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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Hoe through Hon

Hoeferle, George
Hoeferle, Maria
Hoeferle, Mathias
Hoeffrle, Dorothy [Davis]
Hoefler, Astrid L.
Hoefler, Barbara Burton
Hoefler, Harry H.
Hoegler, Elsie
Hoegler, Emil
Hoegler, Frederick A.
Hoegler, Sylvia
Hoehn, Elsie [O'Brien]
Hoerz, Mildred Lou
Hofacker, George E.
Hoff, Clifford H.
Hoff, Lillian C.
Hoff, Ralph E. Sr.
Hoffacker, Albert W.
Hoffacker, Franklin H.
Hoffacker, Laura U.
Hoffacker, Paul R.
Hoffacker, Rex A
Hoffacker, Woodrow W.
Hoffecker, Ada M.
Hoffland, Esther L.
Hoffland, George J.
Hoffman, A. Lillie
Hoffman, Angela E.
Hoffman, Anna Amanda
Hoffman, Anna M.
Hoffman, Cyrus M.
Hoffman, Daniel C. Rev.
Hoffman, Doris M.
Hoffman, Dorothy M.
Hoffman, Florence E.
Hoffman, Fred O.
Hoffman, Fred W.
Hoffman, George J.
Hoffman, Infant Son
Hoffman, J.G.
Hoffman, Jane
Hoffman, Jas.
Hoffman, Jeanne W.
Hoffman, John A.
Hoffman, John A. Sr.
Hoffman, Joseph F.
Hoffman, Madeline A.
Hoffman, Michael Lee
Hoffman, Minola V.
Hoffman, Nathan [Kent]
Hoffman, Nellie R
Hoffman, Raymond C.
Hoffman, Richard
Hoffman, Robert [Hetzler]
Hoffman, Ronald L.
Hoffman, Ruth
Hoffman, Thomas V.
Hoffman, Vincent J.
Hoffman, Winifred [Barnhouse]
Hoffmeyer, Albert
Hoffmeyer, Emma
Hoffmeyer, Kristin Lee
Hogan, Winfred
Hoge, Grace R.
Hoge, William C.
Hogg, Arthur
Hogg, Elizabeth [Sealey]
Hogg, Lily
Hogsten, Carletta
Hogsten, Carletta Terry
Hogsten, Roy E. 1 2
Hogue, Charles H.
Hogue, Jessie L.
Hogya, Alex T.
Hogya, Alexander
Hogya, Anna M. 1 2
Hogya, Anne E.
Hogya, Balazs
Hogya, Elizabeth
Hogya, Emery F.
Hogya, Esther
Hogya, Frank
Hogya, Frank C. Jr.
Hogya, Garnett E.
Hogya, Grace M.
Hogya, Harold J.
Hogya, Istvan
Hogya, Joe
Hogya, John
Hogya, John F.
Hogya, John J. Jr.
Hogya, John P.
Hogya, Joseph
Hogya, Joseph Luke
Hogya, Julia V.
Hogya, L. Lillian Hokkanen
Hogya, Lynn Lamont
Hogya, Richard V.
Hogya, Robert J.
Hogya, Rose
Hogya, Stephen P. "Smokey"
Hogya, Steve O.
Hogya, Sybil R.
Hogya, William A.
Hohlfelder, Fred J.
Hohlfelder, Harvey F., Jr. 1 2
Hohlfelder, Julia E.
Hohlfelder, Louise M.
Hohlfelder, Ralph S.
Hohlfelder, Rose D.
Hohmann, Lawrence [Brick]
Hohmann, Mathilda [Witt]
Hoisington, Norine [Gilbert]
Hokkanen, Elma Eleanor [Loxterman]
Hokkanen, Ida Mary [Mergin]
Hokkanen, L. Lillian [Hogya]
Hokkanen, Moses
Hokkanen, Svea J.
Hokkanen, Toivo Wm.
Holah, Frances A.
Holah, Howard C.
Holan, Ann
Holan, Ray
Holbrook, Agnes
Holbrook, Agnes G.
Holbrook, Amy
Holbrook, Barbara C.
Holbrook, Chloe
Holbrook, Emma [Lazell]
Holbrook, Father
Holbrook, Glada V.
Holbrook, Gregory L.
Holbrook, Hubert N.
Holbrook, Isabel S.
Holbrook, James [Black]
Holbrook, Mary Howe
Holbrook, Mary O.
Holbrook, Mother
Holbrook, Nathaniel
Holbrook, Nathaniel B. M. D.
Holbrook, Ruth [Smith] 1 2
Holbrook, Samuel K.
Holbrook, Sara Agnes
Holbrook, Thankfull
Holbrook, Wm.
Holcomb, Ardo
Holcomb, Ardo D
Holcomb, Dello
Holcomb, Dello M.
Holcomb, Delorma
Holcomb, Delorma M
Holcomb, Dereath
Holcomb, Dereath R.
Holcomb, Elephlet
Holcomb, Emily Sawyer
Holcomb, Emma
Holcomb, Emma J.
Holcomb, Eva [Nims]
Holcomb, Fanny [Wright]
Holcomb, Father
Holcomb, Florence S.
Holcomb, George C.
Holcomb, Henry
Holcomb, Jane
Holcomb, Jane M.
Holcomb, Joel
Holcomb, Keith D.
Holcomb, Lora Rand [Darrow]
Holcomb, Louise
Holcomb, Lovisa
Holcomb, Lucy Breed
Holcomb, Marcus
Holcomb ?, Mother
Holcomb, Patience
Holcomb, Sally [Patch]
Holcomb, Sarah
Holcomb, Uranea [House]
Holden, Dale J.
Holden, Dean L.
Holden, Donald [Nichol]
Holden, Frances M.
Holden, Fred E.
Holden, John W.
Holden, Mary M.
Holden, Senia
Holdren, Beecher
Holes, Paula D. Arbaugh
Holgate, Maurice G.
Holicky, J. Raemon
Holicky, Minnie B.
Holl, Jordan J.
Holland, Amos [Hubbard]
Holland, Arthur
Holland, Donald R.
Holland, Edward
Holland, Frank G.
Holland, Jane M.
Holland, Julia M.
Holland, Mary [Merrill]
Holland, Minnie V.
Holland, Victor E.
Hollendersky, George E. Sr.
Holler, Anne F.
Holler, Harold I.
Holler, Judith E.
Holler, Virginia V.
Holleran, Daniel F.
Holleran, Gertrude K.
Holley, Alfred
Holley, Ann A.
Holley, Emily
Holley, Marion
Holley, Marion T.
Holley, Starr
Holley, Starr J.
Hollingsworth, Lucille E.
Hollingsworth, Robert D.
Hollingworth, Margaret J.
Hollingworth, Neale A.
Hollingworth, Thomas
Hollis, [Bowen]
Hollis, Doris J.
Hollis, Gary Alan
Hollis, Glenn W.
Hollister, Alamary 1 2
Hollister, Asahel
Hollister, Carl V.
Hollister, Eliza [Pepoon]
Hollister, Helen M.
Hollister, Jane [Munson]
Hollister, Maria [Crawford]
Hollister, Marjorie E.
Hollister, Sarah
Hollister, Sarah Maria
Hollo, Emery
Holloway, James R.
Holly, Catherine L.
Holly, Clarence E.
Holly, Francis E.
Holly, George O.
Holly, Helen E.
Holly, Helen I.
Holly, Leah M.
Holly, Olive G.
Holm, Eino J.
Holm, Hilda K.
Holma, Hanna
Holmden, Vivian I. Wood
Holmden, Walter Elmer
Holmer, Libbie S.
Holmes, Ann Maria
Holmes, Anna
Holmes, Anna M.
Holmes, Bernice E.
Holmes, Betsey
Holmes, Carrie M
Holmes, Catharine A.
Holmes, Charles W.
Holmes, Christine
Holmes, David W.
Holmes, Donald R.
Holmes, Edward B.
Holmes, Elizabeth [Barnes]
Holmes, Emma L.
Holmes, Eva L.
Holmes, Ezra
Holmes, Ezra L.
Holmes, Father
Holmes, Florence L.
Holmes, Frances M.
Holmes, Francis A.
Holmes, Frank W.
Holmes, George R.
Holmes, George W.
Holmes, Harry
Holmes, infant 1 2
Holmes, James R.
Holmes, Jessie [Yaxley]
Holmes, John
Holmes, Joseph
Holmes, Laura Brown
Holmes, Leo J.
Holmes, Lucy B.
Holmes, M. Victoria Ward 1 2
Holmes, Maria
Holmes, Mary C.
Holmes, Max K.
Holmes, Mother
Holmes, Orrin
Holmes, Parker E.
Holmes, Ray S.
Holmes, Reuben R.
Holmes, Robert
Holmes, Sally
Holmes, Sarah [Cowdery]
Holmes, Wealthy [Allen]
Holmes, Wendell C.
Holmes, William E. 1 2
Holmstrom, Elin J.
Holmstrom, Ollie G.
Holnapy, Betty J.
Holnapy, Edith E.
Holnapy, George J.
Holnapy, Helen
Holnapy, Julius
Holnapy, Louis
Holnapy, Marie A.
Holnapy, William F.
Holp, Anna M. 1 2
Holp, C.
Holp, Christoph
Holp, Dora P. 1 2
Holp, Father
Holp, Fred C. 1 2
Holp, Fred G. 1 2
Holp, Harry 1 2
Holp, Harry Davis
Holp, Mother
Holp, Patricia A. 1 2
Holp, Robert R. 1 2
Holp, Wilva
Holp, Wilva R.
Holroyd, Robert E.
Holroyd, Vira E.
Holsclaw, Bruce
Holshue, Dorothy E.
Holshue, William L.
Holsinger, Florence M.
Holsinger, Ruth Florence [Wintrich]
Holson, Isaac R.
Holson, John
Holson, John E.
Holson, Saima M.
Holstead, Bernice K.
Holstead, Marguerite B. [Clark]
Holstead, Parthena [Abbey]
Holstead, Perry G.
Holsted, Ella A.
Holsted, George W.
Holstein, Charlotte L
Holstein, John F.
Holsti, Jacob
Holsti, Sofia
Holt, Donald Raymond
Holt, Emily Reeves
Holt, Hattie [Edds]
Holt, Mary E.
Holt, Paula A. Irene
Holt, Raymond D.
Holtkamp, Elsie M.
Holtsbery, Lura
Holzhausen, Charles J.
Holzhauser, Christ J.
Holzhauser, Ralph T.
Holzheimer, Ethel
Holzheimer, Otto
Homeier, Adell M.
Homeier, Jesse H.
Homer, Jacob
Homer, Marian R.
Homes, Evata M.
Hommel, Arthur F.
Hommel, Bernice I.
Hommel, Regina Ptaszynski
Hommel, William
Hommel, William F.
Honkala, Amanda
Honkala, Anna E.
Honkala, Elizabeth
Honkala, Emelia
Honkala, Fred S.
Honkala, Helen C.
Honkala, Ina Mackey
Honkala, Jaakko L.
Honkala, Jack E.
Honkala, John G.
Honkala, John M.
Honkala, Kustaa
Honkala, Lempi [Endress]
Honkala, Lila E. [Simkus]
Honkala, Lucy M.
Honkala, Matt A.
Honkala, Matt R.
Honkala, Serafiija
Honkalla, Harvey J.
Honkanen, Niilo E.
Honkola, Margaret E. [Smith]

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