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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Cl through Cld

Clack, Dorothy [Marshall]
Clack, Eliza
Clack, Raymond Paul
Clack, Thomas
Clague, Dorothy J.
Clague, Edward
Clague, Edward J. 1 2 3
Clague, Eliza A.
Clague, Eliza Ann
Clague, Father
Clague, Harry S.
Clague, J. R.
Clague, James
Clague, John 1 2
Clague, John R.
Clague, Letitia Corlett 1 2
Clague, Letitia M. [Garrett]
Clague, Mother
Clague, Susan
Clague, Susan C.
Clair, Anna C.
Clair, Estella A.
Clair, Jerry
Clair, John F. Sr.
Clair, Mary
Clair, Patrick
Clair, Winnifred [Davis]
Clairmont, Jaunita
Clairmont, Louie A.
Clairy, Bridget
Clairy, Margaret
Clairy, Michael
Clapacs, Gary Paul
Clapacs, Joseph T.
Clapacs, Ruth N.
Clapp, Abner
Clapp, Agnes
Clapp, Agnes Virginia
Clapp, Amasa 1 2
Clapp, Amelia F. Curtis
Clapp, Caroline
Clapp, Catherine G.
Clapp, Charles H.
Clapp, Charles Payson
Clapp, Chester
Clapp, Climenia N. Benjamin
Clapp, Elah S.
Clapp, Eliza J. Scott
Clapp, Emerson
Clapp, Emma S.
Clapp, Ethel S.
Clapp, Frank A.
Clapp, George C.
Clapp, Georgia A.
Clapp, Georgia Ann
Clapp, H. H.
Clapp, Henry H.
Clapp, infant son
Clapp, Jane Caroline
Clapp, Jessie
Clapp, Jessie Campbell
Clapp, John W. 1 2
Clapp, June Mog
Clapp, L. B.
Clapp, Lorinda B.
Clapp, Lucy
Clapp, Lucy Ann Randall
Clapp, Mary E.
Clapp, Matthew
Clapp, Matthew Smith
Clapp, Mercy
Clapp, Mirancy A.
Clapp ?, Nina B.
Clapp, O.
Clapp, Octava [Foster] 1 2
Clapp, Orris
Clapp, Orris Jr.
Clapp, P. B.
Clapp, Phebe
Clapp, Phebe Ann
Clapp, Phebe B.
Clapp, Phebe P. 1 2
Clapp, Rebecca French [McMillen]
Clapp, Richard B.
Clapp, Richmond 1 2
Clapp, Roy [Fifield]
Clapp, S. N.
Clapp, Saphronia [Carter]
Clapp, Sophia
Clapp, Sophia E. Beebe
Clapp, Statira N.
Clapp, T. J.
Clapp, Thomas Campbell
Clapp, Thomas J.
Clapsadel, Abby Jane
Clapsadel, Eddy H.
Clapsadel, Eddy Hall
Clapsadel, F. 1 2
Clapsadel, Jane
Clapsadel, Jennie L.
Clapsadel, Joseph
Clapsadel, May
Clapsadel, May M.
Clapsadl, Joseph D.
Clark 1 2 3 4 5
Clark, [Worrallo]
Clark, Adam 1 2
Clark, Adeliza
Clark, Agnes A.
Clark, Agnes E.
Clark, Ahira 1 2
Clark, Albert
Clark, Albert W.
Clark, Alfred
Clark, Alfred P.
Clark, Almena [Nye]
Clark, Alpheus [Russell]
Clark, Alvin F.
Clark, Amanda
Clark, Angelica M.
Clark, Anna B.
Clark, Annah M.
Clark, Antonette H.
Clark, Arthur 1 2
Clark, Arthur C.
Clark, Asaph D.
Clark, Audrey
Clark, Barbara J.
Clark, Bartlett A.
Clark, Bernice
Clark, Bertha E.
Clark, Bettye
Clark, Bonnie Frohman
Clark, Brett [Sielaff]
Clark, Carl L.
Clark, Cecelia T.
Clark, Charles H.
Clark, Charles Lewis
Clark, Charlotte R.
Clark, Clayton
Clark, Clifton
Clark, Climena C. Jennings
Clark, Clinton D.
Clark, Codie
Clark, Cora E. 1 2
Clark, Cornelia
Clark, Cynthia L.
Clark, David [Beall]
Clark, Delila Citerley
Clark, Dennis J.
Clark, Donald S.
Clark, Dora A.
Clark, Dorothy L. 1 2
Clark, Dorothy M.
Clark, Dorothy Mae
Clark, Edgar L.
Clark, Eleanor 1 2
Clark, Eleanor I. [Diamond]
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Elizabeth A.
Clark, Elizabeth B.
Clark, Elizabeth E.
Clark, Ellen G.
Clark, Ellen P.
Clark, Elmer J.
Clark, Elmer R.
Clark, Emily
Clark, Emma
Clark, Emma Skinner
Clark, Estelle E.
Clark, Esther
Clark, Ethel C.
Clark, Eva
Clark, Evelyn P.
Clark, Fannie B.
Clark, Father
Clark, Florence P.
Clark, Frances S.
Clark, Frances Stiles
Clark, Frank C.
Clark, Frank H.
Clark, Frank M.
Clark, Frankie
Clark, Franklin
Clark, Fred Elbert Sr.
Clark, G. [Hoover]
Clark, Gary L.
Clark, George C.
Clark, Geraldine Hull
Clark, Geraldine L. [Bradley]
Clark, Gertrude A. [Herig]
Clark, Glenn W.
Clark, Grace F.
Clark, Grace P.
Clark, Guy H.
Clark, H. [Callow]
Clark, H.J.
Clark, Harriet 1 2
Clark, Harriet A.
Clark, Harriet E.
Clark, Harriet Farnsworth
Clark, Harry A.
Clark, Harvey E. 1 2
Clark, Hazel F.
Clark, Henrietta [Baker]
Clark, Henry [Nye]
Clark, Henry E.
Clark, Herbert A. Sr.
Clark, Ida [Hoover]
Clark, Ida V. Skinner
Clark, Infant son
Clark, Izetta I.
Clark, J. W. C.
Clark, James
Clark, James A.
Clark, Jane P.
Clark, Janet A.
Clark, Jennie Wood
Clark, Jessie A.
Clark, Joel W.
Clark, John E.
Clark, John Grant
Clark, John W.
Clark, Judith E. Sprague
Clark, Julia A.
Clark, Juliana [Citerley]
Clark, Karen Sue
Clark, Kenneth A.
Clark, L. [Barber]
Clark, Laura
Clark, Laura M.
Clark, Laura P.
Clark, Lenna [Lindley]
Clark, Leon
Clark, Lillian E.
Clark, Lillian M.
Clark, Lillie
Clark, Lillie [Green]
Clark, Lois Bancroft
Clark, Lottie
Clark, Lottie S.
Clark, Louie
Clark, Lucena E.
Clark, Lucetta M.
Clark, Lucie [Coolidge]
Clark, Lucinda A. 1 2
Clark, Lucy Ann
Clark, Lurener
Clark, Lydia Ann [Shorks]
Clark, Mabel R.
Clark, Margaret 1 2
Clark, Margaret A.
Clark, Marguerite
Clark, Marguerite B. Holstead
Clark, Marie Hurst
Clark, Marilyn J.
Clark, Martha [Wheeler] 1 2
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary [Morley]
Clark, Mary A.
Clark, Mary C.
Clark, Mary L. 1 2
Clark, Mary Seely
Clark, Meroe Wood
Clark, Mildred V.
Clark, Minnie
Clark, Mother 1 2
Clark, Nathan
Clark, Nathan Tracy
Clark, Nelson D.
Clark, O. D.
Clark, Polly
Clark, Rachel
Clark, Ralph H.
Clark, Raymond F.
Clark, Reed F.
Clark, Reed H. 1 2
Clark, Richard E.
Clark, Robert B.
Clark, Robert L.
Clark, Robert N.
Clark, Robert R.
Clark, Roland V.
Clark, Rosa, A.
Clark, Roy L. 1 2
Clark, Ruhama Jane
Clark, Ruth J.
Clark, Ruth M.
Clark, Sharon S.
Clark, Stella B.
Clark, Thelma
Clark, Thelma J.
Clark, Thomas Henry
Clark, Urania [Sawyer]
Clark, Vanepps [Martin]
Clark, Vernon [Sawyer]
Clark, Vernon G.
Clark, Vernon S.
Clark, Virgil E.
Clark, Vivian, S.
Clark, W. [Farnsworth]
Clark, Wesley C.
Clark, William 1 2
Clark, William [Mitchell]
Clark, William C. 1 2
Clark, William G. 1 2
Clark, William H.
Clark, William J. 1 2
Clark, William K.
Clark, William W.
Clark, Wilma L.
Clarke, Augusta B.
Clarke, C. Joseph
Clarke, Carole Lynn
Clarke, Clarissa [Jones]
Clarke, Cynthia F.
Clarke, Dolores
Clarke, Donna Claire
Clarke, George A.
Clarke, H.R.
Clarke, James C.
Clarke, Margaret M.
Clarke, Sandra
Clarke, Willis L.
Clarke, Zelma Critchfield
Clarkson, Arthur
Clarkson, Minnie F.
Clarkson, Paul P.
Clary, Father
Clary, James
Clary, Mary
Clary, Mother
Clause, Joyce E.
Clause, Robert L.
Clawson, Fred T.
Clawson, Grace Irene
Clawson, Jack T.
Clawson, Pauline J.
Clawson, Richard E.
Claxton, Helen M.
Clay, Carolyn
Clay, Cassius [Duncan]
Clay, DeWitt [Chapman]
Clay, Gilmer O.
Clay, John Elmer
Claycomb, Helen M.
Claycomb, Vivyan H.
Clayman, Carl L.
Clayman, Donald J. Jr.
Clayman, Edna Emilie [Silsby]
Clayman, Edward E.
Clayman, Fred L.
Clayman, Harry W.
Clayman, Irma G.
Clayman, Lenora
Clayman, Neva A.
Clayman, Raymond L.
Clayman, Rita Ann
Claypool, Cecil G.
Claypool, Gerald R.
Claypool, Marie [Malkamaki]
Claypool, Maude G.
Claypool, Samuel H.
Claypoole, M. Lucille
Claypoole, Richard B.
Clayton, A.G.
Clayton, Anna Gould
Clayton, Bertha [Chilson]
Clayton, D. [Hall]
Clayton, Dan Casement 1 2
Clayton, David B. 1 2
Clayton, Descomb 1 2
Clayton, E. [Johnson] 1 2
Clayton, E. [Tisdel]
Clayton, Eleanor [Chilson]
Clayton, Frank [Tucker]
Clayton, Fred Weed 1 2
Clayton, G.W.
Clayton, George
Clayton, George B.
Clayton, George Bevan
Clayton, George J.
Clayton, George Jameson
Clayton, H. [Warner]
Clayton, Harriet
Clayton, J. [Hopkins]
Clayton, J. [Perry]
Clayton, John [McLeland]
Clayton, Kate Dimock
Clayton, L. [Booth]
Clayton, L. [Dunning]
Clayton, Marcia C.
Clayton, Marion Weed 1 2
Clayton, Mary A.
Clayton, Mary E.
Clayton, Mary Eliza [Jameson]
Clayton, Mary T.
Clayton ?, Mother
Clayton, Rachel 1 2
Clayton, Sarah Pippit
Clayton, W. [Adams]
Clayton, W.E.
Clayton, William
Clayton, William [Wilson]
Clayton, William E.
Claytor, Earl D.
Claytor, Ethel P.
Claywell, Harry E.
Claywell, Julia M.

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