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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Kn through Koq

Knapik, John C.
Knapik, Mildred E.
Knapik, Ryan C.
Knapin, Stefan
Knapp, Aurellia
Knapp, Carrie I.
Knapp, Charles A.
Knapp, David
Knapp, E. Wolcott
Knapp, Fannie Tillotson
Knapp, Homer Pike
Knapp, Joseph T.
Knapp, Lorraine Lee
Knapp, Ray
Knapp, Sarah
Knapp, Sarah S.
Knapper, Lyda J.
Knapper, Richard H.
Knaser, Beatrice M.
Knaser, Leata C.
Knaser, Robert Lewis
Knauff, Charlotte J.
Knauff, Eric Daniel
Knauff, Howard K.
Knaus, Eric J.
Knazek, Joel C.
Kneal, Ann
Kneal, Margaret
Kneal, Susan
Kneal, Thomas
Kneal, Willie
Kneale 1 2
Kneale, Anna E.
Kneale, Catherine Quayle
Kneale, Edith M.
Kneale, Ethel [Wood]
Kneale, Georgia [Webb]
Kneale, Jennie B.
Kneale, John C.
Kneale, Lillie
Kneale, Mabel [Eaton]
Kneale, Mary E. Gunther
Kneale, Mary H.
Kneale, Ruby [Call]
Kneale, Ruth
Kneale, Stanley
Kneale, Theodore V.
Kneale, Thomas S. Jr.
Kneale, William E.
Knebusch, Robert E.
Knebusch, Trumana R.
Knee, Joseph Thomas
Knee, Thelma Mae
Kneep, Christian
Kneirim, Dorothy C.
Kneisley, Charles E.
Kneisley, David L.
Kneisley, Grace L.
Kneisley, Kate L.
Kneisley, Paul L.
Knerem, Irvin H.
Knesebeck, Margaret A.
Knesebeck, Margaret L.
Knesebeck, Richard O.
Knieling, Augusta
Knieling, George
Knieling, J. Louis
Knieling, Katherine
Knieling, Louis
Knieling, Mary A.
Knierim, Adam
Knierim, Albert A.
Knierim, Henry B.
Knierim, Pauline
Knierim, Ruth H.
Knierin, Margaret E. [Warren]
Kniffen, Amy
Kniffen, Jno.
Kniffen, Obadiah
Kniffin, David F.
Kniffin, L. W.
Kniffin, Lucy Ann
Kniffin, M. A.
Kniffin, Webster
Knight, Alice Albert
Knight, Alma Faye
Knight, Almira Stoddard [Hanscom]
Knight, Augustus C.
Knight, Benj.
Knight, Bobby D.
Knight, Bonita Bryan
Knight, Dana [Moyse]
Knight, Deward W.
Knight, Donald Augustus
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, James
Knight, Joann
Knight, John Berry
Knight, John M.
Knight, Kate E.
Knight, Louis
Knight, Marie A.
Knight, Martha
Knight, Mary M.
Knight, Mayme E.
Knight, Ridgeway [Gray]
Knight, Rosina
Knight, Sidney Franklin
Knight, William T.
Knights, Mary [Woolsey]
Knisely, A. Frank
Knisely, Grayce M.
Knittel, B. Chloris
Knittel, Carl H.
Knittel, Carl Homer
Knittel, Eleanor M.
Knittel, Louis M.
Knittel, Mildred Novak
Knittel, William F. 1 2
Knittel, Wilma
Knobel, Harry L.
Knoblock, Donald A.
Knose, Kathryn LaVerne
Knott, David P.
Knotts, Clarence N.
Knotts, Isabella M.
Knotts, John J.
Knotts, Patricia A.
Knowles, Edgar
Knowles, H. Ward
Knowles, Selma T.
Knox, Agnes C.
Knox, Agnes Child
Knox, C. C.
Knox, Carlos Child
Knox, Cassius A.
Knox, Hannah I.
Knox, James
Knox, John [Mac Lachlan]
Knox, M. N.
Knox, M. Neilson
Knox, Richard R.
Knox, Thomas L.
Knox, Wilm
Knox, Wilm
Knox, Winifred M.
Knuth, Emil H.
Knuth, Florence V.
Knuth, Helen M.
Knuth, Wade C.
Knuuttinen, Hilda H.
Knuuttinen, John H.
Knuuttinen, Maria
Knuuttinen, Toivo Matt
Kobs, Grandma
Kobs, Mother
Kobs, Wm.
Kobus, Agnes
Kobus, Ronnie
Kobus, Sigmund
Kocak, Andrew 1 2
Kocak, Anna
Kocak, John
Kocak, Mary
Kocak, Matthew
Koch, Ampha F.
Koch, Elizabeth C.
Koch, Ethel C.
Koch, George R.
Koch, Grace [Coulton]
Koch, Grace Coulton
Koch, Hazel [Nash]
Koch, Karl P.
Koch, Richard K.
Koch, Virginia L.
Kocher, Belva J.
Kocher, George H.
Kocher, Joseph H.
Kocher, Lena B
Kochever, Frank J.
Kochever, John
Kochever, Mary
Kochever, Mary L.
Kochever, Maximillan
Kochever, Theresa
Kochis, Adelbert G.
Kochis, Anthony J.
Kochis, Berthelam
Kochis, Francis J.
Kochis, Katherine LaVerne
Kochis, Mary E.
Kocis, Andrew
Kocis, Andrew, Jr.
Kocis, Benjamin
Kocis, Dan
Kocis, Mary
Kocis, Molly
Kocis, Raymond
Kociszewski, John
Kocsis, Andrew D.
Kocsis, Catherine M.
Kocsis, Linda M.
Kocsuta, Michael
Kodrich, Daniel C.
Koeckert, Lula M.
Koeckert, Pauline A.
Koehl, Frank E.
Koehl, Martha L.
Koehler, Arthur
Koehler, Arthur J.
Koehler, George R.
Koehler, Grace Pike [Parks]
Koehler, Harry W.
Koehler, Kenneth K.
Koehler, Orrie
Koehler, Orrie Smith
Koelling, Elmer F.
Koelling, Eva Fischer
Koelling, Eva P.
Koellisch, Rose Bud
Koenig, Barbara Kiefer
Koenig, Ella M.
Koenig, Frank W.
Koenig, George J. III
Koenig, Isla M.
Koenig, Jeffrey A.
Koenig, John E.
Koenig, Josephine
Koenig, Karen M.
Koenig, Max V.
Koepf, John C.
Koepf, Lydia
Koerwitz, Janet L.
Koerwitz, Norman K.
Koester, John
Koeth, Alice R. [Blakeslee]
Kohan, Anna
Kohan, Anna [Stazzone]
Kohan, Emma
Kohan, John
Kohan, Julia G.
Kohan, Margaret R.
Kohan, Marie
Kohan, Michael
Kohan, Mike Sr.
Kohan, Orpha
Kohan, Robert
Kohan, Robert M.
Kohan-Jacobson, Alice [Dakos]
Kohankie 1 2
Kohankie, Charles J.
Kohankie, Cora May
Kohankie, Elizabeth
Kohankie, Florence R.
Kohankie, Harry
Kohankie, Helen M.
Kohankie, Henry
Kohankie, Henry J.
Kohankie, Jane L.
Kohankie, Julius
Kohankie, M. Nadine
Kohankie, Maggie
Kohankie, Martin
Kohankie, Mary J.
Kohankie, Mary M.
Kohankie, Philip M.
Kohankie, Samuel 1 2
Kohankie, William 1 2
Koharchik, John J.
Kohl, Edwin E.
Kohl, Elsie E.
Kohl, Ruth V.
Kohler, Agnes A.
Kohler, Dorothy G.
Kohler, Fred W.
Kohler, George F.
Kohler, Glenn C.
Kohler, Grace L
Kohler, Helen
Kohler, Hlda A.
Kohler, Jennifer Dawn
Kohler, Leonard F.
Kohler, Lillian L.
Kohler, Sophia M.
Kohler, Walter E. 1 2
Kohlerman, Charles W.
Kohlerman, Marie A.
Kohlhase, Doris C. [Weier]
Kohn, Francis Jr.
Kohout, Robert
Kokot, Julia Tóth
Kolar, Joe
Kolar, John
Kolar, Wilma R.
Kolbe, Alice I.
Kolecki, Marie [Todd]
Kolek, James
Kolesar, Andrew
Kolesar, Anna
Kolesar, John
Kolesar, Mary 1 2
Kolesar, Michael
Kolesar, Myrtle
Kolita, Benjamin A.
Kolita, Margaret R.
Kollar, Elizabeth
Kollar, Joseph
Kollfrath, Edith
Kollfrath, Edward C.
Kollfrath, Mary E.
Kolling, Leona E.
Kolling, Paul E.
Kollister, James "Jay"
Kolson, Alverda D.
Kolson, Anna R.
Kolson, Arthur V.
Koma, John T.
Koma, Mary
Koman, Louis Jr.
Koman, Louis Sr.
Koman, Mary Hosta
Komar, Margarette A. Humphreys
Komendat, Anthony S. 1 2
Komendat, Frank
Komendat, Frank Fazekas
Komendat, Janet Marie
Komendat, Joseph
Komendat, Lucile R.
Komendat, Margaret D.
Komendat, Mary 1 2
Komendat, Michael B. Jr.
Komendat, Michael W.
Komendat, Mike
Komendot, John A.
Komendot, Pearl
Komniey, Andrew R.
Komniey, Josephine E.
Komsi ?, Father
Komsi, John
Komsi, Liisa Tuomari
Komsi, Maria
Komsi ?, Mother
Komsie, August
Komsie, Susanna Paavala
Komssi, Arvo W.
Komssi, Doris I.
Komssi, Isak E.
Komssi, Matilda M.
Komssi, Toivo W.
Konchak, Rebecca C.
Konchak, William P
Kondas, Charles E.
Kondas, Elsa
Kondas, Frank W.
Kondas, Helen M.
Kondas, Joseph Paul
Kondas, Lucille A.
Kondas, Mary [Fedak]
Kondas, Rita J.
Kondas, Stephen N.
Konders, Ethel N.
Konders, Frank C.
Kondik, Virginia M.
Konkel, Agnes M.
Kontiainen, Albert M.
Kontiainen, Alma J.
Kontiainen, Arthur
Kontiainen, Edla
Kontiainen, Edla S.
Kontiainen, Matti
Kontz, Paul
Koogle, Ilda Morehouse
Koogler, George Harland
Koogler, Juanita Rodgers
Koonce, Helen H.
Koontz, Herman J.
Koontz, Opal J.
Kooser, Harry E.
Kopf, Clarence M.
Kopf, Mary B.
Kopman, Harold E.
Kopp, Doris
Kopp, Eutha [Nutting]
Kopp, William R.
Kopsick, Charles H.
Kopsick, Mary A.

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