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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - C through Camo



C., A. 1 2
C., A. C.
C., A. M.
C., C. M.
C., E.
C., E. A.
C., E. M.
C., Electa
C., J.
C., L.
C., M.
C., O. S.
C., R. A.
C., T.
C., W.
C., W. R.
Cable, Alvah Jr.
Cable, Burton H.
Cable, Isma A.
Cable, Marian
Caddick, Harry
Caddick, Leona M.
Cade, Alice Lee
Cadiou, Joseph M.
Cadiou, Nellie M.
Cadiou, Opal Gebeau
Cadle, Charles Longford
Cadle, Edmund
Cadle, Emily E.
Cadle, Fred Eugene
Cadle, Frederick E.
Cadle, Helen Shepherd
Cadle, Margaret D.
Cadle, Margaret Emily
Cadle, William P.
Cadmus, Minnie Jacks
Cadwell, Anne B.
Cadwell, Baby
Cadwell, Ellie M.
Cadwell, Ethel J.
Cadwell, Francis M.
Cadwell, Francis W.
Cadwell, Herbert H.
Cadwell, Luella L.
Cadwell, Mildred M.
Cadwell, Morell D.
Cadwell, Patricia [Pruce]
Cadwell, Pearl L.
Cadwell, Wallace H.
Cady, A. A.
Cady, Augusta J.
Cady, Carrie
Cady, Fordyce A.
Cady, Frances C.
Cady, Georgia [Williams]
Cady, Glenn M.
Cady, H.W.
Cady, Joseph
Cady, Josephine A. [Halstead]
Cady, Loretta E.
Cady, M. J.
Cady, Martha J.
Cady, Minerva
Cady, N. J.
Cady, Oscar H.
Cady, Phebe A.
Cady, Sylvia
Caffrey, Helen F.
Caffrey, Peter T.
Cage, Joann M.
Cahill, Clara Schreiber
Cahill, John Joseph, II
Cahill, John W.
Cahill, Kenneth L.
Cahill, Leslie E.
Cahill, Thomas Edward
Cahoon, Elizabeth
Cahoon, Mary [Smith]
Cahoon, Sally [Tanner]
Cahoon, William
Cain, Anna Caroline
Cain, Anna May
Cain, Edward
Cain, Elizabeth
Cain, Emma
Cain, Esther M. [McGee]
Cain, Harry J.
Cain, Helen J.
Cain, Isabella
Cain, Jack A.
Cain, John L.
Cain, Kathleen Saah
Cain, William
Cain, William R.
Caine, Ann Corlett
Caine, Christiana [Corlett]
Caine, Harriet A.
Caine, Marquita [Sofrank]
Caine, Owen J.
Caine, Richard W.
Caine, Robert [Zahn]
Caine, Sheila A.
Caione, Pasquale
Caione, Rose
Cairns, Dorothy L.
Cajhen, Andy
Cajhen, Mary
Calabrace, Alice M.
Calaway, Elizabeth M.
Calaway, Raymond F.
Caldarino, Nick 1 2
Caldarino, Sarah
Caldarino, Sarah [Fatica]
Calder, Lola Bennett
Caldwell, Addie L.
Caldwell, Bertha [Wilson]
Caldwell, Betty L.
Caldwell, Carrie L.
Caldwell, Cecil D.
Caldwell, Cecil M.
Caldwell, David F.
Caldwell, DeEtta C.
Caldwell, Frank A.
Caldwell, George
Caldwell, Hugh
Caldwell, Lisle H.
Caldwell, Marjorie R.
Caldwell, Mary
Caldwell, Merrill E.
Caldwell, Patricia I.
Caldwell, Paul Jr.
Caldwell, Robert W.
Caldwell, Ruth L.
Caley, Ann
Caley, Infant
Caley, Wm.
Calhoun, Cathleen Lynn
Calhoun, Drawdy L.
Calhoun, Drawdy L. Jr.
Calhoun, Emma R.
Calhoun, Freda Rose
Calhoun, Joseph W. Sr.
Calhoun, Marinel [Speros]
Calhoun, Tommie Lee
Caligiuri, Maria
Caligiuri, Vincent
Calkins, Almira [Garrett]
Calkins, Edward
Calkins, Emma L.
Calkins, James [Cannon]
Calkins, Karen Sue
Calkins, Onita [Taft]
Calkins, Timothy M.
Call, Ada R.
Call, Addison D. 1 2
Call, Adelia M. 1 2
Call, Albert W.
Call, Amherst 1 2
Call, Amherst W. 1 2
Call, Arit B. 1 2
Call, Benjamin Franklin
Call, Betsey
Call, Caroline [White]
Call, Charles W.
Call, Claire N.
Call, Cora [Day]
Call, Delmer W. 1 2
Call, Dora [Parr]
Call, Effaline
Call, Elermo R.
Call, Elizabeth
Call, Elizabeth C.
Call, Elizabeth K.
Call, Emily
Call, Ernest N.
Call, Eunice M. 1 2
Call, Florence M.
Call, Frances M. "May"
Call, Francis M.
Call, Frank N.
Call, George H.
Call, George V.
Call, H. D.
Call, Helen D.
Call, Infant daughter
Call, Infant son
Call, James A.
Call, James G.
Call, Jessie L. 1 2
Call, John L.
Call, Joseph 1 2
Call, Lewis L.
Call, Lloyd R.
Call, Lois
Call, Loran
Call, Lorena D.
Call, Lovina S.
Call, Lovisa J.
Call, Lydia K.
Call, Lyman P.
Call, Marion O.
Call, Martha
Call, Martha M.
Call, Melvin G.
Call, Myrtle E.
Call, Obed W.
Call, Olive
Call, Olive Sinclair
Call, Prudelia
Call, Robert C.
Call, Ronald D.
Call, Rosa M.
Call, Rose H.
Call, Rosemary J.
Call, Ruby Kneale
Call, Rufus
Call, Rufus, Jr.
Call, Sabrina R. [Case]
Call, Solon W. 1 2
Call, Uriah 1 2
Call, Urial
Call, William
Call, William H.
Callahan, Eliza A.
Callahan, Ellen
Callahan, Michael W.
Callahan, Michelle
Callaher, Josephine
Callaher, Thomas Maurice
Callander, Abigail Jane Morgan
Callander, George F. 1 2
Callander, Sibyl T.
Callard, Francis H.
Callendar, Concetta
Callendar, Felix J.
Callender, A.J. 1 2
Callender, Allen H.
Callender, Amos A.
Callender, Belle L.
Callender, Bessie
Callender, C.E.
Callender, Carl A.
Callender, Cora E.
Callender, Cynthia F.
Callender, Edna C.
Callender, Edward T.
Callender, Emma
Callender, Ernest A.
Callender, Eugene Arthur
Callender, Frank
Callender, G.F.
Callender, Harriet [Rexford]
Callender, Harry K.
Callender, Helen A.
Callender, Helen Tanswell
Callender, Irene
Callender, J.E.
Callender, John H.
Callender, Joseph
Callender, Lillian A.
Callender, Marian M.
Callender, Marie
Callender, Mary
Callender, Mattie H.
Callender, Nellie K.
Callender, Sarah Spring
Callender, Teresa M.
Callender, Victor A.
Callender, Viva Manley
Callinan, Delia
Callow, Alice L.
Callow, Clark H.
Callow, Cora A.
Callow, E. Glenn
Callow, Edmund
Callow, Edward [Robison]
Callow, Edwin A.
Callow, Elizabeth
Callow, Father
Callow, Grace D.
Callow, Hannah D.
Callow, Helen A.
Callow, Henry F.
Callow, James J.
Callow, Jane Quine
Callow, Jas. S.
Callow, John Jack Sr.
Callow, Lee J.
Callow, Lena M.
Callow, Linnie [Robison]
Callow, Margaret
Callow, Mary
Callow, Mary E.
Callow, Mary J. [Wright]
Callow, Mother
Callow, Rose M.
Callow, Sophia L.
Callow, William, Jr.
Callow, Wm
Calloway, Margaret
Calogero, Francesco
Calow, Mary
Calta, Annelise
Calta, Elmer P.
Caluzo, Mary E.
Calvary, Francis [Hammond]
Calvert, Denise L.
Calvert, Flora 1 2
Calvert, Florence [Clegg]
Calvert, George M.
Calvert, John
Calvert, Lois D.
Calvert, Steven Lane
Calvert, William
Calvin, James [Campbell]
Calvin, John [Patterson]
Calvo, Caecilia
Calvo, Joaquin
Calwell, Abijah
Calwell, Amanda
Calwell, Anna
Calwell, George
Calwell, Helen [Lockwood]
Camel, James
Cameron, Denise D.
Cameron, Elizabeth
Cameron, Flora M. [Mercavich]
Cameron, Harry S.
Cameron, Hattie W.
Cameron, Helen A.
Cameron, James A.
Cameron, Jeffrey R.
Cameron, John
Cameron, John M.
Cameron, John Robert
Cameron, Leonard L.
Cameron, Lester D.
Cameron, Louise D.
Cameron, Mable M.
Cameron, Neal
Cameron, Pearl R.
Cameron, Ronald Jason
Cameron, Shirley
Cameron, Shirley R.
Cameron, Verna E.
Cameron, Zoe S.
Camm, Helen B.
Camm, John A.

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