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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Corn through Cow

Corneal, Martha S. [Sayle]
Cornelius, Addie M. 1 2
Cornelius, Irma [Kurtz]
Cornelius, M. A.
Cornelius, Mabel A.
Cornelius, Malcomb P.
Cornelius, Mary Lee
Cornelius, W. J.
Cornelius, W. L.
Cornelius, William J.
Cornelius, William L.
Cornell, Andy
Cornell, Bernie [Poole]
Cornell, Carol A.
Cornell, Fred D.
Cornell, Joanne M.
Cornell, Johanna M.
Cornell, Lana J.
Cornell, Lawrence D.
Cornell, Ralph J.
Cornett, Thelma Mae
Corning, A. T.
Corning, Adelia
Corning, Almira [Hall]
Corning, E.
Corning, Elizabeth
Corning, Elizabeth [Pratt]
Corning, Ellen M.
Corning, George
Corning, Malvina [Kingsbury]
Corning, Mina [Angier]
Corning, N. 1 2
Corning, N. D.
Corning, Nathan
Corning, Nathaniel
Corning, Nelson D.
Corning, P. E.
Corning, P. E. W.
Corning, Phebe E.
Corning, Phebe E. Wilson
Corning, W.
Corning, Warren
Corning, Warren [Dickey]
Corning, Warren, Jr.
Cornmann, Elizabeth [Hutchison]
Cornwall, Baby Boy
Cornwell, Dan
Cornwell, Julia 1 2
Cornwell, Rosillah
Corp, Mildred S.
Corp, Robert F.
Correll, [Merrell]
Correll, Julia [Murphy]
Correll, Robert [Merrell]
Corrigan, Catherine [McCann]
Corrigan, Ellyn Rider
Corrigan, Frances
Corrigan, Kathleen G.
Corrigan, Leo M.
Corrigan, Millie C.
Corrigan, R. V. Joseph Sr.
Corrigan, Rosemarie
Corrigan, Sheila A.
Corrigan, Shirlee Ann
Corron, Charles
Corron, Winifred
Corser, Rhoda
Cortell, Edward J.
Cortell, Eleanore
Cortell, Kathleen
Corwell, Anna J.
Corwell, Fred T.
Corwin, Albert J.
Corwin, Alice C.
Cory, Deborah T. [Sakemiller]
Cory, Edward
Cory, Emily Gates
Cory, John Bruce
Cory, Lois [Haskell]
Cory, Lois [Thompson]
Cory, Nelson S.
Corydon, Williams [Chapman]
Cosgrove, Ethel [Sheats]
Coss, Bea K.
Coss, Carol Louise
Coss, Cathryn Lynn
Coss, Harry E.
Coss, John W.
Coss, June S.
Coss, Kenneth L., Sr
Coss, Kenneth Lee, Jr.
Costello, Arthur J.
Costello, Bridget
Costello, Donald J. Sr.
Costello, Elizabeth U.
Costello, John
Costello, Josephine F.
Costello, Lillie M.
Costello, Rose M. [O'Neill]
Costello, Ruth I.
Costello, Sam E.
Costello, Susie
Cothrell, Bertha
Cothrell, Willis
Cotner, Betty C.
Cotner, Gene K.
Cotrell, Charles E. II
Cotrell, Nabby
Cotrill, Albert A.
Cottam, Ada B.
Cottam, Alma
Cottam, Father
Cottam, Jay V.
Cottam, Jessie L.
Cottam, Mother
Cottam, Thomas
Cottam, Vincent
Cotter, Andrew J.
Cotter, Anne O.
Cotter, Edgar D.
Cotter, Gerald James
Cotter, Gerald M.
Cotter, James A.
Cotter, Lavina E.
Cotter, Mary Anna
Cotter, May E.
Cotter, Norman W.
Cotter, Thomas M.
Cottle, Elizabeth E.
Cottle, William F.
Cottrel, Marlene A.
Cottrell, Ann M.
Cottrell, Asa
Cottrell, Bertha B.
Cottrell, Charles W.
Cottrell, Clayton C.
Cottrell, Dorothy S.
Cottrell, Dwight S.
Cottrell, F. C.
Cottrell, Harry C. Jr.
Cottrell, Ida
Cottrell, Ida I.
Cottrell, James Alfred
Cottrell, Jessica Lynn
Cottrell, Kenneth C.
Cottrell, Kermit L.
Cottrell, Lois M.
Cottrell, Margaret J.
Cottrell, Marion G.
Cottrell, Mary C.
Cottrell, Mary R.
Cottrell, Matilda O.
Cottrell, Milan W.
Cottrell, Nancy R.
Cottrell, Nicholas
Cottrell, Norma R.
Cottrell, Norman R.
Cottrell, Owen
Cottrell, Owen M. Jr.
Cottrell, Owen M. Sr.
Cottrell, Paul Ryan
Cottrell, Pearl N.
Cottrell, Sanford
Cottrell, Sanford J.
Cottrell, Tom S.
Cottrell, Wealtha Graves [Fowler]
Cottrell, William D.
Cottrell, Zella M.
Couch, Elroy A.
Couch, Mae B.
Couch, Nellie
Couch, Robert A.
Couch, Virginia E.
Cough, George H.
Coughlin, Mary
Cougill, Mildred Green
Couhig, Ella K.
Couhig, Vincent
Couhig, William G.
Coulbern, Bertha M.
Coulbern, James W.
Coulson, Patty B.
Coulton, Daniel Robert
Coulton, Daniel Robert II
Coulton, Edith Sherry
Coulton, Robert J.
Coulton, Robin [Schwed]
Counselman, Elinor M.
Counselman, Harold E.
Couperthwaite, James E.
Couperthwaite, Mae Wilcox
Courneya, Isabelle C.
Courneya, John F.
Court, Beatrice M.
Court, Claribel
Court, Evelyn L.
Court, Ida C.
Court, Marjorie R. [Harriger]
Court, Roy W.
Court, Virginia A.
Court, Wallace
Court, Willis S.
Courtney, F. [Barrett]
Courtney, Hattie B.
Courtney, Rebecca [Huston]
Courtot, Charles P.
Courtot, Margaret H.
Courtright, Eliza Dearborn
Courtright, James
Courtright, Jean M. [Manary]
Courtright, Mary [Shulters]
Courtright, Mina
Courtright, Nellie B.
Courtright, Thomas
Courtwright, Burrell H.
Courtwright, Carmella A.
Courtwright, Earl I.
Courtwright, Elizabeth E.
Courtwright, John Latta
Courtwright, Margaret R.
Courtwright, Mary Therese
Courtwright, Pearl Latta
Courtwright, Robert E.
Courtwright, Robert E. II
Courtwright, Ruby [Justus]
Courville, Charles D.
Courville, Lorraine Alta
Courville, Norma H.
Cousins, Mary C.
Coutts, Hugh Donald
Coutts, Marjorie Prentice
Couture, Deana Lynn
Couture, Eric Ross
Covell, A. J.
Covell, Beverly J.
Covell, Carl R.
Covell, Clarence C.
Covell, Edith [Bosley]
Covell, Father
Covell, Gladys E.
Covell, Lillian E.
Covell, Margaret E.
Covell, Mother
Covell, Raymond F.
Covell, Sidney 1 2
Cover, Alexander S.
Cover, Loretta P.
Covert, Albro E.
Covert, Alice W.
Covert, Ann Maria
Covert, Arthur W.
Covert, Bessie
Covert, Carrie [Dingee]
Covert, Chancey
Covert, Claude R.
Covert, Delia [Moore]
Covert, Edna Winchell
Covert, Elizabeth
Covert, Father
Covert, Frances
Covert, Frances A. Casey
Covert, Frank
Covert, Frank L.
Covert, Frank W. 1 2
Covert, Fred E.
Covert, Frederick Charles
Covert, Grace E.
Covert, H. W.
Covert, Herold D.
Covert, Husband
Covert, Jennie R. 1 2
Covert, Josephine [Davis]
Covert, Laura M.
Covert, Lillie
Covert, Luke
Covert, Lydia [Schooley]
Covert, Maria
Covert, Martin Carl
Covert, Mary
Covert, Meriel O.
Covert, Morris Sr.
Covert, Morris, Jr.
Covert, Olive A. [Inman]
Covert, Phillis
Covert, Phillis M.
Covert, Ruby Hodges
Covert, Scott D.
Covert, Sophia Sheffield
Covert, Stephen
Covert, Stephen L.
Covert, Wife
Covert, William
Covey, Alfred
Covey, Jonah R.
Covey, Osa
Covic, Karen Sue
Covill, E. E.
Covill, Everal G.
Covill , [?] Father
Covill, Frances M.
Covill, Henry W. Jr.
Covill, Henry W. Sr.
Covill, Ida E.
Covill, Lucile J.
Covill, Luretta [Filmer]
Covill, Marilyn H.
Covill, Miranda
Covill , [?] Mother
Covill, Rebecca
Coville, Bonnibel
Coville, Geraldine H.
Coville, Mary E.
Coville, Ralph R.
Coville, Robert R.
Covy, Electa [Balch]
Cowan, Elder
Cowan, Eliza A.
Cowan, Father
Cowan, Gilbert G.
Cowan, Lula M.
Cowan, Mae K.
Cowan, Martha
Cowan, Mary Bertha
Cowan, Mother
Cowan, Thomas S.
Cowan, William H.
Cowan, William J.
Cowden, Cornelia C. [Gridley]
Cowdery, Father
Cowdery, Lyman Hervey
Cowdery, Mother
Cowdery, Sarah Holmes
Cowdery, William
Cowdrey, Alice
Cowdrey, Gene
Cowdrey, Lewis
Cowdrey, Nancy
Cowdrick, John F.
Cowee, Andrew
Cowee, Elvira [Nye] 1 2
Cowee, Sophia [Munson]
Cowee, Zipporah
Cowell, Amy E.
Cowell, Brenda L.
Cowie, Alma Louise
Cowin, John
Cowin, Margaret
Cowle, Angus M.
Cowle, Charlotte M.
Cowle, Clara L.
Cowle, Elizabeth J. Tear
Cowle, Lenora
Cowle, Lenora C.
Cowle, Lillie S.
Cowle, Mary Ann [Kirk]
Cowle, Rufus J.
Cowles 1 2
Cowles, Alton H.
Cowles, Angeline E. H. 1 2
Cowles, Annalodisa
Cowles, Edna B.
Cowles, Emerett Hodges
Cowles, Fannie R. Wheeler
Cowles, Florence M.
Cowles, Florence T.
Cowles, Frances Elizabeth
Cowles, G. R.
Cowles, Georgianna
Cowles, Gladys H.
Cowles, Grace Humphreys
Cowles, Grant
Cowles, Henry [Marshall]
Cowles, Herbert S.
Cowles, Hobart L.
Cowles, Horace
Cowles, Ida M. Pool
Cowles, Jane [Ford] 1 2
Cowles, Joanne G.
Cowles, John [Hubbard]
Cowles, L. Agnes Morley
Cowles, Lois E.
Cowles, Marilyn Greenwood
Cowles, Mary
Cowles, Mary B.
Cowles, Mary E.
Cowles, Nellie R.
Cowles, Olive Phelps
Cowles, Orton E.
Cowles, Robert P.
Cowles, Roxana [Marshall]
Cowles, Shirley M.
Cowles, William T.
Cowling, Howard J.
Cowling, June M.

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