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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Jay through Jn

Jay, John [Humphrey]
Jay, Merton [Brichford]
Jaye, Clara M.
Jaye, Frank H.
Jayne, Addie E.
Jayne, Alfred L.
Jayne, Bessie Titus
Jayne, Donald T.
Jayne, Dorothy Tame
Jayne, Ethel [Curtis]
Jayne, Eunicia
Jayne, Jennie A.
Jayne, John P.
Jayne, Justin H.
Jayne, Kathleen [Woodworth]
Jayne, Lila R.
Jayne, Luther R.
Jayne, Mabel [Wells]
Jayne, Marian [Smith]
Jayne, Mary M.
Jayne, Stella Moodey
Jayne, Thelma [Logan]
Jayne, Theodore R.
Jaynes, Robert H. Jr.
Jazbec, Josephine L. [Leufkens]
Jeanes, Jane Lawrence
Jeavons, Arthur S.
Jeavons, Edie M.
Jeckl, Adam Jr.
Jefferies, Dreamieum S.
Jeffers, Katherine
Jeffers, Louis B.
Jeffersom, Fred L.
Jefferson, Bessie
Jefferson, Dale M.
Jefferson, Glen P. Sr.
Jefferson, Mother
Jefferson, Rhoda J.
Jeffers-Wyler, Patricia
Jeffery, Edith J.
Jeffery, James
Jeffrey, Jo Ann
Jeffries, Aili Rinta
Jeffries, Amzie
Jeffries, Andrew
Jeffries, Andrew J.
Jeffries, Angela
Jeffries, Augustine A. [Rocco]
Jeffries, Dominic
Jeffries, Julia M.
Jeffries, Nina
Jeffries, Paul Thomas
Jeffries, Rose
Jelenc, Anton
Jelenc, Frances
Jencso, Ilona Visnovski
Jencso, John
Jenkin, Alice A.
Jenkin, Ernest E.
Jenkins, Alfred W.
Jenkins, Allen E.
Jenkins, Asa K.
Jenkins, B. Frank
Jenkins, Charles C.
Jenkins, Dalton G.
Jenkins, Daniel G.
Jenkins, Earl L.
Jenkins, Edgar 1 2
Jenkins, Edward R.
Jenkins, Elisabeth Rand
Jenkins, Elmer F.
Jenkins, Eugenie
Jenkins, Grace Harris
Jenkins, Hannah [Joslyn]
Jenkins, Harriet Huntoon
Jenkins, Helen
Jenkins, Helen E.
Jenkins, Henry
Jenkins, James N.
Jenkins, Jeffrey G.
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, Kathleen M.
Jenkins, Lillian N.
Jenkins, Lois Irene
Jenkins, Lynn Allen
Jenkins, Mary
Jenkins, Mary A.
Jenkins, Mary K.
Jenkins, Murray
Jenkins, Nate
Jenkins, Nella
Jenkins, Norbert B.
Jenkins, Robert R.
Jenkins, Robert R. Jr.
Jenkins, Ruth C.
Jenkins, Susan E.
Jenkins, Thomas Morgan
Jenkins, Venola
Jenkins, Viola
Jenkins, Walter W.
Jenkins, William W.
Jenkins, Wm. B.
Jenkins, Zipporah
Jenks, Addie Adams
Jenks, Alfred
Jenks, B. F.
Jenks, Clifton H.
Jenks, Elsie Noble
Jenks, Eva F.
Jenks, Frank
Jenks, Maria
Jenks, Maria Preston
Jenks, Marie A. Taft
Jenks, Marilyn P.
Jenks, Olmey F.
Jenks, Robert R.
Jenne, John C.
Jenne, Olive M.
Jenness, Florence Rist [Bock]
Jenney, Elizabeth [House]
Jenning, Robert [Murphy]
Jennings, Alice
Jennings, Alice P.
Jennings, C. [Lipovich]
Jennings, C.C.
Jennings, Charles [Casement]
Jennings, Charles B.
Jennings, Charles C.
Jennings, Charles F.
Jennings, Climena C. [Clark]
Jennings, David L.
Jennings, Donald Keith
Jennings, Eldred M. [Hawk]
Jennings, Eva J.
Jennings, Frances [Casement]
Jennings, Frances L.
Jennings, Frances M. [Casement]
Jennings, Jerusha 1 2
Jennings, Julia Ann
Jennings, Keith B.
Jennings, Lena M.
Jennings, Leroy
Jennings, Louella Eby
Jennings, Lucille R.
Jennings, Luther F.
Jennings, M.M.
Jennings, Martha W. [Cunningham]
Jennings, Mary A.
Jennings, Mary L.
Jennings, Mehetabel M.
Jennings, Oliver 1 2
Jennings, Orlean
Jennings, Robert G.
Jennings, Roxana Graham
Jennings, Sarah Crandall 1 2
Jennings, William M.
Jennings, Wm. Grover
Jennison, Albert
Jennison, Albert V.
Jennison, Bert A.
Jennison, Beulah M.
Jennison, Chester E.
Jennison, Claire C.
Jennison, Dorothy Ellen
Jennison, Edith M. [Everett]
Jennison, Edna A. [Warner]
Jennison, Elizabeth N.
Jennison, Ernest D.
Jennison, Frank C.
Jennison, Julia Mae
Jennison, Kenneth
Jennison, Laura Ann
Jennison, Laurence A.
Jennison, Lauvina
Jennison, Leonard
Jennison, Major A.
Jennison, Minnie M.
Jennison, Nellie M.
Jennison, Pearl C.
Jennison, Perry Gay
Jennison, Ralph
Jennison, Ralph L.
Jennison, Roy E.
Jensen, Anna
Jensen, Beverly J.
Jensen, Elisabeth L.
Jensen, Elizabeth A.
Jensen, Erma
Jensen, Glenn C.
Jensen, Jens F.
Jensen, Jens K.
Jensen, John E.
Jensen, Krista
Jensen, Larry W.
Jensen, Sophia [Schoenbeck]
Jenson, Paul A.
Jent, Robin L.
Jeppe, Cora E.
Jepson, A---ie F.
Jepson, Carrie
Jepson, Charles
Jepson, Charles A.
Jepson, Charles Y.
Jepson, Cora
Jepson, Cora I.
Jepson, Donna Rita Intorcio
Jepson, Ellen J.L. [Wright]
Jepson, Frank C.
Jepson, Geraldine A.
Jepson, Harriett J.
Jepson, Henry A.
Jepson, Jennie R.
Jepson, Julia A. Hill
Jepson, Samuel H.
Jerabek, Alice Torbet
Jerabek, Paul Edmond
Jerala, Arnold Frank
Jerala, Catherine
Jerala?, Gerard C.
Jerala, John
Jerala, John H.
Jerala, Raymond J.
Jerala, Ruth C.
Jeremia, Robert E.
Jerin, Daughter
Jermyn, Lavina
Jerome, Ann F.
Jerome, David
Jerome, Ernest F.
Jerome, Frank Joseph
Jerome, J.A.
Jerome, Joseph
Jerome, Louise K.
Jerome, Lucy E.D.
Jerome, Olive
Jerome, Raymond T.
Jerome, Roswell C.
Jerome, Susan C.
Jersey, Andrew C.
Jersey, Leona C.
Jersey, Lois C.
Jersey, William T.
Jeschenig, Frank F.
Jeschenig, Harold J.
Jeschenig, Margaret A.
Jeschenig, Nancy J.
Jessee, June Marie
Jewel, Abigail [Rust]
Jewel, M. [Sheppard]
Jewel, Sally
Jewel, Whitney
Jewell, Bertha [Carter]
Jewell, Carl T.
Jewell, Carolyn P.
Jewell, E. [Milne]
Jewell, Edgar B.
Jewell, Edmund
Jewell, Elijah S.
Jewell, Emogene [Cavender]
Jewell, Esther
Jewell, Flavia D.
Jewell, Florence C.
Jewell, Floyd W.
Jewell, Franklin E.
Jewell, Fred W.
Jewell, Gladys F.
Jewell, Hannah [Anderson]
Jewell, Howard E.
Jewell, Ira M.
Jewell, Jason W.
Jewell, Jennie
Jewell, Laura
Jewell, Laura A.
Jewell, Louisa E. [Keeny]
Jewell, Luther
Jewell, Mabel E.
Jewell, Malinda
Jewell, Margaret V. Kovaly
Jewell, Marietta [Crocker]
Jewell, Marion
Jewell, Mary E.
Jewell, Nina E.
Jewell, Olive
Jewell, Ona L. [Los]
Jewell, R. [Short]
Jewell, Raymond C.
Jewell, Robert E.
Jewell, Vernon C.
Jewell, Virginia
Jewell, Virginia A.
Jewell, Wayson C.
Jewet, Laura
Jewett, Abraham
Jewett, Charles C.
Jewett, Clara [Burgess]
Jewett, Della A.
Jewett, Helen [Pratt]
Jewett, Willie L.
Jewitt, Ellen
Jex, Charles R.
Jividen, Guy
Jividen, Helen

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