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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Buro through Bz

Burr 1 2
Burr, Alice M.
Burr, Almira [Taylor]
Burr, Aurelia [Opper]
Burr, Betty L.
Burr, Charles
Burr, Charles [Teachout]
Burr, Chas. Carroll
Burr, Chas. E.
Burr, Clara L.
Burr, Clare L.
Burr, Clarence L. Sr.
Burr, Cora [Thayer]
Burr, D.
Burr, Dan S.
Burr, David
Burr, Dorothy A.
Burr, Edith M.
Burr, [?] Edward
Burr, Elizabeth
Burr, Ella B.
Burr, Emeline [Teachout]
Burr, Emma M.
Burr, Eulalia [Baker]
Burr, Eva M.
Burr, Father
Burr, Franklin
Burr, Fred T.
Burr, G. [Turney]
Burr, G. Wilson "Bill"
Burr, Hellen B.[or D.]
Burr, Hellen M.
Burr, Howard S.
Burr, Huldah
Burr, Huldah A.
Burr, John I.
Burr, John I. Jr.
Burr, Jonathan
Burr, Julia
Burr, Justin J.
Burr, K. Leona
Burr, Lucinda
Burr, Lucretia M.
Burr, M.
Burr, Marion G. Moseley
Burr, [?] Martha
Burr, Mary A.
Burr, Mary F. [Zalanka]
Burr, Minnie [Woodford]
Burr, Minnie M.
Burr, Mother
Burr, Nancy
Burr, Nathan F. 1 2
Burr, Patricia L.
Burr, Polly
Burr, Robert 1 2
Burr, Roswell
Burr, Ruby [Rust]
Burr, Sarah 1 2
Burr, Seymour D. 1 2
Burr, Stephen [Baker]
Burr, T. [Belden]
Burr, Theodore
Burr, Welthy
Burrall, Charles [Rockwell]
Burrell, H. [Courtwright]
Burrell, Mary [Norton]
Burress, Robert M.
Burridge, Aldens
Burridge, Alice
Burridge, Arthur
Burridge, Betsey [Stockwell]
Burridge , [?] Catherine [Klatt]
Burridge, [?] Catherine Belle
Burridge, Charles H.
Burridge, Cora Herrick
Burridge, David
Burridge, Edward [Hrabak]
Burridge, Ehrick P.
Burridge, Elazer
Burridge, Eleazer
Burridge, [?] Eleazer
Burridge, Eliza [Garfield]
Burridge, Frances M.
Burridge, Frank E.
Burridge, Frank Parmly
Burridge, George B.
Burridge, George P.
Burridge, Hannah
Burridge, Harry R.
Burridge, Hazel [Limback]
Burridge, Helen [Hrabak]
Burridge, Huldah
Burridge, Kate M.
Burridge, Kenneth
Burridge, Levi S.
Burridge, M. Belle
Burridge, Mabel
Burridge, Margaret M.
Burridge, Margery Jean
Burridge, Mary E.
Burridge, Merle E.
Burridge, Ned H.
Burridge, Polly [Murray]
Burridge, Samuel 1 2
Burridge, Samuel Sr.
Burridge, Sarah
Burrier, Jack Allen
Burritt, Bela [Seymour]
Burritt, E. [Bartlett]
Burroughs, G.
Burroughs, Gustavus
Burroughs, Harriet M.
Burroughs, Katei[?]
Burroughs, L.
Burroughs, Laura
Burroughs, S. Irene
Burroughs, S. N.
Burrows, Alfreda
Burrows, Claribil E.
Burrows, Etta
Burrows, Grace C.
Burrows, Harriet M.
Burrows, Jerome B.
Burrows, Jerome S.
Burrows, John J.
Burrows, Margaretta
Burrows, Nellie [Miller]
Burt, Alonzo
Burt, Arthur J.
Burt, Charles F.
Burt, David R.
Burt, Hattie L. [Waite]
Burt, Kenneth M.
Burt, Louis E.
Burt, Mildred E.
Burt, Myrtle M.
Burt, Nellie M. Cassell
Burt, Oliver F.
Burt, Rosalie A.
Burtis, George P.
Burtis, Stephan B.
Burton, A. [Paine]
Burton, Algy L.
Burton, Baby Boy
Burton, Barbara [Hoefler]
Burton, Beautye B.
Burton, Charles F.
Burton, E. [Whitcomb]
Burton, G. [Few]
Burton, George H.
Burton, Grove [Freeman]
Burton, Helen [Mayhew]
Burton, Helen Cole
Burton, J. [Tabor]
Burton, J. [Wheeler]
Burton, Jane L. 1 2
Burton, Lee L.
Burton, Mary
Burton, Robert O.
Burton, Susie
Burton, William J.
Busch, Anne
Busch, Elizabeth
Busch, Ernest
Busch, Jo Ann M.
Busch, Louis F.
Busch, Paul 1 2
Buser, Charles E.
Buser, Gladys H.
Bush, Mildred L.
Bush, Robert E.
Bush, Sophie J.
Bushey, Charles D.
Bushey, Grant A.
Bushey, Helen E.
Bushey, Melissa R.
Bushman, Lucina
Bushnell, Bessie E.
Bushnell, Betty F.
Bushnell, Celestia M. [Warner]
Bushnell, Claude E.
Bushnell, Cynthia D.
Bushnell, David H.
Bushnell, Dickie P., Jr.
Bushnell, Douglas E.
Bushnell, Earnest E.
Bushnell, Edward O.
Bushnell, Elaine L.
Bushnell, Howard E.
Bushnell, Mabel L.
Bushnell, Nancy Jane
Bushnell, Patricia Hadden
Bushnell, Richard P.
Bushnell, Robert L.
Bushnell, Ronald E.
Buss, Eugene [Abbott]
Buss, Frances A. [Herroon]
Buss, Helen W.
Buss, John A.
Buss, Sally [Carpenter]
Buss, Sally J.
Buss, Vincent T.
Busser, Frank S.
Busser, Robert
Bussey, Donald [Lightner]
Butas, Virginia M.
Butchan, Anna
Butchan, Nick
Butchart, Jean M. [Davis]
Butcheck, Edwin M.
Butcheck, John P.
Butcher, baby girl
Butcher, Charlene J.
Butcher, Elizabeth J.
Butcher, Eugene A Sr.
Butcher, Farrell R.
Butcher, George L.
Butcher, Grace L.
Butcher, Helen A.
Butcher, James A.
Butcher, Joseph
Butcher, Margaret
Butcher, Natalie Suzanne
Butcher, Sallie
Butcher, Walter K.
Butcher, William K.
Butchock, Dora M.
Butchock, Samuel
Butcke, Herman J.
Butcke, Margery G.
Butler, ____
Butler, Alice S.
Butler, Bernard L.
Butler, Buel 1 2
Butler, Clara
Butler, Clara I.
Butler, Daniel W. Jr.
Butler, Dorothy Freshley
Butler, Eleanor J. [Spear]
Butler, Eliza J.
Butler, Emma Eliza
Butler, Ethelyn A.
Butler, Geo. B.
Butler, George
Butler, Jacob W.
Butler, John 1 2
Butler, Kathrine
Butler, Lee E.
Butler, Leland Jack
Butler, Linda B.
Butler, Lizzie
Butler, Lizzie L.
Butler, Mary A.
Butler, Mary P.
Butler, Maurice F.
Butler, Nellie M.
Butler, Nelly E
Butler, Nina Hausch
Butler, Orville I.
Butler, Ralph
Butler, Ralph D.
Butler, Raymond F.
Butler, Robert L.
Butler, Samuel [Parker]
Butler, Sarah
Butler, Sarah E. Durand
Butler, Sarah E. M.
Butler, Thaddeus
Butler, Thaddeus K.
Butler, Tirza
Butsko, Andrew S.
Butt, Maude M.
Buttari, Carmen
Buttari, Susie
Butte, Robert Lynn
Butterfield, Adeline H. [Parker]
Butterfield, Agnes E.
Butterfield, [?] Alice
Butterfield, Arvilla
Butterfield, Austin
Butterfield, Caroline M. [Coolidge]
Butterfield, Floyd
Butterfield, Grace Emmert
Butterfield, Harriet A. [Dow]
Butterfield, Helen E. [Thomson]
Butterfield, James C.
Butterfield, Jane C.
Butterfield, Joseph V.
Butterfield, Joseph W.
Butterfield, Julia A. Barrows
Butterfield, Mary J.
Butterfield, Patty B.
Butterfield, Wilder
Butterman, Ella
Buttermore, Eliza
Buttermore, James
Buttermore, Mina S.
Buttermore, Mize E.
Buttermore, Samuel
Button, Albert
Button, Alice F.
Button, Artie
Button, Clara
Button, Elijah 1 2
Button, Mary Ann 1 2
Butts, Alden C.
Butts, Elizabeth L.
Buttwin, Joseph E.
Buturlov, Algird
Buturlov, Juliana
Buxton, Alice R.
Buyer, Ben
Buyer, Charlotte
Buyer, Edith [Thomas]
Buyer, Eleanore E.
Buyer, Eugene C.
Buys, Annie
Buys, Horatio N.
Buys, John
Buys, Margaret
Bye, Donna M.
Bye, Gary [Bukky]
Bye, Henry F.
Byers, Alice L.
Byers, Charles H.
Byers, Herschel O.
Byers, Janis Lynne
Byers, June Y.
Byers, Margaret M.
Byers, Richard H.
Byers, Richard Red
Byers, Ruth A.
Byers, Seth W.
Byler, Ellie
Byler, Henry
Byles, Julius
Byles, Julius [Axtell]
Byles, M. A.
Byles, M. Agnes
Byles, M. Hale
Byles, Mary A. [Axtell]
Byles, Mary Axtell
Byles, Matthew H.
Byles, P. A.
Byles, Ralph P.
Bylund, Miriam M.
Byne, Ida S.
Byrd, George P.
Byrd, M. [Maddrell]
Byrd, Mary
Byrd, Robert H.
Byrd, Stella M.
Byrd, Walter
Byrn, Dorothy M.
Byrn, Frank A.
Byrn, Harold
Byrn, Myrtle P.
Byrnes, Joan M.
Byrnes, John E. "Jack"
Byrns, Ann Mariah
Byrns, Caroline E. [Brooks]
Byrns, Clifford
Byrns, Edna J.
Byrns, Edna L.
Byrns, Frances [Snell]
Byrns, Frances E.
Byrns, Ida M.
Byrns, John
Byrns, John M.
Byrns, Kathryn
Byrns, Martha
Byrns, Mary A. [Pullman]
Byrns, Ralph E.
Byrns, Ray C.
Byrns, Robert
Byrns, Thaddeus W.
Bystranowski, Dorothy
Bystranowski, Henry
Bystranowski, John
Bystranowski, Julia
Bystranowski, Stanley
Bystrom, Bertha J.
Bystrom, Ernest P.
Bystrom, Paul
Bystrom, Pearl P.
Bystrom, Raymond
Bystrom, Stella
Bzinyak, Mary

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