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Inscription Index - Burd through Burn

Burd, Genevieve M.
Burd, James P.
Burden, Catherine 1 2
Burden, Edna
Burden, Edward O.
Burden, Harriett W.
Burden, Jay M.
Burden, Jessie C.
Burden, Jessie Gertrude
Burden, Mary A.
Burden, Morgan L. 1 2
Burdett, Edwin [Talcott]
Burdette, Anthony
Burdette, B. [Bentley]
Burdette, Marvin C.
Burdette, Rebecca Margaret
Burdge, Claude A.
Burdge, Jeannine M.
Burdge, Margaret Ann
Burdick, Adelaide
Burdick, Armilda N.
Burdick, Clarence A.
Burdick, Dalton Cecil
Burdick, Elbert J.
Burdick, Eliza A. Pope 1 2
Burdick, Genie A. 1 2
Burdick, Gertrude
Burdick, Harrison
Burdick, Harta
Burdick, Henry
Burdick, Huldah
Burdick, Ida M.
Burdick, Jewett
Burdick, Jewitt
Burdick, Jewitt Jr.
Burdick, Johnie E. 1 2
Burdick, Lizzie A. 1 2
Burdick, Martha Quirk
Burdick, Mary A.
Burdick, Mary A. Nolan
Burdick, Mother
Burdick, W. Harrison
Burdick, Wm. H.
Burdicott, Adam
Burdicott, Barbara
Burdicott, John
Burdicott, Martin
Burdicott, Martin, Jr.
Burdicott, Mary
Burg, Jean E. McCrone
Burgan, Eugene C.
Burgan, Mildred L.
Burge, Emma P.
Burge, Martha B. Olson
Burge, Willard
Burger, Anna
Burger, Ida
Burger, Louis
Burger, Maggie
Burger, William
Burgess, [Herrick] 1 2
Burgess, Alvin
Burgess, Alvin, Rev.
Burgess, Clara
Burgess, Clara Jewett
Burgess, Clarence
Burgess, Clarence Howe
Burgess, Clifford T.
Burgess, Cora L.T.
Burgess, Cora Louise Turney
Burgess, Father
Burgess, Gordon C.
Burgess, L. C. Howe
Burgess, L. Cordelia
Burgess, Millie 1 2
Burgess, Mother
Burgess, Nathan A.
Burgess, Perry 1 2
Burgess, Sarah H. [Woodworth]
Burgess, Thelma
Burgess, Vernice
Burgess, Virginia D.
Burgess, Wyndham
Burggraf, Luise O.
Burghardt, Alexander J.
Burghardt, Lillian H.
Burgin, Mary P.
Burhanna, Carl H.
Burhanna, Edward M.
Burhanna, Margaret G.
Burhanna, Virginia
Burhans, Willis E.
Burich, [William]
Burich, George N.
Burich, Scott L.
Burich, Sylvia G.
Buridge, Louise [McLeod]
Buritzki, Bertha
Burja, Angela
Burja, John
Burk, Cynthia [Logan]
Burk, Edward P.
Burk, Grace E.
Burk, James R.
Burk, Stephen R.
Burke, Anna
Burke ?, Bowen
Burke, Donald R.
Burke ?, Father
Burke, Flora
Burke, George
Burke, Harold F.
Burke, Janice E.
Burke, John J.
Burke, Julia
Burke, Margaret 1 2
Burke, Mary [Sabel]
Burke ?, Mother
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Quata [Beutler]
Burke ?, Sally
Burke, Winnifred M.
Burket, Patricia Louise
Burkey, Arletta M.
Burkey, David S.
Burkey, John C.
Burkey, Lois E.
Burkey, Rose [Lutz]
Burkhammer, Anna K.
Burkhammer, Rose Mary
Burkhammer, Troy S.
Burkhardt, Alfred R.
Burkhardt, Jeanne P.
Burkhardt, Marie J.
Burkhardt, Peggy Anne
Burkhardt, William H.
Burkhart, Charles
Burkhart, Freda E.
Burkhart, Mace C.
Burkhart, Nancy M.
Burkhart, Nettie M.
Burkhart, Samuel H.
Burkhart, Scott H.
Burkholder, Adelia Pearl
Burkholder, Alden H.
Burkholder, Baby boy
Burkholder, Carl E.
Burkholder, Caroline
Burkholder, Dorothy L.
Burkholder, E. Jane
Burkholder, Elton Oliver
Burkholder, Harry
Burkholder, Harry E.
Burkholder, Herbert E.
Burkholder, Howard C.
Burkholder, Jane E.
Burkholder, Leroy William
Burkholder, Louise Adelia
Burkholder, Mary E. Kurtz
Burkholder, Mary H.
Burkholder, Nellie V.
Burkholder, Roy E.
Burkholder, Ruth J.
Burkholder, William B.
Burks, Mary Evelyn
Burks, William M.
Burless, Joseph
Burless, Mary Ann
Burless, Mary Ann [Kovell]
Burley, Jesse James
Burlingame, Abigail
Burmeister, Doretta
Burmeister, Elwin
Burnak, Michael G.
Burner, Betsy Lynn
Burner, Phyllis D.
Burner, Ronald J.
Burner, William R.
Burnett, Albert D.
Burnett, Basha P.
Burnett, Clinton
Burnett, Dora L.
Burnett, Edward E.
Burnett, Emma C.
Burnett, Emma L.
Burnett, Frances
Burnett, Grace A. Wheeler
Burnett, Hazel L.
Burnett, Howard M.
Burnett, Joan [Adams]
Burnett, John A.
Burnett, John C.
Burnett, Josephine L.
Burnett, Lucius
Burnett, Lucius C.
Burnett, Margaret
Burnett, Minnie [Day]
Burnett, Robert F.
Burnett, Rose A.
Burnett, Sidney [Tryon]
Burnett, William I.
Burnette, Amy Jo
Burnette, Charles Ray
Burnette, Claude W.
Burnette, Hazel B.
Burnette, Homer H.
Burnette, James Henry
Burnette, Kenneth W.
Burnette, Marvin M.
Burnette, Mildred V.
Burnham, Clara Dunton
Burnham, F. L.
Burnham, Florence L.
Burnham, Frank S.
Burnham, Gertrude
Burnham, Hannah S.
Burnham, Harry M.
Burnham, Joseph W.
Burnham, Leo [Davis]
Burnham, Lewis
Burnham, Marshall Y.
Burnham ?, Nina B.
Burnham, Rose
Burnham, Rose C.
Burnham, Sarah
Burnham, Sarah L.
Burnham, Seth M.
Burnheimer, Harry E. 1 2
Burnheimer, Minnie H.
Burnheimer, Pauline Z.
Burnheimer, R. R.
Burnheimer, Ruth N.
Burnita, Grace [Sample]
Burns, Adelaide R.
Burns or Perkins, Albert C.
Burns, Aubra C.
Burns, Bertha G.
Burns, Bridget
Burns, Caroline A. [Quirk] 1 2
Burns, Carrie M.
Burns, Catharine
Burns, Crystal R.[ O'Toole]
Burns, Dennis C.
Burns, Dorothy M.
Burns, Edwin R. 1 2
Burns, Effie O.
Burns, Eleanor R.
Burns, Elizabeth J.
Burns, Ella D.
Burns, Emeline 1 2
Burns, Emma
Burns, Eva Ferguson [Wheeler]
Burns, Fanny
Burns, Francis
Burns, Francis M.
Burns, Geo. W.
Burns, George E.
Burns, George W.
Burns, Gilbert
Burns, Grace Cramer
Burns, Harriett E.
Burns, Helen Bryner
Burns, Imogene
Burns, James
Burns, James R.
Burns, Jane
Burns, Jane [Wells]
Burns, John G.
Burns, John R. 1 2
Burns, John T.
Burns, Joseph
Burns, Lawrence E.
Burns, Mamie E. [Pope]
Burns, Margaret [Shea]
Burns, Margaret H.
Burns, Mary [Rider]
Burns, Mary Ann
Burns, Mary E. 1 2 3 4
Burns, Mary F.
Burns, Mary Jane
Burns, Nellie D. 1 2
Burns, Nelson L. 1 2 3
Burns, Pat'k
Burns, Patrick H.
Burns, Ralph O.
Burns, Robert 1 2 3
Burns, Robert H. 1 2
Burns, Robert W.
Burns, Robert Winfield
Burns, Samuel P.
Burns, Sarah Davis 1 2
Burns, Tamira J.
Burns, Woodrow W.

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