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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Lj through Lon

Llewellyn, Arthur T.
Llewellyn, Blanche Adams
Llewellyn, Laverne
Llewellyn, Murray
Lloy, Sarah Meghan
Lloyd, Alberta
Lloyd, Audrey L.
Lloyd, Clara
Lloyd, Clarence D.
Lloyd, Deborah L.
Lloyd, Edith M.
Lloyd, Elizabeth Gibbs
Lloyd, Enid E.
Lloyd, Father
Lloyd, H.D.
Lloyd, H.E.
Lloyd, Harriett L. [Ferguson] 1 2
Lloyd, J. Frederick
Lloyd, James H.
Lloyd, Jenna Pauline
Lloyd, Joseph K.
Lloyd, Leicester
Lloyd, Leroy F.
Lloyd, Lillie B.
Lloyd, R.G.
Lloyd, Rozana Ranney
Locatosh, Paul J. Jr.
Locke, Betty J.
Locke, Carrol E.
Locke, Donald L.
Locke, Elroy M.
Locke, Floyd A.
Locke, Floyd Elmer Jr.
Locke, Gay D.
Locke, Helen
Locke, Henry F.
Locke, Kenneth E.
Locke, Laura S.
Locke, LaVerne
Locker, Alta
Locker, Ann
Locker, Anna
Locker, Bridget
Locker, Catherine
Locker, Charles
Locker, Daniel H.
Locker, Elizabeth
Locker, Gladys
Locker, Henry
Locker, James C.
Locker, Jas. 1 2
Locker, John 1 2
Locker, John H.
Locker, John R.
Locker, Mary 1 2
Locker, Ralph
Locker, Ruth M.
Lockerby, Earle T.
Lockerman, Mary L.
Lockhart, Agnes Marie
Lockhart, Alice R.
Lockhart, Anne G.
Lockhart, Elizabeth [Livingston]
Lockhart, Elizabeth M.
Lockhart, Henry
Lockhart, James
Lockhart, John
Lockhart, William J.
Lockman, George E.
Lockman, Inez Hungerford
Lockridge, Kathryn L.
Lockwood 1 2
Lockwood, A. S.
Lockwood, Alice, C.
Lockwood, Amanda L. 1 2
Lockwood, Anna 1 2 3
Lockwood, Bernice [Keener]
Lockwood, Betsey Keeney
Lockwood, Clara I.
Lockwood, Clara Vrooman
Lockwood, Della E.
Lockwood, Dorothea E.
Lockwood, Eleanor M. 1 2
Lockwood, Elizabeth L. King 1 2
Lockwood, Elvira S.
Lockwood, Eona
Lockwood, Erwin L.
Lockwood, Ethyle Mae Rust
Lockwood, Etta 1 2
Lockwood, Eva I.
Lockwood, Floyd S.
Lockwood, Frances [Armstrong]
Lockwood, Frances A.
Lockwood, Frances B.
Lockwood, Frederick Wallace
Lockwood, G.D.
Lockwood, G. Erwin
Lockwood, Gabriel Kent
Lockwood, Garret
Lockwood, Garrett E.
Lockwood, Gayle G.
Lockwood, George D.
Lockwood, Harry G.
Lockwood, Hazel
Lockwood ?, Hazel May
Lockwood, Helen Calwell
Lockwood, Helen E.
Lockwood ?, Henry C.
Lockwood, Henry H.
Lockwood, Ira
Lockwood, Ira B. 1 2
Lockwood, Irene
Lockwood, Irwin
Lockwood, Isabel
Lockwood, J. [Frisbie]
Lockwood, J. B.
Lockwood, J.S.
Lockwood, James G.
Lockwood, James P.
Lockwood, Kathryn L.
Lockwood, Kenneth
Lockwood, L.S.
Lockwood, Laura Maria
Lockwood, Lois [Dixon]
Lockwood, Louisa Seymour
Lockwood, Lucy
Lockwood, Lula [Price]
Lockwood, Marion
Lockwood, Mary [Casement]
Lockwood, Mary E.
Lockwood, Minne M.
Lockwood, Philip 1 2
Lockwood, Phillip Rev.
Lockwood, Robert [Casement]
Lockwood, Robert Lynn
Lockwood, Robert V.
Lockwood, Rosetta
Lockwood, Roy L.
Lockwood, Ruby L. [Quirk]
Lockwood, Ruby P. [Lohiser]
Lockwood, Russell E. 1 2
Lockwood, Ruth C.
Lockwood, S.
Lockwood, S.B.
Lockwood, Sarah
Lockwood, Solomon
Lockwood, Stanley
Lockwood, Stanley B.
Lockwood, Stanley Seymour
Lockwood, Thomas G.
Lockwood, Vaughin B.
Lockwood, Wade F.
Lockwood, Wade S.
Lockwood, Wm.
Lockwood, Wm. Wilkinson
Lockwood ?, Zana A.
Lockyer, Lorena L.
Lockyer, Thomas W.
Lococo-Erbacher, Marilyn E. [Selvidge]
Locotosh, Alice C.
Locotosh, Barbara Crawford
Locotosh, Elizabeth 1 2
Locotosh, Helen A.
Locotosh, John
Locotosh, Jr., Paul
Locotosh, Mary
Locotosh, Michael
Locotosh, Paul
Locotosh, Paul J.
Locotosh, Phillip S.
Locotosh, Phyllis A.
Loder, Arthur
Loder, Clara M.
Loder, Wallace A.
Lodge, Charles J.
Lodge, Elizabeth M.
Lodge, George C.
Lodge, Grace [Cox] 1 2
Lodge, Katherine
Loeffler, Carl E.
Loeffler, Ernest E.
Lofgren, Boyd H.
Lofgren, Lenore E.
Lofink, Janis Ann
Lofink, Margaret Allen
Lofink, Patrick Joseph
Loftus, Lucy L.
Loftus, Robert L.
Logan, Ada
Logan, Anna Vlasak
Logan, Annie E.
Logan, Arthur L.
Logan, C. Grace [Metcalf]
Logan, Caroline
Logan, Clifford H.
Logan, Cornelia P.
Logan, Cynthia Burk
Logan, Dakota J.
Logan, E. E.
Logan, Edwin R.
Logan, Elizabeth Donley
Logan, Elmer M.
Logan, Ernest C.
Logan, Florence M.
Logan, Frances M.
Logan, Gertrude [Young]
Logan, Grace [Yaxley]
Logan, Hattie M.
Logan, Howard M.
Logan, Howard M. Jr.
Logan, J. Maud Plaisted
Logan, Jack William
Logan, Jessie C.
Logan, Joseph E.
Logan, Keith A.
Logan, LaVerne Lamson
Logan, Lenora D.
Logan, Lester Phillip
Logan, Lily
Logan, Lizzie A.
Logan, Mamie Ramsey
Logan, Margaret [Harrison]
Logan, Margaret Elizabeth
Logan, Mark [Blalock]
Logan, Mary A.
Logan, Michael E.
Logan, Nettie Lowrey
Logan, Newton E.
Logan, Rose M.
Logan, Ruth St.John
Logan, Sally
Logan, Sarah E.
Logan, Thelma Jayne
Logan, Tressa M.
Logan, Walter
Logan, Walter E. 1 2
Logan, William
Logan, William R.
Logsdon, Elizabeth M.
Lohiser, Elsie Chamberlin
Lohiser, Frank C.
Lohiser, Howard C.
Lohiser, Infant dau.
Lohiser, Jennie
Lohiser, John Stewart
Lohiser, M. Dorena Rogers
Lohiser, Marian M.
Lohiser, Ruby P. Lockwood
Lohn, Leslie
Lohr, Charles H.
Lohr, Edward R.
Lohr, Elizabeth E.
Lohr, Eva M.
Lohr, James W.
Lohr, Laura A.
Lohr, Lawrence J.
Lohr, Lawrence J. Jr.
Lohr, Mardine Kate
Lohr, Rosemary
Lohr, Sally Elaine
Lohr, Shirley A.
Lohr, Wade E.
Lohr, William C. [or G.]
Lohrey, Clarence M.
Lohrey, Helen M.
Lohse, Helen
Lohse, Helen Nye
Loiacono, Angilina
Loiacono, Carmela
Loiacono, Carmella
Loiacono, James A.
Loiacono, Jamie H.
Loiacono, Vincenzo
Loija, A. Eliina
Loija, Matti
Loizcono, James V.
Lokay, Elsie [Witt]
Lokay, Frank
Lokay, Josephine
Lolli, Cesare
Lomache, Emma G.
Lomache, Philip Sr.
Lombard, Eleanor S.
Lombardi, Donato A.
Lombardi, Marco
Lombardi, Maria G.
Lombardo, Angelina
Lombardo, Doris
Lombardo, Joyce
Lombardo, Paul S.
Lombardo, Rose
Lombardo, Sam
Lombardy, Andrew
Lombardy, Eva May
Lombardy, Joseph D.
Lombardy, Mary C.
Lombardy, Theresa
Lonergan, Timothy Edward
Long, Alfred
Long, Alice Rodstrom
Long, Anthony 1 2
Long, Belle
Long, Catherine
Long, Charles
Long, Chloe J. [Nash]
Long, Daniel 1 2
Long, Dulce G.
Long, Edward C.
Long, Ella E.
Long, Esther M.
Long, Eva K.
Long, Evelyn M.
Long, Geraldine D.
Long, Glenn O.
Long, H. Katherine [Gulliford]
Long, Isaac W.
Long, James
Long, Jean
Long, Joel C.
Long, John C.
Long, John N.
Long, Joseph
Long, Joshua W.
Long, Joy L.
Long, Katherine
Long, Laura D.
Long, Linda E.
Long, Lloyd W.
Long, Lona J.
Long, Maria
Long, Marie
Long, Mary I.
Long, Mary J.
Long, Matilda Sweet
Long, Nick D.
Long, Olive
Long, Omar Gene
Long, Philip A.
Long, Robert E.
Long, Robert L.
Long, Rose Marie [Kline]
Long, Sabra
Long, Sally M.
Long, Samuel L. Jr.
Long, Savosi Amelia
Long, Victor L.
Long, William A. 1 2
Long, Wynton H.
Longani, Filomena
Longano, Maria T
Longano, Nicola
Longbons, John Ben
Longbons, Justine J.
Longbons, Mary M.
Longbons, Thomas
Longenecker, Ann T. McGinnis
Longenecker, Charles W.
Longfield, Catharine [Peterson]
Longford, Charles [Cadle]
Longhurst, Margaret E.
Longhurst, Robert W.
Longmire, Maude L.
Longshore, Delia Samson
Longstreth, Donald W.M.
Longtin, Alice
Longtin, Herbert

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