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Inscription Index - Cle through Cold

Cleary, Catherine E.
Cleary, Fred T.
Cleary, Helen S.
Cleary, James F.
Cleary, John
Cleary, John E.
Cleary, John P.
Cleary, Katherine
Cleary, Thomas F.
Cleaveland, George W.
Cleaveland, H. Elizabeth
Cleckner, Guy R.
Cleckner, Shirley Ann
Cleckner, Ted B.
Cleek, James L. Jr.
Cleek, Jennie I.
Clegg, Florence Calvert
Clegg, Gertrude I.
Clegg, Marie
Clegg, Philip
Clegg, Richard J.
Clemens, Christine
Clemens, Elaine L.
Clemens, Ellen J.
Clemens, Malinda Stover
Clemens, Michael
Clemens, Oscar Wylie
Clemens, Solomon
Clemens, Wayne
Clemens, Wylie O.
Clement, Ann
Clement, Charles
Clement, Charlotte
Clement, Cora A. 1 2
Clement, Roy A. Sr.
Clement, Twin Daughter 1
Clement, Twin Daughter 2
Clements, Arthur R.
Clements, Herbert
Clements, John J.
Clements, John W.
Clements, Phebe M.
Clements, Sarah
Clements, Suzanne L.
Clemett, Kathryn A.
Clemett, Walter R.
Clemmons, Douglas J.
Clemmons, Grace E.
Clemons, Beverly A.
Clemons, Charles
Clemons, Charlotte M.
Clemons, Hattie Agnes
Cleveland, Anne [Taylor]
Cleveland, Arthur B.
Cleveland, Charles [Wood]
Cleveland, Charles M.
Cleveland, Cora Freeman
Cleveland, Donald A.
Cleveland, Edeth Mae
Cleveland, Edward H.
Cleveland, Evelyn [Scarsbrook]
Cleveland, Frances E.
Cleveland, Frank [Wood]
Cleveland, George A.
Cleveland, Gertrude F.
Cleveland, Hollie E.
Cleveland, Jessie I.
Cleveland, M. A.
Cleveland, Marian
Cleveland, Mary A.
Cleveland, Mary E.
Cleveland, Nancy D.
Cleveland, Portia [Brindle]
Cleveland, Sylvanus 1 2
Cleveland, Sylvia J.
Cleveland, Sylvia Jane
Cleveland, Tracy
Cleveland, Willie D.
Clevenger, Catherine [Toan]
Clevenger, Christine [Austin]
Clevenger, Claude C.
Clevenger, Claudia [Lord]
Clevenger, Courtney
Clevenger, Elizabeth [Reutenik]
Clevenger, John [Toan]
Clevenger, M. Katharine
Clevering, Elma Stigers
Cleversy, Bruce
Cleversy, Bruce P.
Cleversy, Bruce V. 1 2
Cleversy, Edith M.
Cleversy, Sandra J.
Cleversy, Warren L.
Clezen, Sarah [Stratton]
Cliff, Maria E. [Murray]
Clifford, D. [Stevenson]
Clift, Gail M. [Wilson]
Clifton, [Fuller]
Clifton, Fannie
Clifton, R. [Adams]
Clifton, W. [Turner]
Clifton, William H.
Cline, Anna Yaxley
Cline, Ausburn A.
Cline, Cornelia [Bliss]
Cline, Edythe A.
Cline, George E.
Cline, Heman
Cline, Hulda
Cline, James B.
Cline, Janet E.
Cline, Janice J.
Cline, Leon A.
Cline, Leonard W.
Cline, Leroy A.
Cline, Mahoniaee Au Paw Chee Kaw Paw Qua Keokuk Palmer Yahraus Tarbell
Cline, Mardith H.
Cline, Martha C.
Cline, Sarah
Cline, Thomas S.
Clingerman, Bertha
Clingerman, Harold R.
Clinton, [McCaskey]
Clinton, [Nelson]
Clinton, [Otis]
Clinton, Bruce I.
Clinton, D. [Clark]
Clinton, D. [Curtiss]
Clinton, Gerald V.
Clinton, James
Clinton, Mary H.
Clinton, R. [Hill]
Clinton, Ralph [Chappell]
Clinton, S. [Root]
Clinton, Wesley T.
Clipp, Anna Egan
Clipp, Louis Egan
Clipp, Nancy [Leaverton]
Clipp, Wilbert Leighton
Clish, Elizabeth A.
Clish, Evelyn Violet
Clokey, Alexander Wilson
Clokey, Harrington Chase
Clokey, Margaret Harrington
Close, Blair E.
Close, Esther V.
Close, Gertrude [Freeborn]
Close, John
Close, Phyllis M.
Clough, Adeleine
Clough, Julia T.
Clough, Raymond
Clouse, Alferetta
Clouse, Henrietta
Clouse, John H.
Cloyd, Mary [White]
Clude, Patricia S.
Clude, William H.
Clutch, Peter
Clutter, Charles J.
Clutter, David A.
Clutter, Esther M.
Clutter, Leslie A.
Clutter, Marie I.
Clyde, Arthur
Clyde, Sadie M.
Coach, Edith O.
Coach, Elizabeth A.
Coach, John William
Coach, Mary F.
Coade, Katharine H.
Coade, Winifred Howe
Coalmer, Mary M.
Coan, Edward Milton
Coan, Loretta Gray
Coan, Marie Schwind
Coates, Frank A.
Coates, Gilbert W.
Coates, Helen S.
Coats, Caroline
Coats, Estelle Tilden
Coats, Eugene H.
Cobb, Albert A.
Cobb, Amasa
Cobb, Anna C.
Cobb, Charles E. 1 2
Cobb, Charles M.
Cobb, Eliza
Cobb, Eunice
Cobb, Grace E.
Cobb, Helmi T.
Cobb, James W.
Cobb, June
Cobb, Katherine
Cobb, Kathryn V.
Cobb, Louis E.
Cobb, Rose H.
Cobb, Ruby
Cobb, Ruth M.
Cobb, Sally
Cobb, Thelma R.
Cobb, William 1 2
Cobb, William E.
Cobbledick, Sidney
Coben, Gerald J.
Coburn, George T.
Coburn, Mary M.
Coburn, Seymour G.
Cochran, Benjamin S.
Cochran, Gladys M.
Cochran, Richard Eugene
Cockerell, John, Jr.
Cockerell, Scott M.
Cockerill, Nannie J.
Cockrell, Ruth [Hanneken]
Coddington, Edith M.
Coddington, Frances M.
Coddington, William R.
Code, Allan K.
Code, Allen Karrel
Code, Catherine
Code, Elizabeth
Code, Elizabeth A.
Code, Fannie
Code, Father
Code, Frances H.
Code, Gerald R.
Code, Hannah [McMahon]
Code, Helen Mann
Code, Inez D.
Code, James
Code, James C.
Code, John
Code, John M.
Code, Laverne G.
Code, Margaret T.
Code, Marie J.
Code, Mary
Code, Mary Ellen
Code, Mathew
Code, Michael R.
Code, Mother
Code, Norbert M.
Code, Thomas H.
Code, William
Code, William N.
Code, William T.
Codington, Bertha
Codington, Dorothy
Codington, John S.
Codion, George
Codley, Sarah Page
Coe, Bertha H.
Coe, Caroline [Brown]
Coe, Caroline E. [Brown]
Coe, David L. Rev.
Coe, DeWitt
Coe, DeWitt J.
Coe, Eleanor
Coe, Henry Hayes
Coe, Jane
Coe, Jane P.
Coe, John
Coe, John R.
Coe, Joseph 1 2
Coe, Katie Mato
Coe, Letta T.
Coe, Lizzie Wright
Coe, Lucy Proctor
Coe, Mary
Coe, Mary E.
Coe, Peter
Coe, Peter D.
Coe, Polly Hayes
Coe, Ralph R.
Coe, Rev. Trueman
Coe, Sophia 1 2
Coe, Sophia [Merrill]
Coffee, Dorothy J.
Coffee, Lee N. Sr.
Coffey, Agnes Carroll
Coffield, Homer O.
Coffield, Marjorie A.
Coffin, B. Dwight
Coffin, Lonnie B.
Coffinberry, Henry [Morley]
Coffinberry, John [Morley]
Coffinberry, Nadine Morgan [Morley]
Coffman, Alice A.
Coffman, Denzel Jack
Coffman, Edward T.
Coffman, Elizabeth R.
Coffman, Kimberly Anne
Coffman, Myrtle G.
Cogar, Bo Jarrod [Sullivan]
Cogar, Noah N.
Cogar, Samuel N.
Cogar, Scott David
Cogar, Velma L.
Coggin, Betty J. Downing
Coggin, Hardy
Coggins, Boynton C.
Coggins, Virginia M. Barber
Cogswell, Flora J.
Cogswell, Harold V.
Cogswell, Milton V.
Cogswell, Nellie B.
Cohagan, Lewis W.
Cohagan, Naomi L. Dobbs
Cohen, Ida M.
Cohen, Marcus
Coiner, Judy Mary
Colabuno, Angelo L.
Colabuno, Donita L.
Colabuno, Michael Angelo
Colabuono, Francesco
Coladangelo, Andrea Rose
Colangelo, Frank
Colavecchio, Apollonia
Colavecchio, Bartolomeo
Colavecchio, Bertha M.
Colavecchio, Carol A. Lant
Colavecchio, Clara
Colavecchio, Felice
Colavecchio, Henriette
Colavecchio, John
Colavecchio, John F.
Colavecchio, Joseph
Colavecchio, Josephine
Colavecchio, Locia M.
Colavecchio, Louis
Colavecchio, Mary
Colavecchio, Michael
Colavecchio, Nicholas
Colavecchio, Nicola M.
Colavecchio, Palma
Colavecchio, Rose
Colavecchio, Verna M.
Colavecchio, Vincent
Colberg, Helen
Colbert, Edward
Colbert, Katherine G.
Colbert, William S.
Colburn, Anna M.
Colburn, Eleanor E. Johnson
Colburn, Fairchild S.
Colburn, Father
Colburn, Florence
Colburn, Florence A.
Colburn, J. Elsie
Colburn, James M.
Colburn, Josephine E.
Colburn, Marion P.
Colburn, Marshall O.
Colburn, Mother
Colburn, Sylvester
Colburn, Sylvester S.
Colburn, Vernon D.
Colby, Arthur Warren
Colby, C.
Colby, Caroline [Brown]
Colby, Charles
Colby, Cloe
Colby, Converse G.
Colby, Cyrus
Colby, David
Colby, Enoch
Colby, Father
Colby, Frank
Colby, George S.
Colby, Gertrude Carpenter
Colby, Jane L.
Colby, John L.
Colby, Jos.
Colby, Leonard G.
Colby, Lillian Towne
Colby, Lucinda Morse
Colby, Lydia
Colby, Margaret Black
Colby, Mary [Wilson]
Colby, Mary A. Warren
Colby, Moses H.
Colby, Mother
Colby, Orrilla Lee
Colby, Sally
Colby, Samuel Lee
Colby, Shuah Fifield
Colby, Willard L.

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