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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Loo through Lt

Lookabaugh, Mary
Lookingbill, Buster C.
Lookingbill, Lenora M.
Loomis, [Bliss]
Loomis, Ada
Loomis, Alvin
Loomis, Ann Eliza
Loomis, Ardulah H.
Loomis, Augusta
Loomis, Bert
Loomis, Betsey Baldwin
Loomis, Blanche [Killey]
Loomis, Carmelita
Loomis, Carrie
Loomis, Catherine E.
Loomis, Clarinda
Loomis, Cora
Loomis, Dana Bradford
Loomis, Dell [Pierce]
Loomis, Dimmie
Loomis, Edward O. Sr
Loomis, Edward Otis Sr.
Loomis, Elroy
Loomis, Emma M.
Loomis, George H.
Loomis, Goldie I.
Loomis, Harold A.
Loomis, Ingeborg C.
Loomis, Jessie B.
Loomis, Julianne Kline
Loomis, Kenneth C.
Loomis, Laura
Loomis, Lucius G.
Loomis, Mabel A.
Loomis, Maria [Aiken]
Loomis, Myrtie J.
Loomis, Nettie [Bediant]
Loomis, Norman J.
Loomis, Olive
Loomis, Olive F.
Loomis, Orison W.
Loomis, Oscar L.
Loomis, Reuben 1 2
Loomis, Ruel Orlin
Loomis, S.T.
Loomis, Stephen B.
Loomis, Stephen T.
Loomis, Sylvanus
Loomis, W. [Laird]
Looney, Anna L.
Looney, Helen J.
Looney, Michael S.
Looney, Sue E.
Loose, Charles W.
Loose, Lillian R.
Loose, Robert L.
Loovi, Isaac
Loovi, Maria
Loper, Alice M.
Loper, Carl W.
Lopresti, James M.
Lopresti, Sharon L.
Lord, [Sterling]
Lord, Ada E.
Lord, Albin H.
Lord, Bud
Lord, Charles
Lord, Claudia Clevenger
Lord, Edward A.
Lord, Edward E
Lord, Edward H.
Lord, Edward V.
Lord, Ernest M.
Lord, Estella
Lord, Eva J.
Lord, George A.
Lord, George H.
Lord, Hattie Marie
Lord, Helen
Lord, James Nelson
Lord, James Vernon
Lord, Jessie M.
Lord, John K.
Lord, Julia E.
Lord, Julia M.
Lord, Lovina [Sperry]
Lord, Marilyn R.
Lord, Mayme
Lord, Nina M. Green
Lord, Richard [Browning]
Lord, Robert A.
Lord, Ruth E.
Lord, Susan J.
Lorek, Albert P.
Lorek, Helen C.
Lorenczi, James
Lorenczi, James Sr.
Lorenczi, Jodi R.
Lorenczi, Joseph Sr.
Lorenczi, Joyce
Lorenz, Alfred H.
Lorenz, Alta May
Lorenz, Ann P.
Lorenz, Ethel May
Lorenz, Gloria T.
Lorenz, Lillian
Lorenz, Robert A.
Lorenz, Roland
Lorenz, Russell
Lorenz, William R.
Lorenzen, Edna T.
Lorenzen, Nicholas A.
Loria, Anthony
Loria, Joseph 1 2
Loria, Marjorie R.
Loria, Ursula
Loria, Virginia D.
Lorimer, Marjorie N.
Lorimer, Sarah S.
Lorimer, William L.
Lorimer, William V.
Lorincz, Joseph
Lorincz, Laszlo
Loring, Gilbert L.
Loring, Helen C.
Loring, L. [Medlen]
Loring, Sally [Williams]
Loriwcz, Jackie
Lormor, Robert
Lorshbough, Mabel H.
Lorshbough, Walter W.
Lorton, Robert [Blair]
Lory, Anita M.
Lory, Sherwood P.
Los, Ona L. Jewell
Loschiavo, Catherine
Loschiavo, Frank
Losey, * 1 2
Losey, Abner
Losey, Alice E.
Losey, Almira
Losey, Amelia
Losey, Amelia M.
Losey, Amelia R.
Losey, Amelia R. Mix 1 2
Losey, Charles
Losey, Charles A.
Losey, Daniel 1 2
Losey, Dorothy N.
Losey, Eugene
Losey, Eugene H.
Losey, H. 1 2
Losey, H. Judd
Losey, Heman 1 2
Losey, John
Losey, John Pelton
Losey, Judd
Losey, Miller 1 2
Losey ?, Minerva
Losey, Nancy M. Mix 1 2
Losey, Wm. Tom
Lossing, L. W. (Lou)
Lossing, Marian E.
Lossing, Mary B.
Lostoski, Albert J.
Lostoski, Dorothy R.
Losz, John
Losz, Margaret
Losz, Mary
Loth, Doris
Loth, Joseph J.
Loth, Mary Ann
Loth, Robert J.
Lott, Edgar 1 2
Lott, Emma 1 2
Lott, George
Lott, Lambert 1 2
Loucka, Edward G. Jr.
Louden, Anna R.
Louden, Carol E.
Louden, Charles W.
Louden, Eugene B.
Louden, Gertrude L.
Louden, Violet May
Louden, William Eugene
Loudin, Carl J.
Loudin, L. Lorrayne
Loudon, [Wire] 1 2
Loudon, Lillian M.
Loudon, Ohio Dayton
Louer, Emma
Louis, Carl
Louis, Julia [Schinko]
Louis, Loretta
Louth, Addie M.
Louth, Carrie C
Louth, Ethel [Johnson]
Louth, Robert B. 1 2
Louth, Robert B. Sr.
Louth, Rosemary
Louth, Rowland R.
Lovas, Andrew
Lovas, Susan
Love, Esther
Love, Janice
Love, Patricia A.
Love, Richard P.
Loveall, Lula Ethel Harris
Lovelace, Climena
Lovelace, Esther
Lovelace, Lizzie
Lovelace, Mary Owen
Loveland, Alanson
Loveland, E. Clifford
Loveland, Eunice G.
Loveland, Fannie
Loveland, Helen N.
Loveland, Ida L.
Loveland, Jemima M.
Loveland, Lottie I.
Loveland, Lucille Few
Loveland, Mary M.
Loveland, Olive St. John
Loveland, Sophia
Loveless, Asa O.
Loveless, George M.
Lovell, Walter [Green]
Lovell, Zilpha [Green] 1 2
Lovely, E. A.
Lovely, G. W.
Loveridge, Cary E.
Loveridge, D. F.
Loveridge, Howard
Loveridge, Lina
Loveridge, Lucy A.
Loveridge, Mother
Loveridge, Narcissa Howard
Loveridge, O. C. 1 2
Lovett, Baby
Lovett, Charles Ezra
Lovett, Infant
Lovett, Joseph 1 2
Lovett, Roella [Watts]
Lovett, Sara Roe
Lovett, Sarah A. 1 2
Low, Anne S.
Low, Rose S.
Low, Samuel
Lowden, Jacqueline A.
Lowden, William H.
Lowe, Alice Estelle
Lowe, Betty L. [Frisby]
Lowe, Charles Edward
Lowe, Donald J.
Lowe, Dorothy G.
Lowe, Edward F.
Lowe, Eleanor
Lowe, Ethel
Lowe, Frank H.
Lowe, George W.
Lowe, Jennie Ackley
Lowe, John Wilson M.D.
Lowe, Leona [Graves]
Lowe, Louisa Bergfeld [Onée]
Lowe, Mary M.
Lowe, Reuben H.
Lowe, Richard F.
Lowe, Serena A.
Lowe, Walter O.
Lowe, William
Lowell, Millie Child
Lowell, Peter
Lowell, S. [Chapin]
Lowndes, Miriam [Patterson]
Lowndes, Phyllis Jane
Lowrey, Edward B.
Lowrey, Emma
Lowrey, Gertrude Jacks
Lowrey, Jane Osmon
Lowrey, Lutheria E.
Lowrey, Mary Amelia
Lowrey, Nettie [Logan]
Lowrey, Perry W.
Lowrey, R.
Lowrey, Roswell
Lowrey, Sarah B. Green
Lowrey, Victoria
Lowrie, Evelyn I.
Lowrie, John A., Sr.
Lowthian, Robert C.
Loxterman, Andrew F.
Loxterman, Anna Claire
Loxterman, Bradley A.
Loxterman, Clara Marie
Loxterman, Elma Eleanor Hokkanen
Loxterman, Frederick H.
Loxterman, Frederick M.
Loxterman, Howard L.
Loxterman, Irene
Loxterman, John Anthony Rev.
Loxterman, Lena
Loxterman, Leonard A.
Loxterman, Loretta H.
Loxterman, Margaret C.
Loxterman, Paul F. 1 2
Loxterman, Paul Fredrick Jr.
Loy, Jos. H.
Loyal, Barber [Tillotson]
Loyal, Garis [Tillotson]
Lozano, Andrew
Lozano, Josephine
Lozano, Robert
Lozier, Grace Cheney

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