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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Dim through Dol

DiMatteo, Berardino
DiMatteo, Lucia
DiMattia, Antonio
DiMattia, Baby
DiMattia, Theresa
Dimberio, Carolina
Dimberio, Caroline
Dimberio, Domenico
Dimberio, Gloria
Dimberio, Joseph
Dimberio, Mary A.
Dimberio, Nicholas J.
Dimberio, Philip M.
DiMichele, Dan "Matthew"
DiMichele, Daniel
DiMichele, Emma
Dimock, G. S.
Dimock, George S.
Dimock, Kate [Clayton]
Dimock, Parmelia M. [Porter]
Dinday, George Herman
Dinday, Martha C.
Dindinger, Mary
Dineen, Frederick J.
Dineen, Helen B.
Dinero, Nick
Dinezza, Dominic
Dinezza, Josephine
Ding, Ada 1 2
Ding, Willie
Ding, Wm.
Ding, Wm. Jr.
Dingee, Carrie Covert
Dingee, Lucy
Dingee, Nettie White
Dingeldein, Doris I.
Dingeldein, Fred G.
Dinger, Ida T.
Dinger, Wayne E.
Dingle, A. Charles
Dingle, Albert C.
Dingle, Albert P.
Dingle, Beatrice E.
Dingle, Elizabeth J.
Dingle, Jane E.
Dingledine, Agnes
Dingledine, Anthony J.
Dingledine, Eliza
Dingledine, Elsie [Kujat]
Dingledine, Jacob
Dingley, Charles E.
Dingley, Kate L.
Dingley, Laura Cole
Dingley, Martha
Dingley, Mason A.
Dingley, Susanna L.
Dingley, W.W.
Dingman, Margaret H.
Dingus, Nicholas M.
Dion, Cora
Dion, Wilbur
D'Iorio, Domenic
Dipalma, Antonio
DiPalma, Carmen
Di Palma, Francesco
Dipalma, Giovannina
Di Palma, Maria Carmina
DiPalma, Marie P.
DiPalma, Noreen
Di Palma, Valerdino Antonio
DiPaola, Cindy A.
DiPaola, Michael A.
Diplacido, Joseph V.
Diplo, Janet
Diplo, Robert
Dipple, Audrey Nell [Alford]
Dipple, Ennie [Toner]
Dipple, Ivy M.
Dipple, Ralph E.
Dirk, Karl
Dirk, Mary
Dirk, Wm.
Dirks, Mabel Metcalf
Dirks, Mary [Remley]
Dirzk, Eva [Dilillo]
Dirzk-Dilillo, Eva
DiSaia, Felix A.
DiSaia, George
DiSaia, Mary P.
Disbro, Don L.
Disbro, Edward R.
Disbro, Erma J.
Disbro, Glenn E.
Disbro, John E.
Disbro, Mary L.
Disbro, Nora S.
Disbro, Raymond H.
Discenza, Emily B.
Discenza, Joseph
Discenza, Nancy
Discenza, Nick
DiSiena, Frank M.
DiSiena, Lillian A. (Becky)
Dissette, Edward W.
Dissette, Ruth M.
Distler, Edward F.
Distler, Meghan Elizabeth
Distro, Fern B.
Ditchman, Michael T.
Ditko, Matthew M.
Dittman, John C.
Dittman, Lois
Divine, David
Divine, Eunice
Divoky, Anastasia A.
Divoky, Anthony P.
Dixon, Alfred
Dixon, Anna [Mullaney]
Dixon, Birdzell M.
Dixon, Cornelia A.
Dixon, Elizabeth
Dixon, Emma E.
Dixon, Ethel M.
Dixon, Gene E.
Dixon, Hiram
Dixon, Leonard L.
Dixon, Lester W.
Dixon, Letitia [Jackson]
Dixon, Lois
Dixon, Lois D. 1 2
Dixon, Lois Lockwood
Dixon, M. Fillmore
Dixon, Martha
Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Mary [Reynolds]
Dixon, Mary Jean
Dixon, Millard F.
Dixon, Millard F. Sen.
Dixon, Minnie M.
Dixon, Paul E. Jr.
Dixon, Rackard F.
Dixon, Rhoda E.
Dixon, Rosemary
Dixon, Ruth [Kay]
Dixon, Sarah Ann
Dixon, W. F. Jr.
Dixon, Wanda
Dizderekis, Antonas
Dlugos, Edward S.
Dlugos, Joyce G.
Dlugos, Mary E.
Dlugos, Ronald E.
Doan, Albert R.
Doan, Dorothy [Henry]
Doan, Eve [Whitney]
Doan, Gertrude [Wooten]
Doan, Mabel C.
Doan, Norton [Henry]
Doane, Katherine J. [Brown]
Doane, R. W.
Doane, Ransom
Doane, Retta S.
Doane, Rosa
Doane, Rosa Nye
Doane, Rufus B.
Dobbert, Paul Charles
Dobbins, Thomas L.
Dobbs, Bertha R.
Dobbs, C.C.
Dobbs, Chas. C.
Dobbs, Frank
Dobbs, Frank C. 1 2
Dobbs, Herberta B. [Kinder]
Dobbs, Jane A.
Dobbs, Naomi L. [Cohagan]
Dobos, Angie M.
Dobos, Desy V.
Dobrenski, Mary Smisek
Dobrich, Nick
Dobricic, Mike
Dobscha, Edward S.
Dobscha, Evelyn R.
Dobson, Dorothy [Gervais]
Doby, Irene P.
Doby, John
Doby, Patricia A. [Manley]
Doce, La Rue
Doce, Raymond
Dochoff, Angelo
Dockery, Bartholomew C.
Dockery, Bernard
Dockery, Catherine
Dockery, Father
Dockery, Katherine
Dockery, Kathryn
Dockery, Margaret
Dockery, Mother
Dockery, Norah
Dockery, Thomas
Dockman, Mary
Dockry, Anne T.
Dockry, Bartholomew B.
Dockry, Edward B.
Dockry, Jane Corey
Dockry, Katherine M.
Dockry, Margaret
Dockry, Mary Sidley
Dockry, Thomas Sr.
Dodaro, Adaline R.
Dodaro, Carl A. Sr.
Dodd, Anna [Wagar]
Dodd, Emeline
Dodd, Evelyn I.
Dodd, Hannah
Dodd, Harry A.
Dodd, Helen T.
Dodd, Howard
Dodd, Jay C.
Dodd, John
Dodd, John A.
Dodd, Joseph
Dodd, Loreta
Dodd, Mabel M. [Traver]
Dodd, Mary C.
Dodd, O'Connell
Dodd, Ronald J.
Dodd, Sara E.
Dodd, Sarah T.
Dodd, Thomas
Dodd, Viola E.
Dodd, Wesley W.
Dodd, William
Dodd, Wilma F.
Dodds, Eleanor J.
Dodge, Abram
Dodge, Albert B.
Dodge, Ambrose
Dodge, Amos
Dodge, Audrey M.
Dodge, Bennie
Dodge, Bennie H.
Dodge, Bernice H.
Dodge, Bert
Dodge, Carl F.
Dodge, Caroline
Dodge, Chas. R.
Dodge, Cheyenne
Dodge, Clyde F.
Dodge, D.C.
Dodge, E.
Dodge, Elihu
Dodge, Elizabeth
Dodge, Elizabeth Barnes 1 2
Dodge, Ellen
Dodge, Elsie M.
Dodge, Etta Hayden
Dodge, Eugene
Dodge, Fannie E.
Dodge, Gladys
Dodge, Hazel Noyes
Dodge, Helen
Dodge, Helen E.
Dodge, Howard B.
Dodge, Irja E.
Dodge, James H.
Dodge, Janet [Garfield]
Dodge, Jeannette Groff
Dodge, John
Dodge, Karen Dietz
Dodge, Kathleen
Dodge, Laura Louise
Dodge, Lee J.
Dodge, Lena
Dodge, Loren H.
Dodge, Mabel B.
Dodge, Marjorie E.
Dodge, Mary 1 2
Dodge, Mary M. [Hodges]
Dodge, May 1 2
Dodge, Mildred
Dodge, Olive
Dodge, Phebe J.
Dodge, Phyllis E. [Miller]
Dodge, Robert Earle
Dodge, Robert H.
Dodge, Roxana
Dodge, Roxana C.
Dodge, Ruth V.
Dodge, S. Augusta Barnes
Dodge, Samuel Douglas
Dodge, Samuel S
Dodge, Sarah A.
Dodge, Tracy Earnest
Dodge, Violetta L.
Dodge, Whitney Christine
Dodge, Willard T.
Dodge, William
Dodge, William A. 1 2
Dodge, William H.
Dodge, William W.
Dodge, Willie
Dodok, Michael
Dodson, Anne L.
Dodson, Birtie A.
Dodson, Edward A.
Dodson, Noble F.
Doe, John
Doebereiner, George A.
Doebereiner, John
Doebereiner, Minda
Doebereiner, Nellie L.
Doebereiner, Nora S.
Doeing, Gertrude M.
Doeing, Henry W.
Doeing, Henry W. Jr.
Doeing, John R. Sr.
Doeing, Olive L.
Doeing, Ruth M.
Doeing, Winfreid A.
Doerge, Helen [Kraft]
Doerner, Conrad C.
Doerner, Edward Casper "Ted"
Doerner, Hannah M.
Doerner, Helen Norene Cay
Doerrige, Bill W.
Doerrige, Elizabeth T.
Doerrige, Frances O.
Doerrige, Fred Richard
Doerrige, Helen
Doerrige, Katherine D.
Doerrige, William C.
Doherty, Ethel E.
Doherty, Joseph C.
Dohm, Arnold
Dohm, Josephine
Dohn, E. [Roberts]
Doing, Albert L.
Doing, Anna
Doing, Clyde
Doing, Hannah
Doing, Lois V.
Doing, Miles L.
Doing, Minnie M.
Doing, Raymond K.
Doing, Ruth [Eller]
Doing, Ruth I.
Dolan, Ann [Gray]
Dolan, Catherine M.
Dolan, Donna K.
Dolan, Dorothy F.
Dolan, James W.
Dolan, Joseph E.
Dolan, L. Marie
Dolan, Mary J.
Dolan, Robert R.
Dolan, William B.
Doland, Ursula I.
Doland, William E.
Dolce, Carmela
Dolce, Carmelia Josephine
Dolce, Charles 1 2
Dolce, Francesco
Dolce, James J.
Dolce, Jennie R.
Dolce, Jiuseppi
Dolce, John
Dolce, Joseph
Dolce, Mamie M.
Dolce, Pasqualina
Dolce, Patricia
Dolce, Philip Francis
Dolce, Phillip J. 1 2
Dolce, Rosalina
Dolce, Rosallia
Dolce, Rosina J.
Dolce, Russel O.
Dolce, Russell "Roxy"
Dolce, Vincenzo
Dolch, Clara F.
Dolch, William C.
Dolence, Anna
Dolence, Anton L.
Dolence, Anton Louis
Dolence, Frances C.
Dolence, Frances M.
Dolence, Frank
Dolence, Frank J.
Dolence, Frank R.
Dolence, Louis A.
Dolezal, Joseph Frank
Dolezal, Tamara Rochelle
Dolhar, Lois D. [Wise]
Dolhar, Ruth
Dolinny, Jan
Dolinny, Lida
Dollins, John S.
Dollins, Maude F.
Dolliver, Hannah [Cole]
Dolliver, Sarah

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