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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Jol through Jz

Joles, Agnes J.
Joles, Arthur D. Sr.
Joles, Clarence A.
Joles, Emma M.
Joles, Gladys M.
Joles, James M.
Joles, James S.
Joles, Margaret
Joles, May O.
Joles, Patricia A.
Joles, Raymond C.
Joles, Raymond G.
Joles, Robert C.
Jolliffe, Ardis B.
Jolliffe, Cyrus W.
Jolliffe, Evelyn F.
Jolliffe, Harley T.
Jolliffe, Ida May
Jolliffe, John H.
Jolly, C. Kenneth
Jolly, Nora M.
Jónás, Esther
Jónás, John
Jones, Abigail [Goldsmith]
Jones, Alan Keith Jr.
Jones, Albert S.
Jones, Alberta
Jones, Alfred 1 2
Jones, Alice C.
Jones, Alma R.
Jones, Amelia L.
Jones, Anna 1 2
Jones, Anna [Hills]
Jones, Anna H.
Jones, Arthur P.
Jones, Barbara Ann
Jones, Benaiah
Jones, Bernice
Jones, Bessie M.
Jones, Brett L
Jones, Bridget
Jones, Byron
Jones, Chancy F.
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles E.
Jones, Chloe Bond
Jones, Clara 1 2
Jones, Clarissa Clarke
Jones, Clyde H.
Jones, Cynthia [Shepherd]
Jones, Daniel C.
Jones, David H.
Jones, Dawn M
Jones, Donna Lorraine
Jones, Doris I.
Jones, Dorothy
Jones, E.M.
Jones, E.M. Jr. 1 2
Jones, Edgar Augustus
Jones, Edwin C.
Jones, Edwin M.
Jones, Elizabeth B.
Jones, Elkanah 1 2
Jones, Eloise M. "Mikie"
Jones, Elwood E.
Jones, Ethel Mae
Jones, Fannie I.
Jones, Father
Jones, Florence H.
Jones, Florence O.
Jones, Frances T.
Jones, Frank VanDoorn
Jones, Fredrick
Jones, Gene A.
Jones, George H.
Jones, George R.
Jones, Gerald F.
Jones, Gertrude E.
Jones, Gladys Culp
Jones, Gladys Fenwick
Jones, Gladys M.
Jones, Glyn R.
Jones, Gwladys [Axtell]
Jones, H. Marie Dennis
Jones, Hannah L.
Jones, Harold J.
Jones, Harriet E.
Jones, Harry A.
Jones, Hazel A.
Jones, Helen E.
Jones, Helen S.
Jones, Henry C.
Jones, Howard H
Jones, Howard R.
Jones, Howard S.
Jones, Howard Seely, Jr.
Jones, Ida B.
Jones, Ima Eddy
Jones, Infant Dau.
Jones, Infant son
Jones, J. Powell
Jones, Jacqueline L.
Jones, James
Jones, James [McClatcher]
Jones, James E.
Jones, James Evan
Jones, James R.
Jones, Jane
Jones, Jay M.
Jones, Jeanne Marie
Jones, Jeannette E.
Jones, Jemima Skinner
Jones, Jennie H.
Jones, Jennie S.
Jones, Jessie M
Jones, Joan Therese
Jones, John Davis
Jones, John J.
Jones, John P.
Jones, John T.
Jones, Joseph Dean
Jones, Joseph W.
Jones, Katie L.
Jones, Lawrence E. 1 2
Jones, Leo B. Sr.
Jones, Leroy E.
Jones, Lester W.
Jones, Lillian
Jones, Lillian A. Morrell
Jones, Lillie B.
Jones, Lizzie
Jones, Lloyd W.
Jones, Lois Marie
Jones, Lorenzo D.
Jones, Lottie
Jones, Lucy T.
Jones, Lucynthia [Tarbell]
Jones, Luther L.
Jones, Lynn H.
Jones, Margaret [Wiltshire]
Jones, Mary Elaine
Jones, Mary Jane
Jones, Mary M.
Jones, Mary Rintanen
Jones, Michael D. 1 2
Jones, Michele K.
Jones, Mother
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nancy M.
Jones, Nellie
Jones, Nellie A.
Jones, Nema M.
Jones, Neva E.
Jones, Norma
Jones, Nova L. Allen
Jones, Ollie
Jones, Patricia Ann
Jones, Paul R.
Jones, Paulin [Pryce]
Jones, Pauline Marie
Jones, Pearl E. Smith
Jones, Persis A.
Jones, Phebe A.
Jones, Phebe A. Peters
Jones, Phyllis J.
Jones, Quentin W.
Jones, Ralph P.
Jones, Reba A.
Jones, Rebecca Sue
Jones, Richard L.
Jones, Richard P.
Jones, Rita J.
Jones, Robert L.
Jones, Robert R. 1 2
Jones, Robert S.
Jones, Robert W.
Jones, Roger C.
Jones, Ronald
Jones, Rose A.
Jones, Roy A.
Jones, Roy C.
Jones, Ruth E. 1 2
Jones, Ruth Graham
Jones, Ruth J.
Jones, Ruth M.
Jones, Sarah H.
Jones, Serena
Jones, Shirley B.
Jones, Sophia A.
Jones, Sophie
Jones, Stanley C.
Jones, Thomas E.
Jones, Thomas S.
Jones, Trevor
Jones, Trevor P.
Jones, Vernon L.
Jones, Victor C
Jones, Wallace R.
Jones, Walter
Jones, Wealtha Ford
Jones, Willard Lee
Jones, William
Jones, William F.
Jones, William H. 1 2
Jones, William Henry
Jones, William T.
Jones, Wm.
Jones-Shaw, Margaret L.
Jongen, Hazel C.
Jongen, William
Jopko, Joan M.
Jopko, Mary A.
Jopko, Robert D.
Jopko, Robert S.
Jordan, Blanche W. Jr. "Bud"
Jordan, Branche W.
Jordan, Carrie
Jordan, Clifton C.
Jordan, Doris [Muzzio]
Jordan, Gertrude Dayton
Jordan, Glenn Clifton
Jordan, Luzerne G.
Jordan, Mary Rodgers
Jordan, Metta
Jordan, Miriam Jessica
Jordan, Nick
Jordan, Noah W.
Jordan, Phyllis J. Harris
Jordan, Ruby Parker
Jordan, Ruth Gibbons
Jordan, Thelma R.
Jordan, Vivian D.
Jordan, William
Jordan, William August
Jordon, Ada
Jordon, James L.
Jorges, Muriel
Jorges, Otto W.
Jorndt, William J.
Joslyn, Hannah Jenkins
Joss, Robert John
Joss, Wilbert J.
Jost, Evelyn L.
Joughin, Alma I.
Joughin, Donald E.
Joughin, Edna B.
Joughin, Ernestine
Joughin, J. James
Joughin, John
Joughin, John III
Joughin, John W.
Joughin, Mona L.
Joughin, Robert T.
Joughin, Walter K.
Jouhary, Anna [Said]
Jouhary, Mike
Journigan, Robert
Joy, Hilda Shatford
Joy, Maxine L.
Joyce, Allen E.
Joyce, Almeda
Joyce, Harry A.
Joyce, Helen E.
Joyce, James
Joyce, Joan E.
Joyce, Richard E.
Joyner, Emory A.
Judd, Arthur M.
Judd, Carrie
Judd, Delia [Howe]
Judd, Dorothy May
Judd, Electa
Judd, Eliza
Judd, Elizabeth
Judd, Ellen M. Winchester
Judd, Florence H.
Judd, Frank H.
Judd, Frank M.
Judd, Harriet
Judd, Hila
Judd, Ina [Barnes]
Judd, Jefferson
Judd, Jotham
Judd, Lloyd W.
Judd, Lucinda
Judd, Margaret L.
Judd, Mark W.
Judd, Martha F.
Judd, Mary L.
Judd, Nancy B. [Warner]
Judd, Nellie J.
Judd, Richard
Judd, Robert Allen
Judd, Thomas
Judd, William H.
Jude, Edwin [Ferriss]
Judge, Carolyn Salkeld
Judisch, Marian E.
Judkins, A. G.
Judkins, A. W.
Judkins, Bessie A.
Judkins, Bessie W.
Judkins, Betty
Judkins, Charles F.
Judkins, Clarisa Lay
Judkins, E. Arthur
Judkins, Earl C.
Judkins, Edith G.
Judkins, Edith R.
Judkins, Eugene
Judkins, F. Eugene
Judkins, Gladys S.
Judkins, Hannah
Judkins, Irene R.
Judkins, Raymond H.
Judkins, Ruth E.
Judkins, Terry W.
Judson, [Brooks]
Judson, [Johnson]
Judson, Brainard [Whipple]
Judson, Clyde H.
Judson, Josephine [Davis]
Judson, Lucius E. Sr.
Judson, Madge H.
Judson, Mary J. Huston
Judson, Orrin [Lines]
Judy, Dirk A.
Judy, Frances C.
Judy, Rosalie M.
Judy, William L.
Juhasz, Elizabeth R.
Juhasz, Joseph S.
Juhasz, Lidia E.
Juhasz, William A.
Juhnke, Gustav A.
Juhnke, Ida A.
Juhos, Rose M.
Juist, Anna
Juist, Concetta J.
Juist, Dominic A.
Juist, Donald A. "Tony"
Juist, Felix
Juist, Felix A.
Juist, Joseph J.
Juist, Maud R.
Jukes, Emily
Jukes, John
Julian, Louise H.
Julian, William E.
Juncker, Arnold
Juncker, Ruth A.
June, Betty R.
June, Clarissa A.
June, Joe
June, John
June, Leonara
June, Mildred E.
Jung, Elizabeth [Weber]
Juniper, Clyde E.
Juniper, Oma L.
Junnila, Frank
Junnila, Hilja V.
Junza, Robert F.
Jupp, Annabelle A.
Jupp, Howard C.
Jurca, Donna G.
Juros, Mike
Jurrus, Carl E. Sr.
Jurrus, Mary Headings
Juska, Helen M. [Brace]
Jusko, George R.
Jusko, Irene R.
Jusko, John M.
Jusko, Tomothy E.
Jussila, Samuel
Just, Joseph J.
Just, Ruth
Justice, Fred
Justice, Helen
Justice, Linda
Justice, Sarah [Montgomery]
Justin, Chester
Justin, Marilyn
Justinger, Christina
Justinger, Dallas "Tex"
Justinger, Ethel M. Grove
Justinger, Joseph F.
Justinger, Joseph F. Sr.
Justinger, Kenna Lou
Justus, Arthur J.
Justus, Arthur Karl
Justus, Charles Edwin
Justus, Florence Hudson
Justus, Kate Shaw
Justus, Melinda A. Smith
Justus, Ruby Courtwright
Justus, Sidney M.D.
Juusola, Hilma A. Salminen
Juusola, Ida J.
Juusola, Jacob O
Juusola, Tauno K.
Juuti, Jacob O.
Juzna, Frank
Juzna, Frank L.
Juzna, John
Juzna, Molly
Jylanki, Hulda
Jylanki, Johan
Jylanki, John Abraham
Jylanki, Matt
Jylanki, Onni J.
Jylanki, Raymond M.

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