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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - K through Kaq



K, M. A.
K_di, George
Kabatt, Max
Kabonrek, Peter J.
Kachik, Gloria E.
Kachik, John P.
Kacholek, Andrew
Kacholek, Betty
Kacholek, Harold
Kada, Magdoline
Kada, Steve
Kadane, Joseph
Kadane, Mary G.
Kadet, Albert
Kadet, Albert W.
Kadet, Charles
Kadet, Dorothy
Kadet, Elizabeth
Kadet, János
Kadet, John
Kadet, Louis A.
Kadet, Margaret M.
Kadet, Olga
Kadet, Rose
Kadet, Shirley A.
Kadet, Steve A.
Kadet, Steve R.
Kaestle, Anna R.
Kaestle, Samuel C.
Kaewel, August
Kaewel, Mary J.
Kaferle, Frank
Kaferle, Josephine
Kafton, Lois M.
Kagy, Mary H.
Kahoe, Ann
Kahoe, James
Kahoun, Gustav
Kahoun, Helen
Kaighin, Joseph [Carn]
Kaighin, William [Carn]
Kailburn, James A.
Kailburn, May B.
Kailburn, Robert Howard
Kain, James A.
Kain, Lena M.
Kairns, Mary 1 2
Kairns, Sarah J.
Kaiser, Albert F.
Kaiser, Blanche
Kaiser, Carol
Kaiser, Emily
Kaiser, George R.
Kaiser, James F.
Kaiser, Joan L.
Kaiser, John T.
Kaiser, Joseph F.
Kaiser, Maude E.
Kaiser, Ruth A. "Annie"
Kaiser, W. Henry
Kajfez, Rudy A.
Kakas, Anna 1 2
Kakas, Joseph
Kalal, Glenn J.
Kalal, W. Izora
Kalb, Cathy M. Peace
Kalbaugh, Donald W.
Kalbaugh, Laurane G.
Kalbers, Mary
Kalck, Fred C.
Kale, Berea C.
Kale, Charlotte M.
Kale, Martin Earl
Kale, Waldean F.
Kalin, Beatrice E.
Kalin, Marjo J.
Kalina, Frank Jr.
Kalina, Frank Sr.
Kalina, Gilbert S.
Kalina, Helen [Neybeller]
Kalina, Henry
Kalina, Joseph
Kalina, Lawrence
Kalina, Marie
Kalina, Rosie
Kalinowski, John L.
Kalinsky, David H., Jr.
Kallay 1 2
Kallay, Anna D.
Kallay, Anna S.
Kallay, Anna Szijjanto
Kallay, Bela
Kallay, Charles J. 1 2
Kallay, Charles S.
Kallay, Eileen C.
Kallay, Emma P.
Kallay, Helen
Kallay, James J.
Kallay, James S.
Kallay, Jeni Boy
Kallay, Jennings S.
Kallay, Joseph Elmer Sr.
Kallay, Joseph W.
Kallay, Malvina
Kallay, Margaret L. Wanda
Kallay, Marie F.
Kallay, Martha C.
Kallay, Martha Theresa
Kallay, Martha W.
Kallay, Mary
Kallay, Mary A. 1 2
Kallay, Mary K.
Kallay, Mary S.
Kallay, Michael F.
Kallay, Paul G. Jr.
Kallay, Paul G. Sr.
Kallay, Pauline M.
Kallay, Robert D.
Kallay, Rose
Kallay, Rosemary
Kallay, Sebastian
Kallay, Stephen
Kallay, Steve J.
Kallay, Theodore J.
Kallay, Theresa K.
Kallay, Watson E.
Kallay, William S.
Kallay, Windsor 1 2
Kallio, Aili S.
Kallio, Anna R.
Kallio, Eemil N.
Kallio, Elina
Kallio, Hilma H.
Kallio, Jenny M.
Kallio, John A.
Kallio, Kustaa
Kallio, Matt E.
Kallio, Maxine J.
Kallio, Melvin E.
Kallio, Michell Samuel
Kallio, Paavo J.
Kallio, Sofia
Kallio, Thomas E.
Kalliomaa, Aune L.
Kalliomaa, Eino M.
Kalliomaa, Maria A.
Kalliomaa, Mauno M.
Kalliomaa, Sulo A.
Kalman, Gellert J.
Kalman, Joseph T.
Kalman, Julius F.
Kalman, Marian T.
Kalman, Mary T
Kalman, Roberta B.
Kalnasy, Clara
Kalnasy, Frank
Kalnasy, Frank J.
Kalnasy, Olive P.
Kalstrom, Gilbert W.
Kamas, Julia
Kamenar, Andrew
Kamenar, Andrew P.
Kamenar, Emricus Basil
Kamenar, Joseph S. 1 2
Kamenar, Leona M.
Kamenar, Mary
Kamenar, Michael 1 2
Kamenar, Rose M.
Kamenar, Stephen P.
Kamenar, Susanna
Kamenyar, Andrew
Kamenyar, Anna
Kamenyar, George
Kamenyar, John
Kaminske, Frank
Kaminske, Martha A.
Kaminske, Mary
Kaminski, Charles R.
Kaminski, Frank H.
Kaminski, Mildred A.
Kammerer, Ivah M.
Kammerer, William
Kampas, Nick
Kampinen, Urho E.
Kamppinen, Enne E.
Kamppinen, Hilma K.
Kamppinen, Katri S.
Kamppinen, Matt
Kanaga, Mary J.
Kandalec, Kathleen D.
Kandare, Angela
Kandare, Anton
Kandare, Edward
Kandel, Fred Jr.
Kandel, Helen
Kander, Harry
Kane, Catherine H. 1 2
Kane, Coleman
Kane, Donnie
Kane, Ellen
Kane, Esther
Kane, Ethel B.
Kane, Fannie [Johnson]
Kane, Frank E.
Kane, Franke H.
Kane, John T. 1 2
Kane, Mack
Kane, Mary Ellen
Kane, Mary J.
Kane, Mary Wheeler
Kane, Rita Jean [Baumgartner]
Kane, Sheldon [Hall]
Kane, Theodore A.
Kane, Thomas M.
Kane, William C.
Kanes, Elizabeth T.
Kangas, Alossanteri
Kangas, Anna Josefiina
Kangas, Anni E.
Kangas, Baby
Kangas, Benjamin Vernie
Kangas, Bert E.
Kangas, Eino A.
Kangas, Esa
Kangas, Eugene N.
Kangas, Gerald E.
Kangas, Gertrude H.
Kangas, J. William
Kangas, Jennie A.
Kangas, Karl M.
Kangas, Kustaa
Kangas, Marcella R.
Kangas, Maria
Kangas, Martha F.
Kangas, Matti
Kangas, Milija
Kangas, Nancy Lee
Kangas, Neal J.
Kangas, Robert A.
Kangas, Ronald A.
Kangas, Silia
Kangas, Thelma H.
Kangas, Urho
Kangas, William A.
Kanieski, Clem J.
Kanieski, Gary J.
Kaniewski, Robert S.
Kankkonen, Henry 1 2
Kannasto, Maria S.
Kanocz, Ann C.
Kanocz, Barbara
Kanocz, Elizabeth
Kanocz, Geza
Kanocz, Grace
Kanocz, John 1 2
Kanocz, John Sr.
Kanocz, Joseph 1 2
Kanocz, Julia 1 2 3
Kanocz, Peter
Kanocz, Steve
Kanocz, William 1 2
Kanocz, Zoltan
Kanyuh, Danielle
Kanyuh, Elizabeth H.
Kanyuh, George C. Jr.
Kanyuh, George C. Sr.
Kanyuh, Gladys Bonnetta
Kanyuh, Gloria Marie
Kanyuh, Infant Son
Kanyuh, John J
Kanyuh, Julia
Kanyuh, Mary 1 2
Kanyuh, Michael Sr.
Kanyuh, Paul
Kanyuh, Paul F. Sr.
Kanyuh, Stephen Ralph
Kanyuh, Warma [Huhtanen]
Kapel, Herman H.
Kapel, Kathy Jo [Brunsen]
Kapel, Mary 1 2
Kapes, Ellen
Kapitzky, George
Kapitzky, Marian
Kaplan, Franciska
Kaplin, Andrew [Thomas]
Kapostasy, Arthur J.
Kapostasy, Debra L.
Kapostasy, Elizabeth
Kapostasy, Emory
Kapostasy, Helen P.
Kapostasy, John
Kapostasy, Joseph J
Kapostasy, Matilda M.
Kapostasy, Michael
Kapostasy, Michael J.
Kapp, June M.
Kapp, Richard B.
Kapp, Richard N.
Kapp, Stephen F.
Kappen, Augusta S.
Kappen, Carl W.
Kapros, John
Kapros, Margaret
Kapros, Margaret T.
Kapudja, Adelaide J.
Kapudja, Emil J.
Kapudjija, Helen
Kapudjija, Ivan M.
Kapudjija, Joseph
Kapudjija, Teresa

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