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Inscription Index - Bak through Bald

Baker 1 2 3 4 5 6
Baker, A.
Baker, A. Russell
Baker, Ada
Baker, Ada M.
Baker, Almar E.
Baker, Almena M.
Baker, Alta E. [Crofoot]
Baker, Anne E. 1 2
Baker, B. B.
Baker, Bertha M.
Baker, Bess B.
Baker, Bessie [Ducke]
Baker, Bethiah
Baker, Bethiah Sperry
Baker, Betsy
Baker, Betty L.
Baker?, Blanche
Baker, C. H.
Baker, Carl H.
Baker, Carlos F. 1 2
Baker, Carrie Hall
Baker, Casper
Baker, Cecelia A.
Baker, Charles A.
Baker, Charles F.
Baker, Charles L.
Baker, Charles M. 1 2
Baker, Charles P.
Baker, Charles P. Jr.
Baker, Charles W.
Baker, Chester W.
Baker, Clara [Little]
Baker, Clara M.
Baker, Correll [Merrell]
Baker, Cyrus H.
Baker, Dale D.
Baker, Daniel H.
Baker, Dexter
Baker, Dexter H.
Baker, Donald L.
Baker, Donald L. Jr.
Baker, Dudley
Baker, E.
Baker, E. Jeannette
Baker, Edna
Baker, Edna F.
Baker, Edward J.
Baker, Edward M.
Baker, Edwin
Baker, Edwin N.
Baker, Elijah
Baker, Elisha
Baker, Eliza 1 2 3
Baker, Eliza A.
Baker, Elizabeth A.
Baker, Ella F. Sherman
Baker, Ellen M.
Baker, Elsie G.
Baker, Emily J.
Baker, Emma H.
Baker, Esther
Baker, Esther W.
Baker, Eulalia Burr
Baker, Eulalia J.
Baker, Eva L. [Bartholomew]
Baker, Father 1 2
Baker, Flora
Baker, Frances 1 2
Baker, Francis 1 2
Baker, Frank
Baker, Frank E.
Baker, Frank L.
Baker, Freelove M. [Crofoot]
Baker, G. F.
Baker, Gardner W.
Baker, Geo. O.
Baker, George
Baker, George F.
Baker, George W.
Baker, Gertrude L.
Baker, Gypsie L.
Baker, H. H. 1 2 3
Baker, H. P.
Baker, Halsey
Baker, Halsey H.
Baker, Hannah Mathews
Baker, Harold I.
Baker, Harold P.
Baker, Harry
Baker, Harry H.
Baker, Hazel
Baker, Hazel Handel
Baker, Hazel M.
Baker, Helen M.
Baker, Hendrick H.
Baker, Henrietta Clark
Baker, Henry
Baker, Herbert G.
Baker, Horace H. 1 2
Baker, Hosea
Baker, Infant daughter 1 2
Baker, J. T.
Baker, James
Baker, James D.
Baker, James E.
Baker, James M.
Baker, James S.
Baker, Jane A.V. 1 2
Baker, Jared T.
Baker, Jean L.
Baker, Jennie S.
Baker, Jo Anne
Baker, John C. 1 2
Baker, John J.
Baker, John K.
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Joseph E.
Baker, Josephine
Baker, K. Mary
Baker, Katherine
Baker, Katherine E.
Baker, Katie J.
Baker, Kenneth [Ward]
Baker, Laura [Angell]
Baker, Leona M.
Baker, Leuiza E.
Baker, Lewis C.
Baker, Linda
Baker, Linnie
Baker, Linnie Cunningham
Baker, Lizzie
Baker, Lloyd W. Jr.
Baker, Lougenia [Pelton]
Baker, Louisa H.
Baker, Lovina Hopkins
Baker, Lucetta C. [Ingersoll]
Baker, Lucetta Mason
Baker, Lucinda L.
Baker, Lucinda Wilcox
Baker, Luther
Baker, Lydia
Baker, M.
Baker, M. A.
Baker, M. K.
Baker, Mabel A.
Baker, Mae I.
Baker, Maida E.
Baker, Maida J.
Baker, Margaret A.
Baker, Marie U.
Baker, Marion [Haak]
Baker, Martha J.
Baker, Martha S.
Baker, Mary [Maxam]
Baker, Mary A. 1 2
Baker, Mary A. Tear
Baker, Mary Alice
Baker, Mary G.
Baker, Mary N.
Baker, Maynard [Hoyes]
Baker, Merta E. Beck
Baker, Minerva
Baker, Minnie [Searl]
Baker, Mira H.
Baker, Mother 1 2 3
Baker, Myra H.
Baker, Nancy G.
Baker, Nancy Jane
Baker, Nelson E. 1 2
Baker, Newell F.
Baker, O.
Baker, Oather N.
Baker, Olmstead
Baker, Paul E.
Baker, Phebe J. 1 2
Baker, Philena
Baker, Philip W.
Baker, R. L.
Baker, Rerie M. Lace
Baker, Roberta Jean
Baker, Rose Smith
Baker, Rosie L.
Baker, Roxy L.
Baker, Ruth E.
Baker, Ruura E.
Baker, S. A.
Baker, S. Bertrand
Baker, Sally Y. Huntoon
Baker, Samuel C.
Baker, Sarah 1 2
Baker, Sarah A.
Baker, Schuyler J.
Baker, Schuyler S.
Baker, Sharon
Baker, Sibelia F.
Baker, Sibelia F. M.D.
Baker, Sigmund S.
Baker, Stanley Ryan
Baker, Stella Norton
Baker, Stephen A.
Baker, Stephen Burr
Baker, Theresa Diana 1 2
Baker, Thomas A.
Baker, Thomas K.
Baker, V. O.
Baker, W. Berry
Baker, W. Jason
Baker, Wallace L.
Baker, Walter J.
Baker, Willard M.
Baker, William A.
Baker, William M.
Baker, Willie T. 1 2
Baker, Wilma J.
Baker, Wilton C.
Bakka, Amelia [Ward]
Bakka, Maria M.
Bakka, Valentine
Baksa, Michiko C.
Baku, Michael A.
Baku, Phyllis F.
Balaban, Jason Robert
Balanda, Terry A.
Balash, Helen [Kintzler]
Balash, Leonard A.
Balash, Mark T.
Balash, Virginia L.
Balassa, Charles
Balaz, Anna
Balaz, John
Balaz, Mary
Balazs, Antone
Balazs, Clara
Balazs, Elizabeth
Balazs, Elizabeth M.
Balazs, Georgia
Balazs, John
Balazs, Joseph
Balch, [H or N or M] B.
Balch, Alzina
Balch, Anna
Balch, Anna E.
Balch, Charles
Balch, Charles M.
Balch, Charley
Balch, Dell B.
Balch, Dell Bennett
Balch, Electa Covy
Balch, Emma Warner
Balch, Father
Balch, Frances E.
Balch, Frances Emma
Balch, George
Balch, George B. 1 2
Balch, Harriet E. Murphy
Balch, Jason M.
Balch, Joel
Balch, Leonia
Balch, Leonia M.
Balch, Louisa
Balch, Martin B.
Balch, Mary Boynton
Balch, Mary Whitney
Balch, Milly C. DeRush
Balch, Mother
Balch, Myreta M.
Balch, Nathan
Balch, Nelson
Balch, Phyllis Ann Hutson
Balch, Richard
Balch, Richard F.
Balch, Sarah
Balch, Sarah A.
Balch, Uzzial
Balch, William
Balch, William E.
Balch, William G.
Balch, William Hutson
Balch, William Taylor
Balch, William W. 1 2
Balcom, Fred D.
Balcom, Gwendolyn M.
Baldau, Benjamin L.
Baldauf, Clarence M.
Baldauf, Clarence W.
Baldauf, Elizabeth
Baldauf, Florence M.
Baldauf, Helen M.
Baldauf, John R. 1 2
Baldauf, Mary E. [Vetter]
Baldauf, Mary Ellen
Baldauf, Mary L.
Baldauf, Maurice E.
Baldner, Ann
Baldridge, Joseph R.
Baldridge, Mary E.
Baldwin, Agnes R.
Baldwin, Ann M.
Baldwin, B. [Bitzer]
Baldwin, Betsey [Loomis]
Baldwin, Blaine C.
Baldwin, C. L.
Baldwin, Charles L.
Baldwin, Charles N.
Baldwin, Clarence A.
Baldwin, Daniel
Baldwin, Dorothy M.
Baldwin, Eli
Baldwin, Elizabeth
Baldwin, Elizabeth [Foster]
Baldwin, Elizabeth J.
Baldwin, Elmer
Baldwin, Frank Fred
Baldwin, Harry
Baldwin, Hattie A. [Corlett] 1 2
Baldwin, Henry W.
Baldwin, Ida B.
Baldwin, James A. 1 2
Baldwin, James David
Baldwin, James J.
Baldwin, Jehial
Baldwin, Julia
Baldwin, Kathryn
Baldwin, Lawrence
Baldwin, Lucy
Baldwin, Margaret G.
Baldwin, Maria [Norton] 1 2
Baldwin, Maria P. [Metcalf]
Baldwin, Martha
Baldwin, Mary A.
Baldwin, Mary Emma
Baldwin, Mary L. [Daniels]
Baldwin, Matilda
Baldwin, Matilda A.
Baldwin, Maybelle Lilley
Baldwin, Millie
Baldwin, Miriam
Baldwin, Nelle Theresa
Baldwin, Rodmond 1 2
Baldwin, Rodmond N.
Baldwin, Sally
Baldwin, Thomas S.
Baldwin, Walter E.
Baldwin, Wealthy

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