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Inscription Index - Cole through Col

Cole, Abbie J. 1 2
Cole, Almira Minerva Cone 1 2
Cole, Alva L.
Cole, Alva N. 1 2
Cole, Ambrose
Cole, Ambrose C.
Cole, Antoinette
Cole, Antoinnette
Cole, Arba B.
Cole, Arthur Walter
Cole, Audrey L.
Cole, Austin L.
Cole, Bernice A.
Cole, Beth [Ware]
Cole, Burton Theodore
Cole, Caroline M.
Cole, Charles B.
Cole, Charles C.
Cole, Charles W.
Cole, Chloe A.
Cole, Clara B.
Cole, Clark 1 2
Cole, David B.
Cole, David H.
Cole, Edith [Nye]
Cole, Edward Ackley
Cole, Eliza A. 1 2
Cole, Emily [Woodworth]
Cole, Ethelbert J.
Cole, Eva M.
Cole, Father
Cole, Florence F.
Cole, Frances Dann
Cole, Frank 1 2
Cole, Frank A.
Cole, George F. 1 2
Cole, Gilbert Stowe
Cole, Glenn
Cole, Grandfather
Cole, Grandmother
Cole, Gwenda Louise
Cole, H.
Cole, Hannah
Cole, Hannah Dolliver
Cole, Harry E.
Cole, Harvey H.
Cole, Helen [Burton]
Cole, Herbert A.
Cole, Herbert W.
Cole, Homer
Cole, Homer A.
Cole, Ila Poly
Cole, James J.
Cole, Jeduthun 1 2
Cole, Jefferson C.
Cole, Jennie M.
Cole, Jerry Ray
Cole, Jerusha T.
Cole, Jo Ann
Cole, Joel, E.
Cole, John B. 1 2
Cole, [?] John E.
Cole, Jonathan
Cole, Julia [Davison]
Cole, Justin Col.
Cole, Laura [Dingley]
Cole, Laura Abbott
Cole, Leota M.
Cole, Lucia Ackley
Cole, Lugene
Cole, M.
Cole, Mable A.
Cole, Madeline J.
Cole, Margaret
Cole, Margaret [Shepard]
Cole, Margaret M.
Cole, Maria
Cole, Maria M. Andrews
Cole, Marian [Tate]
Cole, Marsha D.
Cole, Mary B.
Cole, Mary Brick
Cole, Mary Foster
Cole, Mary Stowe
Cole, Nellie A.
Cole, Nellie E. 1 2
Cole, Nellie G.
Cole, Nettie Cook
Cole, Phebe M.
Cole, Raymond B.
Cole, Roderick L.
Cole, Roger T.
Cole, Ruby W.
Cole, Russel L.
Cole, Ruth Ferguson
Cole, Sarah [Gifford]
Cole, Sarah M. 1 2
Cole, Stanley T., Sr.
Cole, Ward S.
Cole, William D.
Cole, Wm. Barrett
Colegrove, Albert E.
Colegrove, Margaret M.
Coleman, [Kane]
Coleman, [Palen]
Coleman, Ann E.
Coleman, Arthur F.
Coleman, Arthur F. Jr.
Coleman, Berta G.
Coleman, Bruce
Coleman, C. [Ellsworth]
Coleman, Dorothy J.
Coleman, Farley
Coleman, Gertrude M.
Coleman, Helen E.
Coleman, James C.
Coleman, June G.
Coleman, Leroy M.
Coleman, Phebe [Brotzman]
Coleman, Ronald
Coleman, Roy [Hilliard]
Coleman, Ruby Lee
Coleman, William
Coleman, William D. Jr. "Terry"
Coleman, William J.
Coleman, Wm. D. "Todd"
Coles, Elizabeth
Coles, Frank
Coley, Lew Sumner
Colgan, Anna
Colgan, Julia
Colgan, Margaret
Colgan, Mary 1 2
Colgan, Neil C.
Colgan, Nellie
Colgan, Thos.
Colgate, John
Colgate, Sarah R.
Colgrove, Adelia P.
Colgrove, Agnes O.
Colgrove, Amelia
Colgrove, Berniece N.
Colgrove, Betty [Spear]
Colgrove, Clara Sidell
Colgrove, Clyde R.
Colgrove, E. S.
Colgrove, Father
Colgrove, Frances M. [Willhoite]
Colgrove, George G.
Colgrove, Grover Garfield
Colgrove, Harriet [Ford]
Colgrove, Harry
Colgrove, Hilma S.
Colgrove, James E.
Colgrove, James V.
Colgrove, Jay L.
Colgrove, Katherine T.
Colgrove, Lena Lois 1 2
Colgrove, Mabel A.
Colgrove, Margaret 1 2 3
Colgrove, Mary
Colgrove, Melvin S. 1 2 3
Colgrove, Mother
Colgrove, Phyllis L. Hildebrandt
Colgrove, R. Kenneth
Colgrove, Richard O.
Colgrove, Robert C.
Colgrove, Roma E.
Colgrove, Ruth
Colgrove, Sara V.
Colgrove, Silas H.
Colgrove, Sister
Colgrove, Susan G. Williams
Colgrove, Willis W. 1 2
Collacott, Doris E.
Collacott, Harry R.
Collacott, John
Collacott, Jonathan B.
Collacott, Louise A.
Collacott, Margaret O.
Collacott, Mary
Collacott, Mary H.
Collacott, Robert H.
Collar, Ann [Emerson]
Collard, Alvin M.
Collard, Gertrude L.
Collard, Lawrence A.
Colle, Clarence F.
Colle, Edna V.
Colle, Robert D.
College, Arthur T.
Collens, Dale K.
Collier, Alice Hough
Collier, Antoinette P.
Collier, Billy
Collier, Carmon R.
Collier, Caroline
Collier, Charles R.
Collier, David
Collier, Florence B.
Collier, Frederick L.
Collier, Harry O.
Collier, Hattie B.
Collier, Henry C.
Collier, James C.
Collier, Margaret T.
Collier, Margret
Collier, Myrtle D.
Collier, S. George
Collier, Wilford D.
Collier, William E.
Collin, Frances
Collin, John
Collins, [Allen]
Collins, [Morse]
Collins, Alberta
Collins, Betty
Collins, Byron A.
Collins, Carmen E.
Collins, Clifford J.
Collins, Deborah Ann
Collins, Dorathea
Collins, Edgar
Collins, Eileen M.
Collins, Elizabeth Jean
Collins, Elizabeth S.
Collins, Ella A.
Collins, Everett
Collins, Frank W.
Collins, Gertrude [Harrison]
Collins, Harold C., Sr.
Collins, Harry
Collins, Helen
Collins, Henry L.
Collins, Herbert D.
Collins, Hilbert Stahl
Collins, Jack
Collins, James M. 1 2
Collins, Joseph J.
Collins, Kenneth W.
Collins, Kerry Beth
Collins, Marcelene A.
Collins, Margaret [Odell]
Collins, Maria
Collins, Marion [Smith]
Collins, Nell E.
Collins, Patricia M.
Collins, Ruphes L.
Collins, Sadie
Collins, Sandra J.
Collins, Sarah E.
Collins, Viola E.
Collins, Willa Bliss
Collins, William A.
Collister, Beulah
Collister, Christiana Quail
Collister, Don
Collister, Edna [Heckathorne]
Collister, Edna Kent
Collister, Ellen
Collister, Elsie Killey
Collister, Esther
Collister, Fanny
Collister, Francis H.
Collister, Franklin D.
Collister, Fred W.
Collister, Geo. A.
Collister, George
Collister, George F.
Collister, Gertrude
Collister, Helen O.
Collister, Helen S.
Collister, Henry
Collister, Hugh
Collister, Jefferson
Collister, Jennie P.
Collister, Jessie E. 1 2
Collister, Jessie Viets
Collister, John 1 2
Collister, John A.
Collister, John Sen.
Collister, John Thomas
Collister, John W. 1 2
Collister, Katherine
Collister, Lena Taylor
Collister, Maria Russell
Collister, Marion S.
Collister, Mary Etta [Booth]
Collister, Nelson
Collister, Raymond
Collister, Richard Gill
Collister, Stanley Taylor
Collister, Thomas 1 2
Collister, Viets M.
Collister, Willard
Collister, William
Collister, William Nelson
Collister, Willis C.
Collister, Wort
Colmorgen, Frank
Colmorgen, Frederick
Colmorgen, George
Colmorgen, Gertrude
Colmorgen, Ludwig
Colmorgen, Theresa
Colon, Jose Luis
Colon, Regina
Colonie, Anthony
Colonie, Carrie
Colonie, Daniel
Colonie, Johanna
Colonie, Marlene J.
Colonna, Angeline [Watson]
Colonna, Costanza
Colonna, Deonizio
Colson, A. E.
Colson, A. L. Mrs.
Colson, C. C.
Colson, C. J.
Colson, Christopher
Colson, Hannah [Cunningham] 1 2
Colson, Lyra
Colson, Patty Brown
Colton, Wm. [Ramsey]
Coltrin, Charles E. 1 2
Coltrin, Edward D. 1 2
Coltrin, Emily J. Gray
Coltrin, Father
Coltrin, George
Coltrin, George E.
Coltrin, Geraldine G. 1 2
Coltrin, Lucy N.
Coltrin, Lucy N. Carroll
Coltrin, Melvina
Coltrin, Melvina Kerr
Coltrin, Mother
Coltrin, Sylvester P.
Colvin, Dorothy F.
Colvin, H. William
Colwell, Addie A.
Colwell, Albert
Colwell, Carroll
Colwell, Chas.
Colwell, Datus A.
Colwell, Eddie
Colwell, Edwin C.
Colwell, Elizabeth Lamar
Colwell, Eugene L.
Colwell, J. T.
Colwell, Josephine Mattie
Colwell, Lillen E.
Colwell, Mary A. [Strong]
Colwell, Olive A.
Colwell, Wallace W.
Colyer, Edwin C. [Vaughn]
Colyer, Gladys B. [Vaughn]
Colyer, Margie [Vaughn]

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