
Schmidt, Bob200228 13
Schneck, Carles201137332
Scholl, L. Jean19871315
Scholtx, Elijah19871314
Scholtx, Julia Ann Searles19871314
Schooley family200228 38
Schreve, Sue Ann Gardner199218213
Schuld, Lois200632 47
Schultz, E.H200834 46
Schultz, J.A.200834 46
Schultz, Wm. H.199117434
Schulz, Ron199521434
Schumb, Joseph G. Jr.199218214
Schwartz, Mr/Mrs G200935 7
Schwartz, Jerry200026 8
Schweitzer, Dr. George200733 36
Schwind, Charles201137331
Scibona, Debra199824 24
Scibona, Rosario199824 24
Scibone, Debra199723 32
Scibone, Rosario199723 32
Scofield, B. F. Mrs.198915216
Scofield, Clarence G.199723 26
Scofield, J. F.199723 26
Scofield, J. F. Mrs.199420217,19
Scofield, Mr. & Mrs.199218436
Scolley, Betsy19751213
Scott family199925 9
Scott, C.J.200834 46
Scott, Charles200329 11
Scott, Gerry19931914
Scott, Gerry Dee1984101,31,21
Scott, Gerry Dee198511324
Scott, Gerry Dee1985111,31,24
Scott, Gerry Dee19871318
Scott, Gerry Dee20043027
Scott, J. H.201137332
Scott, Jerry198410220
Scott, Joel19817325
Scott, Joel19828216
Scott, Joel19839325
Scott, Joel199016326
Scott, Joel199016438
Scott, Lillian Elizabeth (Filppi)198410321
Scott, Mary (Wilcox)19795322
Scott, Mary Ann198814435
Scott, Molly19839325
Scott, Mr.200834 46
Scott, Mrs. C.M. (Munson)198612321
Scott, O. W.19871342
Scott, Sara Elizabeth199925 30
Scott, Walter A.198915215
Scoville, Bessie200834 14
Scoville, P.198814326
Scoville, R.198814326
Scranlon, Delia199622436
Scranton, Fidelia199723 26
Scribner, Aaron200632 36
Scribner, Benj.200733 13
Scribner, Benjamin199117437
Scribner, Benjn.200632 46
Scribner, Benjn. (jr)200632 46
Scribner, Charles200632 36
Scribner, Enort200632 36
Scribner, Fredrick Patrick198814433
Scribner, Harriet199622436
Scribner, Henry200632 46
Scribner, John200632 36
Scribner, Julia200632 46
Scribner, Louisa199319325
Scribner, Lucina200632 46
Scribner, Mary198915212
Scribner, Mary199420212
Scribner, Mary Wheeler198814433
Scribner, Mary Wheeler199319325
Scribner, Patrick199319325
Scribner, Sally200632 46
Scribner, Thomas200632 36
Sealand, T. E.201137332
Searl, Corelia200632 47
Searl, F. A.198915435
Searl(s), George200834 13,14
Searl, Grace200834 13
Searl, Jonathan19751324
Searl, Lovisa19751324
Searl, Roland200632 47
Searl, Salmon200632 47
Searl, Stephen200632 47
Searl, Suphrona200632 47
Searl’s grocery200834 14
Searle(s), Harriet199420434
Searle, Henery W.200632 47
Searle, Nellie E. (Mrs. E.B.)19817214
Searle, Olive200632 47
Searle(s), Philip199420434
Searle, Roger, Rev.19784215
Searle, Stephen200632 47
Searles, Alfred19871314
Searles, Alfred Philip19871314,5
Searles, Ann Minchler19871314
Searles, Charles Albert19871314,5
Searles, Elizabeth Lent19871314
Searles, Harriet Sawdey19871314
Searles, Julia Jane Horton19871314
Searles, Lucinda Harpending19871314
Searles, Mabel Clare19871315
Searles, Philip W.198612325
Searles, Philip W.19871314
Searls, C. W.20093534
Searls, C.W.200834 46
Searls, Charles W.201036 34
Sears, Leora Brown201137334
Seaver, Mr.200531 13
Seaver, Sarah200531 13
SeCheverell, John Hampton198410321
Sedgebeer, J. Mrs.198915216
Sedgebeer, Joseph200026 5
Sedgebeer, Mrs. M.L.200834 3
Seekell, Lucy M. (Mrs. Lesley)19817214
Seel, Rose Tollis198814213
Seel, Rose Tollis198814328
Seel, Rose Tollis19891519
Seel, Rose Tollis199016218
Seel, Rose Tollis19911715
Seel, Rose Tollis199117214
Seel, Rose Tollis199218328
Seel, Rose Tollis199420215
Seel, Rose Tollis199521219
Seel, Rose Tollis199824 24
Seelbach, Louis201137215
Seeley, Elizabeth199420439
Seeley, Lamar199420439
Seeley, Lavinia199420439
Seeley, Miss198915216
Seeley, Robert199218218
Seeley, Uri199420439
Seeley, Uri Sheriff199016326
Seeley, Wm.198612213
Seely, Andrew199521329
Seely, Ira199117434
Seely, Jeremiah199521329
Seely, Jonathan199521329
Seely, Margaret199521329
Seely, Polly199521329
Seelye, L. C.201036 25
Sees, Jas. J.198915435
Sees, Sarah M. Mrs.198915435
Segar, Moses199218326
Segraves, Antoinette J.198814321
[Seguild], Jonathan201036 35
Seibert, Ron19773436
Seitz, William199925 38
Selby, Horton200733 14
Selfridge, Chester W.19871349
Semones, Donald E., Mrs.1977316
Semones, Donald E., Mrs.19784218
Semones, Donald E., Mrs. (Phyllis)19795212
Semones, Phyllis (Mrs. Donald E.)19806321
Senier, Mary (Mrs.Joshua Ely)198410211
Seran/Serand, James198814435
Serran/Serrand, Cleva198814435
Sessions, Anson19839214
Sessions, Anson19881413
Sessions, Anson198915327
Sessions, Miss201137334
Sessler, W. H.201137331
Setters, William J., Jr.20113716
Severance, J. H.198915435
Severance, John200733 33
Severance, Ruby200834 13
Seward, Anna200935 7
Seward, Margery1977316
Sexten, Eliza199622435
Sexton, Amos. C.201137332
Seymour, Achsah19762318
Seymour, Alfred19762318
Seymour, Burritt B.200834 46
Seymour, Charlotte19762318
Seymour, Eleazer19762318
Seymour, Fanny19762318
Seymour, George198410219
Seymour, Henry19762318
Seymour, John198915328
Seymour, Kathryn20093534
Seymour, Lucy Ann19762318
Seymour, Malona19762318
Seymour, Mary19762318
Seymour, Miranda19762318
Seymour, Miria19762318
Seymour, S. Dr.19931917
Seymour, Sally19762318
Seymour, Silas19762318
Seymour, William19762318
Shaefer, Ismay20093534
Shaffer, Jo199016432
Shaffer, Jo199622437
Sh[aird], Julia E.201036 35
Shaler, Ephraim201036 34
Shank, E. June19806321
Shank, E. June19871318
Shank, E. June198814328
Shank, Freda199521327
Shank, June199117214,19
Shank, June E.198511324
Shankland, F.N.20093534
Shankland, S. D.200834 46
Shannon, Gov.201036 31
Shappard, W.H.200834 46
[Sharks], Harriet201036 35
Sharp, A. O.200935 44
Sharp, Betsy or Patsy200834 8
Sharp, Charles200834 8
Sharp, Dudley200834 8
Sharp, Gibson200834 8
Sharp, James200834 8
Sharp, Joseph200834 8
Sharp, Joseph( Jr.)200834 8
Sharp, Lewis200834 8
Sharp, Mariah200834 8
Sharp, Melinda200834 8
Sharpee, Arlene201137223
Shattuck, May200834 46
Shaver, Theadore, J.200632 44
Shaw, F.W.200733 33
Shawanden, Bobetta200935 46
Shawanden, Earnsturk or Ernestine200935 46
Shawanden, Hope200935 46
She(a)rer, Anna200531 14,24
Shead, Alonzo19952117
Shead, Emily19952117
Shead, Frank19952117
Shearer, Anna D.(Mrs.Frank S.Bigler)19817326
Shearer, Frances200531 44
Shears, Spencer201137216
Shears, Spencer201036 35
Shedd, A.198915328
Sheehy, Bridget200834 30
Sheetz, Hazel20093535
Sheffel, Frederick19751213
Sheffel, Jacob19751213
Sheffel, Louise Anna19751213
Sheffer, Jo1983912
Sheffer, Jo198915432
Sheffer, Jo199117329
Sheffer, Jo199218330
Sheffer, Jo199319322
Sheffer, Jo199521434
Sheffer, Josephine19806321
Sheffer, Josephine19851127
Sheffer, Josephine199117211
Sheffer, Josephine20043027
Sheffer, Josephine C.19828319
Sheffer, Josephine C., Mrs.1974112,3
Sheffer, Josephine C., Mrs.197512,3,48,9,19,24,25,26,32
Sheffer, Josephine C., Mrs.197623,413,14,26,27,28
Sheffer, Josephine C., Mrs.197731,2,3,41,6,12,16,23,33
Sheffer, Josephine C., Mrs.197841,2,41,2,11,18,30
Sheffer, Josephine Cutter, Mrs.1979528,12
Sheffer, Josephine Mrs.19871342
Sheffer, Paul19828319
Sheffield family200531 45
Sheffield, Florence20093534
Shefflield, Florence200632 23
Shelby, James199420328
Shelby, John199420328
Shelby, P.199420328
Shelby, Thoms199420328
Shelden, Hile G.198915215
Sheldon, Mary Jane19881415
Sheldon, Thomas19784216
Shelton, James19751320
Shepard & Radcliffe200834 14
Shepard family20093538
Shepard, ---200733 13
Shepard, Alvin O.201137332
Shepard, C. Augusta199723 24
Shepard, Calista, (Mrs.)19762319
Shepard, Clarence199420436
Shepard, Clarence200935 18
Shepard, Ed19871334
Shepard, Edna200935 7
Shepard, Edward199521329
Shepard, Elton C.19871334
Shepard, Finley Johnson198814436
Shepard, H. F.199723 24
Shepard, Helen199420436
Shepard, Helen199521329
Shepard, Helen Miller Gould198814436
Shepard, Henry19762319
Shepard, Henry199824 15
Shepard, Henry D.199723 24
Shepard, Henry H.201137332
Shepard, John M.P.199521329
Shepard, Katherine (Mrs. Arthur H. Ayer)198612327
Shepard, Levi199824 15
Shepard, Levi200834 32
Shepard, Louis J.198814436
Shepard, Mary19871334
Shepard, Mary St. John19911714
Shepard, Mattie Lloyd198814436
Shepard, Mrs.200834 3
Shepard, Mrs. W. L.200834 32
Shepard, Ray B.198915215
Shepard, Salmon S.199723 24
Shepard, Simeon T.19871334
Shepard, Turner19871334
Shepard, William Weathery19871334
Shepart, Jacob19828323
Shephard, Miss Augusta200733 43,44
Shephard, H. F. Mrs.198915216
Shephard, Harriet200834 3
Shepherd, Amanda Jane Ball199420434
Shepherd, Helen200834 13
Shepherd, Mary200733 45
Shepherd, P.198814326
Shepherd, Paula19839321
Shepherd, Paula199117218
Shepherd, Richard Knight199420434
Sheppard, Marilyn20043039
Sheppard, Sam200228 8
Sheppard, Sam Dr.20043039
Sheppard, Will201137334
Sheridan, Philip Henry (Gen.)19851115,6
Sherley, A.198814326
Sherman, Abigail198814324
Sherman, Alexander H.201036 34
Sherman, Elizabeth Edic198814324, 25
Sherman, Emeline198814324
Sherman, Ezra198814324
Sherman, Harriet J.200834 34
Sherman, Henry198814324
Sherman, Isaac198915328
Sherman, Isaac200733 14
Sherman, Isaac201036 34
Sherman, Jacob198814324
Sherman, Jacob F.198814325
Sherman, James198410220
Sherman, James198814324
Sherman, John198814324
Sherman, Laura198814324
Sherman, Lucretia201036 24
Sherman, Margaret198814324
Sherman, Maria198814324
Sherman, Mary Ann198814324, 25
Sherman, Mary Jane Heath198814325
Sherman, Nicholas198814324
Sherman, Patience198814324
Sherman, Phineas198814325
Sherman, Phineas Jr.198814324
Sherman, Phineas Sr.198814324
Sherman, Riley Dwight198814325
Sherman, Stephen198410220
Sherman, W. P.200834 46
Sherman, William198814324, 25
Sherrill, Chuck19839321
Sherwin, John200834 46
Sherwood, Isaih Bennett198814435
Sherwood, Adial Marshal198814435
Sherwood, Bessie Huldah198814435
Sherwood, C.F.200834 46
Sherwood, Ezra200733 13
Sherwood, Hellen M.198814435
Sherwood, Nelson199925 26
Sherwood, Robert H.200834 46
Shields, Edith200834 46
Shields, Edith20093534
Shilan, Gladys200935 7
Shiland, J. L..20113718,8
Shink, Ora M.200026 46
Shipboy family199824 19
Shipboy, David200026 7
Shipman, C.M.20093535
Shippen, Vera1982818
Shirrell,200026 5
Shock, Elizabeth (Mrs. David Baxter)1980628
Shook, Olive (Ford)1981716,7
Shooks, J.199117435
Shovlin, Joseph19861213
Shumaker, C.H.200834 46
Shumway, Manning201036 35
Shupe, Mrs. J.W.20093534
Sidley, Anna200632 22
Siedel, Hazel199925 27
Siefert, Marie "Mary"201036 4
Sigsbey, Caroline199420325
Sigsbey, Eliza199420325
Sigsbey, James199420325
Sigsbey, John199420325
Sigsbey, John Westley199420325
Sigsbey, Lucy Ann Freeman199420325
Sigsby, E.S.200834 46
Sigsby, Edward S.199016330
Sigsby, J. W.200834 46
Sigsby, Lucy Waldo199016330
Sillanpa, Wm. I., Mrs.1975129
Siltala, Sedric199925 38
Silverthorne, J.200733 15
Silvi, Allan199925 38
Simmoms, Charles R.197951,24,12
Simmons, A.200733 14
Simmons, Charles19806321
Simmons, Charles R.1975129
Simmons, Charles R.19762426,27,28
Simmons, Charles R.197731,36,28
Simmons, Charles R.197841,2,42,18,32
Simmons, Charles R.19839211,12
Simmons, Horace199218326
Simmons, Philena Ford199218326
Simms, Crystal20093534
Simon and Co.200733 44
Simpson, Iva (Ida) Billington19881413
Simpson, Kate B.20093534
Sinchell, Chsten200632 46
Sinchell, Denis200632 46
Sinchell, Ira200632 46
Sinchell, Matila200632 46
Sinchell, Nancy200632 46
Sinchell, Simon200632 46
Sinclair, Arit200733 44
Sinclair, Calvin200733 15,44
Sinclair, Charles200733 44
Sinclair, D. B.201137332
Sinclair, David200733 43
Sinclair, David (Jr.)200733 44
Sinclair, Frank201137332
Sinclair, Greenliff200733 44
Sinclair, H.200733 45
Sinclair, Henry200733 44
Sinclair, Joseph200733 44
Sinclair, Milton200733 43,44
Sinclair, Polly Caroline19839326
Sinclair, Sarah200026 10
Sinclair, Sarah “Sally”200531 24
Sinclar, Charls200733 43
Sinclear, David200733 44
Sindelar, Ann199723 31
Sinder, Clarence F.201137227
Sindy, Clarence200733 1,11
Sindy, Clarence F.200329 3,13
Sindy, Heather201137227
Sines, ---200733 15
Sines, O.T.200733 15
Sing, Sadie Jeffords (Skinner)19773325
Singer, Alonzo199319217
Singer, Amelia199319217
Singer, Julia199319217
Singer, Sarah199319217
Singer, William199319217
Siplock, Edward200733 22
Sisters of the Humility of Mary200834 46
Skelton, John W.19762423
Skiff, Mrs. Geo.200834 3
Skinner family200632 17
Skinner, (Capt.)198410214
Skinner, Abraham (Capt)198392,313,24,25
Skinner, Abraham (Capt.)19828215,16
Skinner, Abraham (Capt.)19861215,6
Skinner, Ada S. (Rhodes)19773325
Skinner, Adelbert19773325
Skinner, Alberta19773326
Skinner, Ara19773325
Skinner, Archie C.19773325
Skinner, August C.19773325
Skinner, Augusta L.19773325
Skinner, Augustus19828215
Skinner, Augustus199622435
Skinner, Augustus C.19773325
Skinner, Avis (Mrs. William L.)19817216,17
Skinner, Benj. H19773325
Skinner, Bertina19773325
Skinner, Blanche19773325
Skinner, Capt.19881413
Skinner, Capt.19921818
Skinner, Catharine (Hitt)19773325
Skinner, Catharine C.19773325
Skinner, Cephas19773325
Skinner, Charlie19773325
Skinner, Daniel19817216
Skinner, DeWilton19773325,26
Skinner, E. H.19773326
Skinner, Emery Irvine19773325
Skinner, Emery J.19773326
Skinner, Emma Jane (Clark)19817216,17
Skinner, Estella19817217
Skinner, Esther (Hitt)19773325
Skinner, Eugene19773325,26
Skinner, Eva (Lewis)19773326
Skinner, Everett H.19773325
Skinner, Georgie E. (Webster)19773326
Skinner, H. N.19773325
Skinner, Harrison19773326
Skinner, Harrison L.19773325
Skinner, Henry C.19773325,26
Skinner, Herbert G.19773325
Skinner, Ida19817217
Skinner, Irene19817326
Skinner, Irene L.19773325
Skinner, Isaac19871349
Skinner, Isaac N.19773325
Skinner, Isaac N., Jr.19773325
Skinner, Isaac Newton19773325
Skinner, J.N.19773325
Skinner, Jack19773326
Skinner, Jason19773325
Skinner, John F.201137332
Skinner, Julius19773325
Skinner, L. Augusta (Murphey)19773325
Skinner, Lucia19773325
Skinner, M. Almira (McCleery)19773325
Skinner, Marjory19773326
Skinner, Mary19773325
Skinner, Mary19839325
Skinner, Mary H.19773325
Skinner, Mr.20113718
Skinner, Pauline (Mrs. N. Perry)19839324
Skinner, Phebe (Mrs. Ben Blish)19861215
Skinner, Roy H.19773325
Skinner, Ruanna P. (Grover)19773326
Skinner, S. Alvah19773325
Skinner, S. Irene19773325
Skinner, Sadie Jeffords (Sing)19773325
Skinner, Surann (?) D. (Grover)19773325
Skinner, Sylvia (Baldwin)19773325
Skinner, Sylvia J. (Pinney)19773325
Skinner, William L.19817216,17
Skok, Fred (Judge)198511317
Skok, Fred Judge199521211
Skok, Fred V. Judge199521325
Skok, Fred V. Judge199521435
Skok, Fred V., Judge1977319
Skully, Joan, Miss1975129
Skutt, AJ200026 5
Slack, Frances198281,31,25
Slack, Frances198393,421,30
Slack, Frances1984101,21,6,11,18,19
Slack, Frances1985112,37,13,24
Slack, Frances19881411,8
Slack, Frances198814218
Slack, Frances198814328
Slack, Frances19891512,10
Slack, Frances198915220
Slack, Frances198915330
Slack, Frances199016211
Slack, Frances199016321,22,23
Slack, Frances199016434,37,40
Slack, Frances199117110
Slack, Frances199117211,14,20
Slack, Frances199117330
Slack, Frances199218328
Slack, Frances19931911
Slack, Frances199319322
Slack, Frances19942012
Slack, Frances199420322
Slack, Frances199925 24
Slack, Frances (Mrs. Wm. H.)198061,2,32,7,21
Slack, Frances N.198814326
Slack, Frances N.198814436,37,38
Slack, Frances N.19891517
Slack, Frances N.198915213,16,17
Slack, Frances N.199016436
Slack, Frances N.199117434,36
Slack, Frances N.200329 8
Slack, Francis19871318
Slack, Francis198915440
Slack, Francis19901611,10
Slack, Francis199622214
Slack, Francis N.198915433
Slack, William1981712
Slack, William H19784218
Slack, William H.19806321
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)1974113
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)197512,39,19
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)197621,2,3,41,8,14,24
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)197731,3,46,27,37
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)197841,23,18
Slack, William H., Mrs. (Frances)19795212
Slaighton, Chas.200935 44
Slater, Amos19762318
Slater, Fanny S.19762318
Slayton, John A.200935 44
Slemmons, Ruth20093534
Sliter, B. J.201137332
Sloan, Elizabeth, (Fuller)19762424
Slocum, D. W.199521329
Slonager, Andrew199925 39
Slonager, John199925 39
Slonager, Mrs. John199925 39
Slonager, Robert199925 39
Slough, Sylvia Anderson198915325
Slovak, Juanita (Baker)19839326
Slutz, M. J.201137332
Small, Ginny19871316
Small, Ginny199420330
Small, Virginia198511324
Small, Virginia198814328
Small, Virginia199117214
Small, Virginia199218328
Small, Virginia19931911
Small, Virginia (Mrs. Charles)1985112,37,24
Small, Virginia (Mrs. Charles)19871318
Small, Vivian B.200834 46
Smart, Chas.198915328
Smart, Henry198612213
Smart, Marguerite20093535
Smead, Mr/Mrs D.D.200935 7
Smead, Abner199218214
Smead, Abner200127 36
Smead, Frederick200127 36
Smead, Helen20093534
Smead, Mrs.200935 7
Smedley, James198410219
Smith Evelyn200733 27
Smith, ---200733 13
Smith, A.199420327
Smith, A.G.200834 33
Smith, Ada L.200632 44
Smith, Alden200733 31,32
Smith, Alma J.201036 25
Smith, Angeline200632 45
Smith, Augustus E.198915215
Smith, Beatrice200834 46
Smith, Bertie200026 35
Smith, C. P.201036 24
Smith, Caroline199622435
Smith, Clarence200026 27,35
Smith, Col.201137334
Smith, Dale R.200834 46
Smith, Diana Crisman200733 47
Smith, Diana Crisman200834 4
Smith, Dorothy200935 7
Smith, Earl200935 43,44
Smith, Ebenezer19839214
Smith, Ebenezer (Eb.)19851129,10
Smith, Edwin199622435
Smith, Effriam200632 36
Smith, Eliza200632 45
Smith, Elizabeth (Hayes)19861217
Smith, Ella M.19751213
Smith, Ella M. (Mrs. Chas. Hadden)19841012
Smith, Ellen199622435
Smith, Ellen199824 15
Smith, Elmer Mr. & Mrs.199622432
Smith, Elvesa199622436
Smith, Ephraim199117435
Smith, Ephram19751213
Smith, Evelyn200228 (22b)
Smith, Evelyn200329 16c
Smith, Evelyn20043014,5;(2):11
Smith, Evelyn200531 27
Smith, Evelyn200632 26
Smith, Evelyn200834 26
Smith, Evelyn200935 27
Smith, Evelyn201036 32
Smith, Evelyn M.199824 24
Smith, Evelyn M.199925 16
Smith, Evelyn M.200026 14
Smith, Evelyn M.201036 42
Smith, Ezriah199420327
Smith, Fairchild198915436
Smith, Flora199925 27
Smith, Flora A.198915436
Smith, Francis198915327
Smith, Frank200026 26
Smith, Franklin M.201036 34
Smith, Fred A.201036 25
Smith, Galen V.201036 25
Smith, Gary200632 41
Smith, Gary200733 1
Smith, Gary200834 4
Smith, Greg200026 14
Smith, Greg20043015
Smith, Hanford198915436
Smith, Harley199925 27
Smith, Harriet199622436
Smith, Helen200935 7
Smith, Ida200935 7
Smith, Ina200026 36
Smith, Irene19911714
Smith, Irving199622436
Smith, J. B. Mrs.198915435
Smith, J. Edward200026 5
Smith, J.F.199824 36
Smith, Jacqui200026 22
Smith, Jacqui201137227
Smith, James199622435
Smith, James200632 36
Smith, James [Jr.]201036 42
Smith, James L.201036 42
Smith, John19839214
Smith, John198410323
Smith, John19871346
Smith, John19921818
Smith, John200632 45
Smith, John (jr)200632 45
Smith, John H.201137332
Smith, John R., Mrs.1975129
Smith, Jonathat19784327
Smith, Joseph19861213
Smith, Joseph19871327
Smith, Joyce Chapman200935 43,44
Smith, Julia199420329
Smith, Julia Ann199319436
Smith, Julias199117434
Smith, Juliet Marshall201137334
Smith, Landon199622435
Smith, Landon199824 15
Smith, Landon201036 35
Smith, Laura199622435
Smith, Laura199824 15
Smith, Levi198814215
Smith, Lewis198814326
Smith, Lewis199420327
Smith, Mae200834 13
Smith, Marcus L.199117434
Smith, Maria201036 4
Smith, Maria (h)198814212
Smith, Martha198814212
Smith, Martha200632 36
Smith, Marvon19911714
Smith, Mary200632 45
Smith, Mary200733 45
Smith, Mary201036 4
Smith, Mary A.19817214
Smith, Mary Worthington200834 32
Smith, Mireant200632 45
Smith, Mr.19881413
Smith, Mrs.200935 7
Smith, N. C.200834 46
Smith, Obediah198814212
Smith, Percy K.200834 46
Smith, Percy K.201036 24
Smith, Phebe200632 45
Smith, Reuben19881415
Smith, Reuben200733 31
Smith, Rick200127 32
Smith, Robert T.198612325
Smith, S.200834 33
Smith, Sarah Overacker198814212
Smith, Sarah R. Hayden200834 33
Smith, Sidney198814212
Smith, Solomon C.201036 34
Smith, Spencer, Mrs. (Eleanor)197512,39,19
Smith, Spencer, Mrs. (Eleanor)19762321
Smith, Spencer, Mrs. (Eleanor)1977316
Smith, Stephen199420327
Smith, Susan200127 36
Smith, Thomas198814326
Smith, Thos.199622435
Smith, Thudore K.200632 45
Smith, Tommy201036 9
Smith, Truman J.200834 32
Smith, Veda200935 7
Smith, Vernie (Mrs.)198511322
Smith, Veronica20043032
Smith, W. F.198915435
Smith, W.F.1983916
Smith, W.F.200834 46
Smith, W.F. grocery200834 14
Smith, Willard199420327
Smith, William198612211
Smith, Winne S.200834 46
Smith, Wm.198814212
Smith, Wynne S.200026 5
Smith, Wynne S.200834 46
Smoley, Anna Marie199723 3,21,22
Smoley, Anna Marie199824 5,24,26
Smoley, Anna Marie199925 16
Smoley, Anna Marie200026 14
Smoley, Anna Marie200228 (22b)
Smoley, Anna Marie200329 16c
Smoley, Anna Marie200430211
Smoley, Anna Marie200531 27
Smoley, Anna Marie200632 26
Smoley, Anna Marie200733 27
Smoley, Anna Marie200935 27
Smoley, Anna Marie201036 22
Smyth, Agnes199622436
Smyth, Carline200632 46
Smyth, Chas. B.199622436
Smyth, Gradon200632 46
Smyth, Inis199622436
Smyth, James199622436
Smyth, Lury200632 46
Smyth, Maden200632 46
Smyth, S. C.200632 46
Smythe, Agnes199723 34
Smythe, C. B.199723 34
Smythe, Inez199723 34
Snedeker, Gracia200834 13
Snell family20093538
Snell, Calvin199319219
Snell, Calvin200026 10
Snell, Calvin200531 24
Snell, Elzene201036 34
Snell, Orson19806212
Snell, Roy A.201036 35
Snell, Sarah200026 10
Snell, Sarah “Sally”200531 23
Snell, Soloman199319219
Snider, Emma19762320
Snodgrass, Sue200026 11,14
Snodgrass, Susan M.199925 16
Snow, Jane Elliot201137220
Snowden [should be Sowden], Carrie200834 29
Snyder, Bonnie200228 (22b)
Snyder, Bonnie200834 26
Snyder, Bonnie200935 27,(3):9
Snyder, Bonnie201137227
Snyder, Bonnie201036 22
Snyder, Estella19751321
Snyder, Florence200935 7
Snyder, George199925 38
Snyder, Jane200531 36
Snyder, Jerry201137332
Snyder, Les200228 (22b)
Snyder, Les200935 11
Snyder, Les201137227
Snyder, Les201036 22
Snyder, Mary20043014
Snyder, Vernice20093534
Snyder, Wm.201137331
Solomon, George200026 41
Sommer, Barbara W.201137220
Sommers, Robert200026 30,36
Sommers, Vera198814328
Sommers, Vera199117214
Sommers, Vera199218328
Sommers, Vera Lee198511324
Sommers, Vera Lee19871318
Somppi, F.A.20093534
Somppi, Liisa199218323
Soper, Elizabeth Allen19911715
Soper, Prince19911715
Soper, Solomon19911715
Sorvisto, Eleanor200834 46
Souder, Loye19817327,28
Soukka family200632 17
South Ridge Tavern201137216
Southey, Anna200935 7
Sowden, Carrie200935 2
Sowers, Josephine200935 7
Spafford, Amos198915327
Spaller, Jessie200935 7
Spangenberg, Mark A.199319213
Spangler, Sheri19931915
Sparks, Frank200935 18
Spaulding, L.J.200834 46
Spaulding, Ruth E.200935 46
Spear, Elmer199420322
Spear, Mrs. George200531 36
Spear, Pheboe S. (Pinney)19773325
Speare family200632 38
Speare, Charles Leon200632 38
Spears, Mayme200834 13
Speck, Carl H.20043032
Speedway Inn, The201137217
Speere, George200632 38
Speigle, Marie200834 46
Spellman, Emma Allen19871334
Spence, Henry U., Mrs.1975129
Spencer, Augusta200834 14
Spencer, Edgar H.199521328
Spencer, Harry W.199117215
Spencer, Jared Sergeant199117215
Spencer, Phebe Grinnell199117215
Spencer, Thomas199117215
Sperey, Kip200329 20
Sperry, Almira199824 15
Sperry, Angelina Westurn19962217
Sperry, George Washington19962217
Sperry, Kip19839321
Sperry, Kip200632 9
Sperry, Kip200733 37
Sperry, M. V.199117322
Sperry, Marian20093534
Sperry, Mark19751318
Sperry, Olive A.19921817
Sperry, Wheeler198915216
Sperry, Wheeler199824 15
Spillman, Miss200834 14
Spinks, W. H.199319220
Spong, Polly198410326
Spooner, Angellette199723 24
Sprague, Lydia (McMillen)199824 39
Sprague, Seth199824 39
Sprague, Zilpha Green198814440
Spring, Nelson19751320
Springer, Richard199824 3
Springer, Variah199824 3
Springs, Squire198915328
Sproul, Elsie (Bragdon)1978411
Sproul, James Edward19751213
Sproul, Phyllis19751213
Sproul, Phyllis Evelyn19751213
Sproul, Phyllis Evelyn (Williams)1978411
Sproul, Rufus Hill19751213
Squares, F.B.200834 46
Squire, E. A.198612213
Squire, Feargus B.200834 31
Squire, Fergus200329 11
Squire, Homer C.198612213
Squire, Rebecca200834 31
Staats, Chris201137227,(4)39
Staats, Chris201036 32
Stacey, Maude200834 14
Stachiw, Beth199723 1,11,22,31,32
Stachiw, Beth199824 5,12,24,32,38
Stachiw, Beth199925 16
Stachiw, Beth200026 2,11,14,40,42,50
Stachiw, Beth200127 4,10,20,29,30,35,37, 40
Stachiw, Beth200228 1,3,12,13,(22b),32,35,44
Stachiw, Beth200329 10,16c,18,32,44
Stachiw, Beth20043012,4,8,12;(2):1,6,7,11,12;(3):1,7,14;(4):1,8
Stachiw, Beth200531 10,16,27,28,29,30,34,38,44,48
Stachiw, Beth200632 7, 9,10,26,28,40,48
Stachiw, Beth200733 2,10,27,2838,39,48
Stachiw, Beth200834 2,10,23,26
Stachiw, Beth200935 27
Stachiw, Beth201137227
Stachiw, Beth201036 22
Stachiw, Tim200228 3
Stacy, Amanda Eveline Poore198814212
Stacy, Cora198814212
Stacy, Elijah198814212
Stacy, Elisha19871349
Stacy, Elisha198814212
Stacy, Ellen19871349
Stacy, George19871349
Stacy, George198814212
Stacy, Hattie200935 42
Stacy, John19871349
Stacy, Mary19871349
Stacy, Mary198814212
Stacy, Mary Rose19871349
Stafford family200632 17
Stafford, Mrs. Park19817431
Stafford, Park, Mrs.1979528
Stahr, Lois19806321
Stalford, (F)ay C.200935 18
Stalker, Art20113718
Stalker, Mrs.200632 45
Stalker, Peter200632 45
Stalker, Rebeckah200632 45
Stalker, Walt201137215
Stanbury, Solomon19795319
Standly, W.198814326
Stanhope, Ada19891519
Stanhope, Bert20113718
Stanhope, C. W.201137331
Stanhope, Charlotte199319436
Stanhope, Grace200935 7
Stanhope, Lorenzo199319436
Stanhope, Samuel199319436
Stanhope, Samuel A.199319436
Stanhope, Sarah199319436
Stanley, C. E.199925 25
Stanley, Myra20093535
Stannard, H. Bert199016436
Stannard, John C.199016436
Stannard, Narcena Hunt199016436
Stannard, Walter D. M.D.199016436
Stansbury, Sarah V.199218213
Stanton, Horace200228 19
Stanton, Melvin Bailey19891519
Stanton, Ryley200228 19
Stanton, Sidney200228 19
Stanton?, Grons?200632 36
Stargis, Barton198814326
Staring, W.200834 46
Stark, Patricia200531 27
Stark, Patricia Ingersoll200632 14
Starkey, Ada C. Baker198814438
Starkey, Charles B.198814438
Starkey, Cora H.198814438
Starkey, Diancy Gray198814438
Starkey, Lottie L.198814438
Starkey, Louis H.198814438
Starkey, Nellie A.198814438
Starkey, William F.198814438
Starkey, William H.198814438
Starnis, Daniel200733 44
Starr, Brian201137220
Starr, John198814326
Stauffer, Daniel A.19784439
Stean, Martin200733 44
Steans, Daniel200733 44
Stearns, Martin200733 44
Stebbins, Judy19806321
Stebbins, Judy19817432
Stebbins, Judy198511319
Stebbins, Judy19871347
Stebbins, Judy D.1982813,4
Stebbins, Louisa20093535
Stedman(?), Nancy200228 19
Steed, Charles S.198814211
Steed, Charles S.201036 44
Steed, Charles S., Mrs. (Mildred Hoyes)197731,2,31,3,6,12,16,23
Steed, Charles S., Mrs. (Mildred)1974111,2,3,5
Steed, Charles S., Mrs. (Mildred)197512,3,48,9,16,19,25
Steed, Charles S., Mrs. (Mildred)197621,2,3,41,2,4,7,8,13,14,21,23,26,27
Steed, Charles S., Mrs. (Mildred)197841,2,31,4,9,11,18,22
Steed, Charles Spencer19881419
Steed, Mildred19817431
Steed, Mildred198391,47,30
Steed, Mildred19841011,2
Steed, Mildred1985112,37,24
Steed, Mildred19861211,2
Steed, Mildred19871316,8
Steed, Mildred19881418
Steed, Mildred19891511,10
Steed, Mildred198915211
Steed, Mildred199016212
Steed, Mildred19911711
Steed, Mildred199117211
Steed, Mildred199218326
Steed, Mildred199218435
Steed, Mildred19931911,7
Steed, Mildred199319216
Steed, Mildred199319439
Steed, Mildred199925 24
Steed, Mildred20043027
Steed, Mildred200632 8,27,38
Steed, Mildred200834 18
Steed, Mildred200935 21
Steed, Mildred (Mrs.)19828323
Steed, Mildred E.201036 44
Steed, Mildred Ethel Hoyes198814211
Steed, Mildred H.198814322
Steed, Mildred H., Mrs.197951,2,32,12,24
Steed, Mildred Howe19881419
Steed, Mildred Hoyes199925 26
Steed, Mildred, Mrs.198061,31,21
Steele, Donald19773324
Steele, Emma201036 9
Steele, Geo.199622434
Steele, George C.19817214
Steele, George P.200834 46
Steele, George W.20043023
Steele, George W.201036 9
Steele, H. Jr.201036 9
Steele, Horace20043023
Steele, Horace Jr.199622434
Steele, Horace, Sr.19784215
Steele, Lydia (Mrs. F.C. Moodey)1983916
Steele, Mary Sterling201137334
Steimarski, Ronald201137227
Steinbeck, Mrs. Martin (Hilma)20113716
Steinhoft, Elbridge E.201036 25
Stelmarski, Ronald201036 22
Stent, Hannah19773325
Stephens, Amos198410324
Stephens, Andrew J.198410324
Stephens, Charlotte198410324
Stephens, D.199824 4
Stephens, Elen199824 4
Stephens, Ellen198410324
Stephens, Haven199824 4
Stephens, Henry198410324
Stephens, Jacob198410324
Stephens, Jonathon199117434
Stephens, Mark198410324
Stephens, Mary198410324
Stephens, Ruth200733 44
Stephens, Sarah198410324
Stephens, Silas200733 44
Sterling, (place)200733 33
Sterling, Ella19881415
Sterling, Jim201137334
Sterling, Lord198915328
Sterling, Lord200935 44
Sterling, Lord201036 9
Sterling, Mary201036 9
Sterns, Clarissa Storm198814212
Sterns (sp), Daniel200733 44
Stetson,200026 5
Steve, Elmer198511324
Steve, Elmer1986121,32,19
Steve, Elmer19871316,8
Steve, Elmer19911711
Steve, Elmer & Patricia198814328
Steve, Elmer W., Mrs. (Patricia)19795212
Steve, Pat19871316
Steve, Pat19871321
Steve, Pat198814211
Steve, Pat198814321
Steve, Pat19901613
Steve, Patricia19817431
Steve, Patricia1984101,21,11
Steve, Patricia1985111,2,31,7,24
Steve, Patricia19871318
Steve, Patricia19881411
Steve, Patricia19891512,10
Steve, Patricia198915220
Steve, Patricia198915330
Steve, Patricia198915440
Steve, Patricia199016322
Steve, Patricia19911711,10
Steve, Patricia199319110
Steve, Patricia20043027
Steve, Patricia (Beckwith)1986121,2,31,2,9,10,19
Steve, Patricia (Mrs. Elmer W.)19806321
Steve, Patricia B.19871331
Steve, Patricia Beckwith19871311
Steve, Patricia Beckwith19871341
Steve, Patricia Beckwith19931912
Steve, Patricia E.19871323
Steven, Silas200733 44
Stevens, Blanche200834 46
Stevens, Elihu199420325
Stevens, Jerome B.199420325
Stevens, Kathleen20093534
Stevens, Mary199925 38
Stevenson, Elizabeth (Kleeberger)19817326
Stevers, John199218218
Steward, Chas.200733 31,32
Stewart, Albert199622433
Stewart, America199622433
Stewart, Francis199622433
Stewart, Geo. H.199622433
Stewart, J.W.200733 15
Stewart, Mary Jane199622433
Stewart, Nixon B.200632 17
Stewart, Phelander199622433
Stickeny, C. W.199117435
Stickner, George19952116
Stickner, Roda M.19952116
Stickner, Samuel19952116
Stickney, C. W.200733 15
Stickney, Caroline Regina Heard200834 34
Stickney, Char. E.199117434
Stickney, Charles W.199117434
Stickney, Emily199117435
Stickney, F.G.199824 35,36
Stickney, Jhonathan199824 35
Stickney, Jonathan200733 13
Stickney, Mrs.200834 34
Stiles, Mrs.19828217
Stimpert, Ralph L.200935 18
Stimpert, Mr/Mrs Ralph200935 7
Stimson, Solomon199319439
Stimson, Zama S. Eddy199319439
Stinson,200026 5
Stith, Bari199925 31
Stith, Bari200531 9,18,35
Stith, Bari200632 1
Stith, Bari Oyler200329 39
Stitt, Carabelle19841012
Stitt, Carabelle198511324
Stitt, Carabelle19871318
Stitt, Carabelle198814328
Stitt, Carabelle199117214
Stitt, Carabelle199218328
Stitt, Carabelle199824 24
Stitt, Carabelle (Mrs. Edwin M.)19806321
Stitt, Carabelle M. (Montfort)20043032
Stitt, Edwin M., Mrs. (Carabelle)19795212
Stitt, Edwin M., Mrs. (Clarabelle)1974113
Stitt, Edwin M., Mrs. (Clarabelle)1975129
Stitt, Edwin M., Mrs. (Clarabelle)197731,26,12
Stitt, Edwin M., Mrs. (Clarabelle)197842,318,21
Stitt, Martha20043032
Stitt, Myron20043032
St. John, Eunice199622436
St. John, Eunice Cady19911714
St. John, Frederick19828217,18
St.John, H. H.201137332
St. John, LeRoy199420325
St. John, Margaret200935 40
St. John, Peter A.199420325
St. John, Princess Semelia (Brown)19828217,18
St. John, S. M.198915328
St. John, S. M.201137331
St. John, Silas19911714
St. John, Silas199622436
St. John, Sultan200026 46
Stock, H. Thompson19839212,15
Stock, H. Thompson19871318
Stock, H. Thompson19871323
Stock, H.Thompson198511324
Stock, Robert19839322
Stocker, Angelina199319218
Stocker, Henry H.199319218
Stocker, John199319218
Stocker, Rebecca199723 25,34
Stocker, Sidney199319218
Stocking, Chauncey H.200834 33,46
Stocking, Chester199925 26
Stocking, Chester200834 33
Stocking, Chester O.200228 9
Stocking, Chester O.200531 24
Stocking, Elena20093535
Stocking, Elisha200228 9
Stocking, Emma S. (Pinney)19773325
Stocking, Eunice200228 9
Stocking, Geo. W.200935 18
Stocking, George200228 9
Stocking, Henry199723 26
Stocking, J. Wesley19773325
Stocking, Samuel199723 26
Stocking, Theodore Lee200531 24
Stocking, W. H.198915328
Stocking, Wells199925 26
Stocking, William199925 26
Stocking, William Halsey200228 9
Stocking, William Halsey200531 24
Stockins, A. M.201137332
Stockwell, Alden199723 26
Stockwell, B.199723 26
Stockwell, Mrs. B.200834 3
Stockwell, Brutus201137214
Stockwell, Gussie Avery201137334
Stockwell, L. B.200834 46
Stockwell, Levi199723 26
Stockwell, Mrs. M.A.200834 34
Stockwell, Mr.201137334
Stoechal, Elisa(n) M.200935 46
Stoika, John20093531
Stone, Abram19751320
Stone, C. B.198612213
Stone, Charles R.201036 9
Stone, Chas. R.198915328
Stone, Helen (Mrs.)198511322
Stone, Lucia200834 13
Stone, Mary M.200834 3
Stone, Mr. C.200127 36
Stone, Mrs. Charles R.201036 9
Stonecipher, Kathryne I.199824 24
Stoody, John Robert19871349
Storer, George B.201137222
Storer, James P.201137222
Storer, Mary Perley201137222
Storer, Peter201137222
Storer, Robert201137222
Storm, Henry19751213
Storm, Madaline Johnson19751213
Storm, Madaline Johnson1976211
Storm, Mary Letitia Johnson1976211
Storm, Sidney E.19751213
Storm, Sidney E.1976211
Storrs, Col.199420217,19
Storrs, Judge199420219
Storrs, Lemuel G.20113718
Storrs, Lemuel Gustavus199420217
Storrs, Lemuel Gustavus Col.199420219
Storrs, Mrs.199420217,18,19
Storrs, W. G.198612213
Storrs, W.P.200834 46
Storrs, Willis P.201137332
Story, Charley19931915
Story, Chauncey199319325
Story, Emma198915212
Story, Emma199420212
Story, Emma Wheeler198814433
Story, Emma Wheeler19931915
Story, Gertrude19931915
Story, Isaac19931915
Story, Isaac T.198814433
Story, Issac199319325
Story, Lucy Perry199319325
[Story], Michael S.201036 35
Story, Willie19931915
Stoudenheimer, C.R.20093534
Stout, Catherin199622433
Stout, Chas. B.199622433
Stout, Harriet199622433
Stout, John19795319
Stowe, Agnes A.201036 25
Straight, Dorothy199925 38
Straight, Marion Wyman Tisdell199218323
Straight, Robert199218323
Straight, Wellington Birney199218323
Strandt, Richard20113716
Strang, Bonnie19871318
Strang, Bonnie C.198612320
Strang, George James199319326
Strang, Janine J.199319439
Strang, Joseph199319326
Strang, Martha O'Keith199319326
Strang, Myrtle Eva Gibran199319326
Strange, Janine J.199319326
Stratton, Catherine Elizabeth198915218
Stratton, Eliphlet200733 14
Stratton, Esther198915218
Stratton, Harriet M.201036 24
Stratton, Hiram198915218
Stratton, Ida, (Mrs.)19762319
Stratton, James19871349
Stratton, John19871349
Stratton, Nancy Lossee19871349
Stratton, Riley19871349
Stratton, Sml.200733 14
Stratton, William19762319
Stratton, William H.201137332
Strauss, Linda200531 30
Streamas, Emmeline20093534
Streeter, Achsah H. Eddy199319439
Streeter, Grove A.199319439
Streeter, Ruxton198915216
Stribley, Jane200026 8
Strickland, (Mrs.) (Dr.)198410215
Strickland, Dale201137216
Strickland, Lori201137216
Strirter?, Ructon?200632 36
Strock, June199925 27
Strohl, Elizabeth20093534
Strong, Edith H.199218325
Strong, Edith H. Benedict199218324
Strong, William A.199218324
Stroth, Ann200733 5
Stroud, Daniel199319218
Stroud, Eliza199319218
Stroud, George199319218
Stroud, Harry199319218
Stroud, Harvey199319218
Stroud, John199319218
Stroud, Mary199319218
Stroud, Minerva199319218
Stroud, Morris199319218
Stroud, Samuel199319218
Stroud, Silas199319218
Stroud, Thomas199319218
Stroughton, Tommy199016324
Struble, Alice Jean200834 46
Stted, Mildred199016435
Stuart, W. Edward199117435
Stubbs, Hannah (Doan)19795321
Stubbs, Isaac19795321
Stubbs, Margaret (Carter)19795321
Stuber, Lillian (Gilmore)19773329
Studly, Paul200228 35
Stuebing, Henry G.199824 33
Stuenkel, Leon, Mrs. (Eleanor M.)1975129
Stuenkel, Leon, Mrs. (Eleanor M.)1977316
Stull, J. W.199723 25
Stumpe, Caroline S.198612323
Sturm, John Corwin20113716
Sturm, Max20113716
Sullivan, Alice May19751213
Sullivan, Charles20113716
Sullivan, Rev. Fr. J.199925 39
Sullivan, Mr.200834 46
Sullivan, W.M.201137215
Sullivan, William200632 44
Sumner, Ebenezer201137331
Sumner, Joseph201137332
Sumner, Nancy (Ray)199925 18
Sumner, Royal N.199925 18
Sundberg, Thomas199925 39
Sutter, Anna Peabody199521219
Sutter, Charley199521219
Sutter, Cora Anthens199521219
Sutter, George199521219
Sutter, James199521219
Sutter, Louise Sutton199521219
Sutter, Lydia Burr199521219
Sutter, Orsamions199521219
Sutton, Anna Peabody19931915
Sutton, Anna Peabody199521325
Sutton, Benjamin Franklin19931915
Sutton, Charley19931915
Sutton, Charlie199521325
Sutton, Cora Anthens19931915
Sutton, Cora Anthens199521325
Sutton, Ella Brooks19931915
Sutton, Ella Brooks199521325
Sutton, George19931915
Sutton, George199521325
Sutton, James19931915
Sutton, James199521325
Sutton, Louisa198915212
Sutton, Louisa199420212
Sutton, Louisa Wheeler198814433
Sutton, Louisa Wheeler199319325
Sutton, Louise Wheeler19931915
Sutton, Louise Wheeler199521325
Sutton, Lydia Burr19931915
Sutton, Lydia Burr199521325
Sutton, Mary Story19931915
Sutton, Orsamions19931915
Sutton, Orsamions199521325
Sutton, Orsamions W.198814433
Sutton, Orsamions W.199319325
Sutton, Ralph200733 13
Sutton, Rhoda19881419
Sutton, Richard19881419
Sutton, Vivian19931915
Sutton, Vivian199521325
Swaim, Daniel199117220
Swaim, Israel B.199117220
Swaim, Wm. Dean199117220
Swain, F.D.200834 46
Swain(e), Pat20043012,4; (2):1,11,12,(3)1,14;(4):8
Swain, Pat200531 10,38,44,48
Swain, Pat200632 10,40
Swain(e), Pat(ricia) A.200329 16c,21,33,34
Swain, Richard A. (Judge)19773437
Swain, William M.198915215
Swaine, Patricia200026 22
Swaine, Patricia A.200228 (22b)
Swaine, Patricia A.200531 27
Swaine, Patricia E.200632 ,26, 28
Swaine, Patricia E.200733 27
Swaine, Patricia E.200834 26
Swan, Charles F.201036 34
Swan, Rev.200834 46
Swartz, Rita198814322, 30
Swartz, Rita198814433
Swartz, Rita Jo-Anne Billington19881413
Swartz-Flores, Rita198814328
Swartz-Flores, Rita199117214
Sweeney, Francis J.199622217
Sweeney, Saretia Millis199622217
Sweeney, TT200026 5
Sweet family199925 19
Sweet, Charles199420325
Sweet, H.H.200733 43,44
Sweet, H.N.200733 14
Sweet, Henry H.200733 44
Sweet, Isaiah200733 44
Sweet, Laura200935 7
Sweet, Minnie200935 7
Sweet, Mrs. M.E.200834 33
Sweet, Peter G.201137331
Swenerton, Jerry200329 1
Swenerton, Sister Lovelace200329 1
Swetland, Len199420325
Swift, E. Lizzie199117434
Swift, Nathaniel200733 13
Swiger, Herman200026 8
Sykes, Benjamin Franklin19891518
Sykes, Eunice Loomis19891518
Sylor, Eric199218211
Szabo, Marianne201137441
Szabo, Mary199925 27
Szekely, Regina199925 24
Szekely, Regina200228 (22b)
Szekely, Regina200329 16c
Szekely, Regina20043021,11;(3)1
Szekely, Robert199925 24
Szekely, Robert200228 (22b)
Szekely, Robert200329 16c
Szekely, Robert200430211
Tabar, Pat19762321
Tabor, James L.201137332
Taddeo, Ronald J.200935 47
Taft family199925 19
Taft, Agnes200935 7
Taft, Amasa199622435
Taft, Amisa199824 14
Taft, Carolin199622435
Taft, Caroline199824 14
Taft, Elizabeth199622434
Taft, George E.198915215
Taft, H.198814326
Taft, J. S.199622434
Taft, Lewis199622435
Taft, Lewis199824 14
Taft, Lucinda Gee199218214
Taft, Margarett199824 14
Taft, Margrett199622435
Taft, Mary199622435
Taft, Mary199723 26
Taft, Mary199824 14
Taft, Milo199622435
Taft, Milo199824 14
Taft, Oscar199622435
Taft, Oscar199824 14
Taft, William G.199218214
Taipale, Olga20093534
Taittonen, Edith199925 38
Taittonen, Thelma199925 38
Takacs, Bill200834 4
Talcott, Asa199925 26
Talcott, Asa200733 14
Talcott, Mery Amelia200531 24
Talcott, Noel199824 24
Talcott, Noel199925 16
Talcott, Noel A. Jr.200026 14
Talcott, Noel A. Jr.200228 (22b)
Talcott, Noel A. Jr.200329 16c
Talcott, Noel A. Jr.200430211
Talcott, Rebecca200127 36
Talcott, Roy E.200935 18
Tallman, Hazel200935 7
Tanger, Leigh19762424
Tanner, Franklin198814324
Tanner, Josiah199117432
Tanner, Lewis/Louis/Lucia199117432
Tanner, Martha Haskins199117432
Tanner, Martha Wooten199117432
Tanner, Patience Sherman198814324
Tanner, Sarah199319219
Tanner, Waite Sherman198814324
Tanner, Willard198814324
Tannock, Ellen200228 19
Tanswell, Hannah L.19881415
Tapel, John200026 27
Tappan, Abraham19871343
Tappan, Abram19839214
Tappan, Abram198410214
Tappen, Abr'm198915327
Tarbell, Emma200228 20
Tarver, Mary200430211
Tassele, John200026 35
Tavener, Henrietta200733 44
Taylor family200935 23
Taylor, Albert199117434,35
Taylor, Bayard200935 7
Taylor, Charles19773212
Taylor, Eva200834 14
Taylor, J. H.198915434
Taylor, Jas H.201137331
Taylor, Jas. G.201137332
Taylor, John200834 34
Taylor, Jonathan199925 18
Taylor, Jonathan200834 34
Taylor, L. G.201137332
Taylor, Lovina Elmira (Ray)199925 18
Taylor, Mary (Martin)200834 34
Taylor, Mary (Reed)200834 34
Taylor, Mrs. Job199925 26
Taylor, Nikki M.200531 17
Taylor, Polly199117435
Taylor, Samuel19751324
Taylor, Wm. M.201137331
Taylor’s millinery200834 14
Tayse, Elizabeth200026 24
Teachout, A. P.200733 14
Teachout, A. R.201036 24
Teachout, A.W.200834 46
Teachout, Abraham199016327
Teachout, Marshall198612213
Tear & Fedebaugh200834 14
Tear, Anna199420327
Tear, Anna199723 25
Tear, Charley198915435
Tear, Christian199117435
Tear, Eliza199319329
Tear, Eliza199420327
Tear, Esther199319329
Tear, Joanna199319329
Tear, John19751324
Tear, John199319329
Tear, Marion20093534
Tear, Mary199319329
Tear, Phillip19751324
Tear, Sarah199319329
Tear, Thomas199319329
Tear, Wm.200834 32
[Teare], Minnie201036 34
Teed, J.O.200733 32
Teeple, M.A.200733 44
Tefft, Avery199521329
Tefft, John199521329
Teney, A.199824 35
Tenney, Nellie E. (Searle)19817214
Tenney, Oliver19751324
Tenny, Lucinda199420329
Terdan, Linda200228 14,(22b)
Terdan, Linda20043015
Teresczuk, Frances20043014
Terheiden, Connie Stunkel200733 37
Terrel, Willis198814326
Terrell, Lee20043032
Terrell, Lee200531 32
Terry, Rev. Parshall201036 9
Tew, Ellen G.20093535
Tew, Enos200834 34
Tew, Enos Jr.200834 34
Thatcher, Leland19773432
Thayer, A.199016437
Thayer, C.J.200834 46
Thayer, Elijah1982818
Thayer, Emogene Stinson199016437
Thayer, G.19773327
Thayer, Gertrude F., Mrs.19784324
Thayer, Jerred198915436
Thayer, Merrick198915325
Thayer, O.C.200834 46
Thayer, William19751320
Thayre, Jared199824 36
Theil, G. Peter, Mrs.19784324
Theil, Peter, Mrs. (Anna)19795212
Thiel, Ann198814328
Thiel, Ann199117214
Thiel, Ann199218328
Thiel, Ann199824 24
Thiel, Ann199925 16
Thiel, Ann (Mrs. Peter G.)19806321
Thiel, Ann (Mrs. Peter)19871318
Thiel, Ann (Mrs.Peter)198511324
Thiel, Anne T.200026 14
Thomas, Adeline199117434
Thomas, Barbara19828323
Thomas, Barbara19861213
Thomas, Frances198391,42,30
Thomas, Frances19851128
Thomas, Frances (Mrs.)19806322
Thomas, Jack200834 26
Thomas, Jack200935 9,10,27,28,(3):9, (3):10,48
Thomas, Jack201137110,(2)27,28,(3)38,(4)48
Thomas, Jack201036 10,22,28,38,48
Thomas, Pat199824 24
Thomas, Patricia199925 16
Thomas, Patricia A.200026 14
Thomas, Patricia A.200228 (22b)
Thomb, Alex199723 26
Thompkins, Shirley199218328
Thompkins, Wm., Mrs.1975129
Thompson, Alex200228 19
Thompson, C.C.200733 13
Thompson, Caroline C.198915436
Thompson, Celia (Gilmore)19773329
Thompson, Clive W.198915215
Thompson, D.198915435
Thompson, Daniel201137332
Thompson, Emerancy O.198915436
Thompson, Erl19881414
Thompson, Evelyn200935 7
Thompson, Evi19921817
Thompson, George19871347
Thompson, George19891512
Thompson, George19901613
Thompson, George199117110
Thompson, George19921815
Thompson, George19931912
Thompson, George19942012
Thompson, George19952113
Thompson, George199622214
Thompson, George199723 3
Thompson, George199824 5
Thompson, Henry198915436
Thompson, Hibbard198915432
Thompson, James198410219
Thompson, James198915328
Thompson, James200228 19
Thompson, John199016324
Thompson, Josiah200228 19
Thompson, Julie Ann19921817
Thompson, Lydia Dexter198915432
Thompson, M.201036 35
Thompson, Mary A.198915436
Thompson, Mary Ann200228 19
Thompson, Moses200834 33
Thompson, Mrs.199723 26
Thompson, Mrs. Electra200834 3
Thompson, Orson201137332
Thompson, Ralph D.20043024
Thompson, Robert200733 14
Thompson, Sarah Guila (Williams)19773213
Thompson, Silas19817214
Thomson, Harvy19952116
Thomson, Jesse J.200834 32
Thomson, Stephen199824 35,36
Thor, Linton201036 25
Thorn, William19784328
Thornton, Calvin199824 36
Thornton, Calvin200632 46
Thornton, Orson200632 46
Thorp, Henry201036 34
Thorp, L.W.200834 46
Thorpe, H. H. Mrs.199016215
Thorton family199925 9
Thorton, William199925 9
Thurber, George Eugene198511210
Thurber, Mary Lillian198511210
Thurber, Silas198511210
Thurston, Mr.19881413
Tibbals, Horace200026 5
Tibbals, Lawrence J.200026 5
Tibbett, Jeremiah19784327
Tickham, Olive200632 44
Tietemas, Harriet20093535
Tietma, G.K.20093535
Tiffany, Jennette201036 35
Tiffany, William201036 35
Tiffany, Wm.201036 35
Tigue, John200935 4
Tilden, Mrs. Melton199925 26
Tildon, Motorman20113717
Tilley, Sarah200127 12
Tilley, Sarah200531 24
Tillotson, Julia Ann (Mrs.I Elliott)19839212
Tillotson, L. G., Mrs.1975129
Tillotson, L. H.198915435
Tillson, Franklin199319329
Tillson, Lauraette199319329
Tillson, Wm.199319329
Tiltoson, Mrs. F. G.201036 9
Timme, Henry199218328
Timmons, Robert200733 15
Tinan, Mary E.200733 24
Tinker, Alathea20093535
Tinker, Alvan L.201036 35
Tinker, Elizabeth200733 33
Tinker, Ford W.19881414
Tinker, Harriet20093534
Tinker, Mark201137227
Tinker, Mr.19828321
Tinker, Mrs.200834 3
Tinker, S.198814326
Tinkham, Roxanna Waite199319216
Tinkham, Stephen199319216
Tinney, Clark200834 40
Tipton, Marian M.200935 46
Tisdel, E.C.200834 46
Tisdel, Elizabeth Bradley Lyon Ely199218323
Tisdel, Lucian200430211
Tisdel, Myrtle200430211
Tisdel, Peris A.200733 44
Tisdel, Walter C.200127 36
Tisdell, Silas A.199218323
Tisor, Gary A.19762423
Tisor, Gary A.1977317
Tisor, Gary A., (Mrs.)19762423
Tisor, Gary A., Mrs. (Peggy)1977317
Titus, Augustine19871313
Titus, Benjamin19871313
Titus, C.M.200733 33
Titus, Geo. B.19952117
Titus, Gilbert19952117
Titus, Israel19871313
Titus, John Hall19871312,3
Titus, Justin W.19871312
Titus, Mary19871313
Titus, Sarah Janet19871313
Titus, William W.19952117
Tiver, Elisabeth200632 47
Tiver, Emily200632 47
Tiver, Henery200632 47
Tiver, Richard200632 47
Tiver, Richard (jr)200632 47
Tobey, Marilyn K.200228 8
Toby, Mrs.200127 36
Tod, George, Judge19784327,28
Tod (Judge)198410324
Todd, Cecil200834 46
Todd, Charles Burr198814436
Toivonen, Donald199925 38
Tolles, Shirley H.200834 46
Tome, Henry201137332
Tomlinson, Karen199925 13
Tomlinson, Karen200329 1
Tomlinson, Karon200531 29,39
Tomlinson, Samuel199319216
Tompkins, Shirley198814328
Tompkins, Shirley199117214
Tonnocci, Michele200935 18
Toole, James201137332
Tooley, Adelbert R.201036 34
Toomy, Daniel200733 32
Toop, John (Jack)19891519
Toop, Joseph19891519
Toop, Mary Ann Bickle19891519
Toop, Sarah Jane (Jennie) Brewer19891519
Toop, Walter19891519
Toop, William19891519
Toot, Shawn20043032
Torrey, Elias B.19751213
Torrey, Ira A.201036 35
Torrey, Mahalia A.19751213
Toth, Edith199925 27,39
Tower family199925 19
Tower, Harriet201036 9
Town(e), Grace E.19751321
Town(e), Henry Edmund19751321
Town(e), Margaret19751321
Town(e), Mary E,19751321
Town(e), Milo F.19751321
Town(e), Morris E.19751321
Town(e), Myron L.19751321
Town(e), Sarepta19751321
Town(e), Vivian Regine19751321
Town, Ernest200632 42
Town, Jeanette200632 42
Towne, Almire Ewell199016218
Towne, Emma, (Snider)19762320
Towne, Ephriam199016218
Towne, Ernest19751319
Towne, Ernest19762321
Towne, Ernest197842.312,18,21
Towne, Ernest198061,33,22
Towne, Ernest198410215,20
Towne, Ernest198511324
Towne, Ernest L.19762320
Towne, Ernest L.197731,26,12,16,17
Towne, Ernest L.197951,21,12
Towne, Ernest L.198612319
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)1974113,5
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)197512,3,49,10,13,21,27
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)197621,2,3,41,7,14,18,20,22,25,26,28,31
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)197731,2,3,41,6,9,13,16,17,19,25,31,36
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)197841,2,3,41,4,11,12,18,21,29
Towne, Ernest L., Mrs. (Jeanette)197951,21,2,7,8,12,14
Towne, Grace Miss198915435
Towne, Irene20093534
Towne, Jeanatte C. (Mrs. Ernest L.)198814216
Towne, Jeanette19901611
Towne, Jeanette (Mrs. Ernest)198171,2,3,41,2,3,9,20,31,32
Towne, Jeanette (Mrs.Ernest Towne)1984101,21,15,20
Towne, Jeanette C. (Mrs. Ernest L.)198281,2,31,13,14,19
Towne, Jeanette C. (Mrs. Ernest)198061,2,31,3,5,6,9,22
Towne, Jeannette199117431
Towne, Jeannette C.198511324
Towne, Mrs. Ernest198391,21,11
Towne,Jeanette G. (Caldwell)1986121,2,32,9,19,24,25
Towsley, W. S.199016327
Tracey, Jabez A.200026 46
Tracey, Rufus19795213
Tracey, Sarah19795213
Tracy, Agnes199117435
Tracy, Ann Maria199723 26
Tracy, Anna201137334
Tracy, Anna M.200834 3
Tracy, B. F. Jr.199117435
Tracy, Benjamin199117436
Tracy, Benjamin Franklin19751323
Tracy, Benjamin Franklin199117435
Tracy, Catherine199824 3
Tracy, Elisha199723 34
Tracy, Elisha201137334
Tracy, H. M. A.199723 26
Tracy, J. A.199824 3
Tracy, J. A. Mrs.198915216
Tracy, Mary199723 35
Tracy, Mary199824 3
Tracy, Mary200834 46
Tracy, W. S.199723 34,35
Tracy, William199723 34
Transwell, Albert200026 26,34
Trask, Adeline199723 34
Trask, Benjamin199218437
Trask, Retire199218437
Traske, Elmira (Mrs. John H. Ransom)19839326
Traux, Edward200632 45
Traux, Jacob200632 45
Traux, Lawrance200632 45
Traver (?), Mabel200834 46
Traver, Mabel20093535
Traver, Mabel. M.200632 23
Traver, R. N.198612213
Traver, Robert [I.]201137332
Travis, Charles199723 24
Travis, Harriet199723 24
Travis, Isaac199723 24
Travis, Jacob199723 24
Travis, Sylvanus199723 24
Treadway family200935 23
Treat, H. Burr201137332
Treble, James198915327
Trent, Linda200834 26
Trescott, S.B.199925 27
Trescott, S.B.20093534
Trimble, Allen19839432
Tromp, John1976211
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)1974111,5
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)197512,38,9,13,18
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)197621,41,26,27,28
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)197732,3,412,13,23,28,31,33
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)197841,2,3,41,18,22,32
Tromp, John, Mrs. (Madaline)19795212
Tromp, Madaline19806315,22
Tromp, Madaline1985112,37,24
Tromp, Madaline19871318
Tromp, Madaline198814328
Tromp, Madaline200228 3
Tromp, Madaline20043027
Tromp, Madaline Storm199016440
Tromp, Madeline19839212
Tromp, Madeline198410220
Tromp, Madeline19911715
Troughton, Edward198814217
Troughton, Lydia198814217
Troutman, K. Roger200733 37
Trowbridge, Geo. G.200834 33
Trowbridge, N. B.19773432
Trowbridge, W.W.20093534
Trowbridge, W.W. and Mrs.200834 33
Truax, Jacog19881415
Truby, Margaret200834 13
Truby, Mr/Mrs. F.200935 7
Truleson, Hans.201137331
Trulsen, Carl O.198915215
Trulson, Delesta M.200834 33
Truman, Josiah19881418
Trumbull, Aretus200733 14
Trumbull, Governor199420219
Trumbull, L. A.198915434
Trumbull, Marilyn199622212
Trumbull, Marilyn199824 26
Trumbull, Mrs.199420219
Tryon, Edmund H.201137215
Tryon, Ida Kingsley201137215
Tryon, Mrs. H.G.200834 3
Tubbs, Cynthia198814217
Tucker, Almira200531 42
Tucker, Alta J. Burr198814436
Tucker, Elijah (B.)200531 42
Tucker, Eunice (Tuttle)200531 42
Tucker, Experience (Bartlett)200531 42
Tucker, F.C.200733 33
Tucker, Glenn G.200531 42
Tucker, James200531 42
Tucker, Jane200531 42
Tucker, John200531 42
Tucker, Leslie200026 26
Tucker, Lizzie Mrs.198915435
Tucker, Lynn198814436
Tucker, Lynn C.198814436
Tucker, Martha198814436
Tucker, Nellie200834 13
Tucker, S.W.200834 46
Tuckerman, Florence19871334
Tukkola, Mrs. John199925 39
Tulisalo, Kustaaa/Salo, Gust199218323
Tulisalo, Mary Hissa199218323
Tuller, Laura (Mrs.Samuel Christian)198612325
Tupper & Cherry198814326
Tupper, Charles198814326
Turek, Anna Kuntz199925 40
Turk, Cynthia19962211,2,9
Turk, Cynthia199622211,12,13,20
Turk, Cynthia199622321,22,23,28,30
Turk, Cynthia199622440
Turk, Cynthia199723 2,3,10,11,16,20,21,30,32,40
Turk, Cynthia199824 1,2,10,11,12,15,20,21,22,24,25,30, 31,38,40
Turk, Cynthia199925 2,10,16,20,21,30,40
Turk, Cynthia200026 2,6,11,14,22,40,42,46,50
Turk, Cynthia200127 1,3,4,10,12,20,29,30, 32,34,37,40
Turk, Cynthia200228 2,10a,12,15,16,(22b),26,32,44
Turk, Cynthia200329 2,7,10,14, 16c, 18,19,21,32,33,34,44
Turk, Cynthia20043012,4,5,10,12;(2):1,5,7,8,11,12;(3)1,3,4,7,12,14;(4):2,6,8
Turk, Cynthia200531 2,10,11,19,20,27,28,30,31,35,38,41;42,44,48
Turk, Cynthia200632 2,8,10,11,26,27,28,33,38,40,45,48
Turk, Cynthia200733 4,5,10,11,12,17,27,28,29,41,47,48
Turk, Cynthia200834 1,2,4,10,15,18,26,28,38,48
Turk, Cynthia200935 4,10, 11,20,21,27,28,(3):1,(3):8,(3):9,(3):10,39,40,43,45,48
Turk, Cynthia20113714,9,10,(2)13,27,28,(3)38,(4)42,43,48
Turk, Cynthia201036 2,4,10,11,16,18,19,22,28,30,31,38,40,43,48
Turk, Cynthia Louden199420436
Turk, Herb200127 30
Turk, Herb200228 (22b)
Turk, Herb200329 2
Turk, Herb200531 30
Turk, Herb200632 2
Turk, Herb201036 43
Turk, Herbert199824 24
Turk, Herb(ert)200430211
Turk, Mary200531 30
Turk, Toni199521325
Turner, Charles19773432
Turner, Hiram W.199420325
Turney, A. B.198915328
Turney, A.A.200733 14
Turney, Asa199925 26
Turney, Asa S.200733 14
Turney, G. B.201137332
Turney, G. Burr201137332
Turney, M. G.19773432
Turney, Mrs. Asa199925 26
Turo, Frank J., Mrs. (Nancy)19795212
Turo, Frank, Mrs. (Nancy)197512,39,19
Turo, Frank, Mrs. (Nancy)197731,27,12
Turo, Frank, Mrs. (Nancy)197841,39,21
Turo, Nancy1985112,37,24
Turo, Nancy19881418
Turo, Nancy200026 41
Turo, Nancy200127 1
Turo, Nancy200531 27
Turo, Nancy200632 10,26
Turo, Nancy200733 27
Turo, Nancy200834 26
Turo, Nancy200935 27
Turo, Nancy20113717,(2)27,(4)42
Turo, Nancy201036 22,44
Turo, Nancy (Mrs. Frank)19806322
Turri, Ann Ames198814433
Tuttle, Amanda19901614
Tuttle, Anna19806319
Tuttle, Barnet W.19806319
Tuttle, Betsey (Doty)19806319
Tuttle, Brigham19901614
Tuttle, Charles19806319
Tuttle, Charles199319325
Tuttle, Charles199622438
Tuttle, Charles200733 13
Tuttle, Charles Jr.19806319
Tuttle, Charles R.198915215
Tuttle, Esther A.19901614
Tuttle, Eunice200531 42
Tuttle, Ezra200935 43,44
Tuttle, Ezra Jr.200935 44
Tuttle, Francis W.200834 34
Tuttle, Frank199319325
Tuttle, Frank199622438
Tuttle, George199521110
Tuttle, George199622438
Tuttle, George B.199319325
Tuttle, George B.19962217
Tuttle, George B.199622438
Tuttle, Gertrude200834 13
Tuttle, Grandison N.200834 34
Tuttle, H.B.200834 46
Tuttle, Harriet A.200834 34
Tuttle, Hattie A.200733 24
Tuttle, Ira19931918
Tuttle, Isaac H.19901614
Tuttle, Jerome19901614
Tuttle, John19901614
Tuttle, John19931915
Tuttle, John D.19901614
Tuttle, John S.19806319
Tuttle, Joseph199824 36
Tuttle, Joseph200531 42
Tuttle, Joseph Jr.200834 34
Tuttle, Julia19901614
Tuttle, Lloyd G.200834 34
Tuttle, Lucy (Dodge)19806319
Tuttle, Lydia19901614
Tuttle, Lydia19931915
Tuttle, Madison C.200834 34
Tuttle, Marian199319325
Tuttle, Marian199622438
Tuttle, Martha19806319
Tuttle, Martin A.200834 46
Tuttle, Martin A.20113716
Tuttle, Mary19901614
Tuttle, Mary (Woodbury)19806319
Tuttle, Mary Kibby (Adams)200834 34
Tuttle, Mary W.19806319
Tuttle, May Bentley199622438
Tuttle, Orie A. (Mrs. Chas. Underwood)198612326
Tuttle, Philna19901614
Tuttle, Roy A.200834 46
Tuttle, Russell200733 33
Tuttle, Sarah19806319
Tuttle, Wealthy Rockafellow199622438
Tuttle, Wealthy A. Rockafellow199319325
Tuttle, Wealthy A. Rockafellow19962217
Tuttle, Wealthy A. Rockafellow199622438
Tuttle, Wealthy Rockafellow199521110
Tuttle, William19806319
Tuttle, William199622438
Tuttle, William B.200834 34
Tuttle, William T.19806319
Tuttle, Wm.199319325
Tuttle, Wm. B.199824 35
Tuuri, Ann199117214
Tuuri, Ann Ames198814433
Tuuri, Ann Ames198915325
Tuuri, Isaac198915215
Twelvetree, Frederick H.200228 20
Twitchell, Carrie C.( Mrs. Geo. Thurber)198511210
Tye, Elsie198612320
Tye, Elsie19871318
Tyler, Clarence198511324
Tyler, Clarence19871318
Tyler, Clarence199117329
Tyler, Clarence & Nancy198814328
Tyler, Clarence & Nancy199117214
Tyler, Clarence W.199117214
Tyler, Elisah199824 35
Tyler, Miles199824 35
Tyler, Mrs. M.J.200834 46
Tyler, Nancy199218328
Tyler, Nancy Davis200026 44
Tyler, Nancy Lee198511324
Tyler, Nancy Lee199117214
Tyler, Nancy Lee199925 13
Tyler, Nancy Lee (Davis)19871318
Tyler, Nancy Lee (Mrs. C.W.)19806322
Tyler, Orpha200127 36
Tyler, Paul200329 12
Tyrell, Tracy R.201137332
Ukkonen, Alfons200632 38
Ulam, Norman200733 45
Ulan, Mary Lou Keifer200733 45
Ulle, Ernest199925 27
Ullum, Lorenzo D.201036 24
Ulrich, Charlotte198814434
Undener, John201036 9
Underwood, A. B.201137332
Underwood, C.C.200834 46
Underwood, Charles198612326
Underwood, Clarence Cecil200834 46
Underwood, Mr. & Mrs. George198511322
Underwood, Mr.& Mrs. James198511322
Underwood, Louis198612326
Underwood, Mary200935 7
Underwood, Wm. Brown198612326
Upham, Benejah S.200834 33
Upham, Benijah200733 14
Upham, C. M.199016436
Upham, Mary Louise200531 36
Upham, Mrs. Morrell200531 36
Upson, David201137332
Upson, John19751324
Upson, Maria19751324
Upton, Harriet Taylor200632 27,28
Upton, Harriet Taylor200935 21
Usferek, Madeline19871315
Usher, Jane Ann200531 23
Utendorf, Miss200935 7
Vacha, John200228 8
Valentine, Carris19751321
Valentine, Clyde19751321
Valentine, Clyde198915435
Valentine, Dwight20093534
Valentine, Eulah19751321
Valentine, Harley199925 35
Valentine, Harley200026 10
Valentine, Harley200127 12
Valentine, Harley Warren200531 24
Valentine, Harry198915435
Valentine, John200026 10
Valentine, John200127 12
Valentine, John200531 24
Valentine, John200733 13
Valentine, Leo Clyde19751321
Valentine, Lily Porter Mrs.199420218
Valentine, Philo200026 10
Valentine, Philo200127 12
Valentine, Philo200531 24
Valentine, Polly19751324
Valentine, Polly200026 10
Valentine, Polly200127 12
Valkenburg, C. Van201137331
Valleau, J.S.198511321
Valleu, George19952116
Valleu, Jhon19952116
Valleu, Lydia M.19952116
Valleu, Nancy Jane19952116
Valleu, Thomas19952116
Valocchi, Helen200026 14
Valocchi, Helen200127 23
Valocchi, Helen20043021,11(3)1
Valocchi, Helen200531 24
Valocchi, Helen (G.)200531 24,27
Valocchi, Helen G.200632 26
Valocchi, Helen G.200733 27
Valocchi, Helen L.200329 16c
VanAlstine, Lester1978412
VanAntonio, Carmino201036 25
VanAntonio, Joseph201036 25
VanAntonio, Lucas201036 25
VanAntonio, Maria201036 25
VanAntonio, Pasquelina201036 25
Van Boskirch, Adelaide199723 34
Van Boskirck, A. A.199723 34
Van Boskirck, James199723 34
Vanboskirk, Washington199420439
VanBrocklin, S.A.200733 15
Van Buren, Martin198915328
Vandenberg, Judy200733 27
VanDeusen, W. H., Rev.19784322
Vandevoort, Paul200733 13
Vandusen, H. C.198612213
VanEpps, Abraham200127 36
Van Ess, Caleb200733 15
VanEttan, Ella (Kile)19817326
VanGorder, Carl200026 14
VanGorder, Carl200228 (22b)
VanGorder, Carl200329 16,16c,34,42
Van Gorder, Carl R.20043014
VanGorder, Carl R.200632 37
Van Gorder, Carl R.200733 27
Van Gorder, Carl R.200834 26
Van Gorder, Carl R.200935 27
Van Gorder, Carl R.201036 22,32
VanGorder, Sally200329 34,42
Van Gorder, Sally20043014
VanGorder, Sara200329 16, 16c
VanGorder, Sara A.200026 14
VanGorder, Sarah A.200228 (22b)
Van Gorder, Sarah A.200430211
VanGorder, Sarah A.200632 37
Van Gorder, Sarah A.200733 27
Van Gorder, Sarah A.200834 26
Van Gorder, Sarah A.200935 27
Van Gorder, Sarah A. 201036 22,32
Van Houten, Isaac19871334
Van Houten, Louisa Coon19871334
Van Houten, Silvanus19871334
VanNess, C. (Rev.)19839434
Van Ness, P.198814326
Van Netten, Warren H.201036 25
Van Norman, Julia B. (Mrs. G.T.)19817214
VanPatten, C. J.199622324
Van Patten, Elizabeth199420215
Van Patten, Elizabeth199521434
Van Patten, Elizabeth19962216
Van Patten, John199420215
Van Patten, John B.199521434
Van Patten, John B.19962216
VanPatten, Margaret Horn199622324
Van Pool, Corinth Mathews198814329
Van Pool, Mary Ritter198814329
Van Pool, Peter198814329
Van Pool, Rufus198814329
Vansant, Amos199319219
Vansant, Catharine199319219
Vansant, David199319219
Vansant, Elizabeth199319219
Vansant, James199319219
Vansant, Oliver199319219
Vansant, Rachel199319219
Vansant, Thomas199319219
Vansant, William199319219
VanVoorhees, Stephen Courten198612211
Vargo, Ethel200026 8
Vasconi, Ann199117220
Vaser, Charles19751320
Vastyan, Ernest199925 38
Vaughn, Abiah200632 47
Vaughn, Elmora200632 47
Vaughn, Joan20043046
Vaughn, Joan200531 9,17,30,43
Vaughn, Joan200632 8,27
Vaughn, Joan200935 20
Vaughn, Joan A.200733 16
Vaughn, Joan A.200834 18
Vaughn, John [Joan]199824 18,26
Vaughn, Nehemiah200632 47
Vaughn, Nehemiah (jr)200632 47
Vaughn, Susan200632 47
Vegso, Margaret199925 27
Veits, Frank199420325
Vendely, Alexander199925 27
Verran, Mary Jo Mrs.199622324
Veseg, Hylas L.201036 35
Vesey, Wm.200733 44
Vestal, Jemima (Doan)19795319,21
Vestal, John19795319
Vetrovek, Clara F.200935 46
Vial, Charlie200026 27
Vial, J.V.200733 15
Viall, Ethel G.20093535
Viall, JV200026 46
Victor, Lola (Reed)201036 45
Victs, [?]bor201036 35
Vidmar, Lillian200329 16c
Vigil, Vicki200632 42
Vigil, Vicki Blum20043038,9
Vigil, Vicki Blum200834 7,27
Vigil, Vickie200733 29,39
Vigil, Vicky Blum200531 1
Vilagi, Anna199925 27
Vilagi, Mary199925 27
Vincent, Barbara A.201036 24
Vincent, John H. Bishop198915433
Vincent, Joseph Allen200935 41
Vincent, Victoria A.19851111
Vocca, Donarito, Mrs.19795212
Voegtler, Wm. M.200834 46
Voelker, Lorene199218328
Voelker, Lorene199319432
Voelker, Lorene M.19806322
Voelker, Lorene M.198511324
Voelker, Lorene M.19871318
Voelker, Lorene M.199117214
Voelker, Lorene N.19795212
Voerg, George199925 25
Voigt, Judith F.20093533
Volanski, Joseph199925 27
Volansky, John199925 27
Volenik family199925 9
Volkman, Therese200228 23,33
Von Beseler, Geo. C.200834 46
Von Beseler, George200834 46
von Beseler, George C.20113716
VonRiedel, Franz A.200632 17
Vorce, David201137332
Vorce, Florence Eddy Allen Millis199622217
Vorce, Silas A. 201036 35
Vosberg, Effa199521328
Vosberg, Eliza199521328
Vosberg, Orwill199521328
Vourlijianis, George N.20043039
Vrooman, Alexander200228 8
Vrooman, Anna (Hines)19806319
Vrooman, Anna Hines19931917
Vrooman, Annatje Matteys19931917
Vrooman, Bartholomeus19806319
Vrooman, Bartholomeus19931917
Vrooman, Bartholomew200228 8
Vrooman, Bartholomew J.19806319
Vrooman, Bartholomew J.19931917
Vrooman, Charles H.198915215
Vrooman, Charley S.199925 37
Vrooman, Climena (Mrs. Reuben Ford)19806319
Vrooman, Daniel19806319
Vrooman, Daniel19931917
Vrooman, David Wheeler19806319
Vrooman, David Wheeler19931917
Vrooman, Elizabeth (Froom)19806319
Vrooman, Elizabeth Froom19931917
Vrooman, Ephraim Capt.19806319
Vrooman, Ephraim Capt.19931917
Vrooman, Fanny (Mrs. Joel Bartholomew)19806319
Vrooman, Frederick19931917
Vrooman, Frederick200228 8
Vrooman, Frederick B.19806319
Vrooman, Gertrude "Charity"19806319
Vrooman, Gertrude (Charity)19931917
Vrooman, Hannah (Annatje Matteys) (Mattice)19806319
Vrooman, Hannah Mattice19931917
Vrooman, Hendrick Meese19931917
Vrooman, Huldah (Whitney)19806319
Vrooman, Huldah Whitney19931917
Vrooman, Joel201137332
Vrooman, Johannes19806319
Vrooman, Johannes19931917
Vrooman, Johannes (John) Bartholomeus19806319
Vrooman, Johannes Bartholomeus19931917
Vrooman, Laura (Woodward)19806319
Vrooman, Laura Woodward19931917
Vrooman, Maria19931917
Vrooman, Maria "Polly" (Fox)19806319
Vrooman, Maria (Mrs. Johannes (John) Vrooman)19806319
Vrooman, Martie Larroway19931917
Vrooman, Martynna19931917
Vrooman, Mathias Henry19806319
Vrooman, Mathias Henry19931917
Vrooman, Peter Col.19931917
Vrooman, Rhoda (Gay)19806319
Vrooman, Rhoda Gray19931917
Vrooman, Scribner Huntoon19806319
Vrooman, Scribner Huntoon19931917
Vrooman, Susanna (Susan)19881419
Vrooman, Susanna "Susan" (Champlin) (Cady)19806319
Vrooman, Timothy200228 8
Vrooman, Vashti (Ford)19806319
Vrooman, Vashti Ford19931917
Vrooman, Woodward A.201137332
Vroomen, Warren F.201137332
Wachter, Georgann200733 45
Wachter, Michael200733 45
Wade, Albert B.201036 24
Wade, Benjamin F.200935 20
Wade, Henry T.200834 46
Wadhome, Cornelia (Mrs.Beardslee)1983916
Wadsworth, C.J.200834 46
Wagar, Edith L.200632 20
Wagner, Anna200935 7
Wagner, Donna200430211
Wagner, Donna201036 32
Wagner, John A.200935 18
Wagner, Louisa19751213
Wagner, Richard200430211
Wagner, Rick201036 32
Waite, Albert F.20093534
Waite, Alvan199319216
Waite, Alvin200935 44
Waite, Anna201036 31
Waite, E. L.201036 25
Waite, Erastur199319216
Waite, Gemeliel199319216
Waite, James F.201036 35
Waite, James F.201036 35
Waite, Jason200834 46
Waite, Mercy199319216
Waite, Richard199319216
Waite, Spedy Ferry199319216
Waite, Thomas199319216
Waite, William D.199319216
Waitman, Charles200733 13
Wajner, Helen199925 27
Wakefield, Marjorie200733 6
Wakelee, L. H.199117434
Wakelee, L. H. Mrs.199117434
Wakelee, O. R.201137331
Wakely, Byron P.201137331
Wakely, Lewis H.199117435
Wakkila, Edwin199925 38
Wakley, Ann199824 13
Wakley, Charles199824 13
Wakley, Lewis199824 13
Wakley, Mary199824 13
Wakley, Oscar199824 13
Wakley, S.L.199824 13
Wakley, Theodore199824 13
Walden, Prudence (Mrs. John Putnam)19851128
Walding, Dorothy20093534
Waldo, Anna Card201137214
Waldo, Caroline199622436
Waldo, Joseph198814326
Waldo, Joseph199622436
Waldo, Joseph199723 35
Waldo, Jospeh [son]199723 35
Waldo, William Lieut199117436
Waldorf, Elbert M/M199117214
Waldow, Hannah199117434
Waldow, Joseph199117434
Waldow, Josephine199117434
Waldow, William R.199117434
Waldron, Evelyn19881418
Wales, Fannie200834 14
Wales, Fannie200935 3
Walker, Geo. H.201137332
Walker, John H.201036 35
Walker, Mabel200935 7
Walker, Robart19751320
Walker, Suz200531 30
Walker, Suzanne200228 (22b)
Walker, Suzanne20043015
Walker, Suzanne200531 1
Wall, Marion20093535
Wallace family200733 37
Wallace, Alathea20093534
Walley, Cherilyn200127 37
Walley, John P.200935 18
Walll, Chas. W.200935 18
Walsh, Patrick200026 46
Walter, Elaine199824 24
Walter, Elaine199925 16
Walter, Elaine200228 (22b)
Walter, Elaine200329 16c
Walter, Elaine200430211
Walter, Elaine C.200026 14
Walter, F. Elaine200531 27
Walter, F. Elaine200632 26
Walter, F.Elaine200733 27
Walter, Jacob201036 4
Walter, Norm199622323
Walter, Norm199622432
Walter, Norman199824 24
Walter, Norman199925 16
Walter, Norman200026 14
Walter, Norman200228 (22b)
Walter, Norman200329 16c
Walter, Norman200430211
Walter, Norman200531 27
Walter, Norman200632 26
Walter, Norman200733 27
Walter, William J.201036 4
Walters, Gladys200935 7
Walters, Marguerite20093535
Waltz, R. W.201137332
Walworth & Goer198814326
Walworth, Ashbel W.198410219
Walworth, Hannah198410219
Walworth, Horace198410219
Walworth, John198915327
Walworth, John199218218
Walworth, John (Judge)198392,413,14,31
Walworth, John (Judge)1984101,28,13,14,15,19
Walworth, John Judge19921818
Walworth, (Judge)19828322
Walworth, Judge19881413
Walworth, Juliana198410219
Walworth, Periander198410219
Wanser, Jeff200026 47
Wanska, John199925 39
Wanska, Mrs. John199925 39
Ward family201036 6
Ward, Anna200632 44
Ward, Calvin198814326
Ward, E. Robert (Dr.)1982812
Ward, E.A.200733 15
Ward, Elijah Allen200127 23
Ward, Elijah Allen200531 24
Ward, Eliphaz198814323
Ward, Jared198915327
Ward, Jarod19828322
Ward, John C.200733 33
Ward, Mary Kay (Cole)200935 45
Ward, Robert E., Ph.D, J.D.1976228
Ward, Robert E., Ph.D, J.D.197731,42,31
Ward, Samuel198814323
Warden (Fireman)198410212
Ware, E.L.199925 26
Ware, Jane200228 8
Waren, Vesta200632 21
Warfield, Linda Ms.199016110
Warn, J. M.19871329
Warn, Mary Miss19871329
Warner, Adelia B. Merriman199117219
Warner, Albert G.199521325
Warner, Belle J. (Mrs. F.G.L.)19817326
Warner, Bess Edna199521325
Warner, C.N. (Mrs.)198511322
Warner, Cathryn Evelyn198511322
Warner, E. Gordon199925 27
Warner, Frank199521325
Warner, Frederick199117219
Warner, George198814326
Warner, George198915327,28
Warner, J.A.200733 13
Warner, John197731,27,12,16
Warner, John197842,418,32
Warner, John19795212
Warner, John19806322
Warner, John199016323,24
Warner, John A.199824 28
Warner, John L.19861211
Warner, John L.19871344
Warner, John L., Mrs.1975129
Warner, Kathryn198511322
Warner, Mary E.199521325
Warner, Mattie20093534
Warner, Mattie A.200632 21,22
Warner, Mr.& Mrs. Carl, Jr.198511322
Warner, Mr.& Mrs.C.N. Sr.198511322
Warner, Mrs.200834 3
Warner, Mrs. E. Gordon199925 27
Warner, Mrs. Nathan199925 26
Warner, Mrs. P.E.200834 3
Warner, Mrs.Carl Sr.198511322
Warner, O.200733 13
Warner, Oliver199925 26
Warner, Sarah E. Miller199521325
Warner, Sarah Elvira199521325
Warner, Sherry Lee198511322
Warner, Steven199925 26
Warner’s Bazar200834 14
Warr(**), Thomas B.200127 36
Warren, Albert C.201137332
Warren, Arthur200632 17
Warren, Betty L.200733 41,42
Warren, Charles Orlando199521213
Warren, Don198915216
Warren, Dunmore199521213
Warren, Elias D.201036 34
Warren, Elias Dunmore199521213
Warren, Esther Loretta199521213
Warren, Frank Hubbard199521213
Warren, Harold198814328
Warren, Harold19901611
Warren, Harold199016322
Warren, Harold199016440
Warren, Harold199117110
Warren, Harold199117214,20
Warren, Harold199117330
Warren, Harold199117432
Warren, Harold19921811,10
Warren, Harold199218220
Warren, Harold199218321,28,30
Warren, Harold199218431,40
Warren, Harold199319110
Warren, Harold199319211,20
Warren, Harold199319321,30
Warren, Harold199319431,40
Warren, Harold19942011,10
Warren, Harold199420220
Warren, Harold199420330
Warren, Harold199420431,40
Warren, Harold199521110
Warren, Harold199521220
Warren, Harold199521330
Warren, Harold199521440
Warren, Harold19962211,10
Warren, Harold199622212,20
Warren, Harold199622330
Warren, Harold199622440
Warren, Harold199723 10,20,30,40
Warren, Harold199824 10,11,20,24,25,30,40
Warren, Harold199925 11,21
Warren, Harold20043014
Warren, Harold F.198511324
Warren, Harold F.19871318
Warren, Harold Mrs.19871318
Warren, Ithamar19751324
Warren, Ithamer199521213
Warren, Ithamer H.199420434
Warren, James199016324
Warren, Jane Wilson199521213
Warren, Jerome Wilson199521213
Warren, Julia Ann199521213
Warren, K. T. M. Mrs.198915216
Warren, Katherine200834 13
Warren, Lydia19751324
Warren, Lydia Bethiah199521213
Warren, Lydia Peck199420434
Warren, Lydia Peck199521213
Warren, Mabel20093534
Warren, Mary19921811
Warren, Mary Jane199521213
Warren, Mattie E. (Harrington)19817214
Warren, Minnie Elnora199521213
Warren, Morley198915216
Warren, Oliver B.19921811
Warren, Richard201036 44
Warren, Roger198915216
Warren, Sophia Church199420215
Warren, Thomas Manley198915216
Warren, V.C.201137217
Warren, Violet198410215
Warren, Violet198511317,19
Warren, Violet198612319
Warren, William George200935 7
Washburn family19828323
Washburn, Jacob198814324
Washburn, John Jr.200026 8
Washburn, Mary Blodgett198814324
Wass, George201137332
Wass, Wallace W,201137332
Waste, Frances Permilia19751213
Waterbury, Robert J.198915215
Waterman, C. R.201036 24
Waterman, Chas.198915328
Waterman, Laban199925 26
Waterman, Nath.200127 36
Waters, R. L. Dr.198814211
Waters, R. L. Mrs.198814211
Watkins, Evalene19881413
Watkins, Mildred S.1983915
Watrous, Aaron19795317
Watrous, Charlie20113718
Watrous, Charlies20113718
Watrous, Mrs.20113718
Watson, Archibald19828323
Watson, E.199824 15
Watson, Elizabeth (Mrs. Archibald)19828323
Watson, Horace199824 15
Watson, Jack200228 13,23
Watson, John199925 21,31
Watson, John200026 1
Watson, John200026 1,22
Watson, Lori200228 39
Watson, Lori200531 30
Watson, Lori J.200834 26
Watson, Lori J.200935 27
Watson, Lori J.201137227
Watson, Lori J.201036 22
Watson, Maude (Mrs.)198511322
Watson, Virginia200026 22
Watts, A. S.201137332
Watts, Beatrice W.200935 46
Watts, Margaret C. (Mrs.)19806322
Watts, Phylis R.200935 46
Way, Ella Mrs.198915434
Way, John C.200733 13
Way, K. F.198915434
Way, K. F.201137332
Weaver, Catharine199521328
Weaver, Elisha199521328
Weaver, Elizbeth199117434
Weaver, John199521328
Weaver, Lucy199521329
Weaver, Martha198814434
Webb, H. A.199016437
Webb, Isaac200935 45
Webb, Lillien M.199016437
Webb, Loretta J. Enos199016437
Webb, Mrs. C.V.200935 7
Weber, Cathi201137220
Webster House201137216
Webster, [?]201036 9
Webster, A. B.201036 25
Webster, A.E.200834 46
Webster, Albyron201137332
Webster, Asa199218218
Webster, Asaheal B.200834 32
Webster, Bernice200026 8
Webster, Clark R.200834 32
Webster, G.M.200733 14
Webster, Georgie E. (Skinner)19773326
Webster, Mrs. S.B.200834 3
Webster, Niel C.201036 34
Webster, Philip201137215
Webster, Phillip201036 37
Webster, Ralph20093534
Webster, Warner, Mrs.1975129
Webster, Warner, Mrs.197731,27,12
Webster, Warner, Mrs. (Maureen)19784218
Webster, Wm P.200834 32
Wedge, Frank M.201137331
Wedge, Lavinia19762319
Weed, Albert L.198814219
Weed, Alexander198814218,19
Weed, Ann E.198814219
Weed, Annie198814219
Weed, Betsey198814219
Weed, Betsey Wire198814219
Weed, Bozie198814219
Weed, Charles199824 13
Weed, Edward198814218,19
Weed, Edwin198814218,19
Weed, Eliza199521328
Weed, Ell?198814218
Weed, Esther198814218
Weed, Esther A.198814219
Weed, Francis200026 26
Weed, Francis E.198814218
Weed, George A.198814218,19
Weed, Hellen199824 13
Weed, Hellen A.198814218,19
Weed, James198814218,19
Weed, Jonathan19751324
Weed, Julius199824 13
Weed, Lamson198814218
Weed, Larson198814219
Weed, Larson A.198814218
Weed, Lucy198814218
Weed, Macus199521328
Weed, Mardula199521328
Weed, Martha A.198814218
Weed, Mary199824 13
Weed, Monroe198814218
Weed, Nellie A.198814219
Weed, Polly19751324
Weed, Polly198814218,19
Weed, Samuel G.198814218,19
Weed, Sarah L.199521328
Weed, T. S.198814219
Weed, Theron H.198814218
Weed, Theron S.198814218
Weed, Virgil198814218
Weed, Virgil200026 26
Weed, Virgil T.198814219
Weed, William198814328
Weed, William D.198511324
Weed, Winnie200026 26
Weed, Winnie Bell198814218
Weed, Wm198814218,19
Weed, Wm. H. H.199521328
Weed, Y. S.198814219
Week, Augustus199622435
Week, Hannah199622435
Week, Harriet199622435
Weeks, Lawrence Andrew200935 41
Weichel, M. L.200632 26
Weichel, M.L.200531 27
Weichel, M.L.200733 27
Weichel, Mary Louise200834 26
Weichel, Mary Louise200935 27
Weichel, Mary Louise201036 22
Weihing, Shirley199521434
Weihing, Shirley19962216
Weihing, Shirley199622324
Weiking, Shirley199420215
Weil, Wm.199824 35
Weilie, Susan19751320
Weinkamer, B.19762426
Weinkamer, W. A., Mrs. (Barbara)197731,27,12
Weir, Martha200733 31
Weis, M. Judith200632 26
Weis, M. Judith200733 27
Weis, Robert200632 26
Weis, Robert200733 27
Weit, J. Edward20093535
Weitzel, Kenneth20043015
Welch, Coreatha200632 21
Welch, Coreatha20093534
Welch, Eliza.1983916
Welch, Mary200733 33
Welch, Mary Anne19871348
Welchel, Mary Louise201137227
Weller, Amelia198814437
Weller, David V.198814437
Weller, Elizabeth198814437
Weller, John H.198814437
Weller, Joseph D.198814437
Weller, Margaret198814437
Weller, Mary M.198814437
Weller, Mary Vaughn198814437
Weller, Philip Jr.198814437
Weller, Phillip198814437
Weller, Rebecca198814437
Weller, Sarah Amandt198814437
Weller, Sarah J.198814437
Weller, Sarah Thatcher198814437
Weller, Sarah Vannatta198814437
Weller, Stewart K.198814437
Wellman, Samuel T.201036 24
Wells family200531 45
Wells, Constance R.200026 14
Wells, F. T.198814326
Wells, Geo. M.200834 32
Wells, J. K.199723 24
Wells, John F.201036 34
Wells, L.K.200733 15
Wells, Levi Mrs.199117322
Wells, Mabel19773432
Wells, Newton200834 32
Wells, Rev. T. B.201036 9
Wells, Zimie199117323
Wellsey, George201137332
Welt, J. Edward200834 46
Welton, HM200026 5
Wenzel, Emily L.198915432
Werber, Margaret200733 27
Werber, Margaret200834 26
Werber, Midge200228 (22b)
Werber, Midge200329 16c
Werber, Midge200531 2
We[r]ber, Midge200733 21
Werber, Midge201137227
Werber, Midge201036 22
Werner, Charles J.1983916
Werner, W. M.198915435
Werner, W. M.20113718
Werner, W.M.200834 14,46
Wert, Jacob198814326
Wescott, Levina199824 14
West, Alpha199824 13
West, B.200733 14
West, Charles C.198915216
West, Ephraim199319329
West, Florence200834 46
West, Harry200733 45
West, J.W.200834 46
West, John W.198915216
West, Judah198410326
West, Mary198410326
West, T.B.200834 46
Westbrook, James198814326
Westerman, Mary (Mrs. John N.)1982818
Western/Westurn/Weston, James19962217
Westfall, Jessie Elizabeth (Hopkins)20093534,7
Westfall, R.C.20093537
Weston, Robert20113718
Westurn, Deborah19962217
Wetherbee, E. G.201137331
Wetherby, Ralph198612213
Wetherell, Amy199723 35
Wetmore, Jesse199016324
Wetzel, John201137332
Whaley, Clarrissa199319217
Whaley, Cordelia199319217
Whaley, Ereline199319217
Whaley, J. K. Capt.199016326
Whaley, John K.199319217
Whaley, Virginia199319217
Wheatley, Mr/Mrs J.B.200935 7
Wheeler, Adeline199723 26
Wheeler, Aldred199117219
Wheeler, Alfred199622436
Wheeler, Alfred200531 14
Wheeler, Alfred A.201137332
Wheeler, Alonza200531 14
Wheeler, Anna (Shearer)200531 14
Wheeler, Asa200531 13
Wheeler, Betsey199521328
Wheeler, Carlton200733 8
Wheeler, Charles H.199824 3
Wheeler, Chauncey198612213
Wheeler, Chauncey198814433
Wheeler, Chauncey199319324,25
Wheeler, Chauncey199420212
Wheeler, Chauncey199521219
Wheeler, Chauncey B.198915212
Wheeler, Cynthia T.200531 24
Wheeler, Cynthis200531 14
Wheeler, Ebenezer199319436
Wheeler, Edgar200531 14
Wheeler, Edward200531 14
Wheeler, Edward P.201036 35
Wheeler, Eliza200531 14
Wheeler, Emeline Andrews199319325
Wheeler, Emily199319436
Wheeler, Emma199319324,25
Wheeler, [Ettie] S.201036 35
Wheeler, F.198814329
Wheeler, Fanny E.199319437
Wheeler, Frances F. Merriman199117219
Wheeler, George Allen19773328
Wheeler, George W.199319437
Wheeler, Iva T. (Perrault)19773328
Wheeler, James198814433
Wheeler, James198915212
Wheeler, James199319324
Wheeler, James199420212
Wheeler, James H.200935 45
Wheeler, Jane Ann199319324
Wheeler, Jennie20093534
Wheeler, John200531 14
Wheeler, Katherine (Downey)19773328
Wheeler, Leonard199319436,37
Wheeler, Lois199521325
Wheeler, Lois200733 4
Wheeler, Lois200834 39
Wheeler, Louisa199319324
Wheeler, Lovina199319324
Wheeler, Lucinda19891516
Wheeler, Luman199925 26
Wheeler, Luman20043024
Wheeler, Luman200531 13
Wheeler, Luman (II)200531 14
Wheeler, Mrs. Luman199925 26
Wheeler, Luthera199319436
Wheeler, Maria200531 14
Wheeler, Mariva199319324
Wheeler, Mary198814433
Wheeler, Mary198915212
Wheeler, Mary198915325
Wheeler, Mary199319324
Wheeler, Mary McLaughlin199218212
Wheeler, Mary McLaughlin199319324
Wheeler, Mary McLaughlin199420212
Wheeler, Merova199824 14
Wheeler, N. S.199016327
Wheeler, Nancy H.199319436
Wheeler, Nathl. S.199319436
Wheeler, Patrick Henry199319437
Wheeler, Phila M.199319436
Wheeler, Roswell199319436
Wheeler, Samuel200531 14
Wheeler, Sarah199319324
Wheeler, Sarah200531 13,14
Wheeler, Sarah Hildreth199319324
Wheeler, Seymour198814433
Wheeler, Seymour19891516
Wheeler, Seymour198915212
Wheeler, Seymour198915325
Wheeler, Seymour199218212
Wheeler, Seymour199319324
Wheeler, Seymour199420212
Wheeler, Seymour Jr.199319324,25
Wheeler, Seymour W. Jr.198814433
Wheeler, Seymour W. Jr.199420212
Wheeler, Susan199319436
Wheeler, Syemour W. Jr.198915212
Wheeler, Vandalia Davis199319325
Wheeler, W. H.201137331
Wheelock, Caroline B.19871315
Wheler, Vaudalia Davis199521219
Whichell, Caroline Miss198915434
Whipple, Elizabeth200834 46
Whipple, Elizabeth20093534,5
Whipple, Margaret200026 8
Whipple, Marian19806313,22
Whipple, Marian1981712
Whipple, Miss20093532
Whipple, Mrs. J.B.200834 32
Whitaker, T.198915328
White, Amanda198814212
White, Angeline199420439
White, Anna Allen19911715
White, Augustus198612322
White, Bersha198814212
White, Bessie200834 46
White, Caroline198814212
White, Charles198814212
White, Charlott199420439
White, David198410211,20
White, David19911715
White, E. E.20113718
White, Ella M. (Mrs. S.H.)19817214
White, Emila199420439
White, Florence M.19784218
White, Florence M.19806322
White, Henry199420439
White, James D.19762318
White, John19828323
White, John198814212
White, John C.200026 39
White, Jos.198814212
White, Joseph198612211
White, Joseph198814212
White, Laura198814212
White, Lelia A. (Mrs. Leon T.)198392,311,22
White, Lelia Austin19806322
White, Leon T.19839211
White, Luke A.199016434
White, Malissa199420439
White, Margaret (Mrs. N. Phelps)198410211
White, Mr.199521215
White, Oliver198612322
White, Pamilla199420439
White, Robert A., Mrs.1975129
White, S. H. Mrs.199521215
White, Samuel T.199420439
White, Slbert E.201137332
White, Stephen Leroy198814212
White, Wm. H.198612213
White, Wm. R.198612213
Whited, Floyd Albert20113713
Whited, Nannie Mae20113713
Whited, Van Renesselear20113713
Whitehill, George198915327
Whitehurst, Adah201036 6
Whitehurst, Giles201036 6
Whiteley, Frances201036 25
Whiteley, P. H.201036 25
Whitford, Joseph199723 25
Whiting, Ann200632 47
Whiting, J. H.201137332
Whiting, Lumon200632 47
Whiting, Lumon (jr)200632 47
Whiting, Mrs.199420218
Whiting, Naden200632 47
Whitmer, John19861213
Whitmire, Jane198814328
Whitmire, Martha Jane Hine199622437
Whitney family199925 19
Whitney, Almeron19952116
Whitney, Dallis19952116
Whitney, E. H.19871313
Whitney, Emmitt19952116
Whitney, Ezra199622433
Whitney, Frank19952116
Whitney, Huldah (Mrs. Daniel Vrooman)19806319
Whitney, J. B.201137332
Whitney, John19952116
Whitney, Levi200733 15
Whitney, Minerva L.199117434
Whitney, Persius199622433
Whitney, Polly199117434
Whitney, Rev. L.201036 9
Whitney, Ruth E. Green19871313
Whitney, Sarah200733 31
Wick, C.B.19784327
Wick, Henry19784327,28
Wick, William19784327
Wicks, Eliza19952117
Wicks, George19952117
Wig, Clifford T.19784438
Wiggins, Sylvia200632 17
Wigren, John A.200935 18
Wike, Carol198511322
Wike, Mr.& Mrs. Donald198511322
Wike, Donna198511322
Wike, Lucille198511322
Wilbeck, Lola19806322
Wilber, George201036 34
Wilber, Kay200026 24
Wilbur, Mrs. G.H.198511322
Wilbur, Verne200834 46
Wilcox & Gillett198814326
Wilcox,200026 42
Wilcox, Aaron199824 14
Wilcox, Aaron20043023
Wilcox, Aaron201036 17
Wilcox, Aaron Judge199420219
Wilcox, Alberta C. (Doan)19795322
Wilcox, Asa200127 3
Wilcox, Asa200531 24
Wilcox, Asa200733 44
Wilcox, Carrie May200127 3
Wilcox, Charles Seward19817326
Wilcox, Clark19891518
Wilcox, Eliza199824 14
Wilcox, Eliza201137334
Wilcox, Eliza. H.200834 3
Wilcox, Helen19881414
Wilcox, Louis F.19795322
Wilcox, Mary (Scott)19795322
Wilcox, Moses C.201036 34
Wilcox, Mrs. B.O.200834 3
Wilcox, P. C.199723 34
Wilcox, Sarah199824 14
Wilcox, Sarah201137334
Wilcox, Sybil Bliss200127 3
Wilcox, Truman200127 36
Wilder, Abel M.201137332
Wilder, Ann199723 25
Wilder, Eli T.199723 25
Wilder, G.N.19817325
Wilder, Nancy Horn199622324
Wilder, Philip199622324
Wilder, Rhoda199723 35
Wilder, Susan199723 25
Wilder, T.19861216
Wilder, Thomas19817325
Wilder, Thomas200733 12,15
Wile, Courtney198511322
Wiley, Marianne200531 27,30,44
Wiley, Marianne200632 10,26, 28,40
Wiley, Marianne200733 5,10,12,18,27,28,40,48
Wiley, Marianne200834 2,5,10,16,26,28,36,38,40,48
Wiley, Marianne200935 9,10,19,27,28,(3):6,(3):9,(3):10,39,48
Wiley, Marianne20113715,7,10,(2)27,28,(3)35,36,38,(4)41
Wiley, Marianne201036 7,10,22,23,28,32,34,38,41,43,48
Wilkerson, Mary200935 7
Wilkerson, Sarah Doolittle201137334
Wilkes, F. Louise (Mrs.Wm.Austin)1983916
Wilkes, F. W.198915328
Wilkie, Nancy199723 32
Wilkie, Nancy199824 24
Wilkie, Nancy199925 16
Wilkins, Paul199319326
Wilkins, Ruby20093534
Wilkinson, Chris20043015
Willard, (place)200733 33
Willard, Harold200834 13
William, Charles L. Sergeant201137334
Williams Brothers20043023
Williams, Abraham19817215
Williams, Albert L.199016436
Williams, Allen199319437
Williams, Alta200834 14
Williams, Arimathea Jane (Marstellar)19773213
Williams, Augusta199016436
Williams, Benjamin Lewis19773213
Williams, C. H.19817326
Williams, C. L.198612213
Williams, Caleb199319437
Williams, Carol19839321
Williams, Caroline199319218
Williams, Curtis201137332
Williams, David199319437
Williams, David Lewis19773213
Williams, Donald E.198814435
Williams, Dorliska N.199016436
Williams, E.19839325
Williams, E.198814326
Williams, Earl199824 29
Williams, Earl L.1978411
Williams, Earl L., Mrs. (Phyllis E. Sproul)197841,2,31,18,21,22
Williams, Earl L., Mrs. (Phyllis)1974113,5
Williams, Earl L., Mrs. (Phyllis)197512,49,13,27
Williams, Earl L., Mrs. (Phyllis)197621,2,45,13,27,28
Williams, Earl T., Mrs. (Phyllis)197731,2,37,13,28
Williams, Earl T., Mrs. (Phyllis)197951,21,12
Williams, Ebenezer198915328
Williams, Eliza199420218
Williams, Eliza199622436
Williams, Elizabeth198814218
Williams, Elizabeth Whitney20093538
Williams, Ellen1978411
Williams, Elvira A. Searl199016436
Williams, Ethel200026 8
Williams, Ethel200834 46
Williams, F.199319437
Williams, Flavel199319437
Williams, Frances200834 13
Williams, Franklin198915216
Williams, Franklin199824 15
Williams, Fred200632 44
Williams, Freelove (Brown)1977313
Williams, Heman200733 13
Williams, Henry199622436
Williams, Henry (Col.)198393,425,31
Williams, Henry G.201036 25
Williams, Henry Gustavus199420219
Williams, Henry Mrs.199420218,19
Williams, Herman199824 36
Williams, Herman Jr.199824 35
Williams, Hinurd [Hiram?]200733 13
Williams, Ione (LaMuth)19773213
Williams, J.R.200834 46
Williams, J.R.20093534,5
Williams, Janice198814328
Williams, Janice (Mrs. Donald)19871318
Williams, Janice E.198814435,40
Williams, Janice E. (Mrs. Donald)198511319,24
Williams, Jefferson199319437
Williams, John199319218
Williams, John200026 8
Williams, John R.200834 32,46
Williams, Josie200834 14
Williams, L. L.199016436
Williams, Lyman B.201036 24
Williams, Marietta200733 24
Williams, Marilyn200733 5
Williams, Martha199319437
Williams, [Martius] B.201036 35
Williams, Mrs. Ida A. Wells200834 32
Williams, N. Ethel200632 21
Williams, N. Ethel20093534
Williams, O. A.199016436
Williams, Phyllis19817431
Williams, Phyllis198171,3,43,20,31
Williams, Phyllis1985112,37,17,24
Williams, Phyllis1986121,31,20,22
Williams, Phyllis19871316,8
Williams, Phyllis19871323
Williams, Phyllis19871331
Williams, Phyllis19881418
Williams, Phyllis198814321, 28
Williams, Phyllis19891512,10
Williams, Phyllis198915220
Williams, Phyllis198915330
Williams, Phyllis198915440
Williams, Phyllis19901613,10
Williams, Phyllis199016212,20
Williams, Phyllis199016322,24,29,30
Williams, Phyllis199016440
Williams, Phyllis19911716,10
Williams, Phyllis199117214,20
Williams, Phyllis199117330
Williams, Phyllis19921815,10
Williams, Phyllis199218211,20
Williams, Phyllis199218328,30
Williams, Phyllis199218440
Williams, Phyllis19931912,10
Williams, Phyllis199319215,20
Williams, Phyllis199319323,30
Williams, Phyllis199319440
Williams, Phyllis19942012,10
Williams, Phyllis199420220
Williams, Phyllis199420330
Williams, Phyllis199420440
Williams, Phyllis19952112,3,10
Williams, Phyllis199521220
Williams, Phyllis199521330
Williams, Phyllis199521436,40
Williams, Phyllis199622110
Williams, Phyllis199622212,14
Williams, Phyllis199622330
Williams, Phyllis199622440
Williams, Phyllis199723 3,10,20,30,31,40
Williams, Phyllis199824 10,20,24,29
Williams, Phyllis199925 16,32
Williams, Phyllis200026 1,6,14
Williams, Phyllis200127 30
Williams, Phyllis200329 3,21,34
Williams, Phyllis200531 27,30
Williams, Phyllis (Mrs. Earl T.)198061,31,22
Williams, Phyllis (S.)20043014,5,7;(2):7,11;(3):3
Williams, Phyllis S.200228 (22b)
Williams, Phyllis S.200329 16c
Williams, Phyllis S.200632 26
Williams, Phyllis S.200733 27
Williams, Phyllis Sproul19839436
Williams, Plemire199319437
Williams, Reba200329 11
Williams, Roger199319216
Williams, Sadie M.199016436
Williams, Saphronia199319437
Williams, Sara1978411
Williams, Sarah Guila (Thompson)19773213
Williams, Solomon Davis1977313
Williams, T.J.200733 44
Williams, Tom1978411
Williams, Widow199622434
Williams, Wilcox Judge199420219
Williams, William200733 31
Williamson, John198410322
Williamson, John198511324
Williamson, John N.1982811
Williamson, Marguerite198511324
Williamson, Peter19891516
Williamson, Peter201137332
Williamson, Rev. James D.200834 46
Williamson, S. & M.198814326
Williamson, Thankfull Burr19891516
Williard, A.E.200834 13
Williard, Johnathan199420439
Williard, Mrs.200834 13,14
Willias, Jane199117434
[Willing, Luciene]201036 35
Willingham, Mary199218328
Willis, Phyllis J.201137227
Willis, Phyllis J.201036 22
Willoughby, Westel, Dr.19784215
Willsey, Carol (Flavel)1978413
Willsey, Carol (Flavell)197733,421,31
Willson, Alexander200733 44
Willson, Angeline19952116
Willson, Henry199824 35
Willson, O.199824 35
Willson, Orson199824 36
Willson, Zed199824 35
Wilmot, A. H.199622436
Wilmot, A.H.200733 15
Wilson, A. F.201137331
Wilson, Rev A.200127 36
Wilson, A.B.20093534
Wilson, Alpheus198915433,34,35
Wilson, Alpheus200733 13
Wilson, Alpheus200834 33
Wilson, Alpheus201036 17
Wilson, Alpheus201036 34
Wilson, Ann199622434
Wilson, Ansel200632 47
Wilson, Arlene L.200127 11
Wilson, Austin Rev.19911718
Wilson, Bethia Kenfield199521213
Wilson, Charles200733 8
Wilson, D. C.201137332
Wilson, David199218218
Wilson, David199824 13
Wilson, Elias199521213
Wilson, Eliza Jane200632 46
Wilson, Ercel G.19773326
Wilson, Etta M.201036 25
Wilson, George H.198915433
Wilson, Georgia198915435
Wilson, H. H. Mrs. Munson19871342
Wilson, Henry Mrs.19871342
Wilson, Herry200632 46
Wilson, Hiram200632 47
Wilson, Hudson200632 47
Wilson, Huldah Harriett19773327
Wilson, James201137332
Wilson, James H. Mrs.198814329
Wilson, Janet198511324
Wilson, Janet19871318
Wilson, Janet198814328
Wilson, Janet199117214
Wilson, Janet199218110
Wilson, Janet199218220
Wilson, Janet199218328,30
Wilson, Janet199218440
Wilson, Janet19931913,10
Wilson, Janet199319220
Wilson, Janet199319330
Wilson, Janet199319440
Wilson, Janet19942011,10
Wilson, Janet199420220
Wilson, Janet199420330
Wilson, Janet199420440
Wilson, Janet199521110
Wilson, Janet199521220
Wilson, Janet199521330
Wilson, Janet199521440
Wilson, Janet199622110
Wilson, Janet199824 24
Wilson, Jeremiah19921818
Wilson, John O.19952117
Wilson, Josephine20093534
Wilson, Lynus200632 47
Wilson, Mary Jane199723 30
Wilson, Minerva199824 13
Wilson, Olon N. (Murphy)19773326
Wilson, Orrin198915217
Wilson, Orrin200632 47
Wilson, Orson19773327
Wilson, Orson200632 46
Wilson, Samuel200733 15
Wilson, Sidney S.200834 46
Wilson, Sidney V.201137214
Wilson, Stephen199420440
Wilson, Stephen201036 31
Wilson, Sydny Smart201137215
Wilson, Travis19952117
Wilson, Wa200632 47
Wilson, Zenas201036 34
Wilson, Zenas Capt.199117216
Wiltsie, Charles201036 25
Wiltsie, Chas. H.201036 25
Winans, Dr/Mrs J.V.200935 7
Winchel, Harvy200632 47
Winchel, Lumon200632 47
Winchel, Margret200632 47
Winchel, Orpha200632 47
Winchel, Sidney200632 47
Winchel, Woren200632 47
Winchell, Almira200834 34
Winchell, C. B.200834 33
Winchell, C.B.199824 36
Winchell, Caroline Miss198915434
Winchell, Chedster198915434
Winchell, Ethel Miss198915434
Winchell, Harry199824 36
Winchell, Ida Mrs.198915435
Winchell, J.H.199925 39
Winchell, Mrs. J.H.199925 39
Winchell, L.E.199925 39
Winchell, Mrs. Luther199925 26
Winchell, Matilda Miss198915433,34
Winchell, Miss200834 14
Winchell, Miss200834 14
Winchell, Nathan198915434
Winchell, Sidney199824 36
Winchell, Simeon199824 36
Winchell, Simeon, Jr.200834 33
Winchell, Simeon, Sr.200834 33
Winchell, Simon200632 46
Winchell, W.S.199925 39
Winchell, Warren199824 36
Winchell, Warren W.200834 32
Winchester, Byron199016324
Winchester, Freeland19881413
Winchester, Ida O.19881413
Winchester, Rev. Jonathan200834 33
Winchester, Spencer L.201036 24
Winck, Elizabeth C.199622211
Windecker, C.N.200834 46
Winfield, Etta200935 7
Wing, Carl198814212
Winkler, Harry198511324
Winkler, Harry19871318
Winkler, Harry C.19784218
Winkler, Harry C.19795212
Winkler, Harry C.19806322
Winkler, Harry C.198814211
Winkler, Harry C. (Mrs.)19806322
Winkler, Harry C., Mrs. (Mary)1974113
Winkler, Harry C., Mrs. (Mary)1975129
Winkler, Harry C., Mrs. (Mary)197731,37,28
Winkler, Harry C., Mrs. (Mary)19784218
Winkler, Harry C., Mrs. (Mary)19795212
Winkler, Mary198511324
Winkler, Mary19871318
Winkler, Mary198814211
Winklet, Harry, Mrs.19784322
Winlund, Goodhard A.200935 18
Winne, Leah200935 13
Winne, Mary L.200632 20
Winningham, John B. (Mrs.)19806322
Winningham, Mary G.199218213
Winslow, Abigail (Rawdon)1977313
Winston, Frederick199420219
Winston, Frederick S.199420217
Winston, Mr.199420218
Winston, Mrs.199420217,18,19
Winter, Fred B.198915216
Winter, Henry P.200834 35
Winter, Isabelle200834 46
Winters, R. M.200733 13
Wire, Betsey198814218
Wire, Caroline R.201036 24
Wire, David198814219
Wire, Sam Jr.200026 46
Wirt, Alexander199319219
Wirt, Arod199824 3
Wirt, Elias199319219
Wirt, Elizabeth (Marstellar)19773213
Wirt, Jacob198511318
Wirt, Langley199319219
Wirt, Martin198511318
Wirt, Martin198612326
Wirt, Noah198511318
Wirt, Noah198612326
Wirt, Samuel1983914
Wirt, Samuel198511318
Wise, Esther200834 46
Wise, Harry200834 2
Wise, Theodore B.201036 35
Wisner, Samuel200733 14
Wissinger, Donald19817212
Witcher, Curt200733 36
Witherspoon, Claude F.199218322
Withey, Jay B. W. D.19942015
Withey, Lillie E. P. Dewey19942015
Witmore, Wm.198814326
WM200026 46
Wolcott, John200733 15
Wolfe, August199016330
Wolfe, August Jr.199016330
Wolfe, Dewey199016330
Wolfe, Fred B.198915216
Wolfe, James D.1974111
Wolfe, James D.19762423
Wolfe, James D., Mrs.1974111
Wolfe, James D., Mrs.19762423
Wolfe, Jaye201036 3
Wolfe, Jesse E.198915216
Wolfe, Mary Lieber199016330
Wolfe, Shirley201036 3
Wolff, Dewey200935 7
Wolff, Doris200026 8
Wolff, George20093534
Wolff, Harold199925 38
Wolff, J.G.200834 46
Wolff, W. B.200834 46
Wolff, W.G.200834 46
Wolkersdorfer family199925 9
Wolverton, Alfred Burdette19839326
Wolverton, Anna200834 13
Wolverton, Frank200733 33
Wolverton, Frank L.19817326
Wolverton, Frank Lerault19839326
Wolverton, Mr.19839326
Wolverton, Nancy Tisdel19839326
Wolverton, Polly C. Sinclair19839326
Woner, Geo. I.200733 33
Wood, ---200733 14
Wood, Asa Rev.19891518
Wood, C.S.200834 46
Wood, Carrie E. (Mrs. George)19817214
Wood, D. (Rev.)1981716
Wood, Elisha200733 14
Wood, Elizabeth (Mrs.J.Hayes)19861217
Wood, Gerry200834 26
Wood, Gertrude (Mrs.L.E.)19817326
Wood, Gordon200834 26
Wood, H. S.198612213
Wood, Harry200733 14
Wood, Jerrod199218218
Wood, John C.200834 46
Wood, Lewis200733 14
Wood, Lewis B.200733 15
Wood, Mary19881415
Wood, Mrs.198915440
Wood, Mrs. Elisha199925 26
Wood, Nathan200127 36
Wood, Nathan201137216
Wood, Otis M.200733 44
Wood, Polly1981715
Wood, Reuben S.198612213
Wood, Sue199521434
Wood, Sue19962217
Wood, Sue199622437
Wood, Sue B.199824 24
Wood, Sue B.199925 16
Wood, Sue B.200026 14
Wood, Susan M. Herrick199218436
Woodbridge, John E.19784327
Woodbury, Barnet19806319
Woodbury, Mary (Mrs. William Tuttle)19806319
Woodford, Cornelius201137331
Woodford, Stanley200834 2
Woodgate or Woodyard, E(dith) D.200935 46
Woodman, B. E.199824 3
Woodman, Benjamin H.200834 33
Woodman, Bonnie199117219
Woodman, Charles Albert199117219
Woodman, Dorcas Brinsden199117219
Woodman, Henry199824 3
Woodman, Samuel T.200834 33
Woodowrth, Alice Rockefeller198915220
Woodruff, Belinda198915436
Woodruff, Betsey198915436
Woodruff, Clinton199824 35
Woodruff, Daniel E.200733 13
Woodruff, Harriet19942015
Woodruff, Ira198915436
Woodruff, W.199824 36
Woodruff, Willis198915436
Woodruff, Willis Jr.198915436
Woods, Edith198814212
Woods, Edith200632 21
Woods, R.198814214
Woodward, Laura (Mrs. Frederick B. Vrooman)19806319
Woodward, Mrs. A.200127 36
Woodward, Scott200127 19
Woodworth, Eleanore199925 27
Woodworth, Elmina M.199420439
Woodworth, Elmira199420440
Woodworth, Harvey199420439,40
Woodworth, Harvey199521215
Woodworth, Hiram J.199420439
Woodworth, Irene H.199420439
Woodworth, James199420439
Woodworth, L. P.199420440
Woodworth, Lucretia C.199420439
Woodworth, Martha199420440
Woodworth, Ralph D.199420439
Woodworth, Sarah (Sally) Miller198915220
Woodworth, Sidney Delorme198915220
Woodworth, Wallace198915220
Woodworth, Wm.199420440
Woolcott, J. Jr.200733 15
Wooldridge, Josiah1983912
Wooley, Opal200935 7
Woolley, Mary E.200834 46
Woolley, Mrs. P.200834 3
Woolsey, Henry198814216
Work, Ellen200733 21
Work, Frank200733 21
Worman, Alice19871331
Worman, Alice20043014
Worman, Alice, E.198814328
Worman, William Rev.19871331
Worner, Ashen200632 47
Worner, Danel200632 47
Worner, Daniel200632 47
Worner, Elisa200632 47
Worner, Elisabeth200632 47
Worner, Felista200632 47
Worner, Fields200632 47
Worner, Hannah200632 47
Wort, Rebecca198915436
Worthington, Daniel198915436
Worthington, Elizabeth198915436
Worthington, Emily198915436
Worthington, James198915436
Worthington, Mary198915436
Worthington, Sarah198915436
Worthington, Susan198915436
Worthington, Wm.198915436
Wright family20093538
Wright, Alice, Miss19806316
Wright, Barton F.198915217
Wright, Barton F.201137332
Wright, Ben19839431
Wright, Benj.198915328
Wright, Charles199117324
Wright, Charles201137216
Wright, Charles O.201137332
Wright, Charlotte201137216
Wright, Chas. W.201036 25
Wright, David19817431
Wright, David1982811
Wright, David19841014
Wright, David198511324
Wright, David19861211
Wright, David19871318
Wright, David199723 3
Wright, David199824 24
Wright, David199925 16
Wright, David200026 14
Wright, David20043027
Wright, David & Norma198814328
Wright, David & Norma199117214
Wright, David & Norma199218328
Wright, David W.19784218
Wright, David W.198061,31,22
Wright, David W.200329 8
Wright, David, Mrs.1977317
Wright, Earl O., Mrs. (Alice)1975129
Wright, Earl O., Mrs. (Alice)19762423
Wright, Earl O., Mrs. (Alice)197731,27,16
Wright, Emiline19784323
Wright, Emily19784323
Wright, Geo.201137332
Wright, George L.19784323
Wright, Hazel (2)200632 22
Wright, Henneritta H200733 44
Wright, Hepzibah (Russell)19784323
Wright, James19828323
Wright, Lydia19784323
Wright, Mary I. Callow198915217
Wright, Norma198511324
Wright, Norma19871318
Wright, Norma199824 24
Wright, Norma199925 16
Wright, Norma200026 14
Wright, Norma (Few)200329 8
Wright, Norma (Few) (Mrs. David W.)198061,31,22
Wright, Norma (Mrs. David)1982811
Wright, Robert R.19784323
Wright, Solomon19784323
Wright, Solomon W.19784323
Wright, T. H.201137332
Wright, Thirza M.19784323
Wright, Thomas19828323
Wright, Thomas199117324
Wright, Thomas201137216
Wright, Thomas L.198814326
Wright, Veron19881415
Wright, Wilford C.200834 32
Wright, Wm200834 32
Wurmer, Lucina Van199319329
Wyco, Joyce19806322
Wyman, Abbie201036 9
Wyman, Abby A.199723 25
Wyman, Clarissa199723 25
Wyman, Ellen M199723 25
Wyman, George199723 25
Wyman, Grace200834 46
Wyman, Guy200733 43,44
Wyman, Guy200834 46
Wyman, Mrs. Don200834 3
Wyman, Rebecca199723 25
Wyman, V.E.200834 46
Wymor, Lucille199925 27
Wyrick, Rev.198814329
Yager, Jack200026 8
Yarnell, Hazel20093535
Yawkey, Eliza199218438
Yaxley, Arthur19762319
Yaxley, Belle19762319
Yaxley, Blanche19762319
Yaxley, Caroline?19762319
Yaxley, Charlotte19762319
Yaxley, Florence200632 21
Yaxley, Frederick19762319
Yaxley, Helen19762319
Yaxley, Lavinia200632 20
Yaxley, Mary?19762319
Yaxley, Maude200632 23
Yaxley, Oscar19762319
Yaxley, Richard19762319
Yaxley, Richard19762319
Yaxley, William19762319
Yaxley, Wm.200733 13
Yeager, C.R.200632 38
Yer?, D.A.D.200733 13
Yihainen, Raune199925 38
York, Edward200733 31
Youman200026 21
Youmans, J. S. Rev.199521215
Youmans, Vivienne M.19901614
Youmans, W.H.199824 35
Yound, Margaret198511317
Young, A. S. L. Mrs.19881414
Young, Brigham199117322,23
Young, D. M. Dr.198915328
Young, Eli S.200834 46
Young, Felinda200733 31
Young, Geraldine200935 7
Young, James199016433
Young, Jane A.200733 24
Young, John19841018
Young, Lovilla199420327
Young, Lydia199723 26
Young, Mary Lynch199016329
Young, Mrs. Eli201036 9
Young, Polly Getchell199016433
Young, Richard199016433
Young, Robert199016433
Young, Ruth200632 23
Young, Samuel199016433
Young, Sharlott Ford199218326
Young, Silas198814426
Young, Stacy200733 33
Young, Wm. B.199218326
Zacharias, Sue20043018
Zaharia, Erica201137227,(3)37,(4)48
Zak, Don19839321
Zalanka, Frank199925 38
Zander, Frieda E. (2)200632 20
Zealand, William O.200632 43, 44
Zebra Stagecoach House201137215
Zeih, David201036 11,29
Zeise, Anna Matilda (Mrs.Hazael Eddy)198612323
Zerby, Franklin H.19839322
Zerman, Roy200935 27,(3):10
Zerman, Roy G.200733 27
Zerman, Roy G.200834 26
Zerman, Roy G.201137227
Zerman, Roy G.201036 22
Zielie/Zulie, Cyril199521219
Zielie/Zulie, Jennie Durfee199521219
Zikursh, Sandra200127 11,21,31
Zimney, Albert199925 27
Zimny, Anna20093534

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