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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Char through Ck

Chard, Ivan C.
Chard, Willard B.
Charette, Lucienne
Charette, Melvina
Charette, Theophile
Charles, Dennis
Charlton, Arthur F
Chartier, Eugene E.
Chase, A.
Chase, Abbie [Kelley]
Chase, Abbie B. [Kelley]
Chase, Alisa Richell
Chase, Allen B.
Chase, Ann
Chase, Baby
Chase, C.
Chase, Charles
Chase, Edward T.
Chase, Eileen E.
Chase, Gladys L.
Chase, Harrington [Clokey]
Chase, Henry
Chase, J.
Chase, James S.
Chase, Jane
Chase, Jane A. [Dobbs]
Chase, John W.
Chase, Joseph
Chase, Lewis A.
Chase, Marie F.
Chase, Marion E.
Chase, Martha Andrews
Chase, Melvin B.
Chase, Nellie A. [Ensign]
Chase, R.
Chase, Ruth
Chebra, John
Chebra, Margaret
Cheeseman, Blanche M.
Cheeseman, Lawrence
Cheeseman, Seva H.
Chegwidden, Ernest C.
Chegwidden, Katherine E.
Cheiky, Anna
Cheiky, Joseph
Cheiky, Mike C.
Chek, Son
Chemin, Kathryn Buhlert
Chemin, Peter
Cheney, Betsey B.
Cheney, Clarinda [Wilder]
Cheney, Grace [Lozier]
Cheney, Huldah
Cheney, J. T.
Cheney, John C.
Cheney, John T.
Cheney, Ruth M.
Cheney, Sylvania Severance
Cheney, W. N.
Cherman, David L.
Cherman, Minnie A.
Chernushin, Boris
Chernushin, Carolyn
Cherny, Beatrice
Cherry, Albert Miles
Cherry, Eunice Mulcahy
Cherry, Florence L. [King]
Chervenak, Rebecca Ann [Wilkerson-Chervenak]
Chesbro, Ellis Eugene
Chesbro, Ellis J.
Chesbrough, Ellen [Bell]
Chesbrough, Katherine Adams
Chesbrough, Phrania
Chesnes, Emily
Chesney, Benj. D.
Chesney, Benjamin E.
Chesney, Bennie L.
Chesney, Charles P.
Chesney, Eliza M.
Chesney, H. [Gould]
Chesney, L.K.
Chesney, Lemuella K.
Chesney, Mary [Mitchell]
Chesney, Mary Gray [Riblet]
Chesnik, Blanche
Chesnik, Frank
Chester, Erastus
Chester, Harry
Chester, Mary
Chester, Mary Metcalf 1 2
Chew, Edythe F. "Betty"
Chew, Esther
Chew, William
Chiappone, Agata Ida
Chiappone, Angela
Chiappone, Anthony
Chiappone, Carmella
Chiappone, Charles R. 1 2
Chiappone, Evelyn M.
Chiappone, Frances
Chiappone, Frank
Chiappone, Gaetano
Chiappone, Ignatius
Chiappone, Irene J.
Chiappone, Jeffrey F.
Chiappone, Joseph A.
Chiappone, Mary Rose
Chiappone, Philip C.
Chiappone, Rosemary
Chiappone, Ruth H.
Chiappone, Thomas J. 1 2
Chicarell, Janise A.
Chicketti, Alfonso
Chicketti, Frank A.
Chicketti, Jenn Morgan
Chicketti, Lucy M.
Chicketti, Maria
Chicketti, Mark F.
Chicketti, Sharon
Chidsey, Charles H.
Chidsey, Delia J.
Child 1 2
Child, A. G.
Child, Agnes [Knox]
Child, Alfred G. 1 2
Child, Alma S.
Child, Ann 1 2
Child, Bertha W.
Child, C. O.
Child, Carlos [Knox]
Child, Carlos O.
Child, Charlotte
Child, Charlotte Teece
Child, Fanny
Child, George
Child, Gladys [Frazier]
Child, Helen R.
Child, Henry W.
Child, Irma Mae
Child, John 1 2
Child, John E.
Child, Laura B. 1 2
Child, Lucy S.
Child, Marilynn L
Child, Mary A.
Child, Mary G. 1 2
Child, Millie
Child [?], Millie F. [Peterson]
Child, Nellie E.
Child, Nettie M.
Child, Robert M.
Child, Roland E.
Child, Sarah [Golding]
Child, Theda [West]
Child, Thomas
Child, Wayne E.
Child, William R.
Childress, Edith M. Church
Childress, Maria T.
Childs 1 2 3
Childs, Abigail
Childs, Agnes J.
Childs, Alice L. [Schreiber]
Childs, Allan
Childs, Allan F.
Childs, Asa 1 2
Childs, Asa S.
Childs, Barbara J.
Childs, Belle [Warner]
Childs, Brainerd A.
Childs, Charles
Childs, Daniel L.
Childs, Debbie Kirby [Wheelie]
Childs, E. June Ahlstrom
Childs, Elizabeth
Childs, Ella B.
Childs, Ellen B.
Childs, Ellen B. Merriman
Childs, Eloise
Childs, Florence P.
Childs, Franz [Warner]
Childs, George T.
Childs, Gertrude A.
Childs, Harry M. 1 2
Childs, Infant Daughter
Childs, Irwin S.
Childs, M [Warner]
Childs, Marena T.
Childs, Maude E. Ferguson
Childs, Minnie [Price]
Childs, Phillip R.
Childs, Robert O.
Childs, Robertus
Childs, Sabra
Childs, Sarah B.
Childs, Sarah Bond
Childs, Sarah J.
Childs, Thankful R. McClure
Childs, William C.
Childs, William G.
Childs, William J.
Chilson, Bertha Clayton
Chilson, Charles E.
Chilson, Edgar D.
Chilson, Eleanor Clayton
Chilson, Frank B.
Chilson, Julia Lamar
Chilson, Mary E.
Chilson, Willis Edmund
Chilton, A. [Sylvester]
Chimney, Edward J.
Chimney, Lillian M.
Chinchar, Frank A.
Chinchar, Lillian B.
Chisholm, Helen [Halle]
Chisolm, [Halle]
Chittock, Effie
Chittock, Richard D.
Chizmar, Joseph Patrick
Chmelar, Emil George
Choate, Ara E.
Choate, Joseph B.
Choate, Thelma L.
Choka, Elizabeth M
Choka, Joseph
Choka, Joseph R.
Cholmondeley, Andrea Lee
Cholmondeley, Clinton E.
Cholmondeley, Edith I.
Cholmondeley, Gordon E.
Cholmondeley, Patricia M.
Chom, Alex J.
Chom, Joseph Alex
Chom, Mary A.
Chop, Elizabeth
Chop, John C.
Chopp, James H.
Chorman, Edwin C.
Chorman, Lucy G.
Chrestensen, Amelia C.
Chrestensen, E. Bertha
Chrestensen, Ernst C.
Chrestensen, Jess
Christain, Clara J.
Christen, Mary E.
Christensen, Anders E.
Christensen, Jenny
Christian, Ada
Christian, Carle E., Dr.
Christian, Charles Henry
Christian, Grace E.
Christian, Lloyd P. 1 2
Christian, Maurice A.
Christian, Rosella Julia
Christian, William W.
Christiansen, Caryl L.
Christie, Margaret A.
Christison, Francis E.
Christman, Helene [Hetzler]
Christoff, Veronica E. [Rowell]
Christopher, Florence Marie
Christopher, James R.
Christopher, Margaret Louisa
Christopher, Michael
Christy, Alberta C. Lilley
Christy, James C.
Christy, Judith M.
Christy, Lloyd E
Christy, Sally A. Viall
Chubb, Clifford P.
Chubb, Clifford Stewart
Chubb, Elizabeth
Chubb, Elizabeth Weintz
Chubb, Florence Dresch
Chubb, Ivah A.
Chubb, William
Chuka, Anna
Chuka, John
Chuka, Joseph
Chuka, Margaret
Chuka, Stephen
Chukayne, Joyce H.
Chukayne, Robert J.
Chula, Geraldine L.
Chupick, Steve James
Church 1 2 3
Church, Alvord
Church, Amelia A.
Church, Amos R.
Church, Andrew T.
Church, Augusta Smith
Church, Bruce B.
Church, Charles Herbert
Church, Christiana Johnson
Church, Clifford
Church, Dana E.
Church, Edith M. [Childress]
Church, Elinore L.
Church, Eunice Boltwood [Dexter]
Church, Eva
Church, Everett S.
Church, George W.
Church, Gertrude [Hausch]
Church, Gladys [Whaley]
Church, Herbert L.
Church, Ione B.
Church, John 1 2
Church, John Asa
Church, John B.
Church, John P
Church, Julia Whiting
Church, Katherine C.
Church, Lizzie H.
Church, Lois Dorcas [Canfield]
Church, Louise
Church, Lucinda 1 2
Church, Raymond [Shepard]
Church, Rosalinda C.
Church, Ruth
Church, Sylvia [Benedict]
Church, W. P. 1 2
Church, Walter C. 1 2
Church, Willis B.
Churchill, Addie E.
Churchill, Anna
Churchill, Belle Ely
Churchill, Byron F.
Churchill, Carrie [McLeod]
Churchill, Francis
Churchill, Lydia M.
Churchill, Ruby [Parmelee]
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Samuel, Jr.
Churchward, Cynthia T.
Churchward, Cynthia Teachout
Churchward, Lizzie B.
Chutas, Rupert
Chutas, Stella
Ciancibello, Douglas Jr.
Ciancibello, James
Ciancibello, Laura
Ciancibello, Lester M.
Ciancibello, Robert P.
Ciancibello, Theresa
Cianfaglione, Joseph N.
Cianfaglione, Margaret V.
Cianfaglione, Nelda M.
Cianfaglione, William J.
Ciariello, Anne G.
Ciariello, Frank
Ciarlariello, John
Cibak, Mildred
Cibak, Nickolas J.
Cicchinelli, Romeo
Cicconetti, Angela M.
Cicconetti, Anthony L.
Cicconetti, Antonio
Cicconetti, Grace
Cicconetti, Ralph D.
Cicirelli, Catherine R.
Cicirelli, Frank
Cicirelli, Katherine
Cicirelli, Norma G. [Intorcio]
Cicirelli, Orlando
Cicirelli, Roland M.
Cicirelli, Veronica M.
Cieslinski, Helen
Cieslinski, John S.
Cimaglio, Angilo
Cimaglio, Antoinette [Prezioso]
Cimaglio, Nick
Cimino, Charles G.
Cimino, Dorothy L.
Cimino, Linda
Cimino, Natalie
Cinke, Elizabeth
Cinke, Elizabeth T.
Cinke, John
Cinke, John Jr.
Cinke, Margaret L.
Cintula, John K. 1 2
Ciranko, Dazo H.
Ciranko, Erma
Ciranko, Helen
Ciranko, John G.
Cirhan, James
Cirhan, Mary
Cirino, Louise A.
Cirino, Louise M.
Cirino, Nick A.
Cirino, Victor J.
Citerley, Abraham
Citerley, Delila [Clark]
Citerley, Elizabeth
Citerley ?, Father
Citerley, Juliana Clark
Citerley ?, Mother
Ciulla, Frank W.
Cizkovsky, Joseph
Cizkovsky, Marie

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