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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Bart through Bate

Barta, Zsofi
Bartel, Betty L.
Bartel, Harry Carl
Bartello, Norma
Bartholomew 1 2
Bartholomew, Aaron
Bartholomew, Albert
Bartholomew, Albion
Bartholomew, Alma J. Follett
Bartholomew, Almon C.
Bartholomew, Baby Girl
Bartholomew, Benjamin
Bartholomew, Burton A.
Bartholomew, Clara M.
Bartholomew, Cyrus
Bartholomew, Cyrus C.
Bartholomew, Daniel
Bartholomew, Effie D.
Bartholomew, Eliza A.
Bartholomew, Elizabeth
Bartholomew, Eva L. Baker
Bartholomew, Fanny V.
Bartholomew ?, Father
Bartholomew, Fidelia
Bartholomew, Frank [Green]
Bartholomew, Franklin
Bartholomew, Fred A.
Bartholomew, Grant A.
Bartholomew, Herbert
Bartholomew, Infant daughter
Bartholomew, Iva H.
Bartholomew, Jane S.
Bartholomew, Jerry Green
Bartholomew, Joel C.
Bartholomew, John S.
Bartholomew, Laura F. Mason
Bartholomew, Lloyd E.
Bartholomew, Melissa
Bartholomew, Mercy
Bartholomew, Mercy B. 1 2
Bartholomew ?, Mother
Bartholomew, Myra E.
Bartholomew, Rita F.
Bartholomew, W. E.
Bartich, Barbara
Bartich, Frank
Bartich, Joseph
Bartich, Michael
Bartish, Anna
Bartish, Betty Jean
Bartish, Dorothy Hammond
Bartish, George
Bartish, George J.
Bartish, Helen Marie
Bartish, Jane Eileen
Bartish, John
Bartish, John A.
Bartish, Louis
Bartish, Margaret
Bartish, Mary 1 2
Bartish, Mary V.
Bartish, Nancy Jeanne
Bartish, Steve
Bartish, Steve Frank
Bartko, Eldred J.
Bartko, Jessie F.
Bartlebaugh, Emogene
Bartlebaugh, Joseph Edgar
Bartlett 1 2
Bartlett, [Flynn]
Bartlett, Addison G.
Bartlett, Adrial L.
Bartlett, Adrian J.
Bartlett, Allie L. [Salkeld]
Bartlett, Alonzo
Bartlett, Ansel Kewish
Bartlett, Asenath
Bartlett, C. [Shepherd]
Bartlett, C.S.
Bartlett, Carlton
Bartlett, Carlton Parks
Bartlett, Carol [Trowbridge]
Bartlett, Carroll E.
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Charles A
Bartlett, Christopher 1 2
Bartlett, Christopher Samuel
Bartlett, Clara Mummery
Bartlett, E. Burritt
Bartlett, Emeroy
Bartlett, Emerson Maurice
Bartlett, Ettie Ann
Bartlett, Frank W.
Bartlett, Fred
Bartlett, Fred [McKee]
Bartlett, George F.
Bartlett, Geraldine Wright
Bartlett, Harriet C.
Bartlett, Harriet Wilson
Bartlett, Iola
Bartlett, J. Ella [Shepherd]
Bartlett, Janet E.
Bartlett, Jennet
Bartlett, Judith L.
Bartlett, Julia E.
Bartlett, Lizzie M.
Bartlett, Lois E.
Bartlett, Lucy A.
Bartlett, Marvel M.
Bartlett, May [Johnson]
Bartlett, Nelson N.
Bartlett, Nelson N. Rev.
Bartlett, Nickolas
Bartlett, Phebe E.
Bartlett, Polly
Bartlett, Polly Root
Bartlett, Robert M.
Bartlett, Ruby Harrison
Bartlett, Ruth Gase
Bartlett, Sarah [Hayes]
Bartlett, T.L.
Bartlett, Thurl R.
Bartlett, Tirzah L.
Bartlett, Tommy Dan
Bartlett, Ursula
Bartlett, Virginia R.
Bartlett, W.D.
Bartlett, Wendell Wright
Bartlett, Willard
Barto, Abel C.
Barto, Alexander
Barto, Aliza J.
Barto, Amelia
Barto, Carll S.
Barto, Charity [Post]
Barto, Dorothy
Barto, Edith S.
Barto, Edward W.
Barto, Elizabeth W.
Barto, Emma W.
Barto, Gertrude S.
Barto, John A.
Barto, John C.
Barto, Mary Elizabeth
Barto, Mary F. [Mason]
Barto, Mary S.
Barto, N. Edward
Barto, Nathaniel
Barto, Nettie [George]
Barto, Philip S.
Barto, Robert S.
Barto, Robert Stauffer
Barto, Roger [Davis]
Bartok, Hazel
Bartol, Anton
Bartol, Frances
Bartolomeo, Latessa
Barton, Alice M. Lawrence
Barton, Audrey R.
Barton, Belinda 1 2
Barton, Charles [Reynolds]
Barton, Edwin
Barton, Edwin B
Barton, F. [Wright]
Barton, Frances
Barton, Frances [Cook] 1 2
Barton, Francis F.
Barton, George S.
Barton, Hanford 1 2
Barton, Harry S.
Barton, Hatta
Barton, Hattie
Barton, Horace 1 2
Barton, Jack E.
Barton, James W.
Barton, Joseph [Campbell]
Barton, Katherine M.
Barton, Lucile E.
Barton, Margaret Markell Booth
Barton, Sarah A.
Barton, Steve
Barton, William A.
Barton, William J.
Bartram, Ann
Bartram, Benjamin
Bartram, Benjamin W.
Bartram, Betsey N. 1 2
Bartram, Cortis 1 2
Bartram, Daniel 1 2
Bartram, Daniel C.
Bartram, Frieda M. [Erskine]
Bartram, Laura S. 1 2
Bartram, Levi 1 2
Bartram, Lucy [Branch]
Bartram, Marie
Bartram, Phebe A. [Shaw]
Bartram, Ulilly B. [Olds] 1 2
Bartunek, Nancy
Barty, Anna
Barty, Ernest J.
Barty, John
Barty, Marie A.
Baruzzi, Joseph M.
Baruzzi, Leona R.
Baruzzi, Margherita
Basalla, Andrew L.
Basalla, Margaret C.
Basco, John
Bascom, Bret James
Bascom, E.G. Jr.
Bascom, Earle
Bascom, Elon G. 1 2
Bascom, Euphemia 1 2
Bascom, Ferdinand D.
Bascom, Jeremy T.
Bascom, John T.
Bascom, Lillian M.
Bascom, Lysander [Hills]
Bascom, Minnie [Hay]
Basham, Neil [Tinker]
Basiger, Jack A.
Basign, Mildred B.
Basil, Darwin F.
Basil, Frank J.
Basil, Marie
Baskey, Marjorie S.
Baskey, Raymond H.
Basler, Margaret Leona Thomas [Lanum]
Basquin, Alvin O.
Basquin, Elda N. [Booth]
Basquin, Fannie
Basquin, Hannah Valentine
Basquin, Inez Maude
Basquin, Jessie Guthrie
Basquin, Martha
Basquin, Nettie May
Basquin, Oliver William
Bassett, Charles A.
Bassett, Evelyn M.
Bassett, Gerald B.
Bassett, Leila B.
Bassett, Mr.
Bassett, Myrtle M.
Bassett, Nettie
Basta, John Matthew
Basta, Lena
Basta, Serafino
Bastedo, Julia P.
Baster, Doris K.
Baster, Hattie
Baster, J. Taylor
Baster, Louise T.
Baster, Maude B.
Baster, Percy H.
Baster, Thomas
Baster, Wm.
Bastian, Robert L.
Bastian, Rosemary
Batchelder, Daniel S.
Batchelder, Edward E.
Batchelder, Lourena F.
Batchelder, Sarah Mead
Batdorf, Patricia C.
Bate, Shirley A.
Bate, Thomas H.
Bateham, J.P.
Bateham, Josephine Penfield
Bateham, Louie
Bateham, Louise L.
Bateham, M.B. 1 2
Bateham, Minerva D.
Bateham, Minnie
Bateman, Wm. K.
Bates 1 2 3 4
Bates, Abigal
Bates, Adaline [Wheeler]
Bates, Addison
Bates, Aggie L.
Bates, Albert 1 2
Bates, Ann Jane Teare 1 2
Bates, Anna F. 1 2
Bates, Annis
Bates, Anselm
Bates, Austin
Bates, Barbara Jean
Bates, Belinda [Hovey]
Bates, Benjamin 1 2
Bates, Bennie J.
Bates, Brent R.
Bates, Brian L.
Bates, Candace [Downing]
Bates, Carrie E.
Bates, Charles 1 2
Bates, Charles C.
Bates, Charles L.
Bates, Charles M.
Bates, Clyde
Bates, Cynthia
Bates, Cynthia [Wheeler]
Bates, Darwin T.
Bates, Delos
Bates, Dinah Paterson
Bates, Don D.
Bates, Donald John
Bates, Dorothy J.
Bates, Ella Phillips
Bates, Elmer E.
Bates, Elvira
Bates, Emma L.
Bates, Erna Hodgins
Bates, Ezra
Bates, Father 1 2
Bates, Florence Lell 1 2
Bates, Florence M. [Eiskant]
Bates, Frank L.
Bates, Frankie
Bates, Fred
Bates, Fred G.
Bates, [?] Freddie
Bates, George A.
Bates, George V.
Bates, Gladys M.
Bates, Hannah
Bates, Helen
Bates, Helen D.
Bates, Helen L.
Bates, Henry F.
Bates, Horace H.
Bates, Huldah
Bates, Ida May 1 2
Bates, infant daughter
Bates, Ira 1 2
Bates, Jack D.
Bates, Jane 1 2
Bates, Janet M. Shelby
Bates, Jerusha Wilson
Bates, Joel Wendell
Bates, John D.
Bates, Joshua
Bates, Josiah G.
Bates, Jr., Frank L.
Bates, Lell
Bates, Lisa Marie
Bates, Lucina 1 2
Bates, Luther P.
Bates, Malvina [Huston]
Bates, Margaret
Bates, Marion L.
Bates, Marjorie M
Bates, Martha [Thompson]
Bates, Martha A.
Bates, Mary 1 2 3
Bates, Mary [Haley]
Bates, Mary A. 1 2
Bates, Mary Allena
Bates, Mary E.
Bates, Mary Hungerford
Bates, Mary J.
Bates, Mary Shelby
Bates, Mavrette Gill
Bates, Minnie F.
Bates, Mother
Bates, Nancy
Bates, Nathaniel
Bates, Nellie E.
Bates, Oliver W.
Bates, Olney
Bates, Orville M.
Bates, Patricia A.
Bates, Paul M.
Bates, Phebe A.
Bates, Rachel Palmer
Bates, Randall E.
Bates, Rebecca
Bates, Richard O.
Bates, Robert C.
Bates, Rumina [Valentine]
Bates, Ruth M.
Bates, S. Adell
Bates, Stanley P.
Bates, Susan B.
Bates, Sylvia Teare
Bates, Thomas
Bates, Ucal B.
Bates, Wallace A.
Bates, Walter C.
Bates, William Ayres
Bates, William J.
Bates, William O.
Bates, Willie
Bates, Willie J. 1 2
Bates, Winslow H.
Bates, Zilpha P. Saxton

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