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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Barn through Bars

Barna, Louis A.
Barna, Marjorie M.
Barna, Russell J.
Barnam, Harland W.
Barnard, Alden
Barnard, Alden P.
Barnard, Betty Lou
Barnard, Helen M.
Barnard, Pauline M.
Barnard, Rush
Barnard, Walter H.
Barnard, Winchester
Barnes 1 2 3
Barnes, Abby A.
Barnes, Abby Adaline
Barnes, Adaline
Barnes, Adaline Sperry
Barnes, Albert P.
Barnes, Alice
Barnes, Allen D.
Barnes, Allie Wire
Barnes, Alta M.
Barnes, Amelia Annette
Barnes, Amy L. 1 2 3 4
Barnes, Anna
Barnes, Anna [Hoose]
Barnes, Anna E.
Barnes, Anna Warren
Barnes, Anne G. [Breyley]
Barnes, Arloa A.
Barnes, Arthur
Barnes, Arthur G.
Barnes, Augusta
Barnes, B. Franklin
Barnes, Belle G.
Barnes, Calvin
Barnes, Catharine C.
Barnes, Cecelia B. Morrison
Barnes, Charley T.
Barnes, Charley Tim
Barnes, Chester 1 2
Barnes, David
Barnes, David W.
Barnes, Denman J.
Barnes, Don J. 1 2
Barnes, E. Smith
Barnes, Earl J.
Barnes, Elizabeth [Dodge] 1 2
Barnes, Elizabeth Holmes
Barnes, Ella 1 2
Barnes, Ella L.
Barnes, Ella Woodward
Barnes, Ellen 1 2
Barnes, Emma J. 1 2
Barnes, Ethel D.
Barnes, Florence M.
Barnes, Frank Eugene
Barnes, Geo. A.
Barnes, George 1 2
Barnes, George E.
Barnes, Gladys W.
Barnes, Grace E.
Barnes, Harley
Barnes, Harry E.
Barnes, Harry N.
Barnes, Helen A.
Barnes, Helen M.
Barnes, Hulbert
Barnes, Ina Judd
Barnes, J.B.
Barnes, James B.
Barnes, James L. Sr.
Barnes, James M.
Barnes, Jane
Barnes, Jane
Barnes, Jeanette S.
Barnes, Jennie 1 2 3
Barnes, Jennie [Espy]
Barnes, Jennie E.
Barnes, Jennie M.
Barnes, Jesse E.
Barnes, Jessie
Barnes, Joan
Barnes, John
Barnes, John B.
Barnes, John P.
Barnes, Kate 1 2
Barnes, Laura 1 2
Barnes, Laura M.
Barnes, Lena
Barnes, Leverett 1 2
Barnes, Lillian [Rolfe]
Barnes, Louise P.
Barnes, Lovenia L.
Barnes, M. Frances [Fogle]
Barnes, Margaret K.
Barnes, Maria K.
Barnes, Mary A. Cook
Barnes, Mary Eliza
Barnes, Mary Evalyn
Barnes, Maxwell
Barnes, Nancy
Barnes, Nathan A.
Barnes, Nellie [Hennessey]
Barnes, Nellie Brophy
Barnes, Orrin L.
Barnes, Paul
Barnes, Perry H.
Barnes, Rhoba Agnes
Barnes, Rosa P.
Barnes, Ruth
Barnes, Sarah 1 2
Barnes, Sarah B. Miner 1 2
Barnes, Sarah Watterbury
Barnes, Sarah Z.
Barnes, Stella S.
Barnes, Susan [Woodmansee]
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Una M.
Barnes, Vina Ann
Barnes, Walter W.
Barnes, Wilbur M.
Barnes, William 1 2
Barnes, William C.
Barnes, William J.
Barnes, William W.
Barnes, Wm. C.
Barness, Joseph G.
Barnett, Arthur Reign
Barnett, Caroline
Barnett, Danny W.
Barnett, Debrah E.
Barnett, Frank E.
Barnett, George F.
Barnett, Hazel L.
Barnett, Jos. W.
Barnett, Louise F.
Barnett, Richard L.
Barnett, Robert Norman
Barnett, Timmie L.
Barnett, Vickie I.
Barnett, Virginia Averill
Barney, Charles A.
Barney, Madeline [Posten]
Barney, Ruth M.
Barnhart, Ann [Crocker]
Barnhart, Earl E.
Barnhouse, Andrew C.
Barnhouse, Charles Leroy
Barnhouse, David
Barnhouse, Donald J.
Barnhouse, Homer E. Sr.
Barnhouse, Kenneth P.
Barnhouse, Leslie
Barnhouse, Mabel L.
Barnhouse, Milton Ray
Barnhouse, Ora May
Barnhouse, Verna Marie
Barnhouse, Winifred Hoffman
Barnick, Martin A. Jr.
Barnicoat, Audley J.
Barnicoat, Catherine F.
Barnicoat, Charles E.
Barnicoat, Edward C.
Barnicoat, Emily B.
Barnicoat, George E.
Barnicoat, Martha E.
Barnicoat, Martha Jane [Whitmire]
Barnitz, Eva
Barnitz, Eva C. Prouty
Barnoski, Cathleen E.
Barnoski, Frances
Barnoski, Joseph J.
Barns, Arminda H.
Barns, J.B.
Barns, J.M.
Barns, Justice H.
Barns, R.H.
Barnstein, Rosa
Barnum, Emma A.
Barnum, Josephine J.
Barnum, Laura J.
Barnum, Leon D.
Barnum, Lulie [Main]
Barnum, Marion L.
Barnum, Maud H.
Barnum, Roy
Barnum, Sophia
Barnum, Willis C.
Barnum, Willis H.
Barone, Anthony M.
Barone, Anthony Scott
Barone, Elizabeth G.
Barone, John F.
Barovian, Joseph
Barovian, Virginia S.
Barr, Eliza [Dunlap]
Barr, Hermione
Barr, Josephine I.
Barr, Marjorie B. [Inscho]
Barr, Ruth M.
Barr, Wm. [Dunlap]
Barra, Miklos
Barrell, Margaret Griffith
Barrell, Richard
Barrett, A. D.
Barrett, Adaline H. [Craine]
Barrett, Beulah M.
Barrett, Charles Maytham
Barrett, Courtney F.
Barrett, Daniel
Barrett, Dan'l. A.
Barrett, David A.
Barrett, Delbert R.
Barrett, Delbert S.
Barrett, Edwin
Barrett, Effie D.
Barrett, Ellen 1 2
Barrett, Emily
Barrett, Emma S.
Barrett, Father
Barrett, Frank E. 1 2
Barrett, Helen E. [Gleason]
Barrett, Helen J.
Barrett, Ida May
Barrett, James
Barrett, James P.
Barrett, Lawrence E.
Barrett, Lettalia M.
Barrett, Mary Ellen
Barrett, Minnie E.
Barrett, Naomi
Barrett, Philander
Barrett, Polly G.
Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Richard F.
Barrett, Ruth A.
Barrett, Ruth E.
Barrett, Samuel
Barrett, Wm. [Cole]
Barrette, Adolph Ben
Barrette, Mary M.
Barrick, Philip E
Barrie, Charles
Barrie, Charles A.
Barrie, Fannie E.
Barrie, Mary C.
Barringer, Beryl A.
Barringer, Charles E.
Barringer, Clara [Plum]
Barringer, Doris Lynn
Barringer, Earl
Barrish, Andrew J.
Barrish, Catherine M
Barrish, Elizabeth H.
Barrish, Elizabeth M.
Barrish, Francis
Barrish, John E.
Barrish, Joseph E.
Barrish, Margaret B.
Barrish, Mary E.
Barrish, Nancy M. [Borer]
Barrish, Raymond A.
Barrish, Rose [Olmsted]
Barrish, Shirley A.
Barrish, Stephen G.
Barrish, Thomas A.
Barriss, Helen Murray
Barriss, Helen Murray
Barron, Harry
Barron, James P.
Barron, Mary A.
Barrow, William James
Barrows, Gertrude Wyman
Barrows, John [Warren]
Barrows, John Franklin
Barrows, Julia A. [Butterfield]
Barrows, Richard [King]
Barry, Alice E.
Barry, John 1 2
Barry, Marjorie [Stueve]
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Shirley A.
Barry, Thomas J.
Barry, Thomas M.
Barry, William C.
Barry, Winifred P.
Barstow, Alma E.
Barstow, Alma G. Tucker
Barstow, Andrew E.
Barstow, Carrie Ziverman
Barstow, Chester H.
Barstow, Della
Barstow, Dorothy M.
Barstow, Edith L.
Barstow, Edna E.
Barstow, Edna L.
Barstow, Elmer
Barstow, Elmer F.
Barstow, Emma M.
Barstow, Fannie
Barstow, Frances
Barstow, Franklin P.
Barstow, Fred'k.
Barstow, George W.
Barstow, Glenn E.
Barstow, H.L.
Barstow, Harry F.
Barstow, Harry L.
Barstow, Janet
Barstow, Lewis E
Barstow, Lewis E. Sr.
Barstow, Lewis L. 1 2
Barstow, Margaret
Barstow, Mary Ann
Barstow, Robert E.
Barstow, Walter T.

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