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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Martina through Mat

Martincheck, Emma [Daniels]
Martincic, Baby
Martincic, Ellen R.
Martincic, Frank
Martincic, Jennie
Martincic, Justin Jr.
Martincic, Justin, Sr.
Martindale, Aaron G.
Martindale, Child
Martindale, Cyrus [Curtis]
Martindale, Darius
Martindale, Father 1 2
Martindale, H. L.
Martindale, Harriet
Martindale, Hattie
Martindale, Henry
Martindale, Margie
Martindale, Martha
Martindale, Mary
Martindale, Mother
Martindale, Mother 1 2
Martindale, Pliny 1 2
Martindale, Ruth
Martindale, Tamal
Martindale, Timothy D. 1 2
Martindale, Timothy Dwight
Martindale, Wife
Martin-Grimmage, Earline G.
Martinkowski, Josephine S.
Martinkowski, Leonard W.
Martinson, David John Sr.
Martinson, Margaret Louise
Marton, Andras
Marton, Elizabeth
Marton, Erzsike
Marton, John
Marton, Sara
Martony, Florence H.
Martony, Stephen
Martorana, Birute
Martorana, Domenico A.
Marts, Clyde E.
Marts, Dorothy A.
Marts, Gary W.
Marts, Nancy L.
Marttala, Henry O.
Marttala, John
Marttala, Lilja H.
Marttala, Lucille C.
Martucci, Ernest T.
Martucci, Evelyn
Martucci, Evelyn T.
Martucci, James M.
Maruscak, Barbara
Maruscak, Michael
Maruschak, Andrew G.
Maruschak, Donna A.
Maruschak, Eleanor J.
Maruschak, Elizabeth J.
Maruschak, Frank M.
Maruschak, Hilda E.
Maruschak, JoAnn
Maruschak, John D.
Maruschak, Mark T.
Maruschak, Mary Ann
Maruschak, Mary N.
Maruschak, Michael
Maruschak, Michael N.
Maruschak, Pauline C.
Maruschak, Pauline M.
Maruschak, William R.
Marut, Antonia
Marut, Baby
Marut, Chester
Marut, Mary A.
Marut, Walter P.
Marut, William
Marvin, Anna [Wire]
Marvin, Anna B.
Marvin, Donald A.
Marvin, Donald C.
Marvin, E. L.
Marvin, E. S.
Marvin, Edwin L.
Marvin, Edwin S.
Marvin, Harrison R.
Marvin, Larona 1 2
Marvin, Lorraine J.
Marvin, Lydia M.
Marvin, Marcy
Marvin, Zacheriah
Marx, Carolina
Marx, Ludwig
Marx, William
Marzano, Diane L.
Marzano, Dominic
Marzano, Laila Ashton
Marzano, Leonard
Marzano, Palmina J.
Marzano, Vincent J.
Masaracchia, Pietro
Maschke, Charley
Maschke, Shawn J.
Masek, Evelyn J.
Masek, Louise A.
Masek, Perry E.
Maselli, Ada
Masitto, Louis
Masitto, Mable
Masitto, Mary
Masitto, Sam
Mason 1 2
Mason, Ann M.
Mason, Carl P.
Mason, Carlos
Mason, Caroline N.
Mason, Carrie
Mason, Carrie [Kermode]
Mason, Charles R.
Mason, Clark E. 1 2
Mason, Damaris Bolles
Mason, Daniel W.
Mason, David 1 2
Mason, Della
Mason, E. B.
Mason, Edith M.
Mason, Elva I.
Mason, Etta Mae
Mason, Eva
Mason, Father 1 2
Mason, Frank
Mason, Franklin
Mason, Fred N.
Mason, Georgy 1 2
Mason, Gertrude
Mason, Harriet 1 2
Mason, Hiram
Mason, Infant Son
Mason, John
Mason, Kittie [Alvord]
Mason, Kittie A. [Alvord]
Mason, Laura F. [Bartholomew]
Mason, Levi
Mason, Levi J.
Mason, Lucetta [Baker]
Mason, Lucy A
Mason, Lucy A. [Niblack]
Mason, Margaret 1 2
Mason, Marion [Kline]
Mason, Marvin G.
Mason, Mary [Davies]
Mason, Mary F. Barto
Mason, Mother 1 2
Mason, Nancy [Wyant]
Mason, Ralph
Mason, Robert P.
Mason, Roy A.
Mason, Ruby B.
Mason, Susan Jane
Mason, Warren
Massena, Cynthia A.
Massey, Annie M.
Massey, Elmer A.
Massey, Elva
Massey, Erma I.
Massey, Eugene T.
Massey, Pearl M.
Massey, Rolland Barbour
Massey, Willis E.
Massucci, Terri Lynn
Masters, Albert L.
Masters, Andrew A.
Masters, Audrey June
Masters, Charles L.
Masters, Daniel
Masters, Delia A.
Masters, Josephine H.
Masters, Lilias [Kruse]
Masters, Linnie
Masters, Margaret M.
Masters, Rinaldo P.
Masters, W. Monroe
Mastran, Anthony
Mastran, Genevieve
Mastrangelo, Carmela
Mastrangelo, Carrie
Mastrangelo, John 1 2
Mastrangelo, Louisa
Mastrangelo, Lucia
Mastromatteo, Michael A.
Mastromatteo, Vivian Margaret
Mastropaolo, Anna Maria
Mastropaolo, Cosimo
Matchette, Francis C.
Matchinga, Anna M.
Matchinga, Eleanor
Matchinga, Ernest D.
Matchinga, Ernest David
Matchinga, Joyce J.
Matchinga, Mary
Matchinga, Paul C.
Matchinga, Paul E.
Matchinga, Rudolph
Mate, Andrew D.
Mate, Anna
Mate, Anna M.
Mate, Betty A.
Mate, David William
Mate, Diane W.
Mate, Donald F.
Mate, Eva
Mate, Frank
Mate, George
Mate, Goldie
Mate, Gus C.
Mate, Mary K.
Mate, Wilma
Mateer, Ada
Mateescu, Coralia Eugenia
Matela, Frederick A.
Mather, Celia T.
Mather, Edward H.
Mather, Eleanor Todt
Mather, Erla S.
Mather, Frank Lusk
Mather, George E.
Mather, Janice [Ahstrom]
Mather, Jean Marie
Mather, John R.
Mather, John R. Jr.
Mather, John Sr.
Mather, John W.
Mather, Kittie Reynolds
Mather, Lilah A.
Mather, Mary E.
Mather, Mary M.
Mather, Priscilla [Johnson]
Mather, Wm. D.
Mathers, Lida G.
Mathers, Roy E.
Mathess, E. Louise
Mathess, Kenneth L. “Jack”
Mathews, Alfred 1 2
Mathews, Amelia G. 1 2
Mathews, Anna Marshall [Smith]
Mathews, Caroline Cook
Mathews, Charles D.
Mathews, David [Morley]
Mathews, David, Dr.
Mathews, Dean
Mathews, Eleanor
Mathews, Eliza Ann
Mathews, Elizabeth H.
Mathews, Eva L.
Mathews, Father
Mathews, Geo. B.
Mathews, Hannah [Baker]
Mathews, Helen H. Buchan
Mathews, Henry F.
Mathews, Huldah O. Ford
Mathews, James F. 1 2
Mathews, Jane Comstock
Mathews, John H. 1 2
Mathews, Joseph E.
Mathews, Julia A.
Mathews, Julia E.
Mathews, Lucy [Blackmon]
Mathews, Lyman Cook
Mathews, Maggie Muhlenburg
Mathews, Maria C. Dean
Mathews, Martha D. Huntington
Mathews, Martha H
Mathews, Mary
Mathews, Mary A.
Mathews, Mary E.
Mathews, Mary J.
Mathews, Mattie A.
Mathews, Mother
Mathews, Phebe [Hodges]
Mathews, Phillip C. 1 2
Mathews, Samuel
Mathews, Stephen
Mathews, Stephen Jr. 1 2
Mathews, Walter E.
Mathews, William 1 2
Mathews, William H.
Mathis, Geraldine A.
Mathis, Truman
Matijevich, Julia
Matilla, Elizabeth
Matkovic, Helen
Mato, Katie [Coe]
Matonis, Joseph G.
Matonis, Nellie A.
Matpack, Esther H.
Matpack, Wilfred L.
Matson, Albin A.
Matson, Dale A.
Matson, Dale W.
Matson, David L.
Matson, Emma L.
Matson, Grace A.
Matson, Henry W.
Matson, Jane [Stephens]
Matson, Margarett Carroll
Matson, Matilda J.
Matson, Raymond S.
Matson, Roy
Matson, Waylan A.
Matteo, Agostino A.
Matteo, Andera A.
Matteo, Antonio
Matteo, Carmen M.
Matteo, Consolata
Matteo, Joseph
Matteo, Maria Pasqualina
Matteo, Mary
Matteo, Pat
Matteson, Avery
Matteson, Beverly J.
Matteson, Chas.
Matteson, Dorothy R
Matteson, Edson
Matteson, Edward F.
Matteson, Ella M.
Matteson, Emogene
Matteson, Frank G.
Matteson, Fred J.
Matteson, Frieda W.
Matteson, George F.
Matteson, Gladys E.
Matteson, Hattie
Matteson, Howard O.
Matteson, Hugh F.
Matteson, Josephine A.
Matteson, Leola McFarland
Matteson, Martha R.
Matteson, Nancy J.
Matteson, Ray G.
Matteson, Robert D.
Matteson, Stanley A.
Matteson, Viola M
Matthews, Arthur
Matthews, Betty L.
Matthews, Daniel E. II
Matthews, David D.
Matthews, Ethel G.
Matthews, Jane E.
Matthews, John H.
Matthews, Minnie
Matthews, O.
Matthews, Roger L.
Matthews, Thomas E.
Mattice, Alta M.
Mattice, Bernice Alice
Mattice, Ralph E.
Mattie, Jennie
Mattie, Josephine [Colwell]
Mattie, Lester E.
Mattie, Paul G.
Mattinen, Alina
Mattinen, E. Arnold
Mattinen, Eino A.
Mattingly, Shirley I.
Mattson, Alice Kuivila
Mattson, Anna M.
Mattson, August J.
Mattson, Donald W.
Mattson, Eddie J.
Mattson, Elizabeth
Mattson, Ida M.
Mattson, Ida S.
Mattson, Isaac
Mattson, John E.
Mattson, Lillian Nauss
Mattson, Matt
Mattson, Matt W.
Mattson, Saima E.
Mattson, Susan M.
Mattson, William R.
Matty, Anna
Matty, Joseph
Matty, Stephen A.
Matula, David
Matula, Ina Beaumont
Matula, Josephine
Matula, Oliver A.
Matuscak, Barbara A.
Matuscak, Stephen M.
Matyas, Domonics
Matyas, Eleanor E.
Matyas, Gladys [Hilston]
Matyas, Michael
Matyas, Otto
Matye, Barbara
Matye, John

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