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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Batf through Bec

Batista, Marlene
Batiste, Michael L.
Batten, Mary A. [Prentice]
Battes, William
Battista, Anthony
Battista, Anthony "Yates"
Battista, Bertha
Battista, Gary Joseph
Battista, Helen
Battista, Joseph A.
Battista, Margaret
Battista, Mary
Battista, Mary Assunta
Battista, Norma E.
Battista, Nunzio A.
Battista, Paschal J.
Battista, Pasquale
Battista, Pauline M.
Battista, Raymond N.
Battista, Theresa I.
Battles, Anna
Battles, Charles R.
Battles, Cornelia
Battles, Dorothy E.
Battles, Esther, F.
Battles, Gladys M.
Battles, Kathleen
Battles, Leland Asa
Battles, Leland E.
Battles, Leona
Battles, Marguerite E. [Roseum]
Battles, Mary M.
Battles, Maybelle A.
Battles, O. Thomas
Battles, Raymond E.
Battles, Robert M.
Battles, Victor A.
Battles, Virgil A.
Baublitz, Claude E.
Baucher, Ernest A.
Baucher, Evelyn U.
Baucher, Frank
Baucher, Frank E.
Baucher, Frank H.
Baucher, Margaret A.
Baucher, Mary
Baucher, Ruth Shepard
Bauchman, Fredrick C.
Bauder, Jennie E.
Bauder, Joseph S.
Bauer, Adolph L.
Bauer, Aileen
Bauer, Bessie L. [Stevens]
Bauer, Billy
Bauer, Carl A.
Bauer, Carl J.
Bauer, Carl J., Sr.
Bauer, Charles N.
Bauer, Dorothy R.
Bauer, Eleanor L.
Bauer, Elizabeth 1 2
Bauer, Elizabeth A.
Bauer, Etta J. 1 2
Bauer, Frank L.
Bauer, George J.
Bauer, Jesse W.
Bauer, John M. 1 2
Bauer, John S.
Bauer, Laura L.
Bauer, Louis 1 2
Bauer, Louis T. 1 2
Bauer, Mable 1 2
Bauer, Margaret
Bauer, Matt J.
Bauer, Nicholas J. 1 2
Bauer, Pauline M.
Bauer, Robert W.
Bauer, Steven L.
Bauer, Thelma M.
Bauer, Theresa
Bauer, Theresa E.
Bauer, Theresa E. [Will]
Bauer, Thomas Robert Jr.
Bauer, William
Bauer, William P.
Bauerle, Dennis R.
Bauerle, Judith L.
Baughman, Adelpha M.
Baughman, Annabelle Hart
Baughman, Claude C
Baughman, Dale R.
Baughman, Edythe G.
Baughman, Ercil G.
Baughman, Grace M
Baughman, M. Donald
Baughman, Milo D.
Baughman, Myrtle V.
Baughman, Norman W.
Baughman, Russell D.
Baughman, Virginia
Baum, Kenneth
Baum, Millie
Bauman, Carolyn E. Satter
Bauman, Ralph A. Sr.
Baumann, Gizella J.
Baumgarden, Margaret L.
Baumgardner, Ruth Mae
Baumgartner, A.J.
Baumgartner, Blanche M.
Baumgartner, Rita Jean Kane
Baur, Edith Dorine
Baur, Edward S.
Baur, Henry Langfeld
Baur, Robert J. Sr.
Bauserman, Lottie
Bavacqua, Biagio
Bave, Walter C.
Baxa, Emily F.
Baxter, [Sinclair]
Baxter, Augustus M.
Baxter, Edythe M.
Baxter, Elroy
Baxter, Elroy N.
Baxter, Elroy R.
Baxter, Francis
Baxter, Harriet [Harris]
Baxter, Harvey E.
Baxter, Helen Murray
Baxter, Irwin N.
Baxter, Isaac
Baxter, Isaac Augustus
Baxter, J. Franklin
Baxter, James H.
Baxter, Josephine M.
Baxter, Leah N.
Baxter, Margaret H.
Baxter, Marjorie Ann
Baxter, Nettie Kerr
Baxter, Raymond L.
Baxter, Sally Goodell
Baxter, Warner
Bay, Albert P.
Bay, Dorothy M.
Bay, George
Bay, Julia
Bayard, Alice Duer
Bayard, Carrie Miller
Bayard, Thomas W.
Bayer, Helen
Bayer, John
Bayer, Julia A.
Bayer, Rudolph
Bayerl, Karl J.
Bayerl, Louise R.
Bayless, Baby boy
Bayless, Christine [Sokalski]
Bayless, Everett S.
Bayless, Minnie "Birdie"
Bayless, Molly
Bayless, Roy Lee
Bayliss, Lilian [Green]
Bayluk, John
Bayluk, Rose
Baynack, Lola Wade
Baynum, Howard L.
Bayton, Bessie M.
Bayus, Anna
Bayus, Anna [Molnar]
Bayus, Elizabeth
Bazar, Emelia
Bazar, Samuel E.
Be___, Em___
Be____, Jasp
Beach 1 2
Beach, Carl
Beach, Clara
Beach, Clifford [Stephens]
Beach, Frank
Beach, Fred 1 2
Beach, Hazel [Bailey]
Beach, Isabelle M.
Beach, Jane W.
Beach, Joan M.
Beach, Joanne R.
Beach, John F.
Beach, John K.
Beach, Julius
Beach, Lucy
Beach, Mary
Beach?, Meda D.
Beach, Millie
Beach, Pauline N.
Beach?, Roland
Beach, Thomas 1 2
Beacham, Annie Rabon
Beacham, James Coney
Beacham, James Howard
Beacham, Ruth B. McKinnon
Beacham, Walter R.
Beadle, Joseph D.
Beadle, Virginia O.
Beaharry, Phyllis S.
Beakel, Ella A.
Beakel, Elsie Stevenson
Beakel, Florence M.
Beakel, John A.
Beakel, Lida A.
Beakel, Lloyd S.
Beakel, Philo R.
Beal, Baby Boy
Beal, Carol L.
Beal, Clara S.
Beal, Harry E.
Beal, Pauline
Beales, Hettie
Beales, James M.
Beall, [?] Bessie
Beall, Charles E.
Beall, Charles F.
Beall, Clara I.
Beall, David
Beall, David Clark
Beall, Deborah Blamer
Beall, Elizabeth
Beall, Evelyn A.
Beall, [?] Father
Beall, Fred W.
Beall, Helen [Tribby]
Beall, Helen M.
Beall, Infant son
Beall, Jabez M.
Beall, Jane E.
Beall, Kendell D.
Beall, LaVere K.
Beall, Lucy G.
Beall, Marshall D.
Beall, [?] Mother
Beall, Rena T.
Beall, Robert A.
Beall, Rose Kruger
Beall, Vinton
Beals, Elizabeth
Beals, Paul
Beam, Carleton J.
Beam, Frederick
Bean, [Hazen]
Bean, Beulah M.
Bean, Hazen
Bean, Leonard A.
Bean, Mary A.
Bean, Michael L.
Bean-Powers, Alma T.
Beans, Rick E.
Beard, Frank
Beard, Helen
Beard, Julia [Blair]
Beard, Willie
Beardslee, Anna F.
Beardslee, Charles H.
Beardslee, Clementine C.
Beardslee, Coletta H.
Beardslee, H. G.
Beardslee, Harriet
Beardslee ?, Hattie
Beardslee, Henry C.
Beardsley, Arthur B.
Beardsley, Clarinda [Main]
Beardsley, David S.
Beardsley, Ellen M.
Beardsley, Franklin D.
Beardsley, Hannah P.
Beardsley, Jessie F
Beardsley, Lewis T.
Beardsley, Lunetta
Beardsley, Mabel L.
Beardsley, Nellie H.
Beardsley, Wade A.
Beardsley, Wade A. Jr.
Beasley, Benjamin T.
Beasley, Cleo
Beasley, Mildred I.
Beasley, W. L. Scoop
Beattie, David W.
Beattie, Marian Coombe
Beattie, R. Lincoln
Beattie, Ruth
Beatty, Elmer L.
Beatty, Hamilton
Beatty, Jessie J.
Beauchamp, Evelyn D.
Beauchamp, Napoleon V.
Beauchamp, Raymond F.
Beaumont, Bertha Mae Bohner
Beaumont, Earle
Beaumont, Frank H.
Beaumont, Ina [Matula]
Beaumont, Plummer C.
Beaumont, Rose W.
Beaumont, Rosella S.
Beaver, David Henry
Beaver, Kathryn L. [Nichols]
Beaver, Martha
Beavers, Byron E.
Beavers, Harold Douglas
Beavers, Laura Frances
Beavers, Rebecca E.
Bechtol, Adam E.
Bechtol, Altha E.
Bechtol, Carlton E.
Bechtol, Katie Smith
Bechtol, Lucretia [James]
Bechtol, Pearl M.
Bechtol, Raymond H., Jr..
Beck, Albert A.
Beck, Andrew J.
Beck, Blanche [Yingling]
Beck, David G.
Beck, Debra Kay
Beck, Einar N.
Beck, Fred L.
Beck, George D.
Beck, George David Jr.
Beck, Harmon Fred
Beck, Irene C.
Beck, Ivan
Beck, Louis G.
Beck, Lucretia Griffiths
Beck, Maggie
Beck, Mary J.
Beck, Maxine L.
Beck, Merta E. [Baker]
Beck, Roy A.
Beck, Sara Jayn
Beck, Sigrid M.
Beck, Susan E.
Beck, Wandla
Becker, A. H.
Becker, Allie 1 2
Becker, Annie
Becker, Caroline
Becker, Chloe Maria [Wright]
Becker, Clarence E.
Becker, Clarence Lloyd
Becker, Edgar M.
Becker, Edgar W.
Becker , [?] Father
Becker, H. Irene Staten
Becker, Helen B.
Becker, Hortense A. Fitzgerald
Becker, Howard U.
Becker, Janet
Becker, Laura E.
Becker, Lawrence J.
Becker, Lila 1 2
Becker, Lloyd G.
Becker, Lola L.
Becker, M. A.
Becker, Martin
Becker, Martin A.
Becker , [?] Mother
Becker, Mother
Becker, Robert C.
Becker, Theressa D.
Becker, William E., Sr.
Beckett, C. Roy
Beckley, Caroline
Beckley, Elizabeth
Beckley, G. A., Jr.
Beckley, George A.
Beckley, William
Becks, Ann T.
Becks, Arthur J. Sr.
Becks, Carlene Ann
Becks, Earlean
Becks, Wilbur
Becksted, Edwin M.
Becksted, Minnie A.
Beckwith, Athalia
Beckwith, Clint
Beckwith, Della Hall
Beckwith, Diana [Miller]
Beckwith, Dorothy Jean
Beckwith, Dwight W.
Beckwith, Frank
Beckwith, Georgia R.
Beckwith, Helen Dayton
Beckwith, Jennie M. Warner
Beckwith, Lydia
Beckwith, Marcia L. [Warner]
Beckwith, Mildred Chaffee
Beckwith, Oliver E.
Beckwith, Pearl
Beckwith, S.
Beckwith, Sylvester
Beckwith, Theodore R.
Beckwith, Vivian B.
Becvar, Joseph
Becvar, Olive M.

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