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Inscription Index - Bale through Barm

Bales, Betty L.
Bales, Earle W.
Bales, George
Bales, Gordon A.
Bales, Homer G.
Bales, Martha E.
Bales, Nella L.
Bales, Sydney M.
Baley, Dorothy Mary
Baley, Elizabeth Sutton
Baley, James Usill
Baley, Richard Sutton
Baley, Thomas Usill
Baliga, John J.
Baliga, Joseph John
Baliga, Paul
Baliga, Paul J.
Baliga, Suzanne
Balint, Andrew
Balint, Andrew Sr.
Balint, Elizabeth
Balint, Julia S.
Balint, Louis Jr.
Balkeino, Suui
Ball, Ann
Ball, Arminda
Ball, Chauncey Thomas
Ball, Donna M.
Ball, Ellen G.
Ball, Emma [Krabill]
Ball, Frank M.
Ball, Gary D.
Ball, George C.
Ball, Gertrude F.
Ball, Harry H.
Ball, Hope [Tyler]
Ball, Jane Ann
Ball, Jennie [Chapman]
Ball, Marlene I.
Ball, Mary M.
Ball[?], Mother
Ball, Norman B.
Ball, Orange 1 2 3 4
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Wayne C.
Balla, Andrew
Balla, Anna
Balla, Daniel
Balla, George F.
Balla, John
Balla, Lamberta G.
Balla, Menci Miszáros
Balla, Michael A.
Balla, Steve
Balla, Susanna
Balla, Teresa
Balla, Veronica C.
Ballance, Marian L.
Ballance, Therman "Bob"
Ballard, Dewey E.
Ballard, Dorothy I. Skinner
Ballard, Harlan E.
Ballard, Jack W.
Ballard, James E.
Ballard, Lucille J.
Ballard, Phyllis H.
Ballard, Ruth
Ballo, Bela
Ballo, Lujza
Balogh, Alex
Balogh, Amelia
Balogh, Elizabeth
Balogh, John 1 2
Balogh, Julia
Balogh, Kalman
Balogh, Lewis
Balogh, Lucille
Balogh, Martha
Balogh, Richard P.
Balogh, Rose
Balogh, Stephen
Balogh, Stephen M.
Balsley, Celia M.
Balsley, Joane C. [Hise]
Balsley, John E.
Baltitas, Hermine
Baltitas, Matt
Baltitas, William
Baltz, Gertrude F
Baltz, Paul H. Jr.
Baltz, Raymond U.
Bamping, Harold
Bamping, Lillie
Ban, Erzse Kepës
Ban, Peter
Bancroft, Carl E.
Bancroft, Clifford L. III
Bancroft, Dorothy H.
Bancroft, George H.
Bancroft, Lois [Clark]
Bancroft, Mary
Bancroft, Mildred Tucker
Bandelewski, Boleslaus
Bandelewski, Charlotte
Bandelewski, Eugene A.
Bandelewski, Joseph G.
Bandelewski, Myra G
Bandelewski, Pearl
Bandi, Dorothy G.
Bandi, Ellen G.
Bandi, John P.
Bandle, A. J.
Bandle, Almira Russell
Bandle, Henry
Bandle, Nell
Bandle, Samuel
Bandtel, Caroline F.
Bandy, Betty House
Bane, Carrie Marsh 1 2
Banfield, Matthew D.
Bania, Walter T.
Banisky, Adam
Banisky, Ruth P.
Banister, David J.
Banker, John M.
Banks, B. [Custer]
Banks, Carl
Banks, Harold [Consla]
Bannish, Helen W.
Bannish, Julius
Banton, Herbert G.
Banton, Louise M.
Bantz, Charles Sr.
Bantz, Charles W. Jr.
Banzek, Stephen Arthur
Bapst, Anthony C.
Bapst, Esther M.
Baran, Lilla J.
Baran, Thomas D.
Barbato, Alexander Louis
Barbato, Evelyn
Barbato, Joseph
Barbato, Patricia Jean
Barbato, Paulina
Barbato, Rudolf
Barber, Albert M.
Barber, Alonzo P. 1 2
Barber, Anna E.
Barber, Augusta A.
Barber, B.
Barber, Bigelow
Barber, Chauncey
Barber, Chauncy
Barber, Clark L.
Barber, Connie S.
Barber, Dana
Barber, David B.
Barber, Donald R.
Barber, Dwight
Barber, E. N.
Barber, Edgar
Barber, Edgar D.
Barber, Edgar W.
Barber, Emma [McCool]
Barber, Emogene
Barber, Emogene A.
Barber, Eunice [Tillotson]
Barber, Eunice M.
Barber, F.
Barber, F. Morley
Barber, Fannie 1 2
Barber, Fannie A.
Barber, Father
Barber, Grant U.
Barber, Grover A.
Barber, Harriet N. [Randall]
Barber, Harry S
Barber, Hugh
Barber, Ima [Bell]
Barber, Isabelle
Barber, Isabelle B.
Barber, James
Barber, James W. 1 2
Barber, Jemima D. Parmelee
Barber, Jennie M.
Barber, Joanne S.
Barber, Laura
Barber, Lenora
Barber, Lizzie V.
Barber, Lorena M.
Barber, Louis C.
Barber, Loyal [Tillotson]
Barber, Lura
Barber, Lura A.
Barber, Luther
Barber, Luther M.
Barber, M. E.
Barber, Margaret
Barber, Marion C.
Barber, Mary 1 2 3
Barber, Mary A.
Barber, Mary Aldrich
Barber, Mary E.
Barber, Mary E. Hurd
Barber, Mary Jane
Barber, Mother
Barber, Myra
Barber, Myra J.
Barber, Nancy
Barber, Nancy Richardson
Barber, Orlando N.
Barber, Persis
Barber, Persis [Frey]
Barber, Persis A.
Barber, Persis Whiting 1 2
Barber, Phebe K. 1 2
Barber, Richmond George
Barber, Robert Guy
Barber, Rosina B.
Barber, Sanford D.
Barber, Sarah
Barber, Sarah Densmore
Barber, Seth M.
Barber, Truman O.
Barber, Virginia M. [Coggins]
Barber, Willard
Barber, William Arundel
Barber,Truman P.
Barbera, Benjamin C.
Barbian, Alfred J.
Barbian, Mary F.
Barbiere, Anita M.
Barbiere, James J.
Barbieri, Elizabeth M.
Barbieri, George R.
Barbour, Alice G.
Barbour, Franklin E.
Barbour, Irene B.
Barbour, James G.
Barbour, James I.
Barbour, Mabel P.
Barbour, Marion N.
Barbour, Mollie L.
Barbour, Rolland [Massey]
Barbour, Sarah A.
Barbour, Wealtha A.
Barchman, James J.
Barchman, Minnie R.
Barclay, David
Barclay, V.
Bard, Ruth Ann
Barden, Elizabeth R.
Barhydt, Harriet
Barhydt, Harriet M.
Barhydt, John H. 1 2
Barhydt, Mary E.
Barhydt, Mary F.
Barhydt, William D. 1 2 3
Barhydt, William Jr.
Barhyte, Roland A.
Barile, Frank N.
Barile, Grace
Barile, Grace L.
Barile, Joseph
Barile, Lamore
Barile, Melba W.
Barkalow, Clyde M. Richards
Barkalow, Edwin P.
Barkalow, Elizabeth
Barkalow, Elizabeth Hurlburt
Barkalow, George E.
Barkalow, George M.
Barkalow, Hellen B.
Barkalow, Jane L.
Barkalow, Leo P.
Barkalow, Marjorie E.
Barkalow, Mary
Barkalow, Mary [Few]
Barkalow, Mary L.
Barkalow, Milton P. 1 2
Barkalow, Pauline
Barkalow, Pauline Ernst
Barkalow, Richard C.
Barkalow, Robert Edwin
Barker, A. E.
Barker, Aaron
Barker, Ann S. [Craine]
Barker, Beda M. Main
Barker, Catherine
Barker, Edgar G.
Barker, Helen L.
Barker, Henry Sizer
Barker, Hettie E. [Payn]
Barker, John C.
Barker, Lydia L.
Barker, Mary B.
Barker, Mary E.
Barker, Rebecca
Barker, Rebecca G.
Barker, Robert
Barker, Walter Starr
Barkinen, Anne Marie
Barkinen, Donald
Barkinen, Eva
Barkinen, Hanna
Barkinen, John
Barkinen, Kenneth W.
Barkinen, Oscar L.
Barkinen, Sam
Barkley, A. McNeil
Barkley, Anna [Jackman]
Barkley, Jeannie [Reno]
Barkley, Mary E.
Barkley, Thomas Jr.
Barkley, Thomas, Sr.
Barks, Fanny S.
Barlass, Andrew M.
Barlass, George W.
Barlass, Hannah
Barlass, Mary J.
Barlass, Robert B.
Barlass, William M.
Barlett, Charles T.
Barlett, Eileen M.
Barlow, Clara L.
Barlow, Ebenezer R.
Barlow, Martin W.
Barlow, May [Hurley]
Barlow, Sibyl

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